Behaving has its Benefits Pt. 02

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(All persons engaged in sexual activity in this story are over 18 years old. Any similarities between this story and real people are purely coincidental)

Please read Pt. 1 first to get caught up.


Stacy texted Ryan after she fed the kids their lunch, telling him to come over shortly before 1:00 when the kids took their usual nap. When Ryan got there, Stacy told him her plan. Expecting Wendy to walk in on them, they would be making out on the couch, naked, when she did. Stacy said she would act surprised and angry, but she really thought Wendy wanted to join them after watching them suck, lick, and fuck all week.

Judging from the way that Wendy had looked at her the past three mornings, and then again when she got home from work, she figured Wendy was attracted to her, but more attracted to the idea of having sex with both of them. No doubt, Stacy told Ryan as she stroked his cock on the couch, she had masturbated to the Nannycam videos, especially last night when she watched him fuck her in the ass.

“That’s a good plan,” Ryan said, beginning to rub Stacy’s cunt through her panties. “What happens after that?”

“Hmm, well, after she acts all surprised, I thought I would go up to her and put her hand on my pussy, and tell her, ‘Do you want to eat my juicy cunt first or suck Ryan’s big, hard cock first?’ You’d be behind her, sliding your dick between her legs, kissing her neck. She’ll probably protest and back away, but in the end, I’m pretty sure, she’ll want to do it with us. And if she doesn’t, then I’m fired.”

She leaned over to take Ryan’s cock in her mouth, sliding her tongue down her shaft as she

inhaled his head.

Just then, Wendy walked into the family room. They knew she would be sneaking up on them, but hadn’t heard a sound.

“Oh my god, what are you doing?” Wendy said, softly so she didn’t wake the kids. “What are you doing in my family room?”

Stacy stopped sucking Ryan’s meat and looked up at Wendy, smiling. “We’re doing what we’ve been doing all week, Mrs. Wilson. Sucking Ryan’s big cock, fucking his big cock, letting him lick my cunt.”

Stacy got up and walked over to Wendy, who was pretending to look stunned. Just as she said she would, she got close to Wendy and took her hand, placing it on her mound. At that, Ryan got up and stood behind Mrs. Wilson, who conveniently was wearing a short skirt. He gently grabbed her hips and slid his erect penis between her thighs, feeling it graze against her mound through her panties.

“Did you enjoy watching Ryan stuff his big cock into my ass, last night, Mrs. Wilson? Did you enjoy watching him fuck my tight asshole?”

Mrs. Wilson stood there, not believing what was happening. She didn’t know what to say. She didn’t know how to act.

“I did,” she finally said, now rubbing Stacy’s wet cunt through her panties. Her own cunt ached as Ryan’s cock slid against her ass.

“You did, what?” Stacy said firmly.

“I, I enjoyed watching Ryan fuck your tight asshole,” she said quietly, beginning to push back against Ryan’s meat, imagining it was inside her own asshole. Ryan slid her panties to the floor, giving his cock access to Mrs. Wilson’s wet cunt.

“Did you rub your cunt to orgasm while watching us fuck?” Stacy said, before dropping her panties to the floor, giving Mrs. Wilson access to her wet hole.”God yes, I did.””You did what?” Stacy said, again.

“I, I rubbed my cunt to orgasm watching Ryan fuck you in the ass.” Mrs. Wilson was beginning to moan softly now, Ryan’s cock sliding against her wet outer lips.

“Were you wishing it was your tight asshole Ryan’s cock was fucking?”

“Yes, I wanted his cock in my ass.”

“Mrs. Wilson?” Stacy said, now unbuttoning Mrs. Wilson’s linen blouse.

“Yes, Stacy,” Mrs. Wilson said, breathlessly.

“Do you want to lick my cunt first or suck Ryan’s big cock first?”

Mrs. Wilson moaned as Stacy began gently pinching her nipples.

