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The crackle of the fire called to her, drawing her from her solitary perch on the couch. Bare feet meeting cold hardwood, welcomed the warmth of the floor before the hearth. Kneeling to the floor, she opened the screen and placed a large log across the dimming flame. The smell of wood smoke enveloped her as the fire’s appetite licked the edges of the new wood. Returning the screen, she slid back to the pillows arranged before the fire.

So much preparation, she thought as she sipped wine from one of the two glasses set out, such a waste. The deep green silk of her gown rose slightly as she extended her legs to feel the warmth. A slight chill drifted across her bare shoulders, her full nipples hardening with the chill. Lying back on the cushions, she dipped her fingers in the wine and traced a line from her lips down to moisten between her ripe breasts. Imagining for a moment it was her lover’s tongue caressing her cleavage. Another sip of wine, the glass now set aside she slid the thin straps of her gown from her shoulders and cupped her breasts against the chill. Closing her eyes, she felt as though it were her lover’s hands caressing her, rolling her tender nipples between thumb and fore finger.

The growing heat of the fire mirrored her own intense arousal. Flattening her palms against her toned body, she arched sensuously as she pressed her hands in deep strokes down her sides and across her flat stomach. Her gown descending with her hands it bunched across her loins, an emerald drape beneath which her fingers pressed ever lower. Legs spreading slightly she found her pleasure’s orifice hot and wet with arousal. Lingering her fingers opened her passions lips and began to rub her clit. Slow grinding motions at first gave way to penetrating fingers thrusting. Craving the deep penetration of her lover’s shaft, a moan escaped her. So hot, so wet, so empty, she rose to her knees with her back to the fire.

The waves of heat caressed her buttocks as she took the bottle of wine with her free hand. Drinking in the cool sweetness of the wine, she felt its chill trickle through her body. Briefly, she mused at the bottle. Not thick, she thought, but it could go deep. She lowered the bottle, hesitating in disbelief that she could be so lustful. She set the bottle before her one hand still buried deep in her crotch, the other cupping and caressing her breasts. şişli escort She began grinding, oscillating her hips, thrusting toward the bottle. Voracious lust consuming her, she looked down at the cold bottle neck, imagining its smooth hard surface deep inside her. Her inhibitions began to fade. She inched forward with each stroke of her fingers in her hungry cunt. Her knees now on either side of the bottle, she bit her lower lip in anticipation of something, anything filling the void. She gripped the bottle between her knees and stroked it with her pelvis as she rose. Grinding over the bottle’s mouth, her head tilted back as she pressed fast thrusts of her fingers to bring her to full wetness. Her other hand descended rubbing her heated thighs. She drew in a deep breath, arched her back and…

The sharp cold wind of the open door blew over her. The fire roared with the cold blast as if a lover denied. Her long hair whipped back from her face, her hands fell away from her hips as she looked up into the face of her lover. Erect nipples grew even harder in the cold blast. His gaze consumed her. Closing the door, he quickly shed his coat and knelt before her embracing her naked form. She sought his mouth, her hands behind his head, kissing him voraciously. He tried to speak, car……..tire……..walked……. She heard nothing.

Her hands slid into the opening of his button down shirt and ripped it open in one move. Surprised he shed the shirt and tried to take her by the shoulders. Too late, she had begun stroking his torso with tongue and hands, his grip only encouraging her lower. She pushed him back, his surprise turning to deep arousal. This was no gentle lover pining for his company. This was a sensual hellion and he would meet her lust. Rising he moved them to the cushions before the fire; she paused only to smile and take in his intent.

Kicking off his shoes, he laid back pulling her onto him. She straddled him eager to continue her feast but he rolled over on her biting at her neck kissing his way to her breasts. He sucked one breast with deep demanding hunger. She arched in pain/ecstasy, her vagina contracting involuntarily. AAHhhhh, her hands pressed his head firmly to her breast as she felt one of his hands press downward to her pelvis. His mouth bringing her to full passion with tight nips of her nipple followed by hard sucks, istanbul escort her body arched in rapture as he penetrated her with two fingers. Palm pressed hard against her clit he thrust his fingers deep and hard. Moving his head only to change breasts, he wedged his other arm beneath her to force her up into his mouth. She gasped as he sucked her second breast into his mouth, arching, his mouth bruising her tender breasts in his hunger. He left her breasts as abruptly as he had sucked them in and nipped his way down to her grinding crotch.

