Best Friends Ch. 2

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If you read the first “Best Friend”, you know Catlyn and I had a sexual experience, while we talked about how to talk our respective mates into swapping. We both came with none of the guilt of cheating. This experience opened a door of sexual pleasure for us that will take some time to bring to you. Ill write if you’ll take the time to read. The next time we talked it was about the intensity of our experience, and what other things could we do to heighten our pleasure.

We decided to take turns coming up with ideas and bringing them to each other as surprises. We also shared some of our secret desires, I told her that I loved my ass played with, and that Dee (my woman) didn’t go for any anal play. She told of her love of golden showers, but was afraid her old man would freak if she brought that up! Just some idea fodder. She went first, and about a week later we had an opportunity to meet. She called me at work and asked if I had any plans for that evening. Now I had plans waiting for Catlyn. I got home from work about 4:30 and jumped into the shower. I played with my computer until I heard the knock on the door just a courtesy cause she was coming in as she knocked.

Again she was dressed in a mini skirt, she has the legs and ass that do mini’s justice. Dressed like this she had my cock at attention casino şirketleri remembering what she had on under the last mini she wore over!! I had only a summer robe on, as comfortable as I could get and still have clothes on. I gave her a big hug pressing my cock into her belly. Well what have you been doing she asked as she rolled herself against me and teased my hardened dick! She smiled a knowing smile as I tried to explain how it wasn’t hard till she walked through the door!

Show me she said, I hesitated only a moment and pulled open my sash and my cock poked out of my robe she has seen me naked before but other people were present and my dick wasn’t hard. She smiled and said she was flattered that she could have such an affect me. She looked and asked what that was on the head I had started leaking pre-cum. I grabbed the shaft with my left hand and wiped my finger across the clear liquid and held it up for inspection she tongued my finger, mmmmmmsweet she said in one word.

She asked me to turn around and she pulled my robe from my shoulders she asked me to get on my knees, I did as she asked. She took the sash of my robe and used it as a blindfold, I wondered but I trusted Catlyn and knew she would do me no harm. Her hands slid from the sash to my nipples she pinched them hard and twisted casino firmaları them as she had done to herself the week before. We had set rules for our games there was to be no fucking in the biblical sense.

We were undecided about oral stimulation, but both of us wanted to test the guilt thing to see where fun stopped and shame started. She kissed the back of my neck and ran her tongue down my spine. Her hands played all over my body avoiding my cock and ass. I heard her move behind me and the rustle of her clothes being removed. I felt her move about for what seamed forever, two minutes tops. She came up behind me again she reached my nipples twisting them and pulling me back into her naked chest. She rubbed her tits against my back, I could feel how hard her nipples were as she pressed into me. She told me to lean forward to my surprise the floor was covered with pillows. As I leaned over I realized that the pillows at my hips were higher than the one at my head. Making my ass stick into the air.

Catlyn ran her hands over my back stopping just before she touched my ass, driving me crazy!!! She got up again and moved behind me she pushed my legs apart so she could kneel behind me. She rubbed my back some more her breasts tickling the hair on my ass. Her hands finally moved lower on my back güvenilir casino to my ass, she pulled my cheeks apart and played a nipple around my ass hole. The feeling was greater than any I’ve experienced to this point of my life. It was to get better!!!! She fucked my ass with her tits almost making me cum. I think she sensed this so she went back to rubbing and kissing my back. This time her tongue ran into my crack and twisted itself into my ass It felt soooooo good I wanted to cry.

She licked and sucked on me bringing me pleasure like I’ve never known. She was grunting and slurping now and than dropping to the back of my balls licking and nibbling my sack. I was building again to cum just as I thought it couldn’t get any better she came and screamed and mumbled and licked and moaned all this into my ass pushing out one of the best climaxes of my life. She rolled me over and lay her tits on my still spewing cock she rubbed her chest in my cum. Her cunt was on my knee as she wiped herself in my cum, she brought herself off again, pounding her pussy against my knee. Again moaning and licking she pushed her face into my pubes tasting my cum as she went. She licked back up to my left nipple and bit as a final gesture of passion.

We looked at each other smiled (still friends). I looked at her and said we should get cleaned up, she nodded and said she would get a wash cloth. I said that wouldn’t be necessary as I rolled her on to her back and began the chore of licking my cum off her!! She started moaning we crossed the oral line and still no guilt!!

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