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Chapter 07: Big Ben

It had been an interesting year for Ben. It was December now. A year had passed since his business trip to Cleveland, a trip that kicked off a truly crazy year.

In a matter of a couple of days, he had slept with a stranger named Rachel in Cleveland, returned to discover his girlfriend Jenna had taken on a lesbian lover named Heidi, had participated in a three way with the two and was given license to sleep around. A month later, he made use of the arrangement to have sex with his boss’ daughter, Denisha, a sexy black woman. A month after that, he had a sexual encounter with Claire, a much older coworker, while in Toronto.

By the beginning of June, Jenna decided to leave for a job in Boston, leading to revenge sex with her lover, Heidi. Then, in July, he met up with Claire again in her new home in Denver and secretly slept with her daughter, Viv.

Perhaps “crazy year” was an understatement.

The following months were much tamer. He saw Denisha again, and they even dated for a short time, but that fizzled out, and Ben suspected that his boss had been made aware of what was going on with Denisha. By September, Ben had been laid off, and he was contracting for several Architecture firms in the Baltimore area.

In late November he had begun to entertain a move. Two firms caught his eye, one in San Diego, and one in London, England. He was in daily contact with the hiring managers for both companies, usually via email or instant message.

The hiring manager for Meridian Architecture, London, was Kate Alden. She was very helpful in giving him tips on what the partners wanted to see, and in connecting him with the right people so he could make an impression. Still, the majority of their chats were just chats. “How is your day? What’s the weather like there? We have rain again. Silly English weather.”

“So far so good. It’s snowing here. How’s your day treating you?” he would reply.

As the days passed, less of the chats had to do with the job opening and more of them were just saying ‘hi’ or telling each other funny things that happened throughout the day. This went on for over two weeks.

Kate: “You wouldn’t believe what happened to me today.”

Ben: “Do tell.”

Kate: “I left my lunch on my desk and headed to the loo. When I got back, someone had taken it.”

Ben: “Buuut I believe that. You said I wouldn’t believe that.”

Kate: “You know what I mean, silly. Anyway, who steals someone’s lunch?”

Ben: “I had that happen at a restaurant once. No lie, I came back to my table and someone was sitting in my spot eating my dinner.”

Kate: “OMG! What did you say to him?”

Ben: “Nothing. I’m not messing with someone who’s willing to do that.”

Kate: “Don’t blame you… By the way, I need a headshot for our records. Can you send one along?”

Ben: “NP. Just sent one.”

Kate: “Cutie.”

Ben: “LOL. Thanks.”

Kate: “So, How do you think I should sleuth out who stole my noodles?”

Ben: “Hang on a sec. Where’s YOUR pic?”

Kate: “Why do you need MY picture?”

Ben: “The Meridian big shots don’t need to know what I look like. Why did you need MINE?”

Kate: “*blushing*”

Ben: “That’s what I thought.”

Kate: “K. Sending you one now. Don’t judge.”

The image arrived in an email, a selfie. Kate had green eyes, had red wavy hair pulled up, and sported thick-framed trendy glasses. She looked to be in her late twenties and had a slightly chubby, but pretty face.

Ben: “You’re cute.”

Kate: “Cute? So I’m like a kitten?”

Ben: “How about attractive?”

Kate: “Getting warmer.”

Ben: “…Sexy.”

Kate: “LOL. I’m dubious, but I’ll take it.

Ben: “Where are the messed up teeth? Aren’t English people known for messed up teeth?”

Kate: “Shame on you. I’m tossing your resume.”

Ben: “But you’re keeping the picture?”

Kate: “Yeah. That’s mine.”

Ben: “It’s a deal, as long as you send me another one of you.”

Kate: “You’re so demanding… Sent.”

Another email arrived. She sent three new pictures. One was a shot of her from the side as she looked over the edge of a cliff at the ocean. Another was a group shot of her and a couple of her friends. The third was a great candid shot where she sat in a chair with her elbow resting on the chair arm and her face was cradled in her hand. She wore a blue sweater that, when leaning to the side, accentuated her breasts.

Ben: “I like these. I especially like the third one. You’re photogenic.”

Kate: “*smiling*”

A few moments later, another picture arrived in Ben’s inbox. Kate was smiling at the camera, her head turned. She appeared to be shirtless down to where the picture cut off just below her armpit.

Ben: “Damn. Are you naked in this one?”

Kate: “I’ll never tell.”

Ben: “Only the top part of the picture arrived. Where’s the rest of it.”

Kate: “LOL. The rest is in London. *wink*”

Ben: “If the lower part makes me as hard as the upper part does, I can’t wait to go to London.”

Kate: mecidiyeköy escortları “Whoa. Easy, sailor.”

Ben: “Too far?”