“If you eat my cunt and suck Ryan’s cock I’ll let you cum. Would you like that, Mrs. Wilson? Would you like to cum?”

“God yes, I want that,” Mrs. Wilson replied.

“Want what, Mrs. Wilson?”

“I want to eat your cunt and then suck Ryan’s cock.”

“You’re a good mommyslut, aren’t you,” Stacy said, boldly, not sure where this domination scenario would go.”

Mrs. Wilson was quiet for a moment, lost in the feeling of Ryan’s hard cock sliding against her asshole and cunt, Stacy’s hand rubbing her tits.

“I want to be a good mommyslut, Stacy. I do,” she finally replied.

“Good, Mrs. Wilson. That’s good. We’re going to train you to be a good mommyslut. Would you like that?””Yes, I want to be good, Stacy,” she said, moaning softly, giving in to the eroticism of being sandwiched between Stacy and Ryan.

At that, Stacy took off Mrs. Wilson’s blouse and bra, leaving her skirt on in case the kids came downstairs. She led Mrs. Wilson over to the couch and sat down. “Get on your knees and eat my cunt, Mrs. Wilson.”

Wendy Wilson did as she was told, incredibly turned on by what had Maltepe Escort happened and what was about to happen. She stared at Stacy’s nearly hairless cunt, glistening with moisture. She looked over at Ryan, sitting next to Stacy, who was stroking his fat meatpole. She would get to put that in her mouth soon.

She lowered her mouth to Stacy’s cunt, hesitating for a moment before flicking her tongue against her lips, and then sliding it inside her hole to taste her juices, her first time eating pussy. She moaned once, and then began licking Stacy’s cunt from top to bottom, probing her hole, sucking on her clitoris, and then licking her asshole as she’d seen Ryan do several times. She had remembered Stacy telling Ryan, “Don’t forget to lick my asshole. You know I liked that.”

“Mmmm, good girl, Mrs. Wilson, licking my asshole. You did watch carefully didn’t you?”

Mrs. Wilson nodded her head, her tongue now buried in Stacy’s juicy hole. She reached out with her right hand to grasp Ryan’s cock and began to stroke it.

“After you make me cum you can suck Ryan’s cock. Would you like that, Mrs. Wilson?”

“Yes, god yes. I want his cock in my mouth,” Wendy said, moaning, her words muffled against Stacy’s cunt.

Stacy began to moan softly, closed her eyes, and started to rub her tits, close to an orgasm.

“You’re a good pussy licker, Mrs. Wilson. That feels so good. Back to my asshole for a moment, and then suck on my clit. Yesss, that’s really good.”

Mrs. Wilson lowered her tongue to Stacy’s asshole and then slurped her way up her juicy lips to her clit, taking it gently between her lips. She slid a finger into her Stacy’s cunt and began fucking her with it, still stroking Ryan’s rock hard cock.

“I’m going to cum, fuck, I’m cumming,” Stacy said, pulling Mrs. Wilson’s head tightly against her cunt. Stacy collapsed against the couch, Mrs. Wilson’s mouth still glued to her clit. “Jesus that was intense,” she finally said.

Stacy leaned down to kiss Mrs. Wilson on the mouth, pushing her tongue into it to taste her orgasm.

“My turn,” Ryan said, already close to cumming from watching his hot neighbor eat Stacy’s cunt while stroking his meat.

Mrs. Wilson slid over to Ryan, still stroking his shaft. She looked at it closely before flicking her tongue against his head and then sliding down the length of his shaft to his balls. Then she licked her way up his thick shaft back to the head, which she swallowed. It felt so good to have cock in her mouth again after months of no cock. She began to suck his meat harder now, getting half of it into her mouth.

“Rub your cunt now, Mrs. Wilson. I want you to cum when Ryan’s cum spurts into your mouth,” Stacy said, enjoying the show.

Mrs. Wilson groaned and began rubbing her cunt, which was soaking wet. She grabbed Ryan’s shaft with her other hand and began pumping it while she sucked the other half. Ryan grunted once and began shooting a big load of cum into Mrs. Wilson suctioning mouth. “I have to cum,” he said, grabbing Mrs. Wilson head.

