Beebe and Petey Ch. 08

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“Kathy, will you marry me?”

Chad was down on one knee holding up an open box with a diamond ring nestled inside. Dene had kept me upstairs on the pretense of helping her with her hair. That was pretty lame, so I knew something was afoot. I suspected Chad was setting up a way to “pop the question” but I didn’t let on. We rounded the corner of the dining room to see both of our families standing around an overflowing table, grinning hugely as they watched us. Chad had been hidden by the wall until we stepped into the room

“YES!!!!” I squealed, and jumped into his arms to kiss him as he stood back up. The families erupted in applause.

It was a ruse, of course, since I had already popped the question once and Chad had popped it twice. I grinned remembering the last time I’d said yes–arms wrapped around Chad’s neck and legs around his ass with his dick in my pussy. Still, he had surprised me with the ring, and our families were delighted. My folks loved Chad, his folks loved me and (although the parents weren’t wise to it) our siblings were also our lovers.

It was the best Thanksgiving dinner in the history of either family, I think. Our parents had been next-door neighbors for years in Corpus Christi. They had worked together at ARADMAC (short for Army Aeronautical Depot Maintenance Center.) Now, late in 1971, there had been a big personnel shuffle sending Dene and Chad’s folks to work at AVSCOM–the Army’s aviation command center in St Louis, and my folks to Sharp Army Depot in California. Having both families together again, especially with Chad and me getting engaged, put everyone in inexhaustible good spirits. Even Mom and Jan were hugging and laughing together.

Finally the leftovers were all put away, dishes washed, and walks around the neighborhood completed. Jan and my parents had said goodnight and left for their hotel. Things were winding down. In the den, I sat in Chad’s lap as another football game dragged on. Chad and his father were really into it, but if the team names hadn’t flashed on the screen regularly, I wouldn’t have remembered who was playing. Pretty soon, I kissed Chad goodnight as Dene and I excused ourselves to get ready for bed. We were sharing the double bed in Dene’s room–the same bed we’d first made love on in Corpus Christi. Her mom kept apologizing that they couldn’t offer me my own room. I had to bite my tongue to keep from saying how much I was looking forward to spending the night in Dene’s bed, or more to the point, in Dene! I suspected the strap-on dildo she and Jan had been exercising was close at hand!

I kept my night gown and robe close to the bed in case I had to become “public” at some point, but we hopped into bed completely naked and kissed hungrily.

“So give–what’s the deal with you and the paddle?” I said.

“Don’t you remember?”

“I’m guessing a lot of things, but no–I’m clueless. Remember what?”

“Did I not tell you? I was sure I did.”

“Well, tell me again and maybe it’ll shake loose a memory.”

“It was my first orgasm!”


“My first orgasm, while Dad was paddling me.”

“Dene, I’d have remembered THAT! You never said a word!”

“Damn. OK–here’s the deal. We were 11, and I’d stayed at your house like an hour and a half after bedtime. (Not the first time, of course.) They finally had to call your folks to send me home. Dad was waiting at the door with that damned biff bat in his hand and I tried to run down to my room. He caught me by the arm and said trying to escape had just made it worse. I kicked him in the shin as hard as I could, which, as it turned out, wasn’t one of my brightest ideas. The standard routine with the biff bat was five licks. If he was really mad, or we’d really done something bad, it was on the panties. He said: “Keep it up–we’re at 5 for staying out late, five more for trying to run and five more for kicking me. You want more? Or shall we get going?” I told him I hated him and said ‘just go ahead you son of a bitch’ and he did. And of course he added 5 more for calling him a son of a bitch. He really laid into it, too, slowly, like he was winding up for each stroke. He usually gave all five whacks in less than 5 seconds, but now he was waiting at least five seconds between each one. It took forever! I was screaming and bawling and thrashing around. I was wearing those “nearly nude” panties, and they did absolutely nothing–I might as well not have had any on. Anyway, about lick 10 I felt my pussy getting wet, and about 15 I started cumming. I couldn’t sit down for days, but damn! It was worth it!”

“Chad said there was a time when you screwed up on purpose ‘almost like you were asking for it’ was what he said.”

“Yep! I’d do anything I could to piss them off just to get the paddle. I pushed it too far one time when I didn’t wear panties. Dad pulled up my skirt, pulled it right back down and went for Mom. I had to tell her I’d crapped myself and threw them away. They must have caught on, or at least guessed, because after Mom paddled me they started grounding me instead of the paddle. Not nearly as much fun. almanbahis Mom only gave five and didn’t really lay it on.”