She spread her legs wide as he took his arm from beneath her and leaned over her torso to her open puss. Placing one hand on her hip, his wetted fingers withdrew and spread her labia. She moaned in anticipation of his hot mouth upon her. Opening her eyes she watched as his head descended. Her hands found his belt and yanked from the belt loops as his tongue first stroked her clit. Arching in sensuous anticipation, she fumbled with the button at his waist. He gave a sudden hard suck to her clit, she stifled a scream of pain/rapture thrusting her hips up to him and ripping the button from his pants. She could feel his hard cock beneath fabric of his jeans. Trembling fingers sought the zipper as he sucked again then began flicking his tongue.

Unzipped she began to pull his jeans over his hips. He rose quickly and pushed free of his final clothing, letting loose the instrument of his passion, hard and already wet tipped. Diving back into her hot cunt, he straddled her. She gripped his cock and sucked the precum from it. A moan escaped him vibrating across her clit. She gripped his head with her thighs, embraced his hips and began to roll him over. Sensing her intent, he helped now beneath her consuming her. She took his head into her mouth, stroking his shaft with her hands. She moved to lick him from base to tip and felt him shudder.

She began the deep sucking strokes, pressing him to the back of her throat, swallowing his head. With each thrust of his tongue in her vagina, she plunged down on his swelling cock, taking it deeper and deeper. His tongue thrust in and out of her as he pressed two fingers against her clit. One finger on each side he squeezed it letting gravity and her grinding provide the stimulation. She pressed hard onto his penetrating tongue feeling him suck her juices. Her mecidiyeköy escort sucking thrusts became more urgent moaning with him, taking him deep into her throat. She could feel his balls fill, his cock now at its hardest, ready to spew seed into her. Giving one last hard suck, she turned. Locking her mouth on his, tasting each other’s deepest passions, she straddled him. She grabbed his cock as he grabbed her hips. Poised over his pulsing head she took in only his tip. He groaned, as his eyes grew big not believing she could still tease him

With a smile like the satisfied grin of a cat finally taking its prey she plunged down hard, sitting up to take him in fully with one hard stroke. She gasped, her hands going instinctively to her loins as he plowed into her full and hard. He stretched her tight aching vagina, thundering into her deep wetness. Gripping him, she began to grind, lifting and thrusting. He met her every thrust forcing her down hard and deep. He impaled her seeking only to force his tender head into depths beyond her experience. A slave to her passion she rode him. Thrusts came faster harder. Breasts danced with each impact. Her whole body rocked by the force of each collision. Involuntary cries of sensuous intensity. Sensations beyond rapture engulfed her. Sensing her slow, he rolled her over a final time, taking her. He thrust savagely feeling her legs rise and lock behind his hips. Urging his strokes, she gripped his sides and thrust her hips in time.

The pain and pleasure long since merged to passions enraged beyond all sensation. Breaths came hard and fast, as he could wait no longer. A deep vicious thrust to seat himself at her very cervix and within then the hot jets of cum exploded from him. Quaking with each explosion, he felt her vagina convulse around his pounding shaft. She could not control the hard tremors that shook her whole body as her climax matched the forceful entry of his seed. Gripping him without thought, her body controlled by the climactic convulsions she clung to him. Her legs tight around his hips not letting him move from her. She felt his quaking body rigid above her trapped in his own rapture.

The explosions came one after another, surprise, ecstasy, wonder all mirrored in his eyes and he shook with each ejaculation. Finally, the storm began to subside. He eased down onto her trying to relax but feeling the final tremors of his passion shake him. He forced his breathing to slow and smiled. Glowing with her own satisfaction, she caressed his face, and held him.

A small whisper escaped her as they lay together, “Don’t ever be late again Malcolm.”

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