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“What the fuck?! How in the hell did you do that?! I only played three cards.” Gary cried.

“It is all about clean livin’. And I believe that is set, game, and match,” she said triumphantly.

“I have always been a man of honor, so your wish is my command; at least until we awake tomorrow morning.”

“Oh goodie! Go run me a bubble bath and set the TV to that coffeehouse station I like. Then clear the table, clean the kitchen, take out the trash, and fold the laundry. Lock up the house and turn off all the lights. When done, come into the bedroom. Make yourself comfortable but leave the TV on my music station.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

“Smart ass! Now run along and do my bidding,” Michelle commanded.

I took almost 45 minutes for Gary to complete his assigned tasks. He peaked in on Michelle who was happily reading a book of erotica while soaking in the tub. She said nothing and simply waved him away. Gary acquired his own book of erotica and settled on the bed as instructed. Almost an hour later, Michelle emerged from the bathroom, naked.

“You look fresh,” Gary praised.

“I feel great. Nice and clean. Now to get down and dirty,” she replied with an evil grin on her perfect face. Get up and take your clothes off. Make sure they end up in the hamper. While you are in the bathroom, take a quick shower. I want you fresh as a daisy,” Michelle commanded.

Gary did as instructed and returned to his wife in the robe she had obviously left for him. She was laying on the bed in a black mini-dress of sheer lace and black lacy boyshorts.

“While you were in the shower, I verified that all you completed all your chores. I cannot have any lolly-gaggers in my house. Be a good boy and lay here on your back. Give me your hands.” Gary did as instructed and Michelle cuffed each wrist, securing him to the headboard.

“You are mine to play with! I think a scientific experiment might be in order,” she said. “Georgette told me once that men’s cocks can get hard just by watching porn. I want to see for myself if that is true,” Michelle said as she switched TV to a porn station and settled in next to her husband. Reaching slowly over, she exposed Gary’s cock. “Nothing yet. Guess we’ll need to watch some more.”

Gary had no choice but watch. For several more minutes, he watched blowjobs, hand jobs, cunnilingus, and straight fucking. All the while, his manhood remained flaccid. It was not until a girl-on-girl scene between a petite Asian and a buxom redhead came on the screen that there was any movement. “Oh, I see the little feller is starting to wake up. About fucking time.” Gary’s manhood inflated slightly as he watched the Asian fuck the redhead with a huge strap on.

“My that looks like fun,” Michelle teased. She stood and slowly removed her boyshorts and then returned to her spot on the bed. One hand moved to her breast and the other to her escort bayan şişli pussy. “I guess women need less physical stimulus to get ready because I am very wet and as hot as a freshly fucked fox in a forest fire,” she said as her other hand moved between her legs. Michelle gently pinched her nipples, causing hot tingles to radiate from her breasts, throughout her body.

Her fingers found her desire and she moved her fingers in slow, gentle circles. It did not take long for the circles to become faster and less gentle. Michelle bit her lower lip as her excitement rose. The scene switched to one where two men were sharing a curvy blond. “Even better!” Michelle hissed as she paused and from her nightstand, retrieved her favorite vibrator, and returned to her place on the bed.

Gary’s eyes moved between the movie and his wife. He watched Michelle push the vibrator into her pussy and then removed it. I saw the red plastic glisten as it went in and out. I heard the low hum of the vibrator and it slid hungrily in and unwillingly slid out. I heard the soft gasps as Michelle made love to herself. He also heard the screams and grunts from the TV as the blond sucked one guy while being fucked by the other. Gary looked again at Michelle and saw her mouth make that sexy “O”.

Michelle lost herself in lust. Her pace increased and her hips started to rise off the bed. Faster and more frenzied she fucked herself, all the while watching the action on the TV. Her eyes were burning with lust; her smile was almost demonic.

Then it happened. Michelle erupted. Her orgasm was long and it was intense. So intense that she lost control and bucked like a wild bronco. She arched her back one last time and collapsed. After a few minutes, she looked over at Gary’s cock. “Guess a man’s cock can get hard by just watching porn.” She rolled over and gave Gary’s hard member a gentle kiss.

Michelle giggled as she played with Gary’s erect cock. She cheekily crooned “BOING … BOING …BOING” as she pretended his erection was a diving board for her fingers. Michelle used Gary boner as a microphone, serenading him with ballad about screwing a man who is tied-up. Throughout her song, Michelle lightly ran tongue over the tip of Gary’s manhood and then pushed it between her lips.

As her finale, Michelle fully engulfed the head and paused, keeping the helmet in delicate suspended animation as she swirled her tongue around the sensitive apex. Gingerly pulling his member through her lips, she removed it from its dock. She again gently pushed Gary’s head through her lips and again pressing her lips against the sensitive skin. She immediately withdrew Gary’s stem, this time skimming her teeth, almost imperceptible, across the skin of Gary’s cock. Michelle repeated this maneuver several times, sometimes with a swirl, other times with a graze.