“I’ll be damned! I didn’t have a clue.”

“Sorry. I must have thought about telling you so often I fooled myself into thinking I really did.”

“So when Jan was paddling you, did you have to piss her off to get her to do it?”

“Nah–Jan understood right away. She made me say how many and how hard–but she wouldn’t even pretend to be mad at me. Usually, I’d have her stop just short of cumming and we’d really get it on.”

“How about us? Am I going to have to start beating your ass?”

“Would you?”

I dunno, Dene. I don’t really like the idea of hitting you. And I really don’t like the idea of marking up your gorgeous ass! Maybe sometime without family ears close by. What I’m more interested in right now is on the other side!”

And with that, I pulled back the covers and slid down her belly and dived eagerly into her moist pussy. God–it hadn’t even been a week since I ate her the last time, but it felt like I was coming home after being away a year! I heard her sigh contentedly and she spread her legs a little wider for me. Before long she rolled onto her side and we settled into a leisurely 69. The room echoed softly with the sounds of very wet lovemaking. Dene came first, burying her face in her pillow to muffle her orgasmic moans. She lay panting. I let her rest a bit, then patted her ass and said: “Hey! Quit your slacking!”

Dene went straight for my clit and I went straight to the moon! That girl had my number! She could string me along for an hour right on the edge of an orgasm or blast me off in 30 seconds flat. I buried my face in the mattress and let out my own muffled screams as I clamped Dene’s head between my thighs and bucked wildly.

“Mmph! Kafeee–gib by heah bag!” (Which is how one says “Kathy–give me my head back!” when her face is clamped into a wet pussy by a runner’s well-muscled thighs.)


“Kath, one of these days you’re gonna break my neck! Or smother me”

“Sorry, sorry, sorry. I just have no control when you eat me like that, but please don’t stop doing it. I’ll try really hard to ease up.”

“No worries, lover.”

We both lay back, panting, until we recovered from the first round.

“Dene, did you bring the strap-on?”

“Oh, HELL yes! You want to wear it and use it on me? Or have me give it to you?”

“I think maybe I’d like you to fuck me with it. How does it go on, anyway?”

Dene retrieved the strap-on from a shoe bag her suitcase. Actually, the plastic dick was IN one of the tennis shoes in the shoe bag–the harness was wrapped tightly and stuffed into a shoe sack. I didn’t realize they could be separated. Dene reassembled the dick into its leather holder and stepped into the harness. It took a little adjusting, but pretty soon Dene had a penis bobbing in front of her! It looked about the same size as Chad. I reached out and felt it. It was definitely bigger than the vibe I’d been using pre-Chad. We decided that since her springs squeaked, I’d bend over the footboard and take it doggy-style.

“Hang on,” Dene said, “I’ll get some lube.”

“I’m still pretty wet, hon, don’t think we’ll need it.”

“Doesn’t hurt to have some close by” she said, and retrieved a little tube of K-Y from her cosmetic case.


“Pop it in, sweetie!”

Dene eased the faux dick into my snatch. First sensation: Cold! Not frigid, but certainly not the same as Chad’s nice warm dick. And it certainly wasn’t skin! I had Dene keep it pressed all the way in while my body warmed it up. Second sensation: A little bigger and pokier. The plastic didn’t give like Chad’s dick did so if the angle didn’t just exactly match my vagina, it wasn’t very comfortable. We worked on that briefly–Dene knew just what I was talking about–and began some gently stroking. Third sensation: I loved Dene’s thighs and abdomen bumping my ass and legs as she stroked in and out! I could feel her bush on my ass cheeks and felt my usual response–a very wet pussy! The strap on began to make slurpy gurgles. Dene’s thighs make unmistakable slaps against my ass, too, and she had to ease off for fear of broadcasting our lovemaking through the house.

I was hovering on another orgasm, but in spite of feeing her bush, I wasn’t getting any closer from the strap on.

“Dene, can you reach my clit?” I begged.

“I think so, but let me add one more thing too.”

There was a pause, then I felt something warm on my asshole, followed by the tip of Dene’s finger slipping in. She didn’t run it in very far, just slid her finger in and out about to the first knuckle. At first, I lost ground on the orgasm—it slipped farther into the distance. But as I was about to ask her to stop, I felt my pussy clamp briefly on the dick and my belly quivered. Dene felt the signs. She used her opposite hand and reached my clit. That changed the angle of the strap on again, and not for the better, but BANG! As soon as her fingers found my love button I came anyway! It was all almanbahis giriş I could do to keep from making noise–nothing at hand to bury my face in this time! I felt my asshole rhythmically clamping on her finger while my pussy squeezed the shaft of the strap on.