Mrs. Wilson began cumming as soon as she felt his cum splash into her mouth. She gagged once as she started to cum, Ryan’s creamy load sliding out of her mouth down to her tits. She swallowed his second load, her own orgasm continuing as she milked his cum from his pulsating cock, still stroking his shaft.

She looked up at Ryan and then at Stacy, cum dribbling out of her mouth down to her tits, her hand still between her legs.

“Was I a good mommyslut?” she asked.

Stacy leaned over to lick Ryan’s cum from Mrs. Wilson’s lips and then lapped up the cum that had landed on her tits. She then kissed Mrs. Wilson hard on the lips, probing her mouth for more of Ryan’s cum.”I think this was a good start, Mrs. Wilson. We have some more training to do next week. But this was a really good start.”

Just then, the baby monitor crackled and they heard the kids beginning to stir. They all got dressed and then Ryan left, leaving Mrs. Wilson and Stacy to go upstairs and get the kids. They passed by Mrs. Wilson’s bedroom. Stacy glanced in, imagining Mrs. Wilson masturbating to the Nannycam videos, hatching her plan to walk in on them. Stacy began thinking of new ways to train her new suburban cunt-licking cock-sucking mommyslut.

After Mrs. Wilson and Stacy got the kids up and fed them a snack, Stacy left. Before

leaving, she kissed Mrs. Wilson hard on the lips and slid her hand underneath her skirt to cup her mound. “If you’re a good mommyslut, maybe next time I’ll eat your cunt, Mrs. Wilson. Would you like that,” Stacy said, running a finger between the lips of her cunt through her damp panties.

“Yes, I would,” Mrs. Wilson said, softly, already turned on again.

“Yes, what, Mrs. Wilson?” Stacy said firmly, before kissing her neck and pressing harder against her pussy.

“I, I would like you to, to eat my cunt, Stacy.”

“If you’re a good girl, I will. I’ll lick your cunt and your asshole. And then I’ll let Ryan fuck you. Would you like that, too, Mrs. Wilson? Cevizli Escort Would you like Ryan’s cock inside you, inside your wet cunt, pounding your pussy until you cum?”

“Yes, I want Ryan’s cock in my cunt. I want him to fuck me,” Mrs. Wilson said, nearly on the verge of another orgasm.

Stacy withdrew her hand, gave her a kiss on the cheek, and left the house, leaving Mrs. Wilson weak-kneed against the wall, her pussy aching from Stacy’s fingering and her sexy talk.

Stacy, too, was turned on again from rubbing Mrs. Wilson’s cunt through her panties. She headed over to Ryan’s, in need of his cock. Ryan answered her knock and let her into the house. Now it didn’t matter if Mrs. Wilson saw her go over to Ryan’s. In fact, it was probably a good thing, because she would wonder what they were doing together, and want to be a part of it.

“That was so hot, wasn’t it?” Stacy said, before kissing him hard on the lips.

“Amazing. You were so cool with the whole thing. She was so submissive. It was awesome.”Ryan’s cock swelled in his shorts when Stacy started rubbing it.

“I want this big cock inside me. I didn’t get to fuck you today.”

Ryan led Stacy upstairs to his bedroom, where they stripped and got into bed. Stacy started stroking his shaft while kissing his nipples, then kissed her way down to his cock. She licked his head while pumping his shaft before swallowing half his meat. Then she sat on his face, giving him access to her juicy pussy. Ryan lapped at her cunt, stroking his cock while he ate her, getting his meat ready to slide into her wet hole.

