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Subject: The belated education of Charlie Hibbs Chapter 3 DISCLAIMER: IT IS YOUR GOODWILL THAT KEEPS THIS PLACE GOING SO PLEASE CONSIDER MAKING A DONATION TO NIFTY. THE PEOPLE WHO WORK SO HARD TO MAKE THIS THE WONDERFUL PLACE THAT IT IS NEED YOUR HELP TO DO THAT. ANY AND ALL DONATIONS ARE GREATLY APPRECIATED AND TOGETHER WE CAN ENSURE NIFTY REMAINS THE NUMBER ONE SITE FOR ALTERNATIVE EROTICA IN THE WORLD. fty/ This story contains depictions of sexual acts performed by boys with each other and boys with men. If this content is something that offends you or it is illegal for you to read such content please do not read any further. If you are too young to access this content lawfully please do not read any further. All places and characters depicted in this story are purely fictional and not based on any places or people in real life and any similarities to real places and people are completely coincidental and not intended in any way. This story is fantasy, not reality. If you have trouble telling the difference between the two please do not read any further and seek professional help. All depictions of sexual acts in this story are pure fantasy. This story is not intended to condone such acts being performed by anyone outside of the realms of fantasy. If you feel that you may be struggling to split fantasy from the real world or you fear you may not be able to stop yourself from attempting such things in real life I implore you to seek professional psychological assistance immediately! Children are innocent. They should remain so. The events and acts depicted in this story are for fantastical entertainment purposes only and should never, ever, ever be reenacted in real life. Any questions, comments or criticisms are welcome. Please send them ail. Thank you. Edgar Friendly. The belated education of Charlie Hibbs Chapter 3-If Seb says he can handle it… Dawn was yet to break in the village of Frithy. Birds were just beginnng to chirp signalling the first stirrings of the new day. A spring day like any other, a village like most. An unassumng house on an average road in Frithy was home to seven year old Sebastian Carver. The blond haired, blue eyed part time pirate/spaceman was tucked up in bed completely at peace as his bedroom door quietly opened allowing his father entry. The naked man crept ever so quietly across the room to the bed in which his son lay sleeping. He took a moment to marvel at the angel his eyes beheld as he had done every day since any of his three beautiful boys were gifted to the world, ‘I made this…’ He thought to himself with pride before remembering why he had to do this at 4:30am rather than when he wanted to do it, when Seb woke up naturally. Mr. Carver had tried his best to get out of this business trip but to no avail. It had to be him and he knew it but he would be damned if he was going to let that interfere with his relationship with his son. He had to be quick though, he only had about forty minutes before his ride would be here to take him to the airport. He pulled back the duvet covers gently so as not to disturb Seb but the cold air hitting the boys naked body caused him to tighten himself in his sleep. Mr Carver noted the cute, disapproving frown being made subconsciously by his little boy and couldn’t help smiling from ear to ear, ‘This makes it all worth it’. He sat down, his weight causing the mattress to shift making seb roll onto the one leg Mr. Carver had on the bed. Using this as his opportunity he lifted his son onto his lap and held him close, the movement was enough to partly wake Seb from his slumber, “Mmm? Daddy?” “Shhh… Hey… Morning buddy.” Mr. Carver whispered as he watched Seb try to figure out if he was dreaming. Little Seb gave up trying to decide if he should open his eyes or not and buried his face in his fathers hairy chest. He loved it here. It was his favourite place in the whole wide world. Listening to his daddies heartbeat always made Seb feel safe. This was a nice dream. From a distance Seb heard his fathers voice again and half realised this was real, “So you know I have to go away on business today…” “Mmmm…” “…and it is your seventh birthday today..” “Mmmhmm…” “..well before I go I wanted to give you your special present…” “zzzzzzzzz” “Seb?” “zzzzzzzzz” “Seb sweetheart?” Mr. Carver looked at the vision of all that is good and pure laying peacefuly in his arms and forced himself to do the unthinkable… he woke him, “Sebastian!” “Huh? What?” Seb half woke with a start, “Daddy? is it… wait… is it time to wake up now?” “No sweetie but I have something very important to show you,” Mr Carver kissed his sons head, breathing in his sweet smell as he did so, “And I have to show you now before I leave for work. It’s your special present.” Seb was still very tired but talk of a special present had piqued his interest,”Oh?