“Holy shit, Dene! My asshole?” I panted, as quietly as I could.

“Was it OK? I’d never have guessed I’d go for that, but Jan gave me the same kind of surprise, and I liked it. I thought I’d risk it with you. If you didn’t like it, I promise never to go there again.”

“I think I DID like it–I’ve just gotta work through feeling disgusted with myself now.”

“Well, I won’t do it again unless you ask me to. Feel free to try it on me, but only if you want–that can be a challenge too. Listen, I’ve gotta hit the bathroom.” Dene put on a robe and left the room.

I lay back down on the bed and stretched out on my back–legs spread, arms over my head and my mind racing. I wanted two things at once–I wanted to spoon with Dene, feeling her tits and bush pressing into my back as we drifted off to sleep, and I wanted Chad in bed with me. I rolled onto my side. I heard the door open as Dene came back in and got into bed behind me. At least that’s what I thought until Chad’s arm came over my side and he kissed me on my cheek.

“Dene and I swapped places in the bathroom,” he whispered, “she’s in my room for a while.”

“Ummm–good!” I murmurred. “Can you just spoon me for a while? Dene wore me out.”

“What were you guys up to? Or should I ask.”

“Our usual–at least for the first round. We made out and then had a great 69. Then she fucked me with that strap-on, though. And get this–she stuck her finger up my ass while I was about to cum! The strap-on was kind of fun, but we had to work at it to keep the angle right, and we couldn’t really get into it because we were making noise. When the angle was wrong and it went crooked, it hurt. You didn’t you hear anything, did you?”

“I thought I heard the two of you going at it! But I was listening for it and my headboard is right on the other side of the wall. It wasn’t very loud. I could hear your voices, but I couldn’t hear what you were saying. I don’t think it would have carried across the hall to Mom and Dad’s room. How’d you like Dene probing your butthole?”

“I’m still not sure. I mean, I started losing my mood for a while, but then my body decided it liked it, I guess, because I got hot again in a hurry. Dene probably felt it too, because it was right then she reached around and flicked my clit with her other hand and made me cum. I kind of like how my asshole squeezed her finger while my pussy was clamping down on that plastic dick.”

“I know the plastic dick liked it!” Chad teased.

“It was a poor substitute, I’ll tell you that. I’d have much rather had you in there.”

“Finger too?”

“Well, maybe. I wouldn’t be opposed to trying it again, especially after hearing Jan say she liked it up the ass. What do you think about it now? You want me to probe your prostate sometime?”

“All that can be arranged! I’m at your service!”

“Honestly, how about we just have a nice 69 for now, OK?”

And we did! I took it slow on Chad, licking his glans, gently playing with his balls, rubbing the pre-cum around on my lips when it began flowing. I made a mental note to get my lips really well-coated and kiss him that way sometime. He went slowly with me too, with lots of gentle stroking and caresses. After about 15 miutes we accelerated and brought each other off within seconds of the same moment. As I felt his orgasm building, I ran a playful finger up his ass. He stiffened and paused just a beat, then buried his finger up my ass too and came in buckets. I swallowed a huge load of Chad’s cum! After we panted our way back to normalcy, Chad came up behind me and we fell asleep spooning.

“Kath! Chad! Kath! KATH! Wake up!”

I opened one eye to find Dene leaning over us, tits swinging gently.

“It’s 4AM–better swap bedmates again! And Kath, probably better slip your nightgown on too.”

I barely recall pulling the gown on. I felt Chad leave the bed and Dene take his place. The next thing I knew, Dene’s mom was tapping on the door, then opening it to call us for breakfast. Glad I had my gown on!

Dene and I pulled on our robes and headed down to breakfast.

“Hey, sleepyheads!” Chad greeted us. He had on his sweats and WAS sweating! “You missed a great run! Got in about 5 miles this morning!”

“Ooof! That’s just plain nuts!” Dene growled. “This is a holiday–you shouldn’t be doing that crazy stuff!”

“Breakfast is served!” Dene’s mom called from the kitchen.

We went in to a spread only a little less impressive than Thanksgiving dinner. She had made a breakfast casserole, fried up a bunch of bacon, had pitchers of milk, OJ, grape and V-8 juice out, coffee steaming in mugs at our places, English muffins, biscuits (the Bisquick kind, not the cardboard tube kind) a bowl of sausage gravy, homemade strawberry jam, and was taking a tray of cinnamon rolls out of the almanbahis yeni giriş oven!