Kate: “…I haven’t decided yet.”

Ben: “Looks like you’re well represented up top.”

Kate: “Double-D. *blush*”

Ben: “I hope your boss doesn’t look over your shoulder at this chat.”

Kate: “Don’t worry, I’m working from home today. So feel free to flatter me about my lady parts. I don’t mind.”

Ben: “LOL. If the partners need a photo of my cock, I’m sure I can send one your way.”

Kate: “BEN! OMG! Tee-hee… Well, I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt to send it my way.”

Ben: “Are you serious? Do you want me to?”

Kate: “*smile*”

Ben: “I want to be sure you’re serious, cause I’ll do it, unless you tell me not to.”

Kate: “*smile*”

Ben: “I’ll take that as a yes.”

He pulled his semi-hard cock from his pants and stroked it. It didn’t need much convincing to become fully erect. He took a snapshot with his phone and sent the picture.

Kate: “Fuck. You’re big.”

Ben: “You like it?”

Kate: “I really like it. Do you blokes do anything small in the States?”

Ben: “Maybe when I come to England, I’ll do you and you can find out for yourself.”

Kate: “You’re so bad. Why did you have to go and get me horny?”

Ben: “You’re home, right? And it has to be after five there.”

Kate: “…Yes.”

Ben: “Then why don’t you do something about it?”

Kate: “Um.”

Ben: “Ever had phone sex?”

Kate: “Sure, with an old boyfriend. Do you really want to do that with me?”

Ben: “I wouldn’t have brought it up if I didn’t.”

There was an uncomfortably long break before she responded.

Kate: “01254 453873. Can’t believe I’m doing this. *nerves*”

Ben: “Calling now.”

Ben typed the number and waited a few moments for the line to connect. Finally, she answered.

Kate: “Hello?”

Ben: “Hi.”

Kate: “I can’t believe we’re doing this.”

Ben: “Wow. I love your accent.”

Kate: “I don’t have an accent, silly. You do.”

Ben: “Oh yeah? What does it sound like?”

Kate: “It sounds the way all you yanks talk.”

Ben: “I hope that doesn’t ruin this for you.”

Kate: “Not at all. Makes me feel international, like a spy.”

Ben: “Me too. Luckily I have a concealed weapon.”

Kate: “Not for long, I hope.”

Ben: “Not to sound like a total cliché, but what are you wearing?”

Kate: “A bustier and g-string. You?”

Ben: “You’re funny. Okay, I’ll start. I’m wearing a pair of blue jeans, no shoes, and I just took my t-shirt off.”

Kate: “Mmm. I have a green button-down shirt on with a pair of yoga pants. Oh, no shoes as well.”

Ben: “Take off your shirt.”

Kate: “Okay… Done.”

Ben: “What color is your bra?”

Kate: “Black.”

Ben: “I’m picturing it right now.”

Kate: “Just don’t picture my belly. It’s a bit of a marshmallow.”

Ben: “Don’t worry. I like that. I’m unfastening my jeans.”

Kate: “Nice. Pull out that big cock of yours.”

Ben: “I’ve taken off my pants and pulled down my boxers. I’m hard for you.”

Kate: “I’m going to take off my bra.”

Ben: “What do your tits look like?”

Kate: “Hold on. I’ll photograph them for you… Sending.”

Ben: “I got it… Wow. Those are beautiful.”

Kate: “They’re big. I love them. I’m playing with them right now. My nipples are so sensitive.”

Ben: “Oh yeah. I’m stroking my cock, thinking about what they taste like.”

Kate: “Let me give them a lick. Mmm. They taste good. I’m taking my pants off.”

Ben: “Yes. Touch yourself.”

Kate: “Oh, Ben, you’re making me so wet. My pussy is dripping.”

Ben: “I’d love to feel my cock sliding into you.”

Kate: “I’m fingering myself right now. You’re so hot. I want you to pound my pussy.”

Ben: “That would feel so good.”

Kate: “Fuck. I want you so badly. My cunt is desperate for your cock.”

Ben: “Mmm, yes. Think about me touching your skin, kissing you. Imagine me sliding in and out of you.”

Kate: “I want it. I want you. I need to feel your cock in me.”

Ben: “Oh, Kate. You have me so hard. You’re going to make me cum.”

Kate: “Oh shit.”

Ben: “What’s the matter?”

Kate: “I just got an email from one of the partners.”

Ben: “And?”

Kate: “They want me to set up a time for you to come to London and meet with them.”

Ben: “Fuck yes. How about Monday?”

Kate: “I’ll let them know. Damn, Ben, I’m so hot for you right now.”

Ben: “Yes. Cum for me, Kate.”

