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Subject: Becoming the Team Coxswain Chapter 15 Becoming The Team Coxswain — Chapter 15 Written by Bustermuscle- hoo This story will contain consensual man/man sex with humiliation (verbal and physical), one-way sex, coercion, reluctance, non-reciprocation, domination, spanking, submission, cum denial, chastity, oral and anal sex. Synopsis: A naive college freshman, Josh Clarkson, is recruited as a coxswain for the college Crew team. A coxswain (pronounced COCK-SON) is the real term used for the small guy in the stern of the boat, who yells “stroke” and steers the boat during the race. In previous chapters, Josh has been trained, through coercion and hypnosis, to serve the team sexually in hopes of gaining higher levels of testosterone, and becoming more athletic. In the last chapter, after meeting Kaito, Josh agrees to become Nate’s “girlfriend”, and discovers his female side. Josh is no longer allowed to have a cock, but only a clit, like a girl. He is not allowed to cum without permission from Nate, Kaito or the Coach. The Coach has opened Josh’s holes to the team and and they can fuck him with the Coach’s permission. Josh must simply obey or be kicked off the team. Nate makes himself vulnerable and shows Josh how he truly feels about him. He knows however that, even though Josh is his new “girlfriend, he really belongs to Coach and the team. Personal Note from the Author: It looks as though I could, realistically, finish this story with one more chapter. I wish I could get the chapter out faster but just struggling with personal time management issues. PLEASE do not hesitate to send your ideas for my final chapters. IN the final chapter, I hope to review everything Josh has experienced thus far including, hypnosis, dom/sub abuse, cross dressing, piss, chastity/edging, and being raped. Is there anything else you want JOSH to do before we end this? Let me know. IMPORTANT: PLEASE DONATE – PLEASE DONATE – PLEASE DONATE Think about all the great orgasms you have had from reading this site. Let’s work together and keep this great site going. Donate to fty/ Chapter 15 The days that followed were awkward for the roommates. Nate seemed to be avoiding Josh. There was no hormone release for days and Josh was anxious about it. He had agreed to do whatever Nate wanted and yet, he never approached Josh, day after day. Josh missed the attention Nate used to give him. Nate seemed to put all his focus on the team, including telling the coach that he has not given Josh his hormone in over a week. “Is there a problem Sterling?” The coach asked him. “Even though he already has a girlfriend, I can always have Kaito put this hormone inside the cox.” Nate was visibly upset. “That’s just it Coach.” Nate said as he slammed the locker. “Kaito and I are both straight but Kaito has a girlfriend. I have Josh. I still look at him like he’s a guy and I get turned off.” “Well, you can change that just like Kaito did boy, you know that.” The coach said. “I know I am supposed to keep him loaded with male hormone but I don’t usually fuck guys, Coach.” Nate said apologetically. “I know you want to be loyal to the team Sterling.” The coach put his arm around Nate’s shoulder. “The cox needs regular injections of the hormone. Talk to him and explain to him that he needs to do this for the sake of the team and for you. That’s exactly what Kaito did last year and look what happened. He has a bitch to service his needs 24/7.” “I want that too Coach.” Nate said “Then go do it boy.” Coach replied. “You know its against team policy to have a real girlfriend during season, so this is the next best thing. The boy has a girls’s ass.” Nate nodded. “Now, I will expect you in my office here tomorrow with an update on your new girlfriend.” He walked Nate to the door and slapped his ass playfully as he left. Nate felt better that he had the Coach’s support to work on changing Josh. He decided to simply be honest with his roommate and tell him he is straight and needs to fuck a real girl. Josh was at his desk studying when Nate walked in, dropped his gym bag and fell on Josh’s bed. Josh looked up and