Bettering Their Marriage Ch. 02

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This is a continuation of “Bettering Their Marriage”, and that story should be read first to fully understand this story.

This is a FANTASY, not real life, it is fiction. It deals with female domination and a feminized man. There are explicit sexual acts and language. If you don’t like this type of story, don’t read it. If you are not of age, don’t read it.

Everyone in the story is over 18 years old. Any similarity to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. The story includes scenes of graphic sex needed to further the plot, and should NOT be read by minors or anyone that might be offended by such filth.

Having said that, like all writers I like all constructive feedback good or bad, (but enjoy the good kind best) and I will answer all polite emails that have a return address. I like hearing from other people, about my stories or anything else. (Use the ‘contact’ button on my lit page to email me.)


The Cast:

Jeff – The husband. Now wearing feminine underthings and submissive to his wife.

Mary — Jeff’s wife – collaborating with Cheryl to dominate and feminize Jeff.

Cheryl — Jeff’s boss.

As I stumbled upstairs having just masturbated for my wife while wearing a shorty nightgown and panties, I was feeling dizzy and disoriented. I was still coming to grips with the idea that my boss Cheryl had orchestrated the whole thing.

Mary had told me that she wanted tits, boobs, breasts, I was confused enough by what happened, and that added to my confused mental state. I hoped she was only kidding.

“Darling, don’t forget to shave before you go to bed, Cheryl told me that she will check you regularly at work.”

“Yes Dear, I’ll do that now.” I called back, trying not to sound disrespectful. Great, now I was going to be ‘checked’ at work. What was next?

Just the same I better do a good job. I sighed as I went into the bathroom and started to take off my lingerie. After all that I still found time to enjoy the silky feeling of the garments as they slid over my skin.

I found a pair of scissors in a drawer and stepped into the shower. I was on autopilot. She had mentioned trimming or shaving my pubic hair before, so I had given some thought about how to go about it.

As I clipped my pubic hair I started shaking again. my tummy felt twisted and upset. Feeling lightheaded I stepped out of the tub and stumbled, so I just sat down on the floor. Drawing my knees up I tried to put my head between them.

I felt pretty bad, almost nauseous, but my cock was hard. Very hard, I couldn’t remember having an erection like that since I was in my twenties. Not that it hadn’t been working lately, but this felt hard and stretched like it had when I was a teenager and erections would come without warning every time I had any kind of ‘impure thought’.

“What the heck is going on with me,” I whimpered, it was like all the blood left my head and was pushing into my cock. No-way anyone could call it small now.

“Are you all right dear?” Mary asked with concern in her voice.

“I don’t know, my, uh, my little thingy, it’s really really hard, but I feel woozy, it’s very odd.” I mumbled to the floor, caving in to her desire to call my cock little.

I felt her sit down and put an arm around me, pulling me over to her shoulder. Leaning against her I could smell a mixture of the subtle perfume she used, her hair and a days worth of accumulated scents. In spite of everything I loved her and her aroma always comforted and excited me.

On the other hand I was feeling really odd, and she had broken her promise to keep our ‘games’ just between the two of us. Obviously she and Cheryl had been collaborating on getting me feminized and deepening my submission, but had they also been having an affair? How did I feel about that?

My mind, woozy as I was, was in overdrive, was it better that she was fooling around with a woman than a man? I couldn’t compete with a woman. But then I argued with himself, could I compete with a man either?

Here I was wearing lingerie instead of boxers and t-shirts under my clothing. What kind of manly figure did I cut dressing like that? But if my wife wanted a woman, maybe that was the way to win her back, become the woman she wanted? Wasn’t I half-way there already?

Or was the whole thing about getting me to accept dressing up in lingerie just a way to humiliate me for fun? Could she use the pictures as a bargaining tool in a divorce? What exactly did she want? Where did Cheryl fit in? It sounded like she was behind the whole thing, was it some twisted way to fire me? What sort of authority did she have over Mary?

If it was just Mary and Cheryl? What then? Would she still love me? Still need me or want me? I was feeling lost as well as woozy and nestled into her shoulder and neck and then my eyes got a bit misty. I didn’t want to lose her.

Deep down I had a vision of Mary and Cheryl together, naked, while I watched and helped. Hot. White Hot. Damn! my cock got even tighter, harder. I slid my hand to her side, up her side, bahis firmaları on to her breast. I did love her boobs.