Kate: “I’m going to cum. Oh fuck, Ben, I want you to fuck me for real. I want you to come to London and put that big cock in my pussy.”

Ben: “Oh yes. I want that too. I’m stroking so hard to you right now.”

Kate: “Yes. I’m coming. I’m coming. Ahh. Ahh. Ahhhhhh. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Ben: “Oh fuck. Ohhhhhhhh. Ohhhhh. Oh yeah. I just came.”

Kate: “I can barely catch my breath… So, Monday, huh? That’s way too long to wait.”

Ben: etiler escort “So you’re serious about this?”

Kate: “I reserve the right to back out, but yeah. We should probably wait until after you meet with the partners though.”

Ben: “I’m booking my flight right now.”

Ben arrived at Heathrow airport that Monday at 1:00pm. He picked up his bags and went to find a cab.

“Ben?” a familiar voice sounded from behind him.

He turned around to see a redhead with glasses looking back at him. “Kate?” he asked.

“It’s me. I thought I’d pick you up and drive you to Meridian. I hope you’re not disappointed.”

Ben looked her up and down. “Not at all.”

“You at least going to greet me with a hug?” she asked.

“At least,” he replied, dropping his bags and wrapping his arms around her. Kate’s breasts pressed against him and he found himself instantly affected by her.

As he began to pull away, her green eyes looked back at him. He leaned in and pressed his lips to hers. “Mmm,” she hummed as their lips entwined. Her tongue darted between her lips into his mouth and their hands began to roam over each other. It was getting too intense for such a public place. Kate parted from him and smiled. “Can I help with your bags?”

“Sure,” said Ben, handing her the smaller one.

He followed her to the parking structure, placed his bags in the back of her car and headed for the front right door.

“You think you’re driving?” Kate laughed.

“Oh, right,” said Ben, smacking his forehead with his palm and walking over to the left side of the car.

To Ben’s surprise, most of their conversation during the drive to Meridian was about the interview and what to expect. They pulled into a parking structure and walked to the Meridian offices, which were beautifully crafted, an Architect’s dream.

Kate introduced him to the four people with whom he was to interview and, one by one, he met with each. By the time he met with the whole group together, he was nearly certain he hadn’t gotten the job. The partners grilled him about his knowledge of building codes and safety regulations, things for which he, as an Architect, would never be solely responsible.

Ben wondered if they had already decided whom to hire, but needed another candidate to facilitate the illusion of impartiality. Ben had seen that happen a thousand times. His former boss, Brisco Hughes, usually had someone in mind for open positions before an official search began.

By the time his interviews ended, it was 5:00. Kate met him in the downstairs lobby and they set off to dinner. They mostly spoke about the partners and the interviews over roast and potatoes at a corner pub.

“I don’t think they liked me very much,” said Ben.

“I’m sure they liked you just fine,” Kate countered. “They’re just kind of set in their ways, and the timing just sucked.”

“Why?” asked Ben. “What happened?”

“Well, there was a guy who worked for them a couple years ago,” she said. “The partners found out this morning that he’s available and potentially interested in the job.”

“I figured it was something like that,” Ben sighed. “There’s no chance they’re going to give me that position.”

“Well, if it’s any consolation,” Kate smiled. “I’ll give you any position you like.”

Ben smiled back. “Check please,” he said.

By the time they reached the third floor landing at Kate’s flat, they were kissing, barely conscious of their surroundings, save for their hands reaching for the doorknob. By the time they were in, the door couldn’t close fast enough.

“Get naked,” Ben commanded. “I want to see you now.”

Kate smiled, took her shirt off, and walked away from him toward her bedroom. Her ass swayed with each step and she unhooked her bra just as she disappeared into her room. Ben kicked his shoes and socks off, dropped his pants, and threw off his shirt before following her. He was already erect, making a tent in his boxers as he walked in.

Kate was still facing away from him. She slid her pants down and off her ankles. Her bra was already on the floor. Then she wiggled out of her panties and kicked them away. Her hands raised up to let her red, wavy hair loose from whatever it was that held it up to begin with.

She turned slowly until she faced Ben. She was nude, her eyes filled with lust. She looked him up and down. “Now, show me that cock,” she said.

Ben took his boxers off and began to stroke his dick in his hand. “You look great in person,” he said.

“Thanks,” Kate replied. “So do you.” She leaned against the wall and ran her hands over her own skin. Her hands drifted over her tits, then her belly and finally her pussy.

Ben continued to stroke as he watched her finger herself. “Mmm,” he moaned.

“You like my body?” she said in her alluring English accent.

Ben nodded. “Come over here and I’ll show you.”

Kate approached, taking her hands from her pussy. With one hand she grabbed his cock and started stroking it. With the other, she touched his lower lip. “Always better in person. Don’t şişli escort you think?”