…”” Seb yawned. “What is it?” Sebs head lifted ever so slightly to try to look into his fathers eyes but he was still mostly asleep. Mr. Carver chuckled, “What I am going to show you is the present.” He shifted his sons weight in his lap, allowing Seb’s legs to fall over the side of the bed as the boy put his arms around his fathers neck and returned his head to his safe place, listening to daddies heartbeat. Mr. Carver held his sons naked body close to his own with his left arm and with his right hand began stroking and rubbing his sons legs as Seb shivered. “You a little chilly?” “Mmm… a bit… ” Came young Sebs voice through the forest of chest hair he was nuzzling. Mr. Carver vigorously rubbed Sebs little legs, belly and chest to warm him up and held his naked body as close to his as he could to share his body heat,”There you go little buddy. That feel any better?” “Mmm yeah. Thank you da-” Seb’s sentence was cut by his yawn. He had clearly not had enough sleep and the uber will be here in… Fuck, “Hey Seb? Hey pal! Listen, daddy has to go to work soon so I’m gonna just do this…” Mr. Carver took his sons soft, hairless little prick between his thumb and forefinger, “… and then…” Pulling back ever so lightly he retracted the foreskin revealing the pink head, then pushed the skin back. He repeated this motion again, then again. He slowly increased the tempo but kept to his tried and tested rythm, the same that had worked on Sebs older brothers. Mr. Carver could feel his youngest sons penis beginning to stiffen, “There we go little buddy…” Captain Sebastian Carver of the SS Pikachu, scourge of the seven seas (and part time astronaught) was commanding his crew on deck, “Let’s be having you scurveys! Scrub the deck! Mr. Whiskers!” “Meow?” “Set sail for Star Wars island!” “Meow meow!” “I’ll MAKE Yoda tell me where the Jedi hid their gold HAHA!” The crew erupted in cheers for their captain. The greatest captain in all th- A giant wave crashed into the side of the ship sending Captain Sebastian rolling across the deck in a cold wind blown off the sea. Thankfully he landed on the ships resident snorlax and nestled himself snuggly in it’s big, soft, furry body, “…to go away… business…” “Mr. Snorlax, if you have something to say spit it out man! Are you challenging my capniss… my captenssiv… … me being captain?!” Captain Sebastian demanded of his crew member. “…seventh birthday… special present…” Captain Sebastian lay in Mr. Snorlax’s lap enjoying the feel of the fur on his face when he heard mention of a special present, “Oh?…What is it?” He asked, suddenly feeling very sleepy in his snug little nest… ‘Smells like daddy… His voice too… daddys heartbeat…’ Mr. Snorlax reached down and took Captain Sebastians willy in his hand and played with it. The good captain was beside himself, this really was a funny joke! He thought it was hilarious how his willy was getting hard in between Mr. Snorlax’s fingers… Mr. Snorlax doesn’t have fingers… Daddys voice, “There we go little buddy…” Seb opened his eyes and in the little light from the hallway could see he was being held by daddy who was pulling and pushing the skin up and down his hard penis, “Daddy?” “Shhh baby boy shhh… just enjoy this…” Mr. Carver soothed his son as he masturbated him, kissing his head and smelling the sweetness of his youngest sons hair as he did so. He savoured every single moment, appreciating just how fast his three boys had grown. He knew that Seb had had erections before of course but he also knew he didn’t know what to do with them. He had laid down the law firmly with Seb’s older brothers and they were not to mention anything at all about sex or masturbation to Seb. If Seb came to them with questions they were to tell him to ask daddy. That was his right and his alone izmit escort bayan as their father. He would do for Seb what he had done for them. He needn’t be so firm, they both agreed with him. Mr. Carver incresed speed and held his little angel tightly. Seb lay there in his fathers arms, his own wrapped around his daddies neck. He could feel the rubbing of his penis and it excited him in a way he had never known before, Tingles, ‘What is daddy doing?’ Tingles. He didn’t understand what was happening Tingles to his body,’My willy is so hard’ Tingles. He pushed into his daddies chest hair and Tingles rubbed his face in it, “Mmmmmhhhhmmmm….” Tingles. He held tightly onto Tingles daddies neck Tingles, “Mmmmmm d d da-” “Oh baby boy… daddy loves you so much… ” Mr. Carver felt his son begin to writhe a little in his lap, “Shh shh shh it’s okay… you’re okay. Daddy’s got you.” “Mmmmmm d dd d daddyyyy…I think I…” Seb’s breathing was fast now. “It’s alright baby boy. Daddy loves you and-” Mr. Carver speeds up. “.. n n need t to p p pee…” Now breathing very fast. “-wants to show you how much he… oh no sweetheart…” Mr. Carver beamed at his son, “No you don’t need to pee, trust me.” He once again increased the speed at which his fingers were stroking the hard cocklet of his little boy. In Mr. Carver’s experience it would probably be about now his son would be hitting his first ever orga- “Hooooooohhhhhhhhhnnnnnnnggggggggffffffsshsshsshhhh” Seb let out one of the cutest noises Mr. Carver had ever heard and held onto his daddies neck as tightly as he could, his little body trembling. This feeling was more intense than anything he had ever experienced in his young life. Waves of tingling shot through his small body, all the way from his penis to his head, from his toes to his fingertips. His little legs writhing around each other as he tensed his muscles trying to handle the explosive pleasure. Mr. Carver felt Seb’s little cocklet twitching between his thumb and forefinger and knew his task was complete. He watched with glee as for the first time his little boy dipped a toe in the ocean of sexual pleasure. Judging by his whimpers it had been a very intense experience for him. He held his son close and kissed his head, “Good boy! Daddy is so proud of you. I love you so much Seb.” Seb was floating naked on a warm furry cloud experiencing the closest thing to nirvava a seven year old boy can when he heard his fathers voice on a warm breeze telling him he loved him, ‘Of course he loves me.’ Seb thought, ‘Why else would he give me that special present?’ “I love you… too…dad…dy….” Seb managed to say before being engulfed in warm clouds as the sun itself kissed his head and he went back to sleep. After tucking in his boy and kissing his head Mr. Carver quietly left Seb’s room and prepared to get his ride to the airport. He was so happy he was finally able to show little Seb he loved him just as much as his brothers. He had been tempted to do it earlier but his father had insisted on the rule of seven and so he does as well. He was glad he waited. It was worth it. “…And that’s the first time I ever had an orgasm.” Seb finished telling Charlie his story, smiling as he recounted one of the happiest memeories of his life, “It really was amazing. That was the closest I ever felt to my dad at that point. I knew he really loved me.” Charlie had sat down on the the toilet as he listened to Seb. Hearing him describe the events surrounding his first sexual experience with such passion in his voice, with the happiness he clearly felt remembering that day shining in his eyes, Charlie felt he may be beginning to understand just how much he had missed, “That’s… one hell of a birthday present haha…” “Yeah,” Seb chuckled and agreed with Charlie, “It was. Obviously I was hooked! I remember all that week i sat up in my room trying to do it myself. I got close a couple of times but nothing like when my dad did it. I kept asking my mum when he was back from his business trip and she just kept telling me to be patient… thinking about it now I think she got a bit fed up with me asking haha!” “Haha… Yeah… Yeah I guess she would…” Charlie looked down at the floor remembering his first orgasm, a story which had nothing like the gravitas of Seb’s epic experience. His was more… accidental, “I didn’t cum for the first time until last year. I was in bed, bored and just rubbuning