“Not so fast Jeff, I thought you were feeling bad.”

“I am, but my cock is so hard, seems like all my blood is there and not in my head. And you turn me on all the time. I love you. I think if I was in my death bed I’d get a woody if you leaned over and let me see down your dress.”

I started to get dizzy again and stopped to take deep breaths. To Mary it sounded like gasping and she realized that my hand had fallen down her side.

“I don’t like the way you’ve gotten so pale honey. I have a confession, I crushed up some blue pills and mixed it in with your salad.”

Oh great I thought, boner pills, that’s what is happening. I didn’t want to tell her that I had tried some before in an attempt to get bigger. They worked as advertised, but I got light headed when I tried to stand up, even worse if I was exerting myself, heck just walking up stairs got me light headed.

“Come on darling, we can get you shaved later. Let’s get you in bed.”

She helped me up and together we staggered into the bed. She looked at the laptop propped on her nightstand, it was her new one, and nothing was wrong with the sound. Cheryl was going to be able to see everything tonight. For someone who I thought was more into women, Cheryl certainly was interested in my love life.

“Darling,” Mary was speaking loudly, as much to tell Cheryl what was happening as for anything else.

“I know you’re a little woozy, so lay flat on your back, you’ve been a good boy today so I’ll give you a special treat.”

I just lay there, flat on my back. In that position I felt better, nearly normal, the clammy nauseous feeling was receding and now I could concentrate on the incredible erection I had.

Mary stripped naked, she had put me into the bed at an angle so that the webcam on the laptop was looking at me from from behind my head toward my feet. That way when Mary mounted me her pussy sliding over me dicklet would be visible, as would her breasts.

My dicklet, hah, no-one could really call it that tonight. I had a cock. And it was ready, very very ready. Hold onto that though I told myself. It doesn’t matter what they call it, or what they make me call it, look at what it really is.

Mary knelt at my side, kissing me, her tongue exploring my mouth while I lay submissively beneath her. She murmured seductively as she stroked my body and then rising a little she fed me first one breast and then the other. I held my arms out from my body, as if the wrists were tied to the sides of the bed. It was just another thing that had been conditioned into me.

“I love you Jeffery, I love you so much, you have made me so happy, I love how you submit to me, and now I know what it is to submit as well, we can both submit to her. She is a wonderful and loving mistress, you will come to love being her slave as much as I do.”

There it was, that spelled it out to me. My boss had seduced and dominated my wife, and the two of them had conspired to reduce me to a panty slave. Hmm, panties did feel sexy. I had to admit that. And two women. Let me think.

Mary mounted me, and holding her engorged labia apart with the fingers of one hand, she positioned my cock at her entrance.

“I love your little cocklett darling, it doesn’t fill me up like my toys, but I know you try as hard as you can.”

With that she lowered herself onto me. This time she hadn’t had anything in her pussy for several days, and she must had been tightening her kegel muscle all evening and seemed nearly ready to cum already. Maybe it excited her to demonstrate my submission to Cheryl.

Her pussy hadn’t felt this tight in many many months, Mary squeezed down on me as my cock pushed it’s way into her. It had been so long that I was afraid I would cum immediately.

“You can’t cum until I say darling. Just hold on, I want three cums before you squirt into me. I know you can do it.”

“Ohgodohgodohgod honey, you feel sooo good, it’s been forever since you felt like this, thankyouthankyou.”

“I love you honey, I love you, everything I’ve done is because I want to make things so much better for us.”

“Ohhnnnnggghhh.” She came, I felt it, she was leaning over me, her hands on my upper arms and it felt like she was going to rip the muscle off the bone she was squeezing so hard.

I kept up with her as she kept pumping onto me, I matched her thrust for thrust. It wasn’t often that I got to do this with her any more and I was going to make the most of it.

“Mary, Mary darling!” loud and clear from the laptop speakers. She sat up and looked at the screen behind my head.

“Yes dear.”

Oh my god Cheryl was stopping her in mid fuck, that was control. Well not completely stopped, her hips were still but her internal muscles were still squeezing and releasing me.

“Stop that Mary, relax your pussy completely as I’ve taught you.”

“Yes Ma’am.”

She stopped squeezing but I could still feel the warm glove of her kaçak iddaa pussy around me. I tried to push my hips further into her.