waited. “Bitch,” Nate said to him as he pointed to the floor between his legs. Josh got up and knelt at Nate’s feet, looking up at him for instructions. Josh had butterflies in his stomach not knowing what Nate was thinking. “We gotta talk.” Nate said aggressively, “You know Im not gay and only fuck girls. “Yes Sir,” Josh nodded. “You agreed to be my girlfriend, right?” Nate asked. “Yes sir,” Josh said, “I’m not gay either, but you told me it’s not about being gay or straight, remember?” “Yeah, but the Coach wants me to give you my hormones daily and its getting harder to do that now.” Josh didn’t reply. “You want my hormone, don’t you Josh?” Nate seemed so kind and vulnerable at that moment that Josh couldn’t deny him. “Yes Sir,” Josh said, “I do.” “Ok good.” Nate smiled down at him and rubbed his crotch. Josh also smiled knowing he was making his roommate happy again. “You said you would be my girl,” Nate said, “but you need to convince me that is what you really want. Stand up.” Josh stood and waited. “See? You don’t look like a girl… that is the problem here.” “What do you want me to do Sir?” Josh said sincerely. “I think it’s a good idea for you to meet Kyle again.” Nate said. “She is Kaito’s girlfriend during the season and I think she could help you understand how to behave to make me happy.” Josh said nothing. “OK?” Nate sat up and pulled Josh’s face down to his face. “I’m horny so you’re going over right now. I can’t wait much longer.” “Now?” Josh asked “Yeah, I called Kaito and he said she will be waiting for you at his place.” Nate stood up and walked to his desk. “Go now, girl” Josh walked to Nate, “Nate, ah sir, I can take care of you if….” “NO.” Nate interrupted, “Go now!!!” Nate turned away and opened his books to study. Josh stopped and waited looking at Nate, but he did not look back at him. Slowly, Josh turned and left the room. Immediately, Nate text Kaito. “He’s coming.” He texted. “All good,” Kaito text, “she’s ready for him.” Not soon after, there was a knock on Kaito’s apartment door. Kyle opened the door. “Hey, come in.” Kyle cooed as he smiled as Josh. Josh stood there gawking at him. He/she was dressed in a short pleated skirt that was cut so short that her lower ass and crotch were completely exposed. He was muscled but had no body hair except on his head. He had huge defined shoulders and biceps. Some face make-up but not like a drag queen. There was no question that he was a male. Josh could see his prominent bulge and chastity cage. Kyle wore a backless sheer halter top that went around her neck but was cut so low that her muscled pecs and nipples were completely exposed. Josh noticed Kyle’s huge muscle thighs encased in the fishnet thigh high stockings with straps to a garter belt. The outfit was complete with 4″ stiletto shoes. “It’s not polite to stare bro,” Kyle said as he closed the door behind him and walked into the apartment. This was a very different Kyle that I met earlier. He spoke with a deep voice. He walked and looked like a muscle jock only he was dressed like a slutty girl. Josh did notice a muscular butt that pushed outward as he wobbled on the 4″ heels. “We have stuff to do before the men come back.” “Ahh, men? Come back from where?” Josh asked. “I don’t know,” Kyle said, “I just gotta have you fixed up before that happens.” He sat down at the kitchen table and pulled out some papers. “Kaito wants me to read to you something he created for me last year.” Kyle said and he organized the papers, “and if you have any questions, we can talk about it.” Josh just watched and listened. “I am supposed to read these out loud to Kaito, as an exercise, whenever he tells me too.” He motioned for me to sit next to him as he began reading out loud. “I am submissive to a real man, with a real cock. I should always obey him.” He stopped briefly and looked up at Josh to see if he was paying attention. He then continued. “He is a strong dominant male with powerful testosterone hormone that I must consume. A strong man with a large cock and balls full of hormone, deserves to be pleasured so he expels his hormone into my body. This will make me stronger and healthier too.” Kyle looked