my body against my mattress and it just sort of… happened.” Having said this out loud he knew his experience was nothing in comparison to Seb’s. It was as though he had missed an important mile stone he never knew was there and now he was aware of it’s existence he felt sad for having sailed right past it. He wanted to change the subject, “So… you said you have a brother?” Seb nodded, “I have two older brothers. Nate finished Rockstaff last year and Theo is in third year. Theo is the one who taught me what we just did.” Charlie looked up at Seb,” Your brother is here?” “Yep! I’ll introduce you to him. He’s really cool, I know you’ll like him.” Charlie, being an only child had always wanted a brother. A sister would be fine too, better than nothing but a he would have preferred a brother. If not a younger brother with whom he could team up and make mischief in an epic decades long war with their parents then an older brother who would tell him things other people wouldn’t. Someone that could teach him, defend him. Unfortunately it was never meant to be since, for whatever reason, his parents had always seemed to hate each other. He had figured it was because his dad was always away on business, “I wish I had a brother, that would have been reall-” “Boys?!” The headmaster called to them, “The good doctor must leave soon. If you wouldn’t mind?” “Come on.” Seb took Charlies hand and made to leave the cubicle but Charlie didn’t move. Charlie looked up into Sebs eyes, “I… I don’t want him to… see me naked… ” Seb returned Charlies gaze and in his eyes saw a puppy that had been kicked and was terrified it was going to happen again. A powerful sense of protectiveness came over Seb. He knew he couldn’t fully understand the pain and confusion Charlie was feeling but he did know that noone was ever going to hurt him again. That’s for damn sure. Not while he was around, “Okay… Wait here a sec.” With that Seb disappeared from view leaving Charlie in the cubicle. He returned a moment later wearing a blue track suit holding another one in his hand, “Here, These are your sweats, we wear them for P.E outside.” Charlie took the the top and bottoms and slipped them on noting how soft and warm they felt as Seb handed him the shoes he held in his other hand, “These are yours too.” Charlie slipped on the trainers noticing they were identical to the ones Seb now wore on his feet. He stood up straight, thankful to be fully dressed again, “Seb…umm…Thanks man. Really.” “Hey man, that’s what I’m here for.” Seb smiled and patted Charlie on the shoulder, “You think you’ll be okay?” Charlie nodded and folllwed Seb out of the cubicle. The two boys rejoined the three men waiting for them in the changing room. Mr. Hibbs now sat on the bench by the double door entrance to the changing room. The doctor indicated to Charlie to come stand before him so he did, “Your medical examination is complete and there doesn’t appear to be any issues.” The doctor rummaged in his bag. He pulled out a packet of papers and handed it to Charlie, “This is all of the information you have missed from your health and hygiene clsses but you are only a month behind so it shouldn’t be too difficult to get caught up. I’m certain young Carver can help you with that.” “Yessir!” Seb piped up causing Charlie to look past the doctor at him and was surprised to see Seb wasn’t looking at them at all. His eyes were fixed on Mr. Hibbs and he wore an expression Charlie had never seen on Sebs face before. Was that… anger? No. Something else. Absolute disgust mixed with pure rage! “Excellent! The bunk buddy system really is wonderful. Now then Hibbs if there is nothing else we are done here. Should you need any medical advice talk to your school faculty and if needs be they will contact me. Okay?” The doctor finishing his sentence brought Charlie back to reality, “Oh! Erm. Yessir.” Before Charlie had replied the doctor had already begun walking over to the headmaster, “I say headmaster, did you happen to see the travisty at lord’s over the wekend?” “I did good doctor, an absolute disgrace… ” The headmaster replied engaging the doctor in a discussion about cricket. Charlie looked over to his dad, who offered him a weak smile, and Seb, who was still staring daggers at izmit escort Mr. Hibbs. He walked over to them and Charlies father was the