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Subject: Ben and Nick Part 16 Thank you, Gentle Reader, for opening this story, a series about a man who loves boys and the boys he loves. Ben, Nick, and the rest of the cast of characters are fictional, and do not represent any person living or dead. The story is fantasy and exists in that realm, for letting the events unfold in real time and in real life would land our hero Ben in a whole heap of trouble. So, for the purposes of keeping our noses clean, gentlemen, let’s keep things unreal. Elements in this story include sex between adults and minors, some racier elements might include watersports, and groups, but for the most part just good old-fashioned cocksucking and fucking. This story definitely falls into the category of Gay/ Adult-Youth. If you enjoy this story, and others like it, please consider making a donation to keep the Nifty archive free and fty/donate.html Bill and Ben had a great weekend up at the cabin with Sean and Nick. Man, those guys get horny when they’re together, don’t they? Let’s see the next part unfold in the lives of our four fellas. Ben the Boylover and his Neighbor Nick Part 16: Up at the Lake We’d stayed up pretty late and I’d had a bit to drink so Nick and I didn’t venture down the lake to our cabin; we stayed with Bill and Sean instead. I woke up some time after midnight to take a leak and get some water, and Nick wasn’t in my bed. I heard low voices coming from the living room, and it sounded like Sean and Nick were up late talking. It wasn’t my business, and I trusted them, so I didn’t poke my head in to listen or startle them. After I flushed the toilet, though, and opened the door back into the hallway, I heard Nick’s voice whisper “Shh! Someone’s in the hallway,” accompanied by a frantic movement. I wondered for a moment what they’d been doing that they didn’t want to be witnessed, but let it go. When I next awoke, I smelled coffee and heard Bill rustling in the kitchen. Nick was in bed, his arm draped over my chest. I rolled him over gently, hoping he’d stay sleeping while I stole out of bed, but he backed right up to me, and I couldn’t help but want to big spoon him. I nuzzled into his neck and rubbed his chest and belly. As I dragged my hand over his belly I felt the tell-tale evidence of crusty cum. I smiled to myself, flaked some off, withdrew my hand and licked it. Nectar. What a pervert I am. Finally, I swung my legs out of bed, and within a couple of minutes I had a steaming cup of coffee in front of me. “What’s got you smiling today, big guy? You get some already?” Bill inquired. “Naw, but I was having some leftovers just now. Swiped off some dried cum from my boy’s belly. I don’t know if it was his or mine, but I ate it up just the same,” I shameless boasted. “Well, I don’t think it was either of yours,” Bill said, directly, then noticing my raised eyebrow. “I think Sean and Nick fucked last night. You went to bed a bit before I did, and they were cuddling. I think they’re getting close,” Bill reported. “That explains what I saw when I got up sometime in the middle of the night to take a leak. I heard their voices, and when they thought they heard someone, they scrambled pretty quickly. Why do you think they don’t want us to know?” I wondered. “Beats me. Not like we’re gonna care if they’re having sex too young?” Bill said, smiling. “What’s too young, anyway?” I laughed. Fucking pedos, we are. “It’s none of my business…” Bill began, filling my mug with more coffee, “but Nick’s turning fifteen this fall. You guys have had a real good run, but, well, does it end at eighteen like it did with Raf?” I appreciated Bill’s question. It was a big one, but one that comes from knowing me as well as he does. Bill had a wider taste that included boys, to date, my taste had never expanded upwards of eighteen. “The truth is, I think so. I love Nick, and he’s going to be great. I won’t abandon my support of him, of course, I’ll always give him whatever he needs. But, I have to say, that for the first time, I might consider keeping things going. I love him more than I’ve loved anyone else,” I admitted. Bill clapped me on the back. “Maybe the old dog can change after all,” he said, with a playful chuckle. “But one thing’s for sure, there’s still plenty of fun to be had, and time to do it!” I quipped. Looking over my shoulder to ensure that the coast was still clear, I filled Bill in on the conversation that Nick and I had been having on the way up. “It seems Nick’s mom, Susan, is thinking of moving out, and in with the guy she’s been dating. Problem is, he lives out of the city, and it would be hard for Nick to get to his current high school. He’s a little worried about it.” I began the