Better than a Haircut and a Shave

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She had cut his hair a few times before, when he needed a trim and Barb, the woman who had been cutting his hair for the past eight years, was unavailable. So he wasn’t really disappointed when the shop called and told him Barb had gone home feeling ill, and asked if Nicole could fill in. He didn’t even mind when they asked if he could come in later, at 6:30, since her schedule was already filled for the day with her usual customers. The only regret was that he enjoyed admiring the reflection in the mirror of her figure from across the room while Barb cut his hair.

Nicole was a beautiful young woman, late twenties, tall for her size, with gorgeous long legs, perfect B-cup breasts that the top of her smock hugged tantalizing, and a perfect heart shaped ass that she must have been very proud of, judging from the tight skirts and pants that seemed to be her preferred work uniform. Beautiful shoulder length chestnut hair (what else would you expect from a professional hair stylist?) framed her lovely face and were a nice contrast to her piercing blue eyes. He had fantasized often about her while sitting in the barber chair across the room, but rarely spoke to her other than the times she had filled in to give him a trim.

He arrived a few minutes before 6:30 and the receptionist asked him to wait, but after just a few minutes, she swept into the lobby and greeted Matt Roberts with a warm smile and escorted him into the salon. The receptionist called out after them that she was done for the day and was heading home. Nicole yelled an acknowledgement over her shoulder as they walked back to the hair washing stations.

As they walked to the sinks, he noticed she was wearing a thin, flowing sleeveless dress that showed off her lovely figure wonderfully. She also wore some high platform sandals that helped to display her shapely calves as she walked. He was mesmerized as he followed her across the shop.

He sat and she wrapped a towel around his neck, then draped a cape over him. He leaned back, and once the water was perfect, she began to wash his hair. Once she had him well lathered up, she began to massage his scalp with her long, elegant fingers. The feeling was beyond wonderful, and as he lay there enjoying the feeling of her fingers and the faint smell of her perfume, he began to feel his face flush slightly, and could feel a certain swelling in the crotch of his jeans. As she rinsed the shampoo from his hair with the hose, she came around to the side of the chair, and leaned across him to casino şirketleri rinse the opposite side. When she did, her right breast lightly grazed his shoulder, which was enough to turn the stirring in his pants into a full on, raging hard-on. He was grateful for the cape right about then so that the bulge in his pants wouldn’t be obvious to her.

Once she finished drying his hair, they walked together to her station, chatting idly as they did. He did his best to ensure the cape concealed his throbbing cock, and sat quickly in the barber chair. While she cut, they continued talking, and he even imagined she might be flirting with him a bit, but he quickly dismissed it as wishful thinking. She was faster at cutting than Barb, and had him back to his usual clean cut in no time. Which was a pity, because he enjoyed being close to her, and enjoyed even more admiring the view of her firm breasts through the arm holes of her sleeveless dress as she lifted her arms up to cut his hair. It was enough that he remained rock hard the entire time she was cutting his hair. He began to worry about how he would conceal his arousal when she was done and it was time for him to leave!

After blowing the clippings off with her dryer, Nicole asked if he wanted any product in his hair. He told her he preferred gel, and she reached for a tube from the shelf. Squeezing the tube a bit too hard, the hair gel shot past her open palm and landed in the middle of his lap on top of the barber’s cape. She apologized, and grabbed a towel to wipe it off. Before he could stop her, she was wiping the large mound of hair gel from the cape with the towel. As she wiped, her hand brushed against his still rock-solid cock, and she instinctively pulled her hand and the towel away.

Now it was his turn to apologize for the embarrassing turn of events, but Nicole slowly put the towel down, and reached back into his lap with her hand. She began to brush him lightly through the cape, and commented “well, Mr. Roberts, it looks like you are a bit excited about something!” Matt began apologizing again, explaining that his wife was away on a work trip, and he hadn’t been near a woman in several weeks.

This additional information only seemed to encourage Nicole more, as she lifted up the side of the cape and reached her hand underneath to get a full, firm grip around his throbbing cock. As she did, she cooed softly in his hear, “Mr. Roberts, you are a very naughty man!”