at me and smiled. “I karabağlar escort must obey him and give him pleasure so he will cum for me. I am honored to take his cum. My only focus is to pleasure him, the way he wants, to make him cum. My cum is not important and I should never be selfish about my own needs.” “He is a straight male and only fucks girls. I must be his girl and submit to him. Girls, like me, do not cum. That keeps me horny for him. I am only allowed to cum when he gives me permission. I should focus on his cock and not my girly clit. I must never touch my clit without permission. I don’t have a cock. I don’t fuck. I have a clit. I am a little boy with a clit and pussy. A girly clit and pussy. Clits only get teased and rubbed.” Kyle dropped the paper and stepped away, walking with a sway in his hips. “How are you doing Josh? Do you understand all of this?” “No, not really.” Josh said quietly. “You see Josh, nobody cares about being gay here. Kyle continued, “This isn’t a question of being gay or straight. We all just have a job to do, that’s all. The main focus is the team. Real athletes are dedicated to the team and that’s how we win competitions. You want to be on this team, don’t you Josh? You want your varsity letter, don’t you?” “Yeah, I guess so.” Josh said as he dropped his head. “Well then, this is how it has to happen Josh.” Kyle walked back to the document and continued reading. “Discipline in the gym is part of my training to be his muscle girl. I will work out daily to keep male muscle growing bigger, but on the inside, I am a muscle girl.” Kyle flexed his huge bicep and smiled at me. “Submissive muscle girls should never touch their clit. Clits that get touched, without permission, must be caged. The cage will train me to never touch my clit. The cage is good. The cage is needed for bad girls who touch their clit. My man decides when my clit gets rubbed and is allowed to cum. There will be punishment for touching my clit without permission. Bad girls get punished for touching their clit and will be denied an orgasm as a result. If you want to cum, you will do it his way only, and when he decides.” Kyle paused. “This is where it gets good.” “I want to make him cum hard. That’s my job. Cocks need a tight, hot channel to fill, to penetrate. To fuck. My tight hole is perfect for getting him to cum. Women have pussies that are designed for cock. Cocks fuck pussies. My hole can pleasure a cock. If his cock can fuck my tight hole, is it a pussy too? Yes, it’s a boy pussy. All pussies are designed to be filled with cock. My boy pussy is also made for cock.” Josh had his head in his hands. Kyle paused until he lifted his head. “Listen, this is just the way it has to be Josh.” Kyle said. “Now, this next part is very important. Kaito, and your boyfriend, feel this is very important. Now, listen.” Kyle continues reading. “Wearing sexy clothes is very important. Little muscle boys should never dress like a real man. A real man wants to fuck a girl so a good muscle boy must always dress appropriately for her man. Sexy nylons, garter belt and panties are required daily. I will love the feel of sheer sexy nylon against my clit and ass. It will show him my wet sexy pussy and tease him to fuck me. He will want to breed me and fill my body with his cum. His testosterone hormone is good for me. It makes me happy when he fills my body with his cum. It is natural to be penetrated by his cock. Natural to be pumped full of his cum. I am now his property because his cum is inside me. I belong to him and he owns me.” Josh looks up when he realizes that Kyle is finished. “We need to get you ready girl.” Kyle said. “Ready?” Josh replied. “Yes, come follow me.” Kyle led Josh to the bedroom. “You need to shave your body hair baby, but there is just no time now.” “I have to shave?” Josh asked. “Yes, everything from your neck down should be hairless. Muscle girls, like you, have no hair so they can show their beautiful body, like a real bitch. Now, are you douched?” Josh looked to the floor. “Fuck,” Kyle said, “Rule number one is ALWAYS make sure you are cleaned before meeting a real man. Get your ass into the bathroom. Hurry.” After several