story. “Shit, that’s awful. High school sucks enough without having to uproot and make new friends after your first year,” Bill empathized. “I haven’t told Nick this yet, but I am going to ask Susan if she would let Nick stay with me to finish high school in San Francisco. We can come up with whatever arrangement makes her feel comfortable.” “That totally makes sense. You are a good guy, opening up your home like that.” “And I get to fuck him whenever I want, without having to come up with excuses that his mom will believe,” I added. “Horn dog,” Bill affirmed. Shortly after that, Nick appeared in the kitchen, bleary-eyed and fumbling for a mug. “Hello there, night owl. You were up late last night, eh?” I asked. “Yeah, me and Sean were talking and stuff.” Changing the topic, so that Nick didn’t have to lie, I asked, “So, what do you wanna do today?” Nick answered, “Me and Sean were hoping you’d let us take the boat out and fish. We want to make supper for you.” “Well that’s real sweet of you! What do you say to that, Bill?” I asked. “Should we thaw out some steaks just in case?” Bill asked, with a laugh in his voice. “Hah. Hah. Very funny,” Sean said, suddenly appearing in the kitchen, and reaching into the cupboard for a mug. Coffee obtained, he walked over to Nick and gave him a nice long hug. I shot Bill a look, and he raised his eyebrows. “So, fish it is, then. You know the trout are going to be over in the deep part over where the creek empties in,” I said, my palate already hoping for a nice fresh piece of trout. “Yeah, yeah, we know, Daddy,” Nick said. That got my cock hard, and I pulled him to my chest and growled low in his ear. He giggled, and backed his ass up to mine. After breakfast, Nick and I took off for our cabin just a bit down the lake. We’d get our stuff together, then come back up to the dock so that Sean and Nick could take out the boat together. I wanted to go over a few things with Nick about the boat without Sean around. Nick changed clothes and put on swim trunks and a tshirt. He looked so good now, as his body developed, and I found myself even more attracted to him than usual. As he checked out his look in the mirror (oh, teenagers!) I walked up behind him and kissed his neck and earlobe. “Mmm, you look so good,” I purred into his ear. I heard his breath hitch in arousal and he relaxed against me. My cock hardened in my shorts as I pressed against his bubble butt. I let my hands wander across his chest and belly, tweaking his nipples, listening to him breathe deeply as he became more and more turned on. I pulled his shirt up and over his head, exposing his body to my touch, and I increased my rubbing. I could play Nick like a cello, his body responding to the strokes and plucks of my hands as they ran across him. I still enjoyed turning this boy on. Just as quickly I pulled his swim trunks down his thick legs and he kicked them off. I felt his hands reach around behind him, pulling at my shorts, and then we were both free. My big dick fully engorged as it was pressed up against the small of his back. Nick moaned as I slid against him, until finally he spun to face me, and our tongues and lips met. Kissing my boy was always satisfying to me. His mouth tasted sweet, his kisses were hungry. He was aggressive with his lips and tongue, matching my own thrusts and parries. Nick quickly slid down my torso, licking and sucking until he arrived at the head of my dick. Getting onto his knees, he swallowed my knob and began one of his best blowjobs. Nick knew how to suck dick. Granted, between Bill’s beercan horsedick and my near foot-long cock, he’d had good practice and experience. Over the years, he had perfected his techniques, learning how to control his breath, maximizing and delivering saliva where it was most needed, alternating between cheek-hollowing suction and laving my shaft with his flattened tongue. Nick could make my dick sing. “Mmmm, yeah, fuck, boy, that feels so good. Love the way you suck your daddy’s dick,” I encouraged as he really started to put some feeling into it. I slowly began to thrust in and out of his mouth as he sucked my shaft and kept the head of my dick happy in his throat. I watched him focus on breathing through his nose so he could keep my lodged deep inside his throat. What a fucking pro he was. I could feel him beginning to increase his suction, and I knew he was trying to get me to cum, but I had other plans for him. I pulled out of him, his lips coming together in a pop as my cock withdrew. The look on his face as he lost contact with my dick was almost enough for me to shove it back in and skull fuck him, but I wanted to tap his hot ass instead. I pulled him up, and pushed him back onto the bed. He knew the