Stacy slid down Ryan’s body to impale herself on his hard cock, which easily slid into her cunt. She bounced up and down on Ryan’s cock while he lapped at her nipples and squeezed her ass, his meat pounding her slick hole. Suddenly he rolled her over onto her back, licked her cunt for a moment, and then slid his hard prick back inside her. He fucked her slowly now, licking her nipples and then kissing her hard on the lips. They fucked until Stacy began moaning, her cunt gripping his meat as he slid it in and out of her wet hole, her clit mashed against him. Suddenly she arched her back, in the throes of orgasm, her hands on his ass pulling him into her, her mound grinding against his as his cock filled her cunt

with long, hard strokes.

“Cum on my tits,” Stacy said, breathlessly, after cumming.

Ryan groaned and pulled out of her oozing cunt, stroked his meat several times, and showered Stacy’s tits with a big load of cum. She took his spurting cock into her mouth to eat his second load, ropes of it dripping from her mouth onto her already cum-covered tits. She licked him clean and then lapped at the cum on her breasts, letting it slide into her mouth.

“Jesus, I needed that,” Stacy said, after telling Ryan about her exchange with Mrs. Wilson before she left her house. “We have some more fun ahead with her. She is one frisky mommy-slut. I think she’d do anything we told her to.”

“I’m game for anything,” Ryan said, recovering from his intense orgasm. “Just give me the word.”


Saturday morning. Mrs. Wilson woke up to a quiet house, the kids still sleeping. She started thinking about what she would do over the weekend. And not do, since Stacy was away at the beach with friends. She wouldn’t see Stacy until Monday. Her pussy began to ache as she thought about her last encounter with Stacy, yesterday. Stacy had pinned her against the wall, rubbing her cunt through her panties while telling her, “If you’re a good girl, I’ll lick your cunt and your asshole. And then I’ll let Ryan fuck you.” Mrs. Wilson’s hand dipped between her legs to stroke her mound, finding her panties damp, the lips of her cunt straining against the silk fabric. She resisted the urge to masturbate and got up to make coffee.

By late morning Mrs. Wilson was still incredibly horny. She sat in the backyard and watched the kids play, keeping an eye out for Ryan next door. She had loved having his big cock between her lips yesterday, sucking and stroking it until it spurted a creamy load of cum into her mouth and onto her tits. Stacy had told her that if she behaved she’d let Ryan fuck her, let him slide his big meat into her wet, welcoming cunt. She hadn’t been fucked in months. She wanted it badly.

Mrs. Wilson texted Stacy, “I was a good mommyslut yesterday. Since you’re out of town, can I suck Ryan’s cock? Can he fuck me? I need cock. I’ll do anything for you when you get back.” Mrs. Wilson stared at the text before sending it, wondering if that was smart. But she didn’t want to upset Stacy by asking Ryan without her permission. Stacy was in charge. She decided to play it safe and submissive, asking for permission. It felt weird to be submissive, since she was a business executive used to making decisions for others. But it also felt good, it felt exciting. She pressed send and waited for a response.

An hour later, her phone beeped. Stacy’s response. “You were a good mommyslut, Mrs.

Wilson. Good girls get rewarded. After Atalar Escort I left yesterday I went over to Ryan’s house, where I sucked his big cock and then slid it into my cunt and rode him while he rubbed my tits. And then he pounded my cunt until he shot his cum all over my tits. Would you like that Mrs. Wilson? Would you like to be fucked and then covered with cum?”

Mrs. Wilson stared at the text, her pussy beginning to tingle at seeing words like “cock”, “cunt”, and “cum” on the phone. It was highly erotic. And she was being given permission to fuck Ryan. Or be fucked by him.

“Thank you, Stacy. I’ll do anything for you on Monday,” she texted.

She stared at the phone again, waiting for a response.

Ten minutes later, Stacy wrote back. “I know you will, Mrs. Wilson. I have plans for you. I’m rubbing my cunt right now, thinking about what I’m going to do to you. What we’re going to do to you. See you Monday. Enjoy Ryan’s big hard cock!” Stacy closed the text with a smiley face emoji. Mrs. Wilson began to wonder what Stacy had in mind. Whatever it was, it was going to be exciting. She hatched a plan to get Ryan to come over after her ex took the kids for the weekend.