His mind was racing! He couldn’t believe his luck casino firmaları or what might have led to this turn of events. But he was trying to play it cool and enjoy the feeling of her long, slender fingers stroking his cock though the leg of his jeans. Just when he thought he might be able to maintain his composure, she reached up and began to slowly unzip the fly on his jeans. She reached into his fly, and deftly pulled his rock-hard cock out of his underwear and jeans, and then began to rhythmically stroke him under the cape with her hand completely wrapped around him. He couldn’t maintain his composure any longer, letting out a slow moan of pleasure as he tilted his head back, closed his eyes, and enjoyed this moment of pure pleasure.

But just as quickly as she had begun, she stopped and her hand was gone. His eyes popped open and his head shot back up at the disappointment, just in time to see her ducking under the cape in between his knees. She spread his legs apart in the chair and settled in between them kneeling on the metal foot rest of the chair. He could feel her hot breath on the engorged glans of his shaft. And then he could feel her moist lips and soft tongue as she slowly took him into her mouth. She slowly lowered her head the full length of his cock, and began to slowly and rhythmically bob up and down. This was by far the most amazing experience in his life! Even though he couldn’t see her face under the cape, the knowledge that it was Nicole’s mouth wrapped around his cock underneath had him excited beyond comprehension!

She clearly was an accomplished cock sucker, he thought, as she deftly swallowed his full length, then slid out and ran her tongue along the bottom of his cock and then around the tip before parting her lips and engulfing him again. His excitement was building but he didn’t want to cum too fast, not wanting the ecstasy to end.

After several minutes of pleasuring his cock with her mouth, Nicole slipped out from under the cape and stood, then leaned over Matt, resting her hands on the arms of the barber chair. She brought her gorgeous face close to his, and looking deeply into his eyes, simply said “fuck me now” to him.

Nicole turned away from him, facing the mirror and counter in front of the chair, bent over at the waist and presented her perfect ass to him. Being the consummate gentleman, who was Matt to say no?

He stood and slowly pushed up the hem of her sundress, first up her shapely thighs, and then over her firm round ass until güvenilir casino the dress was up around her waist. Then he hooked his index fingers into the leg holes of her lace panties and slid them to the shop floor. Ripping off the cape, he dropped his jeans and briefs to his ankles, and as he came closer to her, she reached between her legs, grabbed his throbbing cock, and began to methodically rub it up and down her lips, dwelling when his tip reached her clitoris. Matt could feel her wetness as she did, and could hear her breathing rapidly.

Then she began to rock back and forth with her hips, and just as the tip of his cock reached her pussy, she pushed him in and, after emitting a slight gasp, slowly began to push her hips back against him. She took his full length inside of her, and then began to slowly pump up and down his aching cock. He could see the pleasure on her face in the mirror in front of them as she continued to glide him in and out of her. Her pace slowly increased, and as it did, Matt grabbed her hips to increase his leverage. As she backed into him again and again, he could sense she was beginning to approach climax from her breathing and the shuddering he could feel through her hip bones. He could feel his own approaching orgasm as her wonderfully warm and wet pussy enveloped his cock.

A few more thrusts were enough to tip him over the edge, as his cock exploded inside Nicole’s pussy, shooting three weeks’ worth of pent up semen into her. The feeling of his hot stream of cum inside of her was too much for her as well, and her entire body shook with the force of the orgasm. She continued to furiously pump against his pelvis for several more thrusts, and then slid his still throbbing cock slowly out of her soaking pussy.

Straightening up, Nicole’s dress slid back in place, and she deftly stepped out of her panties, still wrapped around her ankles. She turned towards him again, kissing his mouth for the first time, and then grabbed the towel that had earlier been around his neck, and began to clean him off. She then knelt down, pulled up his briefs and jeans, and redid his belt. Then she bent down, picked up her panties from the floor, and stuffed them in Matt’s jeans pocket.

They hadn’t spoken since she had commanded him to fuck him, but now she said to him in a rather matter of fact manner “Well, Mr. Roberts, just let me know if you ever need me to fill in for Barb.” As she walked him to the door, she acted as if nothing at all had happened, and ushered him out, locking the door behind him.

Driving home afterwards, Matt wondered if what just transpired was real, or was just a fabulous day dream, until he remembered his present, and reaching into his pocket, he felt Nicole’s silky panties in his jeans.

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