minutes of cleaning inside and out, Kyle led Josh back to the bed, where he saw several pieces of lingerie. “Kaito will be pissed about you not being shave, but we just don’t have enough time now.” Kyle said as he picked up some thigh high nylon fishnets. “Put these on quickly. They will be here soon.” Josh just stared at Kyle, holding the nylons. “You’re caged right?” Kyle asked Josh and he nodded. “Well?” Kyle said as he flicked the nylons in Josh’s face. Josh had no reaction and still didn’t move. “Fine bitch,” Kyle said, “Don’t get dressed and watch how Kaito will react when he sees you standing there like a dumb ass.” Josh was numb. He didn’t know what to think anymore. Kyle pushed him back on the chair and pulled off his sweatpants. He was wearing a jock over his caged cock. “No, no baby” Kyle said as he pulled his jock down. “No jock for a pussy girl. Hurry up and pull up those nylons and I will give you some pretty pink panties to wear.” Josh pulled up the nylons and tool the panties from Kyle. “Hurry up bitch” Kyle said as he held a pair of 4″ pumps for him. Josh pulled up the panties and Kyle watched them wedge into his ass crack, showing two perfect round melons. “You have a perfect ass bitch,” Kyle said, “no wonder they want you trained to be the next coxswain.” Josh didn’t really hear Kyle but tried to put on the pumps, which seemed to fit perfectly. Kyle threw him a sheer tight nylon top that seemed to squeeze his pecs to look like breasts. His nipples were very visible and erect for some reason. “OK, get up on the bed on your hands and knees. Hurry.” Kyle pushed him toward the bed. “Don’t forget what I read to you. Bascially don’t speak and obey everything he says. Just do it if you don’t want to feel his wrath. Understand?” “Yeah, I guess so” Josh said timidly. He climbed onto the bed, as instructed, and waited. “Arch your back and drop down to your elbows now.” Kyle said, “he will want to see your ass up in the air. Spread your knees open.” Josh opened his legs and arched. “Fucking perfect.” Kyle said, “now just wait and don’t move. Be prepared if he chooses to call you names, slap you, or even spit in your face. He might mentally and physically abuse you but that will make him feel more macho. It will make him cum better too. That’s your job now… to give him good cums.” Josh started to cry. He didn’t know why he was crying. He wasn’t in pain. He felt like he had lost all control of his own life. How did he get to this point? It all happened so quickly and, here he was, dressed like a cheap slutty whore waitng for a man to abuse him. He didn’t want this…. or, at least, he didn’t think he wanted this. He heard the door open abruptly. Kyle rushed to open it as Kaito and Nate walked in. “Well?” Kaito said, “where is she?” Kyle led both athletes to the bed where Josh was positioned with his ass in the air and head down, buried in a pillow. He was stifling a cry as he waited for the abuse. SLAP “Good bitch” Kaito said slapping Josh’s ass. “Get used to this position whenever your new boyfriend is around.” Kaito looked at Nate and smiled. Kyle knelt down near Josh’s ear and whispered, “Say YES SIR girl.” “Yes Sir,” Josh said loudly and he sniffled. Nate felt somewhat sympathetic towards Josh but knew better than to show it. Kaito, on the other hand, was abusive as ever. “Good girl,” Kaito said as he slapped Josh’s ass again, “Why aren’t you shaved?” He didn’t expect an answer from Josh so Kaito looked at Kyle angrily. “Sir,” Kyle said softly, “There just wasn’t time Sir. I’m sorry Sir.” “You were supposed to prepare him bitch.” Kaito said, “I will deal with you later.” He looked down at Josh. “You need to learn your place with real men here.” Kaito said as he slapped the coxswain’s ass again. “That means no hair from the neck down, clean inside and out, and on your knees waiting with open holes. Is that understood?” “Yes Sir,” Josh said into the sheets below his face. Kaito got on his knees behind Josh and motioned for Nate to go by his head. Nate stripped to his jockstrap bayındır escort and knelt in front of Josh. Kyle knelt to the side, out of the way but with a perfect view. “Second rule girl,” Kaito