drill, his legs came up and he held them manisa escort back, exposing his ass to me so I could bend down and begin drooling and licking his tight pucker. I loved the taste of his unwashed ass — musky, sweaty, earthy. I gobbled it up like a second breakfast, and pushed my tongue in deeper to my boy’s dark place. My cock was throbbing in anticipation of fucking him. “Yeah, Daddy, eat out my ass, open it up!” Nick begged. Who was I to argue with him? I ministered to his ass, licking, nibbling his puffy rosebud, and tasting his sensitive inner thighs as he writhed and moaned and begged on the bed. I knew we were both wanting the consummation of the moment, but I let it linger longer than usual, enjoying the build up of lust and desire as I kept up my oral assault on his ass. My hands reached around and felt the precum slickening his glans, and I gave it a few slow, deliberate strokes. I felt him shudder in ecstasy as I hit all his buttons. As much as I was enjoying the anticipation, however, my cock was leaking and begging to be sheathed in the ass of this underage teen, and I couldn’t ignore it any longer. I lifted my head, and pulled Nick to the edge of the bed. Grabbing his ankles in front of me, I lined up my pre-cumming cockhead with his slick, opened rosebud. I looked down at the sight below me, beautiful as ever. Nick’s teen body just beginning to develop the muscular structure of a man, yet still soft and smooth. I met his eyes with mine, and we locked our gaze. In one long, slow motion I entered my boy in an action that was so common for us. I had fucked him hundreds of times in the past few years, each of them special in their own ways. I watched Nick’s eyes roll back in his head as I hit bottom inside him, as deep as I could be. “Mmm, fuck, I needed you today!” Nick shouted, clearly expressing the need we both had to rut and connect. “I’m here for you, buddy, and I am gonna fuck you like you deserve today,” I enunciated each syllable with a thrust of my dick in his ass. I pulled out almost all the way, the head of my cock just held inside of his hole. Bringing his foot up to my lips, I sucked his big toe and thrust in deep and hard. I repeated this a few times, sucking on his feet and fucking him long and deep. All the way out, then balls deep again. Each time, Nick grunted and begged for more. “Fuck yeah, I love it when you long dick me!” he enthused. And I fucking tore into him. In the back of my mind was him fucking with Sean, and I wasn’t sure how I felt about it. It wasn’t that I cared about his fucking — Bill fucked him all the time, and I had no problems. I think it was that he was keeping it secret from me. It drove me to pummel his ass harder. “Yeah, pig, I am gonna cum so hard in you, you’re gonna taste it!” And I pushed deep into his body. Reaching down, I began to jack Nick’s cock off in time and intensity of my fucking. I let my palm play across his sensitive head and played his shaft firmly in my big hands. I showed no mercy, an unrelenting hand job while I fucked him harder. The sweat was pouring off me, dripping onto Nick. When the tingle started in the base of my spine, I knew my orgasm was gonna come on quick. I increased my hand job on Nick, and listened with twisted joy as he mewled and begged and whined and moaned. “I’m gonna cum, Daddy, I can’t stop.” I watched Nick’s balls contract and felt the first shot of cum travel up his shaft. He came all over his belly and chest as I aimed his ropes at his own body. There is nothing like feeling a tight ass contract around you when the boy is experiencing his own orgasm. The grip is so much tighter and the friction so much sweeter, it drove me right over the edge. My orgasm slammed into him, and I let go a torrent of jizz into him. “Fuck yeah, boy, you are gonna smell and taste like me all fucking day. Take all my cum, you fucking greedy pig!” I shouted at him, spitting the words out. “Yeah, Daddy, feed me. I am your greedy boy.” “My fucking pig to pervert, use, enjoy!” “Yeah, Daddy, I love how you own me and make me cum!” Three more thrusts and I was finally spent. I stayed in his ass, catching my breath, sweating down on him. Nick cooed and rested, we were both totally satisfied. I swiped my brow and my chest with my hand and spread it across Nick’s chest and face. Finally, I laid down next to him and kissed him, feeling passion and love and possession for my boy. After a few minutes, he sat up and announced he was going to take a shower. “Nope,” I replied. He gave me a confused look. “You want me to wait for you, and shower together?” he guessed at my reasoning. “Nope. I want you to smell like me today when you’re sitting in that boat in the sun catching us our dinner,” I replied, possessively. Nick