first to speak, “Hey.” “Hi.” Charlie answered meekly. A long silence fell between them that Mr. Hibbs broke, “So… How was your first night?” He looked at Charlie with the same knowing smile he had the night before, “Did you have fun?” Charlie looked down at the floor, embarassed, “I… I… ” Mr. Hibbs persisted, “What did you think of the Rockstaff welcome?” Charlies face flushed, “I… I umm…” He didn’t like this. He didn’t want to talk to his dad about this. It felt… wrong. “Come on!” Mr. Hibbs implored, “I just wanna know if you enjoyed you first blowjob-” “You have no right to know!” Seb cut in causing Charlie to look up and see he had placed himself between him and his father. Mr. Hibbs looked at Seb, confusion on his face, “Excuse me?” “No! I will not excuse you!” The headmaster and doctor had stopped their discussion about the finer points of cricket etiquette to look over and watch as an eleven year old boy expertly dressed down a fully grown man, “How dare you even ask that?! What the hell business is it of yours?!” Mr. Hibbs was taken aback, “Well… As his father I do have the right to-” “His father!” Seb was trembling with anger, “Ohhhh you’ve remembered that have you?! Is it suddenly convenient to be his dad now?! Just like it’s suddenly convenient for him to go to Rockstaff? NOW you can tell him about this place! NOW you want to discuss sex with him. NOW that it suits YOU!” Mr. Hibbs looking visibly flustered summoned his ability to speak, “Now look here! I don’t have to defend myself to you!” Said Mr. Hibbs becoming defensive, “I tried my best! Besides, he hasn’t missed much… he knows enough-” Seb exploded at the man, “HE KNOWS NOTHING! You NEVER told him anything! You NEVER showed him love! He has grown up feeling all alone his entire life and that is YOUR FAULT!” Seeing the tears beginning to flow from Sebs furious eyes gave Mr. Hibbs the impression he could cut in but Seb wouldn’t hear it, “NO! NO! You wanted to know about last night?! Okay! let me tell you! You wanna know what happened when we got back to our room?!” Sebs voice cracking, “He cried!… I held him in my arms AND HE CRIED!… He… He BEGGED me to tell him why NOBODY was ever honest with him!… I didn’t know what to say!… I didn’t understand what he meant!… I didn’t know what the problem was BUT I DO NOW and I’m looking RIGHT FUCKING AT HIM!” Mr. Hibbs spluttered, “You… You don’t understand! The situation… It’s complicated! As for crying well I can’t say I’m surprised.” He looked at Charlie, “Let’s be honest son, you turn on the waterworks at the drop of a hat. You’ve always been a bit of a wim-” That’s as far as he got through that sentence. What happened next is something Charlie will never forget for as long as he lives. With the angry growl of a mother bear protecting her cubs Seb balled his hand. He pulled back his arm and fired his fist directly at Mr. Hibbs’ nose with all the might he could muster. It made contact with the satisfying slap/thud of skin on skin, “AAAHHHHHH!!!!” Mr. Hibbs raised both his hands to cover his nose just in time to catch the blood that was beginning to flow, Seb turned on his heel and grabbed a very shocked Charlies hand, “Come on!” He made for the door pulling Charlie with him. “Carver!” The headmaster called Sebs name as the boys burst through the doors and turned right, running as fast as they could down the corridor. Charlie couldn’t believe what had just happened. He knew it was real, he had seen it with his own eyes but… still. He replayed it again in his mind as they ran, then again, then again. Each time feeling more and more satisfied with seeing Seb do what he had wanted to for years, what he never could bring himself to do. To give his dad the punch in the face he deserved. He couldn’t help but smile at the thought. Running along behind Seb he looked at him and for the first time understod why Seb had taken the role of bunk buddy so seriously, ‘He really is there for me… Always.’ Ducking around a corner Seb stopped and Charlie did the same. He turned and the boys looked at each other as they caught their breath, a smile began to spread across Charlies face. When Seb saw that he couldn’t help smiling as well. Pretty soon their breaths became giggles which became louder. Before long they were roaring with laughter and unable to stop. A few minutes went by before they were once again in control and Charlie just had to thank Seb, “Hey man. That was incredible! Thank you so much!” “No need to thank me.” Seb waved his hand,”He… phew!