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Best sex everOh my days, I just had the best sex of my life and it was with a straight guy. I was chilling in the park after work minding my own business (checking out xhamster on my tablet) and these two black guys came and sst down next to me; lets call them Big and Bigger. There are no other people in this part of the park, which is why I like it, and I think it a bit weird they have sat next to me, but I have been craving big black cocks recently so I don’t mind. They were great eye candy both of them. Big then produces the stinkiest weed I’ve ever smelt and says he is selling. I don’t smoke so that is that and Big now looks like he wants to go. Bigger asks ‘what you looking at’ pointing at my tablet, so I show him – he says ‘yeah I’d love to press them bitches’ – I’ve shown him a slide show of some sexy cross dressers, all very passable and no cocks on show. Bigger asks ‘can you hook up with these birds’ and I say ‘some are up for meets, you can check their profiles’. Big gets up and says he is off, but Bigger remains with me and says he will catch up with Big later. I show him my profile on xhamster which is full of my favouite videos and pictures including just the one of myself dressed like a slut. He can’t believe its me and tells me to ‘fuck off’. I’m not a full time cross dresser and as I’d come from work straight to the park I was wearing jeans, t-shirt and doc martens. However, I always wear a sexy little g-string with my clitty locked away in its cage and a plug in my ass, and today I also had a pair of black fish net stockings with a suspender belt just because it feels so naughty to wear it at work and nobody knows and I just love it. I was feeling quite bold and just blurted out to Bigger, ‘I’m a sissy slut and I love to be fucked by big black cocks, have you got a big one?’. He didn’t run, but was a bit lost for words. I showed him my picture again and he said if it was me I looked pretty banging from behind, which I must agree with, and he would probably have a go. I could tell this was getting interesting so I just came out with it, ‘do you want to have a go then’. He became a bit coy and said ‘I’m straight, I would never fuck another man’. I said ‘but I’m not a man, I’m a sissy slut with a lovely tight pussy, I could be your sissy slut if you want. Do you want to fuck me, I would fucking love you to’. By this time, my kastamonu rus escort clitty was throbbing in its cage and my ass was clamping my plug, my mouth was literally drooling. I then applied my slutty wet look pink lippy from my pocket and said ‘I told you I’m a sissy slut, do you believe me yet’. Bigger was just the sort of guy I have been dreaming of so I thought fuck it, this is too good an opportunity to pass and I got an inkling he was feeling me. So I got up, kissed him on the cheek and said ‘I want you so bad, follow me I guarantee you won’t regret it’ and walked off to the trees wiggling my ass looking back at him mouthing ‘fuck me big boy’. Once out of view I immediately kicked off my doc martens and pulled my jeans and t-shirt off – standing there in just my fish net stockings and pink g-string like a dirty slut. Hey presto Bigger followed me. I am not very passable without full make-up and hair, but i would say I’m quite a pretty boy and I have a fit body; long legs, sexy ass and cute little titties, my skin is super smooth and hairless. However, I did have my pink lippy on and by the look in his eyes he didn’t seem to be put off. He had gone from saying he was straight and woulld never fuck a man to standing in front of an almost naked sissy slut with his hand down his pants holding his manhood, which I was hoping would be quite a size concidering he was about 6’5” and built like a tank. I got on me knees in front of Bigger and began to undo his belt and then unbutton his jeans pulling them down to his ankles, all the time looking into his big brown eyes licking my lips. Bigger then took over and pulled out the biggest cock I have ever seen in real life, it must have been at least ten inches and still only a semi, nice and thick too. It was the most excited and at the same time scared I have ever been; thinking how is that going to fit up my ass. Bigger then pulled his boxers down and there were two huge plums dangling down. ‘Suck my balls bitch’ he demended, so obviuolsy I obliged. I sucked one huge plum into my mouth and rolled my tongue all over it, then the same with the other. Bigger then pulled me under him slapping his huge cock in my face. It was getting harder. ‘Stick your tongue out bitch’, I obliged and he began sliding his cock along my willing tongue. Then without kastamonu rus escort bayan warning he slid his cock all the way into my mouth so that his balls were on my chin. I gagged a bit but managed to adjust my position and