smirked, and in a moment of typical perception and romance, he replied, “Nothing would make me prouder, Daddy. I guess I should keep your load safe inside me, too?” he added, knowing it would satisfy his perverted molester. I ruffled his hair and kissed him. “That’s my boy,” I said, with genuine pride. Later I took Nick down to the dock and handed him the keys to my beloved boat. Making sure he had lines, poles, and all he needed, I checked out the live bait. There were some night crawlers, and that would have to do. I hoped the trout were hungry, because I sure was. We climbed aboard, and Nick stepped up to the helm. I showed him the little zippered bag that contained fishing licenses for the four of us, then he went to turn the key. “Ahem!” I said, getting his attention. When he looked over his shoulder, I said “Forgetting something?” “Do I have to wear the lifejacket? I can swim!” he protested. Even though we had splurged on the nice ones that looked like vests instead of the orange puffy ones, no one liked wearing a life preserver. “I know you can swim, and it’s not a matter of that. It’s the law, and, while I haven’t seen the sheriff out on the lake in a while, he can come at any time, checking for licenses and life-jackets. I don’t want you to get a citation.” Nick sighed. “Actually, the law states that you must have the lifejacket accessible,” Nick replied. I wasn’t used to him talking back, but I sort of enjoyed the rebellious streak. “And since when did you care about following the law, Daddy?” This sarcasm was new. He had me there, and I was torn between nipping this in the bud, and giving into it. I decided to give in. “You seem to like it when my breaking the law ends with my cum stuffed deep in your ass, babe,” I said, directly. “I’m not saying I don’t enjoy it … but I am saying I don’t enjoy wearing the lifejacket. Plus, I want to work on my tan,” he continued. I threw up my hands. “Keep it next to you, and Sean has to have his near him, too. Not in the cabinet. Next to you. I trust you, in this, as in all things,” and I ended the conversation with a kiss. Then I added, “You two better catch some good trout.” Lifejacket next to him, and mine next to me, to prove the point, I untethered the boat from the dock, and Nick started up the engine. She purred like a beauty, and Nick eased her out into the lake. We cruised down the lake to Bill’s place, tied up there, and I walked up to the house while Nick waited in the boat for Sean to come down. “Have fun, ok, buddy?” Nick waved back, and smiled. Oh to be a kid with a boat out on the lake – not a worry in the world. Sean passed me on the path, smiling and running, carrying a bag over his shoulder. I clapped him on the back. “Have a good time!” I called after him, “And bring home dinner!” Bill was out on the deck, sitting in a chair, feet up on the railing when I got up. I joined him, and we sat down for a bit, shooting the shit. After a while Bill got up and brought a beer back for each of us, and we cracked them open. “So,” I began, “Nick talked back to me today, for the first time. It kind of caught me off guard, and at the same time, I sort of appreciated the rebellion.” “Hah, Hah, yeah, I know what you mean. When Sean talks back to me, I think `you little shit!’ at the same time as I think `atta boy!'” Bill admitted. “He didn’t want to wear his lifejacket, and so he smarted off.” “And?” Bill asked, wondering why I was worried about it. “Well, I am not used to it coming from him, and, I don’t particularly want to begin that chapter of our interaction.” “Did Raf ever talk back to you?” “No, never,” “Well, in a way, you telling Nick to do something he didn’t want to do probably sounded parental to him, and so he talked back to you the way he might do with Susan,” Bill surmised. “Well, I certainly don’t want to parent him,” I continued. “I hear that, buddy, but you might want to think through all that if you really do ask Nick to move in with you when his mom leaves, if she agrees to it. You’ll be responsible for him, not just as a neighbor to fuck, but as a guardian,” Bill spoke clearly. “So, you’ll have to set some rules. It can’t just be all fun. He’ll have to do project, homework, negotiate seeing friends and curfews. Are you ready for that?” “Yeah, it’s why I haven’t talked about it to Nick, yet. I’ve had it easy with him — all the perks of watching him develop with none of the headache of parenting,” I admitted. “Well, be sure, whatever you choose. You’ve had all of Nick’s childhood for fucking, and you know he loves you. But this would be a shift, and I know it’s hard. I try to keep Sean on track to be independent and to develop his own maraş escort ideas and opinions, while taking every advantage I can to