“Much better,” Ben replied. He let her finger into his mouth and sucked on it, tasting the musk of her pussy. “Is this the interview?” he said.

“Is it a job you’re after?” she smiled. “I’ll give you a job.”

She knelt, removed her glasses, and took his hard member between her lips, sucking on it. Ben was already quite affected. He hoped he would hold out. She seemed to sense that he was building toward climax. She removed his cock from her mouth. Ben was both relieved and disappointed.

“Don’t worry,” she said. “We have all night. You’ll have time to recover. I’ve wanted to do this to you since I saw that picture you sent me.”

Her lips slid back over his cock. She sucked him like she was hungry for it, enjoying each moment of it. Ben couldn’t believe how good she felt. The rush of pleasure built in his balls and they tightened. “I’m gonna cum,” he announced. It was like slow motion. She slid it back out, a rope of saliva dangling between her lower lip and the end of his dick.

He erupted, shooting cum over her chin and tits. It hung from her nipples like an invitation. He knelt to her level, wrapping his arms around her and leaning her back. His lips met her nipple, tasting the cum that coated its surface. He licked and sucked her nipple. “Fuck yes,” she cried. “My nipples are so sensitive.”

“I love your tits,” Ben said as he continued to lick.

“Want to see a neat trick?” she replied. Her fingers found her other breast and as she teased the nipple, she lactated. A soft stream dripped down the underside of her breast.

“That’s amazing,” he said. “I didn’t know that was possible.”

“Like I said. I’m very sensitive.”

Ben smiled. “Does it ever happen spontaneously?”

Kate smiled back. “You’ll have to wait and see. I’m going to shower off. Find some porn on my laptop and make yourself at home.”

Ben settled in as Kate walked toward the bathroom. He found a few videos and began to watch them. There was one he had seen before featuring Georgina Gee, one of his favorite busty british stars. In the video, she strip teased, played with her tits and tweaked her nipples. By the time Kate reemerged a half-hour later, he was erect, stroking himself as he watched the porn star slowly finger herself while rubbing her tits.

“Find something you like?” Kate asked as she sat on the bed, naked.

Ben looked up at her and closed the laptop. “I have,” he said.

She lay down with him and kissed him. Her hand found his cock and she stroked it gently in her hand. “Do you feel like you’re ready for round two?” she asked.

“Just about,” he answered, “but first, I want to pay you back for earlier.”

“Does that mean what I think it means?” she smiled.

“I hope so,” he said as he nudged her onto her back, moved to her hips and parted her knees.

“It’s been so long since anyone licked my pussy,” she said.

Ben lowered his head between her legs and touched the end of his tongue to her clit. She shivered and moaned. “Yes,” she uttered.

His tongue caressed her labia and pressed against her clit. She had a lovely pussy. He kissed it, using his lips and tongue together to pleasure her. Her hips seemed to move toward him in a slow rocking motion as though she was riding his face. Her feet pressed together in the center of his upper back, widening the spread of her legs. “Your lips feel so good on my pussy,” she breathed.

She panted and moaned. He hungrily teased and tasted her swollen mound. She grabbed the bed sheets in her hands as she built toward orgasm. He was bringing her closer to climax with each touch and lick. His tongue found its way into her and she cried out. She was at the edge and needed to release. “I’m… going… to…”

She tensed, nearly strangling Ben with her legs, and her body went limp. She panted and gasped, overcome from her climax.

Ben continued to kiss her pussy for about a minute and then he began to kiss up her abdomen and stomach, then he cupped one of her full tits in his hand and sucked the nipple. A line of liquid still remained, dripping down the side of her breast.

“Did you…” Ben began to ask.

“When I’m that turned on,” she replied, “it happens.”

“Fantastic,” he smiled.

“Kiss me,” she said.

Ben’s mouth met hers, the scent of her arousal still tangible on his lips. “Mmm,” she said, licking her lips. “I love the taste of pussy,” she added.

“Have you ever eaten pussy?” Ben asked?

“Only once,” she replied. “But I taste my fingers when I masturbate.” She closed in, staring into his face, about to kiss him again. “I want to lick your cock after you fuck me,” she said.

Ben’s lips pressed against hers. Her legs parted and wrapped around his body as he worked his cock into her wet pussy. Their bodies caressed. Their hands joined and he began to push in and out.

“Oh fuck,” she shouted. “Your cock feels so good inside me.”

His pace quickened. He licked and kissed her neck, savoring the smooth skin as his dick plunged in and out of her. She was wriggling, moaning and calling out “Oh yes! Fuck me!”

He lifted himself by his arms and planted his hands on the mattress for leverage. Kate’s eyes were filled with lust. She squeezed the ends of the pillow beneath her head.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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