took him deep in my throat. Bigger held the back of my head with one of his hands and began to fuck my face; I can’t belive I was taking his full length balls deep. He started filming this with his phone; his big black cock going in and out of my pink sissy lips calling me all sorts of names; bitch, whore, dirty cunt, slag and telling me to look into the camera. I was loving it and so it appeared was he, straight man. After about five minutes of face fucking me he pulled out and rubbed his spitty cock all over my face. I was feeling so horny I started calling him daddy, which seemed to turn him on as he called me daddy’s little girl a few times and that I’d been a naughty girl and daddy was cross. I said I need to be punished, I need to be taught a lesson, I need to be fucked like the dirty whore that I am. I pulled my panties down around my ankles and stood there with my caged clitty on show. My clitty was throbbing and had already leaked some pre-cum. I got down on my hands and knees with my ass pushed up and my plug just popped out. I looked back at him and said ‘I’m ready daddy, I’m all yours’. He didn’t hang about and got down on his knees behind me. Bigger spat on my ass and rubbed his spitty helmet up and down my crack. I was clutching handfuls of grass in anticipation of what was about to happen. He put one hand on my back and began to force his huge cock into my ass with the other. I could feel his big helmet enter me and then his shaft slowly edged inside me. I’ve had some big cocks before and used some large dildos, but this was something else. It was a bit much at first and I did shed some tears, but after a while Bigger was holding my hips and sliding right up inside me and it felt fucking amazing, so amazing that my clitty leaked cum. Bigger was still calling me all sorts which I love, he called me a dirty cunt and a filthy slag, slapping my ass and pulling my hair. I repled and said ‘yes I’m your dirty cunt, filthy whore and sissy slut, I love being your dirty cunt’. After minutes of gliding in and out of me Bigger pushed me down to the grass and i rus kastamonu escort felt his full weight on top of me. His cock seemed to go even deeper as he would do an extra thrust, this made me cum again and shed some more tears, this time of pure ectasy. I was eating grass as he had his hand on my head pushing me down. After he had ploughed me hard for some time he pulled my face around and started to deep kiss me which totally surprised me, He was fucking my ass slowly and squeezing my titties saying ‘I love you, daddy loves you’. I thouht for a moment bigger was getting all loved up. However he then pulled out of my ass and said ‘suck my cock you fucking bitch’. He laid back and I went down on his cock, taking it all the way down my throat. It tasted of him and my ass. I started to play with his balls and slipped a finger into his ass, which seemed to shock him. I slid my finger right in his ass as far as it would go and finger fucked him good. My other hand was wanking his huge shaft whilst licking and sucking his helmet. I could tell he was going to cum as he had that look on his face and I think it was down to me fingering his virgin ass as he had been fucking me for about half an hour and not even loooked like he was near to cuming. I think he could breed you all night if he wanted to. Then it happened, big wads of warm spunk shot out of his cock all over my face and in my mouth. A lot of spunk. I tried to catch it all with my mouth, but it went everywhere, in my hair and eyes. I licked his cock clean and sucked every last drop from his now semi hard cock, swallowing it all of course. I then said ‘thanks daddy, that was the best fuck I have ever had. What did you think, any regrets?’. Bigger said ‘it was alright’, but had a pretty smug look on his face. I could tell he loved it. I asked him if he fancied meeting again and he didn’t hesitate by giving me his phone number. I said ‘you free tomorrow’ and he said ‘I am now’. I said ‘meet me here at 10pm, it’ll be dark and you can fuck me under the stars. what do you want me to wear for you daddy?’. He told me to ‘wear your slutty school uniform bitch’. Bigger then kissed me again – he is a great kisser. Bigger then pulled his boxers and jeans back up put his huge cock back and casually strolled off to catch up with Big. I called out ‘ciao for now big boy’ and watched him dissapear in the distance. I got dressed and went home with a massive smile on my face. I can’t belive what just happened. I have been royally fucked by a self confessed straight guy with the biggest cock, who now appears to be so into sissy me. Bigger will be my daddy for life now, once you go sissy theres no turning back. I just hope he comes tomorrow…..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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