knock him up,” Bill went on, “but there are times of slamming doors and hurt feelings and rules, too.” Our conversation was good, and we enjoyed a couple more beers each, as I thought through the decision to talk with Susan. “One final thought,” Bill said, in conclusion, “talk with Susan about it first, before getting Nick’s hopes up.” Our conversation was cut off by Bill’s phone ringing. He picked it up, and immediately frowned. Whatever the conversation was, Bill’s jaw was clenched tight as he listened. “Ok, thank you, Sheriff, we’ll meet you down at the dock in a few minutes,” Bill pressed end on the call, and turned toward me. “Seems our boys got caught by the Sheriff drinking beer on the boat,” Bill reported. “Ugh, I wondered what Sean had in his backpack!” I said, the realization hitting me. “Yep, I noticed the beer supply was a little light, but figured it was from us last night,” Bill said. “The Sheriff is bringing the boys back here, while another follows with the boat.” “Well, let’s go down to meet them,” I said, the frustration and annoyance sounding in my voice. “Well, buddy, it’s good practice for that parenting you’re thinking of taking on,” Bill added. “Great. Just great,” I laughed. And we headed down to the dock to await the Sheriff and our boys. And did those two look sad and scared, sitting in the back of the Sheriff’s boat. His deputy brough my boat up alongside the dock, and I helped him secure it to the dock while Bill met the Sheriff and the boys. I shook the deputy’s hand as he climbed off the boat. In the back, I saw the evidence – four empty cans of beer and 2 in the cup holders. I shook my head and walked over to the Sheriff. Bill was engaged with them. “So, gentlemen, is everything the Sheriff said true?” “Yeah, dad,” Sean said, “we were drinking beer.” “Naked,” the Sheriff, added. “Naked?” I exclaimed, looking at Nick. “Yeah, I was working on my tan,” Nick defended. “Zip it, Nick,” I cautioned. Then to the Sheriff, I said, “Well, there’s no law against being naked in a boat on a lake, right?” “Nope, no law against it,” he responded. “So, where do we stand, Sheriff?” I asked. “Whose boat is this?” he asked “It’s mine. They had it with my permission, and Nick has his boat license,” I added. “Yep, I checked it, and their game licenses, too, so that’s not the problem. Underage drinking and operating a vehicle is pretty serious,” the Sheriff began. “And you boys were going to drive the boat back after your three beers, weren’t you?” “Yes, Sir,” Nick replied softly. “That’s just reckless. You could kill yourselves, another boater, do injury to someone’s property, who knows,” he admonished. “I know, Sir,” Sean said, “it was stupid of us, and we’re very sorry.” “How do we resolve this, Sheriff? No harm has been done here, thankfully,” I interjected. “I’m inclined to let them off with a strongly-worded warning to them, and to you. It seems these guys are too young to be trusted out on the lake alone. Maybe next summer, but I don’t want to see them on the water again without one of you with them this year. Deal?” “You have our assurance, Sheriff,” I accepted his terms. “You boys can get off my boat now. Don’t mess up again,” he said, sternly. I stepped up to shake his hand. “Thanks, Sheriff. We’re sorry for the trouble,” I offered. “Oh, by the way, how many of our wall calendars would you like to have as a donation? They’re ten dollars a piece?” He said, with a smile in his eyes. “Oh, we’ll take five please,” Bill said, immediately. “I’ll put you each down for five, then,” he said, closing the deal. “You can bring in your donation later on your way through town.” With that, they cast off, and motored away. Nick came over to me and threw his arms around me and was crying into my shoulder. I instinctively squeezed him, and comforted him. I looked over and Sean was similarly getting consolation from his dad. We could tell the boys were sorry and had been sufficiently scared. To lighten the mood, I asked, “So, are there any fish in that cooler, or just more of our damn beer?” Nick looked horrified. “No, we hadn’t caught any fish yet,” he admitted. Surveying the boat it didn’t look like they’d even threaded a hook or baited a line. I guess fishing hadn’t been on their agenda. We walked solemnly up the hill and to the deck, where three of us sat down and Bill went into the house. He returned in a moment with more beer, and passed one out to each of us. “Well, boys, drink to your last brush with the law, because that shit ends today.” We all laughed, and toasted, and tipped back our cans. “Anyone feel the need to say anything else about this?” I asked. “I’m sorry, Ben,” Nick said, earnestly. “I’m sorry, too, dad,” Sean said with equal intention. “All is