“Mom, this is amazing! You must have been up all night!” Chad crowed.

“Oh, only about 5 to get things started. I’ve snacked some already–you three dig in!”

“Where’s Dad?” Dene asked.

“He ran down to the motel to pick up Jan and your folks, Kathy. They should be back soon. We’ll eat in shifts, so go ahead and get started!

(?!? Dad had a rental. How come—oh well.)

We ate until we were as full as last night! Then, right on cue, Jan and my parents arrived with Dene’s dad and took our places at the kitchen table.

After breakfast, Chad’s dad came into the den where I was chatting casually with Chad and Dene–remembering childhood adventures and misadventures.

“So, kids, Kathy’s dad was telling me about Eddie Vu teaching Chad Vietnamese. Eddie said Chad is pretty amazing. Chad, would you and Kathy want to run down to AVSCOM with me this afternoon? There’s a guy I think you might enjoy meeting.”

So that afternoon found us on the 13th floor of the Mart building in downtown St. Louis, talking to yet another Army guy with Vietnamese heritage. Chad and the Vietnamese guy went into an office, and Chad’s dad took me down to the 10th floor where he worked. It was pretty empty–most people had taken the Friday after Thanksgiving off. There really wasn’t much to see–rows of grey metal government desks, rows of egg-crate florescent lights dropped from the ceiling. Small offices appeared periodically up against outside walls, one of which was his as Section Chief. He introduced me to his staff as “my future daughter-in-law” which brought a lot of smiles–mine included. We sat in his office and closed the door.

“So have you two talked about a date?”

“We’re still talking, but even if he really is deployed to Vietnam, we’ll probably wait until he comes back. It’s a hard question.”

“Well, you know that Mom and I will support anything the two of you decide–your folks too.”

“I know–I’m really lucky. I already know my in-laws will be fabulous. (He smiled.) So what’s going on upstairs? Who is that guy with Chad?”

“He’s Army Intelligence, but don’t ever, and I do mean EVER, repeat that. As for what’s going on, I’m not sure. I’m guessing that Chad will be told in no uncertain terms not to repeat anything they let him in on, and that they won’t actually tell him anything sensitive. I’m also guessing that they’re checking out what Eddie Vu said about his ability with languages to see if they want to shift his AIT to some spook kind of deal.”

“Kathy, if they suck him into intelligence, it may be smart what you said about waiting until he’s out. A wife can be a dangerous leverage in that line of work. And you should probably work out a way to communicate past censors.”

“Chad said the same thing about censors–but not about Army Intelligence, just in general. We haven’t done it yet, but it needs to be pretty foolproof to accommodate Chad’s spelling.”

This visit was beginning to worry me. I had pushed Chad ahead on the languages, and now I worried that I might have launched him into something even more dangerous than the infantry. My imagination was running full speed. Would he be skulking around behind enemy lines, spying on conversations? Would I be able to get messages to him at all? Would his dyslexia get in the way and get him or someone else killed? Chad’s dad watched me quietly for a while, then reached out and laid a hand on my shoulder.

“Honey, don’t let your imagination run away with you.” (How’d he know it was! Guess I’m pretty transparent.) “My guess is that they’ll groom Chad to be a ‘verifier’. That’s a guy who’s not supposed to be skilled in language but can listen in on official translations and blow the whistle on a translator that hides or distorts what was being said. It’s not usually something that happens on the front lines. It happens in interrogation centers or in meetings with South Vietnamese army guys. Anyway, we don’t even know yet if they’re going to steer him in that direction. We just need to wait and see.”

Eventually, Chad was brought to his dad’s office and we headed home. Chad said they had him talk with a Cambodian woman and a Vietnamese guy, but they didn’t give any clue about why they did that, or what they planned to do.

Friday afternoon. The three of us had two nights left before another long separation. We decided to leave the families and head out on our own for dinner and a movie, warning them not to wait up for us. Dinner we had! The movie–well, we skipped the movie. There was a motel on Lindbergh near the airport that advertised waterbeds. Waterbeds were all the rage in Playboy, and we decided to give it a whirl. Between the 3 of us, we had enough cash, and Chad’s military ID even got us a discount! We had fun bouncing around and riding each other’s waves for a bit before we got down to being horny. Chad discovered a deck of cards in the bedside table and we decided to warm up with some strip poker. We might as well have played “high card” because we decided no one could fold, but dealing 5 card draw let the suspense build. I suggested that the winner of each hand would remove one article of clothing from the lowest hand, then give them a kiss to thank them for being a gracious loser.

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