… He had it coming…” Having fully caught his breath Seb hit his point home, “I wasn’t about to let him insult you, especially after what he-” Seb stopped talking as if listening for something. Soon Charlie heard it too, the light tapping of footsteps on the wooden floor. Seb stood and waited for the owner of the feet making the noise to arrive and just before they did said, “Phipps. Hello.” Phipps appeared around the corner from the direction they had just run and looked at both of the boys silently, “I assume this isn’t about a game of chess?” Seb asked. “Afraid not.” Came Phipps’ reply in his same gravely voice “Damn.” Seb smiled at Phipps, “How bad?” Phipps looked back at seb and made a strange expression while shaking his head lightly as if to say, ‘No. Not bad at all.’ “Huh…” Seb’s eyebrows raised, “That’s a surprise… ” “Headmaster told me what happened. Said you need to be punished as violence is only ever to be used as a last resort.” Phipps walked towards Seb and placed his hand on the boys shoulder. Seb looked up at him, “I still don’t understand. I punched a parent in the face! How is that not gonna get me a harsh punishment? How am I not being sent to bastard bor- I mean Mr. Borks house?” “It does seem strange yes.”Phipps winked, “On a completely unrelated note the headmaster reminded me that honesty is a key virtue here at Rockstaff.” Seb smiled, “I see. Okay then, shall we go?” Phipps nodded and began to walk away with Seb following behind. Charlie wet to follow them when Phipps turned around and shook his head, “No. You go back to the changing rooms.” Charlie froze and looked at Seb. He didn’t want to go anywhere without him and certainly didn’t like the idea of Seb being punished, “Are you… Are you gonna be okay?” Seb looked at Charlie and smiled, “I’ll be fine. I can handle it.” With that he turned and followed after Phipps who had turned the next corner. A moment later they were both out of site leaving Charlie to think he was now alone. “Err… Hi.” Came a voice from behind him. Charlie spun round on the spot to see the boy with the almond eyes he had met in the bathroom that morning, “You’re Charlie right? Seb’s bunk buddy? Hi. I’m Aaron.” The boy held out his hand. Charlie looked at him. He was wearing the strangest outfit; A small dark blue cap sat atop his long black hair. He wore a dark blue blazer over a grey nitted vest over a white shirt and blue tie. His polished black shoes shone in the light and he wore blue socks pulled long up to his knees which was just as well since he didn’t seem to be wearing any trousers, just grey inderwear… wait… No those weren’t underwear, they were the shortest shorts charlie had ever seen! They barely covered the boys crotch let alone his slightly brown thighs. Realising Aaron was still holding out his hand Charlie took it in his own and shook, “Hi, Charie.” Arron smiled, “So you’re new here huh? Weird you started a month late. Why is Seb going with Phipps? I swear i heard him say you guys were gonna do induction?” “Oh, yeah. Yeah we were doing that…” Charlie began. “Oh man that doctor! It’s like I know you gotta do the anal exam but could you at least gimme a heads up first?! He just sticks it in! Know what I mean? Haha!” Charlie laughed. He knew exatly what Aaron meant. The feeling of actually knowing what someone was talking about was a relief to Charlie. It made him smile, “Yeah haha. He was just like, ‘bend over for me’ and the next thing I know his finger’s in my arse haha!” “Haha yeah.” Arron looked in the direction of the corridor Seb had followed Phipps down, “So, what’s going on?” “Oh. The headmaster said he needed to be punished so Phipps came and got him. I’m supposed to go back to the changing rooms and…” Charlie just then realised he had no idea how to get back to the changing rooms, he had just followed Seb as they ran, “… and I don’t know where the changing rooms are haha.” “Well I’ll show you. Follow me.” Aaron made off down the corridor and Charlie followed izmit kendi evi olan escort him, “You’re lucky I was going to the bathroom or you might have been wandering the corridors for hours. This place is huge.” Charlie couldn’t agree