forgiven, boys. The boat and the lake are one thing, and it’s not a good idea to drink behind the helm, but I want both of you to promise that you won’t get behind the wheel after drinking. Never. You have no excuses — call an uber, call a lyft, call us. No driving.” “Heard,” Sean said. “Understood,” Nick echoed. “Good boys,” I said. We continued to drink and enjoy the afternoon as it slid into evening. Eventually I sent the boys in to make some sandwiches, since steaks hadn’t been thawed and fish hadn’t arrived. After dinner, we made a fire in the pit and kept talking and laughing. Eventually Sean and Nick both announced they were tired, and made a move to head to bed. “I’ll be in in a while,” I announced. “It’s a nice night for stars.” “Yeah, me too. I’ll keep Ben company,” Bill echoed. About forty minutes later I went in to hit the head, and as I passed the closed door of the guest bedroom, I heard the unmistakable moaning of boysex. I quickly ran back out, and got Bill’s attention in a whisper. “The boys are at it. Shall we go in and show them how it’s done, or let them have their moment?” My old horndog boylover friend, Bill, got that gleam in his eye, and we were back inside in no time. We stood outside the door for a moment. Bill put his hand on the doorknob. “Let’s do this,” he whispered. We bust into the room just as Nick was standing behind Sean, his dick buried in Sean’s ass. They both looked up in shock. “Nice technique there, Nick. Make sure you give it that little twist as you bottom out. You know how he likes it,” I said to my startled boy. “Don’t stop on our account,” Bill said, “even if we’d never dream of fucking without asking you boys to join in,” he laid it on thick. I walked up to Nick and kissed him hard on the mouth. “Keep going,” I said into his lips as I kissed him, and tweaked his nipples. “Oof, fuck,” he replied, and bucked into Sean’s ass. Bill walked over to Sean, taking his dick out of his shorts as he moved, and stuck his cock into Sean’s open mouth. Sean did what good boys do, and began sucking and licking his dad’s monster meat. “Put your foot up on the frame of the bed, Nick,” I said, patting the back of his thigh with my hand. He did, all while burying himself in Sean. “I’m gonna see if I can find my load from earlier today, buddy.” I lined up and plunged in. “Yep, there it is. Good pig, staying warm and ready for me.” I fucked in time to my boy fucking Sean. He’d pull out of Sean, I’d pull back from him, then we’d thrust together. “Oh damn, that is hot,” Nick moaned. We kept up our fucking of Sean, while Bill skull fucked his boy, grabbing his head and pulling Sean’s throat onto his dick. The room was filled with the scent of fucking and the sounds of slurping and skin slapping and moans. It was its own amazing erotic soundtrack. Sean was the first to fire, and his cum shot all over his chest and belly. “Oh, fuck, that is so amazing,” Nick shouted! “When you shoot, your ass tightens!” Nick was experiencing what it was like to feel your partner’s orgasm when buried deep in him. He rutted harder, and I kept up, and then it happened. Nick shot his wad into Sean. “Fuck, I am gonna cum in you Sean!” Sean moaned and weadled, begging both his partners to fill him. “I think your boy wants a taste of you, Bill,” I encouraged my friend. “The pig wants to filled on both ends.” “Hey that’s my boy you’re talking about,” Bill said, his breath coming in ragged. His orgasm was approaching. Meanwhile, Nick was cumming hard in Sean, and it was driving my own orgasm to the edge. “Take my fucking cum!” I shouted as my orgasm raced up my dick and the first rope hit deep in Nick. I continued fucking him, my cock getting more sensitive. “Damn, I love emptying into you while you’re filling Sean. Look up at Sean’s daddy, he’s gonna blow his load down Sean’s throat any second. He can’t help it.” And he couldn’t keep it any longer. “Fuck, yeah, Sean, drink down daddy’s jizz. I fucking love the way you suck your dad’s big cock. I am so proud of you, son,” Bill shouted as his orgasm flooded Sean’s throat with a day’s worth of cum. Nick slumped against my chest, and I held him, kissing his earlobe, suckling it. We were all spent, sticky, sweaty, and satisfied. Bill was the first to speak. “So, how come we didn’t get an invitation to the party?” “Yeah, how long has this been going on?” I asked. “Um, not long. This is only the second time we’ve messed around,” Nick said. “The first time, being last night?” I asked. “Yeah,” Sean admitted. “Well, you boys certainly must know mardin escort that we were not gonna be upset with you for playing around,” Bill said. “It was just something we wanted to try out,” Nick said. “No one is upset, but, well, we’re all pretty open