said as he started to rub Josh’s perfectly framed ass in the pink panties. “No noise while being fucked. That means no whimpers, no sniffles, no moaning, no crying, no yelling. Do you understand?” HE slapped Josh’s ass again. “Yes sir,” Josh said softly, “no noise” “That’s a good girl,” Kaito said mockingly as he rubbed his ass, “You never know where or when you will be needed so it’s a good habit, right now, to be quiet when being used. Discretion is important with the team. Understand?” Another slap. Josh jumped and quietly whispered “Yes Sir”. Kaito looked at Nate. “The bitch needs to learn from Day One what is expected of her. Even though she will be your girlfriend, bro, she still belongs to Coach and the team. You get that, right?” Nate simply nodded to his team captain. He looked at Kyle, kneeling near by. “Why the fuck isn’t she shaved?” He said angrily, “girls don’t have hair below their neck.” “Im sorry Sir,” Kyle said sheepishly, “there just wasn’t time.” “Fix her after we’re finished here,” the team captain said, “only real men have hair so I don’t want to see it after today.” “Of course Sir,” Kyle said quietly. “Lets just do this cause I got a nice load that needs to come out of my balls.” Kaito said as he pulled out his cock. Josh saw nothing except Nate’s thighs as he was so kneeling directly in front of his face. “I want the girl to stare at her boyfriend while she is being used.” Kaito instructed as Kyle lifted Josh’s head by the hair so he was looking up at Nate. “Keep your eyes on your boyfriend no matter what honey.” Kyle said softly to Josh, who was now looking up at Nate smiling down at him. Kaito sucked his finger and rubbed Josh’s hole. Kaito pushed his finger into Josh’s hole. The boy tried to hold still without making a sound. “Ah,” Josh reacted. Nate reached down and lovingly put his finger over Josh’s lips to hush him. “Be a good girl now and stay quiet.” Nate whispered to Josh. Josh bit his lip and nodded to Nate. Kaito was now fucking Josh’s hole with one finger. Josh didn’t move and stayed focus on Nate’s face. Nate could see Kaito lining his cock up with Josh’s hole. “I’m gonna turn you into a nice faggot bitch girl.” Kaito said, “You will crave a cock in your pussy everyday and, with your boyfriend’s permission, the whole team is gonna enjoy using you.” Kaito pressed his cockhead against Josh’s pussy opening. “Try to relax now girl,” Nate said, “You’re about to get fucked real good whether it hurts or not.” Nate pulled Josh’s face against his bulging jock pouch. Josh smelled the familiar sweaty phenomes that seemed to make him more horny. “Keep your eyes on your man, girl.” Kaito said as he started to push now. “uhhhh…” Josh softly moaned. “What did I say bitch.” Kaito hit Josh hard across the back of his head. “No noise” The slap startled Josh but helped him focus on Nate’s eyes. It was partially blocked by his growing cock bulge in his mouth but it also helped him to remain still. Kaito pushed hard. Josh stifled a wince and squeezed his eyes shut momentarily as he felt the awful pain. His mouth stayed open as he drooled on Nate’s growing cock bulge. Kaito was not gentle. He slapped Josh’s ass again. “Get used to it now faggot.” Kaito said as he abruptly punched his cock into Josh’s hole. Josh’s face was pushed into Nate crotch everytime Kaito fucked his cock into his pussy. “mmmphfff” Josh couldn’t stifle his groaning. “Shut her up bro.” Kaito said to Nate. “It won’t take me long to seed the bitch, but she can’t make any fucking noise. Stuff her mouth.” Nate pulled his cock out of his jock and pried open Josh’s mouth. His cock pushed into the coxswain’s mouth. Nate wrapped his hands around the back of Josh’s head to keep his cock buried deep in his roommates’ throat. “You’re lucky your pussy is nice and tight bitch,” Kaito said, “you’re gonna make me cum quick.” The team captain started fucking harder into the coxswain’s pussy now. Each time, Josh would swallow Nate’s cock. “You see how your supposed to fuck the bitch bro?” Kaito said to Nate. “She needs… to know… who… the … boss…. Is… UGH” He said this as he jabbed Josh’s hole harder with each word. “Look at your