more, “Yeah it is. I know I’m always gonna be getting lost.” “Nah you’ll be alright. You got us to help.” Aaron patted Charlie on the back, “Rockstaff boys stick together. So tell me, what punishment did Seb land himself.” Charlie thought for a moment, “Err… I’m not sure…” “Well… what did he do?” Aaron continued his questioning. “He… He punched my dad in the face…” Aaron turned to look at Charlie, his mouth agape, “What?” “Err yeah. Just sorta… ” Charlie imitated the motion of throwing a punch and slapped his fist against his own hand producing a noise surprisingly similar to the one Seb had made with his fist on Mr. Hibbs’ nose. The look of shock still on Aarons face, “Seb?” “Yes.” “Seb Carver?” “Yes.” “Seb Sweeter than sugar, butter wouldn’t melt, couldn’t hurt a fly with the blond hair and blue eyes of an angel and the personality to match Carver? Him?” “Yeah.” Charlie shrugged, “I know I haven’t known Seb all that long but I get why you’re surprised. It really doesn’t seem like him at all.” Aarons eyebrows raised, “You think?! Oh fuck man.” A look of panic came over his face as he urgently asked Charlie, “Are they sending him to bastard Borks?” Charlie didn’t understand, “Umm…” “Are they sending him to bastard borks?!” Aaron asked again louder this time, “Dude?!” “Umm no. No I don’t think so…” “Well what did he say?!” Aaron looked seriously at Charlie awaiting his answer. Charlie wanted to give all the information he could, “Well… Erm… Phipps came… err he said that he had to be punished umm… Seb asked how bad it was gonna be…” “How bad?! What did Phipps say?!” “Nothing.” “What do yo mean?” “I mean he didn’t say anything. He just kinda… shook his head and…” Charlie couldn’t put into words what Phipps had expressed non verbally. “Hmm…” Aaron thought for a moment, “Did Seb say anything?” “He said that he would be okay… Said he can handle it..” With that new nugget of information Aaron seemed to relax, “Ohhhh…. okay then. So he’s NOT going to bastard Borks. Wow. How the hell did he get out of that? I mean, punching a parent in the face… ” Charlie could see Aarons mind was going a mile a minute trying to figure out how Seb could have avoided what was obviously a terrible fate at the hands of this ‘bastard Borks’. He was glad to see the worry disappear from his face but he still felt a little aprehensive himself, “Hey, Aaron? You think Seb will be okay?” Coming back to reality from his thoughts Aaron looked at Charlie, “Hmm? Oh yeah! If Seb says he can handle it… ” The rest of his sentence left unsaid as the beginning implied that Seb could indeed handle it. Charlie wished he could feel as at ease as Aaron clearly did, “What do you think they’ll do to him?” “Probably just a spanking.” Aaron looked at the worried expression on Charlies face and reassured him, “Hey don’t worry. Phipps has a soft spot for Seb, we all know it so he won’t be too rough with him. Besides his spankings aren’t even that bad and my mum’s vietnamese so I know a bad spanking haha. Here we are” The two boys had arrived back at the double door entrance to the changing rooms. A quick thank you and goodbye sent Aaron on his way down the long corridor. Charlie readied himself, taking a deep breath before pushing open the door and walking into the changing room. The first thing he saw was the doctor treating Mr. Hibbs’ bleeding nose, “…hold the ice there. You should be fine. There is probably bruising on the bone but it isn’t broken. He is only eleven after all.” “Impressive right hook though… ” The headmaster pondered aloud, “Perhaps Carver might like to take up boxing… never would have pegged him for a fighter… Oh! Young Hibbs! Thank you for joining us again.” Charlie stood quietly as the three men turned their attention to him. The doctor stood up and closed his medical bag and nodded to the headmaster before making his way to the door. The headmaster moved to join him there as the doctor turned back to Mr. Hibbs, “Switch out the ice as it melts and take some pain killers. You should be right as rain again in a week or so.” With that the two men made to leave the room before Mr. Hibbs called out to the headmaster, “Oh, Headmaster?” The headmaster stopped and looked back as he held the door open as the doctor left the room, “Yes Hibbs?” Mr. Hibbs looked at Charlie, “Please sir, don’t be too hard on the boy that