Bedtime on My 18th Birthday

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Growing up in a small village of close families, he behaviour of myself and my mother never seemed unusual.

I knew we were closer than most as it was just her and I, and we did everything together, more than I did with my own friends.

I can unashamedly say that my mother was my best friend.

I had my own bedroom, but that was mostly for show, as I spent nearly every night in her bed with her, snuggling and sleeping together.

My eighteenth birthday fell on a weekday, and I had a small party planned for the weekend, but me and my mother had a good day to ourselves, me opening my presents, my mother taking us out for meal, before snuggling while watching a movie.

She was so soft and cuddly, being a chubby woman with thick hips and large, full breasts. She had a deliciously jiggly belly and her bum was so round and thick. She had thick, long dark hair to go with her large brown eyes and thick lips.

If it sounds like I found my mother attractive, I won’t lie, I have held a candle for her since my hormones decided women were awesome rather than silly.

I guess it’s because of her and out closeness that I hadn’t had a girlfriend, because I was no hunchback, I considered myself quite handsome.

“Ready for bed then, my big grown-up?” My mother finally asked that night.

I laughed and replied “I have been plenty grown up for years, mum.”

“I know baby, but it’s official now, you’re a man.” She said with a fond smile.

I followed her upstairs and went into my own room to let her change into her nightie, then she called me into her room.

“Still want to sleep with your mummy?” She asked, her tone oddly tentative.

“Of course I do, I’m eighteen, nothing’s changed mum.”

She smiled and I slid in beside her in my boxers. That was all I ever wore in bed. My mum wore thigh-length nighties that showed off her amazing cleavage, many a night of which I had fallen asleep with my head buried in.

Only this time, she wasn’t wearing one.

I had snuggled right up to her when I felt her bare breasts against my chest, bahis firmaları her nipples hard and poking my chest.

Before I could vocalise my shock, she said “Things have changed, son, you’re an adult now. When adults share a bed they don’t need to wear clothes, I hope you don’t mind?”

“Of course not.” I stuttered, suddenly achingly erect.

“Want to take your boxers off?” She asked sweetly.

Without answering I kicked them off and tentatively returned to the cuddle. I gazed into her eyes, though I probably looked terrified, surely she could feel my erection pressing against her thigh?

Her glance downward told me she could, though she smiled proudly.

“Do you love me?” My mother asked.

“What a stupid question mum, I love you more than anything.” I answered honestly.

She stroked my cheek tenderly.

“Adults have a way of expressing love, baby, do you understand what I mean?” My mother asked, her tone warm and loving.

Surely she didn’t mean what I thought she did?

“…sex?” I asked, confused. My mother smiled and nodded, blinking slowly with her heavy eyelids. She trailed her hand through my hair slowly, gazing into my eyes.

“Would you like to have sex, baby?” She asked.

My heart about leapt into my mouth and my balls about burst.

“Are you serious?” I asked.

“It’s okay if you don’t want to. I just know how much you enjoy cuddling and I know how much attention you’ve been giving my breasts since you got older. I have wanted to for a while and now you’re a man there’s no reason we shouldn’t have sex.”

“It’ll be my first time…” I admitted. My mother giggled girlishly.

“I know baby, I want to be your first time. And as many times as you like.” My mother said as she rolled onto her back.

“Lay on top of me baby.” She purred.

I lifted myself up and shaking like I had a car battery hooked onto me I shifted on top of my mother, her large, spread breasts cushioning against my chest and our eyes fixed to one anothers; hers relaxed and loving, mine wide and filled with nerves.

She kaçak iddaa smelt of spiced apples, a scent I had always been aware of, but I noticed it more than ever right then.

Her skin was so smooth and soft, and though we had spent endless hours snuggling, this was different, I could feel every inch of her bare flesh, radiating heat against mine.

My erection throbbed against her tidy nest of dark fluff between her legs.

“I’m going to open my legs now baby.” My mother said as she gazed into my eyes. “You need to move your hips until you find a wet spot with your erection. Once you find it, push ever so gently and you will slide inside my vagina.”

I felt her legs part under me, my mother laying them either side of my thighs. She gently stroked my calves with her feet. And her hips arched under me, her chubby bottom lifting slightly.

“Can you feel anything?” She asked.

I was so shocked I hadn’t moved, but her reminder had me lift my hips, my erection leaving her cosy pubic hair, and immediately I felt a searing heat between us.

I nervously probed, my mother moving her own hips to help me when suddenly, the tip of my erection nuzzled a moist, thick-lipped berth. A little gasp escaped my mother’s lips and she smiled.

“That’s the spot baby. Push yourself inside me.”

I eased my hips forwards and felt the incredible sensation of warmth and depth, my mother’s vagina yielding to my erection as I sunk in inch by inch.

I pushed slowly until I felt our hips meet, and I realised I was utterly enveloped by my beautiful mother. She rolled her hips contentedly and stroked my hair.

“How does it feel having sex with me baby?” She asked.

“So amazing mum, you feel so good!”

My mother giggled.

“Oh shit.” I muttered as I felt my balls tensing up. “I’m cumming mum!” I groaned and she replied “You can cum inside me baby, don’t worry.”

Those words tipped me over the edge and I climaxed, my hips spasming out of my control as I forced my erection as deep as I could, moving my mother up the bed with the force kaçak bahis as my balls began forcing my sperm into my mother, flooding her pulsing vagina.

I continued groaning as my climax lasted for nearly a minute, the whole time my mother rolling her hips and tensing her vagina around my throbbing length, gazing up at me lovingly.

Finally my climax relaxed its grasp of me and I flopped exhaustedly onto my mother, who wrapped her legs around my waist and her arms around my shoulders, stroking my back.

“I love you.” She whispered.

“I love you too mum.” I whispered back through laboured breaths.

I lifted my head to gaze at her.

“Did you enjoy having sex with me then baby?” She asked sweetly. I nodded with a huge grin.

“Sorry it was over so fast.” I said bashfully. My mother giggled.

“Baby that was your first time.” She answered reassuringly. “You will last longer next time.”

As I gazed into her eyes, I stroked her hair in return, our bodies entwined and my slackening erection still pulsing inside her slick, full vagina, though I could feel it slipping out.

I lowered my head and pecked her lips nervously. She smiled and lifted her head and kissed me back, our mouths parting as our tongues instinctively found each other.

My mother broke the kiss for a moment to whisper “You’re hard again, do you want to have sex again?”

As the tip of my erection was still inside my mother I jerked the rest of my length inside her in response, provoking a yelp from my mother into my mouth, followed by a lusty giggle.

I hooked my arms under her and began humping as our mouths remained locked together, my mother’s now-sloppy vagina even more yielding than before and a little less tight.

I freed one hand to grope her huge breasts, the fatty flesh jiggling with the motion of my thrusts as our bodies lunged together.

She was right, I did last longer the second time, a good ten minutes before I finally felt my balls tingling once again.

“I’m gonna cum inside you again mum!” I groaned and she locked her legs around my backside, holding me inside her while my balls spasmed, sending a second load into my mother’s vagina.

After, as we lay cuddling, my mother muttered contentedly “I can look forward to bedtime even more from now on.”

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