Best Friend’s Black Bred Wife Part 3

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Best Friend’s Black Bred Wife Part 3As flight 1654 touched down at Dallas Fort Worth Intrenational Airport, Hakeem’s excitement began to grow. Having not had sex in the last six weeks since he last made love to Becky his best friends wife, Hakeem was looking forward to being inside of her again. After taking his carry-on bag fron the overhead bin he quickly deplaned and made his way to the pick up area. Having already prearranged with his best friend Bob for pick up, he didn’t want them sitting at the arrival area for to long because the police there would issue parking citations even if they see you waiting in your car. As he walked out the door of the baggage claim area he immediately saw Becky standing by her black mercedes waving her manmicured hands at him. Instantly, he felt his pulse race with excitemnt as he gazed upon Becky astounding beauty. He became even more excited when he realized that she was wearing a materniy smock.Upon seeing Hakeem, Becky ran around the car and over to Hakeem who was also walking towards her with outstretched arms. As she fell into his arms she pressed her lips to him and kissed him as if he was a soldier returning to his love after being away at war. Not caring what the good people of Dallas thought about this stunning white female kissing this tall handsome black man, Hakeem pressed his lips back with egual pressure while reaching his broad hand around and squeezing the firm softness of becky’s sweet ass. After serching each other’s throat with their tongues for about a couple of minutes, they broke their kiss and Becky open the lid to the mercedes’ trunk where Kakeem tossed in his bag. After climbing into the car and putting on their seat belts, then restarting the car, Becky put it into drive, turned the wheels away from the curb and headed for the freewayFifteen minutes later Becky pulled into her three car garage and use the remote to close the the garage door. Exiting the car before Becky, Hakeem ran around the car to Becky’s side and help her out of the car. bahis siteleri Completely Taken by her beauty, and not having sex for six weeks had Hakeem, wanting to make love to Becky right there in the garage on the hood of her mercedes. However, even as horny as he was at the moment he knew that he had to be delicated with her now because she has another life growing in her. Upon entering the family room portion of the house becky turned back to Hakeem and told him that she wanted him to fuck her right then on the family room floor. She told him that Bob would be getting home soon from work and she wanted him to walk in and see her with their baby’s daddy cock buried deep inside of her. Over taken by a sense of entitlement and power to this beautiful specimen of a woman, Hakeem reached out, put his arm around becky’s waist and pulled her to him in a passionate kiss. As their tongues were twisting around each other, they quickly stripped other’s clothes off down to Hakeem wearing only his briefs which were tenting from his massive 12″ black cock which pointed out straigh and hard as a steel rod, while Becky stood there only wearing white laced bikini panties along with a white laced bra that barely contained her massive tits which were starting to fill with milk because of the baby that now appeared as a small bump in her belly. Seeing the round shape of Becky’s belly and knowing that he was cause of it only served to make Hakeem’s cock to throb in even more intense harness. Placing his hands on either side of her smooth white skinned belly he bent over and lovingly kissed becky on her beautiful little baby bump. Feeling his big full black lips on her skin cause becky’s pussy to release so much juice that her panties started to form a nice little wet spot right at the entrance of her pussy. Not wanting to wait any longer, Becky hooked the fingers of her two hands into the waitline of Hakeem’s briefs pulling them down his legs as she too dropped to her knees in front of him.Seeing Hakeems massive cock canlı bahis pointing right at her eyes she wrapped both of her hands around its shaft with her fore finger and thumb still unable to meet. Driven with intense lust, desire and love for this black man whose seed was growing inside of her Becky swallowed the massive head of his black cock. However, because hakeem’s cock was so engorged with blood from his desire to be inside of her body, Becky could pnly get the head of his blood filled cock into her mouth. Using both of her hands she began stroking his cock back and forth as she sucked and licked on the head of his cock like a little k** sucking on a popcicle on a hot summer day. Unable to stand the wait any longer, Hakeem told Becky to holdup for a second as he laid down on the cushiony soft carpet of the family room. Then he told becky to turn around and place her beautiful ass and pussy over his face so that he could taste the sweetness of her still very sexy white body. After lowering her pussy to Hakeem’s waiting tongue, Becky resumed sucking on the head of Hakeem’s massive black cock. As Hakeem’s tongue and full black lips worked their magic on Becky’s sweet pussy, she felt thar familar feeling of warmth that seems to start at the back of her rectum and then radiates up through her entire body leave her convulsing in orgasmic pleasure. Suddenly, almost without warning she found herself shaking so hard from an orgasm that she could not keep her mouth on Hakeems cock. Knowing that her body was now in the throws of orgasmic pleasure, Hakeem wanted to feel the intensity of Becky’s convulsing white pussy squeezing his black cock. So lifting her still shaking body from his face he told becky to sit on his cock. Lifting herself up a little Becky slid down Kakeem’s body until her pussy was hovering over the mushroom shape head of his massive black cock. Even though her body was still trembling and her pussy stilled convulsed from her orgasm, she lowered her pussy down onto Hakeem’s black pole letting güvenilir bahis it slowly slide into the depts of her belly. As the velvety hot wetness of Becky’s pussy slowly engulfed the 12 inches of his cock, Hakeem stretched his head as far back as he could in an effort to express the sheer pleasure he was feeling to once again be inside of one of the most incredible pussies he has ever had the pleasure and privilage of fucking. Once his cock was all the way inside of Becky, Hakeem regained his composure and slowly started pushing up each time Becky would lower her self back down on her up and down stroke on his cock. As he met each one of Becky’s up and down strokes with one of his own, he reached up with both of his hands to grab a old of Becky’s huge tits. Enjoyinmg the firmness and softness of her beautiful tits Hakeem then took the nipple of each tit and softly squeezed them between the fore finger and thumd of each clit.As he lovingly squeezed her nipples along with the stretching and womb entering depth of his massive cock’d fucking was more than Becky could take and once again the warm orgasmic pleasure ripped through her body so powerfully that when she slid up Hakeems cock to the point of his cock head being the only part still inside her pussy, Becky felt her pussy squirt out the clear liquid just like it did the last time Hakeem fucked her. Over whelmed by her orgasm, becky sank back downed on Hakeem’s cock driving it deep into her womb while she fell backs onto Hakeem’s chest and waiting arms.Feeling the tightness, the wetness and convulsions of Becky’s pussy as it squeezed and released his cock as he remained buried deep inside her beautiful white body was the limit of what he could take. Without, any ability to hold back any longer, hakeem released jet sream after jet stream of his potent baby making cum deep within Becky’s womb ensuring that this wife of his best friend was his woman now. And as soon as that thought entered his head he and becky both heard the familar voice of Bob saying “I see you two love birds started the party without me.” He then followed that statement with “mistress Becky can I have permission to watch as you and Master Hakeem continue to show me how baby making is done.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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