Bedtime Story

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“I’m going to bed. You coming?”

“Not yet. I’ve still got some work to finish,” I say as I peck on the keyboard.

You lean over and give me a peck on the cheek. “Good night, sexy.”

“Night, baby.”

I keep working until I hear the shower turn off. I give you time to get settled and then walk into the bedroom. You are already under the covers, curled up on your side with your back to me. I climb into bed and snuggle into you.

“Done already?”

“Not quite, but I wanted to tuck you in.”

“Oh really?” I can hear the anticipation in your voice.

“Yes, really.” I hope you can hear the desire in mine.

I lean into you and smell the clean, soapy scent of your skin. I lick the back of your neck while I move my hand under your shirt. I graze my nails along your spine and you arch your back. I trace the outline of your waist, your hips, your ass. I never get enough of touching you. I move my hand to the front of your stomach, my fingers stretching the waistband of your underwear. I play with the short, curly hair leading to my prize. You press your ass back into me, and let out a sigh. I pull your shirt over your head and press myself into your warm skin. That’s when you realize I’m naked. You can feel my erect nipples on your back, my large breasts pressing against you. I nibble on your shoulder, letting Ümraniye Escort my hand resume its path along your body. I cup your breasts, rolling the nipples between my fingers. I squeeze, increasing the pressure slowly. The aureoles tighten. Wanting your breasts in my mouth becomes unbearable. You roll onto your back and I move between your legs. My face buried in your chest, I breathe in your fresh scent.

I run my tongue along the outside curve of one breast while my fingers knead and massage the other. Your nipples are hard and begging for attention. I take one between my teeth and flick my tongue against it. Then I suck your nipple into my mouth and pull gently, rhythmically…matching the tempo of my hand. I reverse the position and adore your other nipple. You pull me up and we begin to kiss. Our tongues explore as we unhurriedly taste each other. Your kiss is patient and soft. The feel of your breasts on mine has me so excited. I reach down to massage your pussy through the thin material of your panties. The satin is wet and outlines the shape of your lips. I flatten my hand on top of your moist sex and rub gently; making contact with as much of your hot pussy as I can.

Our kiss deepens. You bite my lip and moan into my mouth. You press your body up towards my hand. I move the damp crotch of Ümraniye Escort Bayan your panties aside and insert my middle finger into your wet pussy. I can feel the sultry velvet under my fingertip. I’m teasing you, barely penetrating your dripping hole. Your pussy is making deliciously naughty slurping noises. I push my index finger in next. I cross my fingers as if for luck and move my wrist in a circular motion. My fingers are buried deep inside; moving, rotating, feeling the warm silken walls of your pussy. My fingers are covered in your fragrant juices. I remove them reluctantly, but I have something else in mind.

I rub liquid pussy on one nipple and then the next. I lick and suck and bite and tease as you squirm beneath me. I can feel your muscles tense and quiver as I plant feathery kisses all over your stomach. I nibble on your hipbone as I continue downward. I push your legs further apart, opening your pussy to me. You are truly lovely. I can smell your excitement ad going slowly is becoming difficult. I want to put my face deep inside your pussy and hear you scream. But not yet. Your smooth thighs are beckoning me. I kiss the junction where your leg attaches to your torso and run my tongue lightly along your inner thigh down to the inside of your knee and back up. I do this again, only slower Escort Ümraniye this time as my fingers make the same trail on your opposite leg. You spread your legs wider

“Damn, baby. My pussy is aching for you. Please lick me.”

You know I love to hear you beg for it. So playtime is over. With my hands on either side of your soft lips I place my tongue flat and broad at the base of your hot slit and pull my tongue up slowly. I increase my speed with every stroke until I’m lapping your pussy in earnest. The more I lick, the wetter you become. I put my mouth over your sweet hole and suck, reveling in the nectar you offer. My fingers find your clit. With tender, slow, figure-eight strokes I get you to call my name. My other hand goes inside your pussy, once again exploring the suede-soft walls of my favorite place. I lick between my hands, from the underside of your clit to your dripping entrance. Your fingers tangle in my hair, pushing my face deeper into you.

“Oh shit. Don’t stop licking this pussy, girl”

I increase my pace, my fingers moving furiously, my tongue slapping your soft flesh.

“Oh fuck.”

I can feel the spasms of your orgasm under my open mouth. Your pussy tightens around my fingers. I let go of your sensitive clit and tend to the job of cleaning you.

“Mmmmm. Good night, baby.” I hear you say in a sleepy voice. My mouth is full so I can’t respond. I continue to lick you clean, avoiding your visibly throbbing clit. When I’m satisfied you’re as good as new, I place my head on your stomach. I can still smell and taste you on my lips. I hope you rest well. I already have ideas on how I’ll wake you up.

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