boyfriend girl. Suck his cock like a good little girl now.” He continued jabbing Josh’s hole, “Do…. Your…. Job….bitch. UGH. Ohhhhh fuckkkkk.” It seemed like Kaito was ready to cum inside Josh’s hole and breed him for the first time. Kaito started to rut into Josh now. “Pull him down to the base of your cock bro.” Kaito said to nate, “Hold him there while I breed the bitch.” Nate pulled Josh’s head into his crotch, burying his cock deep into his throat.” Josh couldn’t breathe now and started to struggle. “I’m cumming in him.” Kaito yelled as he shoved his cock to the base in Josh’s ass. “Hold him bro…. FUCKKKKkkkkk. Sooo fucking good….. ahhhhhhh”. Josh was unaware that Kaito was shooting into his ass because he was focused on just trying to breathe. Suddenly, Josh collapsed and Nate let go of his head. Josh was gasping for breath while Kaito still had his cock buried inside his ass. Nobody moved. Eventually Kaito slipped his cock out of Josh’s ass and motioned for Kyle, pointing to Josh’s hole. Kyle leaned in and started licking the coxswain’s hole. Kaito’s cum was leaking out and Kyle slurped it up. “Don’t move faggot and let my bitch eat my cum out of your hole.” Kaito said. Josh didn’t move and just focused on breathing. “Go ahead and cum on his face bro.” Kaito told Nate, “I think he’s worn out anyway.” “ahhhh, nah, that’s cool bro.” Nate replied. “Why not?” Kaito moved closer and motioned to his cock. “Your cock is fucking rock hard and ready to shoot bro. Do it!!.” “Yeah, but… I can’t cum on him.” Nate said, “Let me cum in him.” It was interesting how Nate was asking Kaito permission for a change. Josh barely noticed but Nate seemed almost submissive to Kaito. “No bro,” Kaito said, “cover his face with your seed. She’s your property now and you should mark it.” Kaito pushed him on the shoulder and Nate got upset. “I hate cum bro.” Nate yelled back at him shrugging his shoulder. “It makes me puke.” “what the fuck bro,” Kaito said, “Lots of guys hate cum. Its normal for a straight dude.” “No, it makes me hurl, seriously bro” Nate confessed. “Come on dude,” Kaito said almost gently, “Let me help you get over that.” Kaito said. He actually took Nate’s cock and pointed it towards Josh face as he jerked off his buddy. “Get over here bitch,” Kaito yelled to his girlfriend Kyle. Kyle had finished cleaning the cum from Josh’s ass and moved in front of them. Josh was still unresponsive as he stared at Nate’s cock in front of him. “Such him baby,” Kaito ordered Kyle, “this bitch here is too worn out to be of any use.” Kaito pointed Nate’s cock towards Kyle, who instantly swallowed it to the base. “Wow, fuckkkk” Nate moaned. “Yeah bro,” Kaito chuckled, “she sucks a mean cock, doesn’t she?” Kyle was deepthroating nate’s cock each time, knowing his job to make the athlete cum as soon as possible. “Tell me when you’re ready to blow dude.” Kaito said just as Nate started groaning. “Close bro,” Nate moaned, “fuck your girlfriend can suck a mean cock.” “Yeah,” Kaito smiled, “She had the best trainer. We we will train your bitch to do the same thing.” “Fuck, I don’t know about this Kaito,” Nate said, “Im getting close and I hate the smell of cum.” “You’ll get over it bro,” Kaito encouraged him, “Just look away when you shoot. Kyle will aim your cock to cover Josh’s face with your cum. You’ll mark him as your property now stud.” “Ahhhhhh, fuckkkk, gonna cum.” Nate groaned loudly turning his head around to look away. “Aim his cock on the faggot’s face bitch.” Kaito instructed Kyle. He pulled his mouth of Nate’s cock just as the first shot jetted out of the piss slit. Kyle aimed and it hit Josh in his right eye. “Hold still faggot so your man can mark you with his seed, bitch.” Kaito held Josh’s head still as Kyle kept jerking Nate’s cock and aiming it at Josh’s face.” “Fuckkkkkk, I can’t look at it bro,” Nate cried, “I know it looks nasty.” Nate narlıdere escort cock stopped shooting. “Go for a walk bro, but don’t touch your cock.” Kaito turned him around and gave him and pushed his shoulder. “Come back and your new girlfriend will have to clean it for you.” Nate walked around the room almost hyperventilating. While he was