Stacy took a screen shot of her texts with Mrs. Wilson and sent them to Ryan, with several smiley face emojis. “I want to hear all about it when I get back. And I’ll be over Sunday night to do the same. I’m so horny right now thinking about you fucking Mrs. Wilson.”

Ryan stared at his phone. Although he could have made a move on Mrs. Wilson without Stacy, it was better this way. He wanted to keep Stacy happy. She was in charge.

After her ex took the kids for the day and evening, Wendy hit the gym for a spirited workout and then a steam, sitting in the quiet room, naked, thinking about what she wanted Ryan to do to her. First she wanted to lick and suck his cock, getting him big and hard. Then she wanted to slide that cock into her cunt, fill it with his thick meat. She hadn’t been fucked in months, and been fucked hard for longer than that. Maybe she’d ride him like Stacy had earlier that week, his hands gripping her ass while he sucked on her nipples. Maybe he’d pound her cunt from behind like she’d seen him do to Stacy, and then tell him to cum on her tits as Stacy had. She’d take his spurting cock into her mouth, eating his second load of cum while she rubbed her cunt to orgasm.

She didn’t think she was ready for his cock in her ass, though rewatching Ryan fuck Stacy’s asshole was incredibly exciting, especially when he pulled out to shower her ass with cum and then slide back into her ass to deposit another load while Stacy rubbed her cunt to orgasm. Maybe by the end of the summer she’d try that. She felt her pussy ache as she fantasized about Ryan’s cock in all her holes. When someone came into the steam room she showered and headed home, hoping to catch him in the yard or after his nightly run.

Ryan was just about to go on a run when he heard Mrs. Wilson pull into her driveway. He

looked out the side window to see her get out of her car with her workout bag. He hurried out of the house hoping to be able to say hello.

She was just about to go into her house when he said, “Hi Mrs. Wilson, how’re doing?”

Wendy stopped and approached Ryan, eyeing his buff body encased in running shorts and a t-shirt.

“Hi Ryan, I’m doing great. Just back from a workout. And now the kids are with their father and I get to chill out tonight.”

“That’s great, I’m sure it’ll be nice to have some along time.””Well, I guess. It’d be better to have company. Would you like to come over after your run and have a glass of wine with me,” Wendy said.

“Yeah, that’d be nice, thanks, Mrs. Wilson,” Ryan said, looking her up and down, noticing her nipples poking through her shirt.

“Call me Wendy, please. See you later, then,” she said with a smile before turning around and walking to the house.

“See you later, Wendy,” Ryan said, following her sweet ass to the house, his cock stiffening in his shorts as he thought about what he wanted to do to with that ass.

Lying in bed after taking a shower, Stacy conceived of a plan for when she and Ryan and Mrs. Wilson were next together. While Mrs. Wilson sucked Ryan’s big cock, she would fuck Mrs. Wilson in the ass with her strap-on dildo and then tell Mrs. Wilson to climb onto Ryan’s thick meatpole, both her cunt and ass filled with cock. They would fuck her until she came and then Stacy would slide Ryan’s cock into her ass and fuck him while Mrs. Wilson ate her cunt to orgasm. She began rubbing her pussy as she thought about what Ryan and Mrs. Wilson were doing together. Ryan had texted her to tell her she invited him over to her house for a glass of wine. Stacy knew that Mrs. Wilson wanted to be fucked, so she imagined her sucking Ryan’s meat until he was hard and then sliding it into her wet cunt. She pictured Ryan pounding her tight hole until he showered her ass with cum while Mrs. Wilson rubbed her cunt to orgasm.

At that very moment, Mrs. Wilson was on her knees in the kitchen, licking Ryan’s thick shaft from his balls to the head of his cock, her hand between her thighs rubbing her pussy through her panties. She moaned as she stroked his shaft and licked his head, feeling it get bigger in her hand and in her mouth.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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