here. One of the reasons why we aren’t jealous or don’t get hurt is because Bill and I tell each other, and you both, everything we’re doing. There are no secrets.” That was all that needed to be said. “Well, you boys certainly did make a mess of our bed, didn’t you? Now we have to wallow in your filth all night,” I quipped. “The struggle is real,” Nick echoed. “I can tell when we’re not wanted anymore,” Bill said with pretend offense. “Come on, son, we’re leaving,” he said, getting off the bed. “See you in the morning, boys,” I said after them. In the quiet of the bedroom, as we got settled into bed, Nick turned to me and said “I love you, Ben, and I’m glad I asked you to be my boyfriend.” “I’m glad I said yes,” I replied. And I did love him, more than I could put into words. As we left the lake and headed back to the City, I was thinking over the conversation with Bill about responsibility, love, possibly acting in a parenting role to Nick. If the incident with the boat and beer taught me anything it was three-fold: I was very protective of Nick. Had the Sheriff not been so easy to let them off, I would have argued and stood up more for Nick. Secondly, I feel like the situation had been handled well, and Nick certainly knew the score. Finally, I loved Nick, and I wanted the best for him. Isn’t that what a parent does? Later that week, I invited Susan over for a glass of wine, while Nick was in the den doing his homework. “Susan, Nick has told me about you taking the next step in your relationship and thinking about moving in together. I hope it’s ok that he told me that,” I began. “Yes,” she began, taking a big drink of white wine, “I had wondered if I’d ever find love again, and we’ve taken our time.” I held up my glass of cabernet, “Congratulations. Here’s to love!” I said, cheerfully. “Thank you, it is really nice. I suppose that means there will be some changes here. You can have your garage back,” she said, with a laugh. “Do you think you know when you might be leaving? There’s no rush.” “Well, I was thinking of doing it on October 1, that’s almost 6 weeks notice.” “That is certainly fine with me. Whatever works for you,” I said. “So, where will you be moving? Nick said it was out of the city?” “Yeah, Mark lives in Redwood City, so that will be a big change for us. The suburbs.” I refilled her glass. “Well, it’s on the train line, so it won’t be too hard for Nick to get back and forth for school,” I offered. “Well, I was thinking we’d transfer him to a closer school. Redwood City has good schools,” she countered. “But that will mean Nick has to transfer in the middle of the school year. That’s such a hard time to come into a new school and new friends,” I began to make my case. “Well, I don’t want to wait a whole year to move in with Mark,” she said, setting her jaw. I couldn’t believe her. I had more protective instincts about her son than she did, and I was the one molesting him! “Yeah, I can certainly understand wanting to move on with your own life,” I said, with false empathy. Then I continued, “but I have a thought. What would you think of Nick staying here in my house at least for the school year, but maybe until he finishes his high school? He’s doing really well where he is, and finally breaking out of his shell, being more athletic. It’s been a good place for him,” I laid it out. “Well, I can’t even ask that of you. It would be a huge imposition, plus Nick should have a family around him,” she argued. I refilled her glass again. “Does Mark have any children?” I switched tactics. “Yes, but they’re out of the home now,” she explained. “Well, how does he feel about having a teenager in the house again. Certainly, it might cramp your style in your new living arrangement?” I thought maybe if I conspired with her I could convince her. “I mean, who wants to keep the noise down when you’re finally allowed to live together?” I laughed. She laughed, too, and said “Well, yeah, there’s that.” “It’s something to think about. It certainly won’t be a problem. And we can work out whatever type of sharing or oversight that you want. I don’t want to stand between you and your boy,” I said, sweetly, all the while thinking of what having total access to Nick might be like, and just how much of my cum I could sink into him daily. “You’re serious,” she said, beginning to slur her words. “I am. You’ve both become more than neighbors to me. I like having Nick around – it’s like the family I never had, if I can say that. How about we ask Nick and see what he wants to do?” “Ok, let’s,” she agreed. I was elated, knowing how Nick would surely answer. “Hey, Nick,” I hollered toward the den. A few seconds later he materialized in the kitchen, and helped himself to a glass of