cooling down, Kaito wiped most of the cum from Josh’s face into his open mouth. “Leave the rest to dry there.” Kaito said to Kyle. He looked back at Josh and spoke. “You know your place now cox?” Kaito said as he smeared Nate’s cum all over his face. “You are here for the team and the team is here for you. You are one of us now and, like each of us, you have a very important job. You will lead us on the water but you will follow us everywhere else. Isnt’ that what you want Clarkson?” “Yes Sir” Josh said quietly. “Good girl,” Kaito said as he pet the top of Josh’s head like a pet. “So now, we have some rules now that you will follow.” He guided Josh to his knees on the floor. Nate came back next to Kaito and stood in front of him with their slimey cocks still damp and drooling cum. Nate put his arm around his buddy. “Look at our cocks while I talk to you little girl.” Kaito said as he scooped up some remaining cum from his cock and put it on Josh’s lips. “You are going to help your boyfriend with his cum issue, right?” Kaito asked Josh. Josh simply nodded. “You’ll get used to leaving your cum on your girlfriend’s face, bro.” Kaito said to Nate. He turned back to Josh and pulled his face against his own cock. “Lick girl” Kaito instructed, “Lick while you listen to what I’m going to say.” Josh started licking Kaito’s cock with Nates directly next to it. Josh could smell all the dried cum. Nate was breathing heavy due to the smell of the cum. “Try to chill bro,” Kaito said softly as he rubbed nate’s shoulder. He spoke back to Josh. “Listen bitch,” he said to Josh, “You will devote yourself to your new boyfriend.” Kaito held onto Josh face in his crotch, “Your priority is still the Coach and the team. That means you will be available at all times to take their hormone if the coach requires that. Your hormone stays inside your balls so, from now on, you don’t touch your little clit.” “You will learn to have an orgasm, if allowed, from your holes. The cage stays on unless you prove to us that you have learned to not touch your faggot clit unless given permission. If you can’t get your fag orgasm from your holes, then you don’t cum until you learn. As a reward, your boyfriend may rub, or allow you to rub, your clit but only using two fingers like a girl masturbates.” “You will remain completely shaved from the neck down and will wear only fag girly panties under your clothes. You will be trained by your boyfriend, to remain clean and hold dildos in your vagina for long periods of time. This will train your cunt muscle to open and close around our cocks while we inject you with hormone.” Kaito walked to Kyle. “Thanks for helping out girl.” He said, “get her clothes so we can send them home.” Kyle gave Josh his clothes and winked at him. Josh dressed over his lingerie. “You did good honey.” Kyle said quietly to Josh, “You’ll get used to it.” Nate and Josh walked back to the dorm in silence. Neither person knew what to say. When they arrived at their room, Josh collapsed on his bed and softly cried into the pillow. Nate went to his closet and pulled out two small boxes. He sat down next to Josh on his bed and said nothing. He put his hand on Josh’s back to calm him but his roommate jumped in surprise. “Shhhhh,” Nate said softly, “it’s ok, it’s OK boy.” Josh relaxed as Nate continued to gently rub his back. Nate slid his hand into the back of Josh’s pants, feeling his panty covered ass. After Josh stopped sobbing, Nate laid down next to him, on his back, and crooked his arm under Josh’s head to pull him into his armpit. Josh sniffled and inhaled Nate’s body odor. Josh closed his eyes and breathed the male pheromones. “What am I doing?” Josh said very quietly. “You doing what you’re supposed to do babe.” Nate replied. “Think about it. You love this Josh.” Josh lifted his head to pull away but Nate grabbed his neck to pulled him into his armpit. He continued, “You want this Josh. I helped to release something that has always been inside you. This is who you are now Josh. Besides, you agreed to be my girlfriend because I am not gay.” “Either am I Nate, ah Sir.” Josh said quickly. “Yeah but you’ll get your Varsity letter