Michelle delicately ran the tip of her tongue eskort şişli slowly down the soft underside of Gary’s manhood, from tip to as low as she could go. She ran her tongue back up where she gave the tip a sweet, loving kiss. She then proceeded again to slip Gary’s erection between her lips only to remove the shaft and run her tongue down the underside. Again, Michelle reversed her action, running the tip of her tongue from the base to the tip and then engulfing the entire cock. She performed in slow motion as Gary moaned.

She licked the soft underside of his shaft, slowly from balls to tip and made sure that there was lots of slurping sounds. She licked the straining member like an ice cream cone. In and out of her mouth and up and down the shaft she worked her magic until Gary was just on the verge of erupting. As she pumped his shaft, she watched Gary’s moved his hips involuntary. Just as she thought he would explode, Michelle stopped and moved away.

“What the hell? Oh you are one evil woman!” Gary said straining against his bindings.

Michelle giggled and went into the bathroom to get her book. She turned the music back on and situated a rocking chair at the end of the bed. Facing her husband, Michelle sat and placed her feet on the bed, exposing her pussy to Gary. She started to read … aloud. She read one story, then another. “Enjoying story time my love?” she asked with faux innocence. On the third, Michelle started to masturbate. Her pace increased throughout the fourth story and halfway through the fifth story, just as the action was at its most intense, she dropped the book, grabbed her breast and rubbed herself in to another blazing orgasm. All Gary could do was watch and try not to whimper.

After a short rest, Michelle announced, “I need some water” and left the room. She was gone for a long while and by the time she returned, Gary was flaccid.

“Oh, what a shame the movie ended because you deflated. Guess I will need to take matters into my own hand,” she announced. Moving to Gary’s nightstand, she gathered a couple of items. Lying down next to her husband, Michelle opened his robe completely.

“Time for another science experiment! Let’s see if this stuff really works,” Michelle said as she squeezed a generous amount of desensitizing lotion on to her palm. She wrapped her gooey hand around Gary’s flaccid member and started to massage it, encouraging it to come to life. As she worked his member, Michelle changed her movement, adding twists and turns to her strokes. She raised her eyes and looked directly into Gary’s eyes. Her smirk portrayed confidence in complete victory. She did not speak but continued to stroke.

Michelle’s grip was firm and gentle. Some of her strokes ended at the base of the head, other times she caressed Gary’s swollen head. Her other hand cuddled his balls, lightly massaging the orbs with her fingers. Ever escort sisli so slowly, her fist moved the length of his cock. Each downward stroke was slow and smooth, sending a long seductive pulse through Gary’s entire midsection. Each upward stroke was quick, creating short electrical bursts.

Gently stroking up and down, Michelle would twist her palm across the now purple head. She knew that Gary would not last much longer and she stopped. She wiped her hand off on Gary’s robe, then unwrapped two condoms. “One for you,” she playfully said as he gently rolled the first condom down Gary’s cock. “And one for me,” she purred as she rolled a ribbed condom on to her husband’s hard shaft. “And now the final touch, something for both of us,” she announced as she stretch a vibrating cock ring over Gary’s shaft and turned it on.

Michelle straddled her lover and slowly impaled herself on Gary very hard shaft. An audible gasp filled the room from two mouths. She placed her hands on Gary’s chest and slowly lifted herself up her lover’s shaft then, slowly slid down. Michelle wanted to make this feeling last and kept the pace slow. She enjoyed the feel of her husband as he slid slowly in and out of her. She lingered at the bottom of each down stroke and was rewarded by the gentle vibration of the cock ring. She felt each rib of the condom as she slid up, then again as she slid down. Each little wanton nub sent sparks of lust through her body.

Lying on Gary’s chest after one intensely slow descent, Michelle released Gary’s wrists. Sitting up, she placed his hands on her breasts. Gary knew what she wanted gave her chest a rough, lustful massage. He gave each nipple a hard and lingering pinch. The stimulation encouraged Michelle to increase her pace. Each ascent was slightly faster than the last and each drop a little harder. Faster and harder, the lovers moved until Gary had to place his hands to Michelle’s hips to keep her from falling off.

They were in perfect harmony, rocking fast and furious. With a visceral pace, their bodies slammed together, creating loud slaps. Gary forcefully rolled Michelle off him. He lifted her legs into the air and leaned slightly forward. He entered her with one long and hard thrust. He was not interested in a slow march. He drove into his wife fast and forcefully. Michelle screamed in pleasure. She grabbed her breasts and pinched her own nipples harder than Gary had. Gary’s deep thrusts and the vibrations of the cock ring against her clit intensified the mixture of pain and pleasure.

As their passion reached its climax, Michelle arched her back so that she received Gary’s thrusts deeper. She erupted into an intense and mind shattering orgasm. Clamping hard onto Gary cock, she force him over the edge and with one final deep thrust he filled the condom.

Gary rolled off of Michelle the re-entered her from the side. They lay there for several minutes as Gary relaxed and Michelle recovered from her orgasm. Michelle collapsed onto Gary’s chest and shook with excitement. As Gary’s soft cock slid from his wife, she looked at her husband and asked, “Damn, whoever thought gin rummy could be so much fun?”

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