“Stop that Jeff.”

I whined.

“Jeffrey, it’s about time you find out. Mary is still legally your wife, but in actuality she belongs to me first and foremost.”

“Mary, please please say it isn’t so.”

“I’m sorry Jeff, I love her, yes I still love you, but she is my Mistress, and I love her.”

“So you see Jeff, I can control your love life, and have been for some time. Now it is time for your submission to me. I will be there tomorrow in the middle of the afternoon. You will follow all of Mary’s instructions in what to wear and how to behave. If you love her, don’t make her choose.”

I craned my neck back and tried to see the screen. I caught an edge of vision view of her looking at me in the screen, a smaller window in the corner of the screen showed her view of us.

“Cheryl, please.” I managed to gasp out.

“Yes, I understand Jeff, it is new to you and a surprise, and I know that right now you’re ruled by your little penis.” She paused with a little smile on her face then continued.

“Tonight you two can have privacy, do what you both want. Tomorrow Mary is in charge, follow her instructions. Jeffrey please give it a chance, I know that you will enjoy this. Just give it a chance.”

With that the screen went blank. I had actually forgotten that I was deep inside of my wife, in the middle of the best sex we’d had in months, and all I could think of was how this happened. Mary brought me back to reality. She squeezed and I don’t mean my shoulders.

“Darling, just us tonight, whatever we want. Isn’t that nice.”

I decided not to argue, that should be the normal thing, not a gift bestowed by someone else. At least that’s what I thought at the time.

Mary started to pump her hips again, and I responded. In and out, in and out. I had cum fairly recently and felt like I could easily give her two more cums before I came.

My hands were on the curve of her hips and my eyes followed the swaying of her breasts, her beautiful breasts, back and forth and up and down. Then she leaned forward again and I was able to capture first one nipple then another.

Utter joy. She came again, and I loved every long drawn out second. I loved the way she flushed from her forehead to her nipples, just shadings of pink, she was beautiful, is beautiful. The most erotic woman in the world.

“Oh that was good, very very good. Are you going to enjoy it after I let you squirt into me.”


“You always clean me up honey, I love it, it is so erotic to see you and feel you eating me out, cleaning me up, are you looking forward to cumming in me, so you can clean me out.”

“Oh Mary.” I didn’t know what to think, we had been doing that for a while, but not much was said.

“I sometimes cum during the day thinking of you licking up your cum, sometimes I finger myself thinking of you licking my bottom, cleaning up your spunk.”

She got a faraway look, a look of desire, like she was an alcoholic thinking about her next drink, no, not that, more like a cultist thinking about her savior.

“I get all wet during the day, thinking of you in your panties, working with all those men and women, wondering if they can tell you’re a panty boy who licks up his cum.”

She slowed down and I matched her, my cock sliding into and then oozing out of her pussy, not all the way, the head staying in her warm moist folds.

“Sometimes I get naked and think about you licking up your cum at work, would you go into the rest-room and jack off if I called, jack off and drink it up for me, for Cheryl? Would you?”

She gave a hard squeeze to my cock, it was buried deep inside her wetness, I was arched upward lifting her up, trying to bury it as deep as I could.

“All naked during the day, just waiting for you to come home, wondering if you are in Cheryl’s office, kneeling with your panties around your knees, your camisole held up with one hand while you jack off for her, perhaps her panties on your head.”

I collapsed into the bed, and she followed me, feeding me her nipple, my orgasm was nearing, I could feel it getting ready.

“The other day we got a delivery, some things I got for you mail-order, I answered the door with just my robe, nothing on underneath, I’m sure he could see the inside of my boobs, maybe even some aureola, perhaps my nipple. They were sticking out hard, my nipples. My hand smelled like my pussy, it was still damp, damp from stuffing my hand inside me. I thought about you, at work, in your panties, while I was home, thinking naughty thoughts about the delivery man.”

“No, please, not a man…” I managed to gasp out.

“You’ll have to please me, do whatever I want, whatever Cheryl wants, you’ll do that for me won’t you, whatever we want.”

She was pushing hard at me, her body swallowing my cock, my raging cock, almost ready to pulse into her.

“What would you do for Cheryl, to keep her happy, to keep her from kaçak bahis sending me to a bar, to a bar to pick up … a man.”

“I, uh, uh.”