out of this too.” Nate said as he rubbed the back of Josh’s head. “Youre now a jock like the rest of us. You’ve never been a jock before and now you have a Varsity letter to prove it. Its’ something you’ll have for the rest of your life. Memories you will never forget.” Josh looked up at Nate smiling at him. “We know you’re not a real girl but, right now, you’ll be MY girl. Don’t you get it? It’s a win-win deal boy.” Josh just sighed loudly. “Here baby,” Nate said as he sat up holding Josh. “I bought you something to commemorate us. I mean, guys are supposed to buy their girlfriends stuff right?” Nate pulled out the two boxes and place them on the bed in front of Josh. He looked at his roommate and smiled. Josh opened the first box. At first he didn’t know what it was. Sheer silky soft nylon. Lingerie. Black and pink lingerie. Josh lifted several pieces up to see them. Panties, Garter belt with nylons, stretchy sheer top that was very small, and black pumps. “Please baby,” Nate said softly, “Put them on baby. You’ll look so fucking sexy with that ass. Come on, do it for your boyfriend.” Josh was completely and totally confused now. He loved the way Nate was treating him, like a real person. He wanted to make Nate happy. Yes, he agreed to be his girlfriend. He knew this would only be temporary anyway so what’s the big deal. He stood up to go change. “Wait,” nate said, “the second box baby.” Josh opened it. What? A butt plug dildo. “Noooo please,” Josh said softly. “Now, now now, you can’t complain once you agree baby.” Nate said, “Kaito gave you the rules too, remember? You need to focus on your holes and train that beautiful pussy to take my protein. That’s your job girl.” As he spoke to Josh he was caressing his ass gently. “You have such beautiful pussy baby” Nate said as he dragged his finger across his hole. “My pussy, right?” suddenly Nate slapped Josh’s ass hard. “Never disobey your new boyfriend baby.” Nate said sternly, “A good girl obeys her man. You will do as I say or the Coach and the whole team will know that you’re being a bad girl for me. Besides, I would make you wear it all the time… You will obey me whether you like it or not, don’t forget that.” Nate needed to test his roommate one more time. Nate turned around and bent over with his ass facing Josh. “Now, give your boyfriend a nice French kiss and then you’ll get dressed for me baby.” Nate pulled open his ass cheeks and exposed his sweaty asshole to Josh. “Obey your man bitch.” Nate said more aggressively, “or I tell Kaito.” Josh knelt down with his face in Nate’s ass. Without warning, Nate farted directly into Josh’s face. He instantly reached back and grabbed Josh’s head to keep him in place, smelling his fart. “Stay right there and do as I say bitch.” Nate insisted, “Now give me a nice wet kiss baby.” “Yes Sir,” Josh said softly as he leaned in to kiss and lick Nate’s asshole. “Good girl,” Nate cooed, “talk to my hole bitch. Tell him how good he smells and tastes in your mouth.” “You smell so good Sir,” Josh whimpered as he French kissed Nates’ hairy asshole. “I love kissing you Sir. You taste so good in my mouth.” “That’s right,” Nate moaned as Josh’s tongue dug into his asshole. “Mmmmm, you’re my pussy girl, right baby?” Josh continued licking but paused briefly to say into Nate’s ass, “Yes Sir, your pussy girl.” —To be continued — READERS: Again, Thank you to all the emails I have received with comments and ideas. I love your perverted ideas and have tried to incorporate them into the story. Let me know if there is something you want Josh to experience before I finish this story. Also, please look for my other stories here on NIFTY. Go to the AUTHOR search feature here in the menu and click BUSTERMUSCLE… “My Stepdad Knows Best”, “My Uncle’s Farm”, “Truckers Boy”, “Military Recruit”. All in Authoritarian section. Most of my stories involved the dominant/submissive male vs male power struggle. I believe that sexual control of one man over another is a huge turn on for me. NO, ALL MEN ARE NOT CREATED EQUAL. LOL. Please email me at hoo with any comments. I will answer ALL emails.

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