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BelleBelle was a nasty stripper at a sleazy club. Any thing goes there and she would strip down naked and spread her legs and show her cunt then she would grab a man and bring him on stage and push his face to her cunt and let him lick and tongue her. Sometimes she would fuck them right there then push their face to clean their cum out of her. The more the men cheered the more she would do. One night she had three men with her on stage. Two were sucking a tit and the third was eating her cunt. Then he shoved his cock in her and fucked her and when he pulled up his pants and left the stage the other two took their turn fucking her and she then spread her legs and showed her cummed filled cunt to every one. She then brought two college aged boys on to the stage and pulled their pants down and as she sucked one she stroked the other and before she let them go they had both filled her mouth with cum which she swallowed. They left with a smile.Belle lied about her age when she was sixteen and began bahis firmaları stripping. She had a great body with big tits a bubble butt and she could get nasty. When she joined this club anything goes and she got worse. She then began fucking and sucking men every night. No one checked age at the club so a few of the guys she fucked or sucked were young boys. When she had them on stage she worked them good before she either sucked them or fucked them. She would grab their cocks and stoke them and rub their balls then she would show their cocks to the rest of the guys there before she either sucked or fucked it. One night she was sucking one guys balls and stroking his cock when he began to throb and she quickly took his cock in her mouth and sucked the cum out of him as he screamed and shot a wad. She then bent him over and fingered his ass then she tongue fucked him and when she sent him back to the crowd his pants were still down and he looked dazed. She loved fucking and messing with kaçak iddaa the young guys a lot.One night she had stripped totally naked and had her legs spread wide and a man licking her pussy and she spotted a huge dude staring. She sent the man back to the crowd and grabbed the dude and brought him on stage and pulled his pants down. He was enormous and even Belle was surprised. She began stroking and licking his huge dick and it just got bigger. When he was rock hard he grabbed her and put her on her knees and hands and rammed every inch of that cock in her ass and fucked her hard as he could. He filled her stretched ass with a huge load of cum and then pulled her up and shoved his cock in her mouth and fucked her deep letting his cock slide down her throat and she sucked till he came again and filled her throat with cum. Then he pulled her up and slapped her ass a couple times and grabbed a nipple with his teeth and sucked and bit her. He was big and huge and left her fucked and sore. He began kaçak bahis coming every night to the club and fucking her the same way on stage and it made the crowd go crazy. They wanted more and encouraged him to spank and bite after he ass fucked her and mouth fucked her. He then bought a private dance with her and when he got in the room with her he stripped naked and grabbed her and began fingering her cunt with four fingers and sucking and biting her nipples. He ass fucked her and had her suck his cock like on stage but this time he ate her cunt and tongue fucked her as he finger fucked her cunt. He put her on her hands and knees and licked her ass cheeks and bit them leaving bite marks before he licked her asshole and finger fucked her then tongue fucked her till he made her ass sore. He fucked her ass one last time before he left. He came back every night for a private session that was the same rough sex. Anything goes at the club and he would spank, slap and bite her besides fucking any hole he chose and making her suck his cock deep down her throat. Even though he was rough and wild he was a great pussy licker and he would keep the cum cleaned out of her cunt. He loved fucking with his enormous cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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