punched me. I know he was just defending Charlie.” Charlie wasn’t impressed by his blatant attempt to curry favour with him and apparently neither was the headmaster, “I have no intention of being hard on Carver. Every word he said was true and if I were not the gentleman that I am I would have done exactly the same thing the moment you walked into my office yesterday evening…” He walked out of the door calling back after him, “… four and a half hours late!” Mr. Hibbs looked down at the floor, “That man never pulled any punches.” Charlie stood there, waiting. Mr. Hibbs looked at his son, “Charlie, sit down son.” Charlie continued to stand, “… Okay.” Mr. Hibbs Changed the blood soaked paper balled up under his nose for some fresh tissues and looked again at Charlie, “I… I know that I have alot of explaining to do-” “Hmph!” Charlie let his disapproval be known. “-and I know that you are well within your rights to not listen to a single word-” Mr. Hibbs continued ignoring the fact that Charlie was making it very clear he didn’t want to listen, “-but please Charlie, I know I’ve done you wrong and me explaining why I did what I did and the decisions I made might go some way towards me trying to make it up to you. Please? Just give me ten minutes?” The question hung there in the air. Charlie had never been in this poition before. A position of power. It was his choice whether or not he stayed and listened to his dad try to explain away his entire life being based on lies. He looked at the door. He could just leave. He looked back to the bloody nosed man sat so pathetically in front of him. Should he stay? Any information would be better than none, “You gonna be honest with me?” “Yes.” Mr Hibbs replied immediately. “You promise?” Charlie looked sternly at his fathers face. “Yes.” Charlie thought for just a moment before shaking his head, “Well then I guess it’s a shame your promises don’t mean shit then isn’t it.” He turned to walk towards the door. Mr Hibbs reached out and grabbed Charlie’s wrist, “Charlie please!” “Let go of me!” “Please sit down son and let’s talk abou-” “Don’t call me that!” Charlie spat at Mr. Hibbs, “Seb was right! You have no right!” Charlie again attempted to pull away as Mr. Hibbs shouted, “I was never married to your mother!” Charlie stopped pulling and looked at Mr. Hibbs confused, then looked at the large gold wedding band that adorned the hand that currently held his wrist, “Huh? Yeah you were. You guys just got divorced.” Mr. Hibbs looked deadly serious, “No Chalie. We were never married so no divorce. She just up and left.” “But you’re wearing a wedding ring?!” Charlie pointed out the obvious. “Yes. I am. You see, I am married… just not to her.” Charlie didn’t fully understand what he was hearing. He moved to sit on the bench opposite his father and waited for the explanation to come knowing that it had better be damn good, “I… I met your mother back when I used to go away on businesss trips-” “You’re always going away on business trips.” Charlie interrupted. “Err no. No the last ime I went on a business trip was… ohhhh… about… nine years ago now I suppose.” Mr Hibbs looked at the confusion on Charlies face and continued, “When you thought I was away on business I wasn’t. I was… with my wife… with… my family.” Charlie sat there stunned. What was his father saying? Was this a joke? It simply didn’t make any sense. What Mr. Hibbs said next made the least sense of all. He leaned forward and placed his hand on Charlies shoulder, “Charlie… You have a brother.” Authors note:- Hello everyone! Thank you so much for taking the time to read the first few chapters of Charlies story. This is my first story and the kind words of support have been a massive boost for me. I have recieved many messages from readers interested in Charlies life and the world in which he lives and I am so happy so many people are just as excited to read about it as I am to write about it. Chapter 4 is on the way but may take a little more time than usual. Sometimes real life needs attention you know? Anyway I promise Chapter 4 is definitely coming and my promises are worth a hell of alot more than Mr. Hibbs’ lol. Thanks again for reading and please help support by making a donation today! fty/ Have a lovely day! Edgar Friendly.

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