water. “Nick, honey,” Susan said, getting his attention, “Ben and I have been talking about Redwood City and the move,” she started. “Aw, mom, do we have to talk about this now?” Nick whined. “Well, yeah, we do. I know you aren’t thrilled with the idea of moving to Redwood City and leaving your school…” “That’s an understatement,” Nick interrupted, serving up full-on surely teenager. “Well, Ben has an idea,” she said, and then looked up at me. Now, I was glad to deliver this suggestion, but couldn’t believe she was leaving it up to me to communicate. I mean, Nick is her boy, wouldn’t she want to set the conversation up? Apparently not in Susan’s world. “Well, yeah, buddy, I was wondering if you’d like to stay here with me in the spare room and finish out the school year in San Francisco at your present school? We could revisit it at the end of the spring and see how it’s going,” I suggested. Nick’s face lit up. “You mean, I could keep on going to my school?” then looking at his mom, he said “Yeah, mom! I would like that!” “Ok, honey. We’ll figure it out then. I want you to be happy,” Susan said. In a rare move, Nick approached her and hugged her. “I’d really like to stay here, and thank you!” Then he came up to me and hugged me, also. “Thanks so much!” I acted surprised by the hug, but I was glowing inside. Nick stayed another few minutes, and then returned to do his homework. Susan and I finished up our wine and laid out a few ideas on how things could work. I wouldn’t take any rent, but she’d continue to buy clothes and take care of his needs. They’d work out weekends or other times to see each other as they wanted. Within a few minutes it was all sorted out, and Susan made to leave. “Send Nick back when he’s finished his homework,” she said, then added “thanks for making this possible. I know it’s made Nick happy, and I think it will be best for me and Mark, too.” Of course it’s all about her, I thought. “I’m glad to be of help,” I said, honestly. And I opened the door for her. As soon as she’d left I found Nick in the den. He jumped up from the couch and tackled me in a big hug and kiss. “I can’t believe this! I am so happy! I didn’t want to leave, or to move to Redwood City, or to leave you!” he said, with true emotion. “Well, I didn’t like the thought of you leaving, either, baby. I am glad your mother agreed to this.” We made out for a bit, and then I broke our kiss. “I’m supposed to send you home when you finish your homework, but I think I have time to show you your new living quarters.” I took him by the hand and walked down the hallway. Indicating the spare room, “This is where your bed will be,” I pointed, then continued down the hall to my bedroom, “but this is where you’ll be sleeping.” We fell on the bed and I tore his clothes off as quickly as I could. We were both ready, instantly. Sliding into his ass with just spit for lube, I fucked him fast and hard. “I’m going to fuck you every morning, sending you to school with a load in your ass,” “Yeah, daddy, I will sit through first period feeling it inside me!” “And I am going to fuck you when you come home from school and find my morning load waiting for me, right?” I said, possessively. “Right where you left it, Sir,” he said, submissively. That earned him harder thrusts, and I started playing with his cock. “My boy to fuck. To kiss. To pervert. To molest. Mine. All mine.” “Every fucking day, daddy.” “Beg me to fill you up now, boy, before I send you to bed.” “Please, daddy, I need your load in me so I can sleep. So that soon I won’t have to sleep alone!” That got me. Tender and filthy at the same time. I slid in and out of him at a fever pace, working his dick in my hand until I felt him begin to tense up. I aimed his cock at my chest and he began firing ropes of cum at me, shouting as he came. “Fuck yeah, you make me cum every time! I can’t stop myself! You get all my cum!” He moaned. “Any fucking time I want, for any fucking reason, right, buddy?” I sneered “Yes, Sir. Any time, for you.” And my own orgasm could not be held back another second. I filled his beautiful ass with my seed, shouting filth and obscenity at him as I realized just how much I loved this boy who would now share my bed. _______ Thank you for reading what I write. I appreciate your words and your thoughtfulness when you write with story ideas or comments. Nick is growing up, and there are some big decisions in the future. For now, though, we’re all happy that our four guys have found even more ways to be honest. I might get out another part before Christmas, or at least during the holidays. If not, Happy Holidays, however you celebrate them. Be kind to each other, and look forward to Part 17

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