Beyond the Office Park

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Brad: 2 pm works for me, go west on Highway 34 then turn north on Harrison. Go west on 4th and near the end on the right is a long low warehouse building beyond the office park. Meet me there. The second from the near end bay door will be open and my bike will be just inside. I will close the door and if no one else is around I will enjoy the first kiss with you. I will wear loose clothing so you can touch me where you want.

Those were Brad’s instructions on Adam4Adam. He said he wanted to taste my cum, so we met at 2 o’clock on a sunny Saturday afternoon in a warehouse west of Corvallis. Brad is a few years younger than me, with a scruffy gray beard on his face and an English accent. He’s about my height—5’10”, slim and friendly. His lips are full and his mouth is fuckable. He drives a shiny dark blue BMW motorcycle, and when we first met was dressed in a black canvas motorcycle outfit and a white helmet. That was yesterday when he drove by my house on his way home from work. We’d been trading sexy photos and talking dirty to each other all day on Adam4Adam. I told him I’d be weeding in the front yard so we could meet and plan a sex date. I was a little nervous meeting him at home—my husband was sitting in the living room and doesn’t know that I fuck around with strangers—and of course I didn’t know what kind of a guy I was meeting. He could have been carrying a knife. It was a risk, but I was really horny and I’ve always been a risk-taker.

From our chat I did know that Brad likes oral sex with men, and his profile says he’s bisexual, but I don’t care about that. He liked the picture I sent of my cock and my full pubic bush—he responded with one of his own, showing a good-sized uncircumcised dick and plenty of hair. I like a man with hair, especially on his belly and around his cock and on his nuts. It’s intoxicating, the smell of a guy you can get from his pubic hair and nuts and the sexy zone between the scrotum and asshole. He wants to bury his face in my bush, he says in our chat, and after he cums in my mouth he wants to kiss me so we can share güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri the taste of his cum. I sent him a picture of my ass framed in my new jockstrap and he responds, “I’ve always wanted to fuck a guy in a jockstrap.” This guy is hot! I got a little excited as we planned our date: I packed some lube and a condom in my bag and popped a Cialis an hour before leaving home. I told my husband I was meeting a friend for coffee.

Today as he greets me at the open warehouse door he’s wearing jeans and a dark t-shirt. Nothing fancy here; just Brad’s shining blue motorcycle in a nondescript warehouse on the edge of town. The place is filled with old office chairs wrapped in plastic; sunlight filters in from high windows at the back. I thought we might go to some office in the back, maybe sit on a chair or on a formica-topped desk and fuck under a humming fluorescent light fixture, but that’s not going to happen. He pulls the rolling door closed and starts kissing me right there, his tongue exploring my mouth as I rub his hardening cock through his jeans. I drop my bag on a wooden pallet nearby. I’m wearing a jockstrap beneath my cargo shorts, and he’s got his hand in there and now he unbuttons my shorts and puts his face against my cock, still protected in the jockstrap’s pouch. He breathes deeply and licks at the bulge in my jock, then reaches under my shirt and twists on my nipples. Jesus, that feels good! He unbuttons my shirt and I shuck it to the concrete floor. This feels like heaven to me, standing just inside a dusty warehouse with a guy I don’t really know, as he plays with my erect nipples and nuzzles my stiffening cock. It’s not quite anonymous sex—we’ve shared phone numbers—but still. I’m happy to have a sex date with a stranger in a warehouse on the west side of town. A little dangerous—someone else might show up on a Saturday afternoon—but that’s part of the fun.

Pretty soon we’ve dropped all our clothes on the dusty concrete floor—part of the warehouse is a wood molding business—and begin exploring each güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri other’s hairy ass cracks and balls Brad’s nuts are a bit sweaty and they are hairy and hang low beneath his thick cock. I bend over to take my camera out of my bag, letting this horned-up guy get a look at my ass. He reaches over and strokes my hairy crack. We share a little lube and he fingers my hole. I ask him to take a picture of me with my dick hanging out of my new jockstrap. But we can’t take much time with that.

Now I take my turn kneeling in front of him, rolling my tongue around his silky foreskin and glistening pink glans, tasting just a drop of his manly pre-cum. He starts face-fucking me with his fat uncut cock until I pull him out. I want to lick his balls and feel his manly asshole and explore his body before he cums in my mouth. I want to get my face close to his big dick and move my tongue all over his sexy nuts before I let him shoot his semen inside me. I rub my finger around his soft moist hole and he moans as I take his cock again into my mouth and he starts to thrust it into me and fucks my face until I know that he’s going to fill my mouth with his hot white cum. I press my finger into his hole and he grunts and his dick swells in my mouth. The bursts of white jizz are sweet and very sexy as they fill my mouth and I keep his dick in me until the pulsing has ended, rolling the cum around his cock as it slowly softens. Then I swallow the hot white load and stand up to kiss his mouth and share the taste of his cum. Man, it feels good to suck on cock!

Now Brad gets on his knees and takes my expectant cock into his mouth. I’m not as big as he is, maybe 5 and a half inches, and my cock is cut; but the head of it is trembling with pleasure as it enters his mouth. He wraps his full fuckable lips around the shaft and sucks the whole thing into his mouth, moving his face back and forth slowly, savoring the taste of a new man, pushing his face and scruffy beard into my pubic bush. I’m nearly seventy years old, but this is something güvenilir bahis şirketleri new. Brad really wants to taste my cum, just like he said on our chat. My husband doesn’t suck me, for some reason I can’t figure, so I haven’t gotten my share of good oral sex; and for a long time I didn’t think I liked having my cock sucked. But I’ve been waiting for this for months, mostly isolated during the virus pandemic, so Brad’s lips on my dickhead and shaft feel amazing. He buries his head in my gray pubic hair and pushes his face against my scrotum and contracts his sensual lips around my cock and reaches his finger toward my sweaty ass and soon I begin pulsing my juices into his mouth—shooting one blast after another in an orgasm that just keeps going. I am panting and shaking with sex pleasure as I fill his hungry mouth with my load, so much cum that he pulls away and the last two drops of cum fall on the concrete floor between us. I’ve never had a blowjob like this!

We kiss again, coming down from the sex high, and I taste my own cum in his mouth. I gather my clothes and push my cock, still moist from his saliva and my semen, into the jockstrap. “Awesome cocksucking,” I tell him, as we pull up our pants and button our shirts. “Thanks!” he replies and pulls the overhead door up. The summer afternoon heat enters the dusky warehouse as I walk to my car.

Here’s part of our conversation from the next day on Adam4Adam:

Brad: It was great! I was amazed at how much cum you pumped out. I hope you enjoyed mine.

Oh yes, your cum was sweet. I haven’t had a blowjob like that ever before and hope we can do it again. I really liked you shooting your spunk in my mouth.

I hope it’s OK that a few drops of my cum landed on the warehouse floor.

Brad: No problem I cleaned up afterwards, and it reminded me of how much cum you gave me. We will have to do that again soon! I enjoyed kissing you and getting my finger in your ass. Did you like me kissing you after I had cum in your mouth?

Yes I did, very much! Your cum was sweet.

I’ve got a boner just now as I think of our warehouse cocksucking festival yesterday. Next time I want you to shoot into my mouth but with me open so I can see your cum on my tongue and lips and kiss you with it.

Did I tell you I’m hard now?

Brad: I don’t think I have had anyone else cum so much

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