Being hand cuffed

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Being hand cuffedThis is the start of a story I wrote for someone – I’d be interested in your comments – Might be too dirty for some – but its just fantasy and she liked it. So.. I strip you naked and blind fold you. I let you see me for a while and you know i am fully dressed. You feel me turn you around by your arm and I sit you on a chair. I tell you to wait and you hear me going through some draws and then feel me take your wrists and handcuffs being placed on each wrist and cuffed to the back of each side of the chair. Then there is silence and you wonder what is happening, before you feel my hands part your ankles and you feel me cuff your ankles to each leg of the chair.You then hear me breathing in your right ear as i stand over you and you then hear a stern whisper “move yourself to the edge of the chair” I say. You don’t question me and you shuffle your bottom forward to the edge and you then feel me place something soft behind your back, which prevents you from moving back.Suddenly you hear me in your ear again “spread your legs you dirty cunt” I snarl in your ear. Embarrassed and ashamed you do as I say and you then feel me tying a rope several times around your knees (wrapping it around above and below your knee)and once done you feel the tension on the ropes pull you legs into a fixed exposed position – you know your pussy is hanging off the edge of the seat and already you have felt your pussy lips part and you know batman escort you are going to be wet already as your body trembles and yearns for something to happen to you.You then feel me standing over you again and jump when, unexpectedly you feel my finger slap into your pussy slit and over your clit. You arch your head back and moan but your pleasure is short lived as I remove my hand almost as soon as I have touched you.You hear me again in your ear as i whisper “You are going to cum so quick you dirty slut – you are so wet, you might even cum without being touched”. You squirm a little in your seat as my words ring true in your ear….Then.. you are left for a while. Maybe five minutes, maybe 10. But all the time you know I am in the room looking at you. You feel exposed and can not help but feel even more turned on.After what seems like a long time – you feel me near you again. I pull your hair back with my hands as i stand behind you and you feel me scribing something on your forehead. “There” you hear “Now you are labelled as what you are…. A slut”.Suddenly you feel rough hands on your legs and running into your inner thighs. You are so turned on by now you are almost ready to cum anyway and then…. Finally your body tenses as you feel the long stroke of a tongue on your pussy – One long stroke from the base to the clit. Your body tenses and then as you exhale and relax with a naughty slut moan.You are so turned escort batman on and you know you are going to cum so quickly as I concentrate on licking your clit in long circular motions, before occasionally running my tongue up your soaking wet slit. I dip my tongue deep inside you and you wriggle with excitement before i return to your clit again.Within seconds you start to confess that you are going to cum and and you start to grate your hips as you feel me and then.. you cannot help but arch your back and cum so hard all over my mouth – like a dirty little whore.You are softly licked until you are finished and then…..Suddenly the blind old is removed – you see me standing in front of you and then notice beside me a video camera on a tripod facing you. “oh my god” you think “he has filmed it”.As your eyes focus and you try to understand what has happened you are suddenly hit by a realisation that everything is not as it seems as you lower your head to see that it was not me licking you.Shocked and embarrassed your eyes focus as you realise that the man actually licking you is in fact a VERY old wrinkly man. He has white hair and is bald on top. He in knelt between your spread legs as you expose yourself to him and you notice that he has your pussy juice all around his mouth as he smiles at you with his perverted knowing grin. “I told you she was a dirty slut” i say to the old man. He simply smiles at you and says batman escort bayan “yes – i can see that – she came in seconds”.I then thank him and tell him that he can go – and you watch him leave in his old patterned cardigan and trousers and notice that he is hard in his trousers as he leaves the room.You then look at me embarrassed. I start to laugh “Ha ha – you dirty whore – you just let an 81 year old man lick you and you were so excited you came in a moment of seconds…. Ha ha…… and.. Guess what?” I say “I turn and point to the camera “I filmed it all.. Ha ha”.You then watch as I press play on the camera and the film comes up on the TV on the wall in front of you. You watch as i cuff you and tie you. And then the wait – as you watch you bring the old man in. You are amazed as you watch that HE was the one who has written SLUT on your forehead in a black marker pen and I whisper in your ear and then finally humiliated and ashamed you watch as the old man gets to his knees and start to lick you and you are LOVING every second of it. I stand behind you as you watch yourself on TV and you hear me whisper in your ear “Ha ha.. Look at you – look at how much you love him licking you”. Embarrassed you watch yourself squirm on film. Loving his old tongue as you are displayed and exposed. SLUT engraved on your forehead you then hear me say “And watch this” as you watch yourself confess to being about to cum, before arching your back and throwing your head back as you moan loudly and cum all over the old man’s mouth.The film ends and a black and white fuzz fills the screen as I step in front of you and face you. “You are a bit of a dirty cunt aren’t you?” i say

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