“You’d do anything wouldn’t you, ’cause you know I want to stay true to you, you and Cheryl, just you two, only you two, no other men.”

“Yes, anything, please please.”

“Yes, we’ll let you do anything won’t we, we’ll let you do anything, ’cause you want to don’t you, you love it don’t you.”

“Yes yes yes.”

“In fact we don’t even have to threaten you with another man do we? You love me and you’ll do anything for me, or for Cheryl won’t you, won’t you, won’t you.”

“Yes, yes.”

“I love you my darling, it may not seem like it, but I do, I really do, now, I want you to do something, do you want to do something for me?”

“Yes please please.”

“Cum for me, cum now.” She sank down on me, I thrust into her all the way into her depths. I felt her spasms, saw her face saw her cum. And I came, hard, spurting shooting filling her up, my balls drained out my cock, everything shot out of my cock, it went and went and went.

And I fell limp as she collapsed onto me. Flopped her full weight onto me. My eyes closed and my cock finally slowly deflated. I wanted to sleep.

As I drifted off I heard her whisper.

“I never would want to, you know, willingly go with another man, but she might make me if she wants to hurt you.”

I drifted off, into uneasy dreams, my wife was someone else in the dreams, did she really love me, or was I just something she was saddled with, or was I just a toy for Mary and Cheryl to play with. Or were Mary and I toys for Cheryl?

I thought briefly about what happened to the woman that I married, modest, demure, very sexually uptight. We had fun the exploring and learning, but she was always modest. Then things started happening. Must have been after she met Cheryl. Did I resent my boss for that, or did I owe her some thanks.

The next morning we got up, it was like a normal Saturday in many ways. At least what normal had become in our house. After fixing our breakfast I cleaned up in the kitchen then dusted and cleaned house. Later Mary and I took a shower together.

Before getting into the shower she slathered depilatory cream all over my body except for my pubes and pits. Eventually we got into the shower and my body hair rinsed down the drain. Then we continued with our shower, it was fun, but she would only let things go so far.

We got out of the shower, I was frustrated but horny, we washed each other, and she took a long time soaping and rinsing my cocklet, but wouldn’t let me cum. I had a raging erection again when we finished drying off.

Still naked she got some shaving cream and a new razor.

“Time to shave darling.”

The first thing to go was my armpits. Then she had me bend over and got around my ass, and all the way to my balls. Soon I was smooth and naked, I thought my cock looked a little bigger without hair, but it also looked a little odd.

Afterwords she made me stand naked in the middle of the bedroom with a blindfold on. I heard her go downstairs and then come up a little later.

“Honey, do you remember when you said you’d do anything for me, you remember that don’t you?”

“Yes dear.” I was more than a little worried, I knew Cheryl was coming today and I knew we were getting ready for her, just didn’t know exactly what was going to happen.

“I need you to trust me honey. I know this is going to be shocking, but I need you to stand there and not move, or say anything. Can you do that.”

“OK honey, but what…?”

“Don’t say anything more honey, in a way this is a test for you, a test of how much you love me and of your self control. Now don’t say anything, just put your hands on top of your head, don’t move them until I say, keep them there no matter what happens.”

I put my hands on my head as she said, I didn’t know what to expect and I didn’t want to disappoint her.

The first thing that happened was that she put a little bit of lubricant on my cock, it felt really good, she stroked me to get it all over. I wasn’t sure what it was for, because she got very very wet and slippery on her own. She took her hands away. My erection was still standing up as hard as before.

“Now don’t say anything and don’t move.”

And then cold, cold cold cold on my cock, I hissed and my hips twitched and pulled back, but it followed. She was holding a bag of ice to me!

Then it was gone, and so was my erection, then her hands were back, cool now from holding the ice, she slid something onto my cock, at first I thought it was a condom, but it was hard, and curved.

Oh no, I knew what it was, I hoped it wasn’t, but I dreaded what was happening. I was a little bit in shock, she was doing it, she, my Mary, my beloved Mary, my wife. She was putting a chastity device on me!

I felt something encircle my balls and cock, some fumbling and then it snapped together and another click. That must have been the lock.

She stood up and hugged me. I could feel her bare breasts pushing into me. She nuzzled into my neck, then kissed my lips, her tongue pushing into me, and god help me but I responded. We kissed and made out, naked, my hands on my head and a blindfold on.

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