becoming the property of Miss Amelia part 1

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becoming the property of Miss Amelia part 1It was a usual type of day, work finished and I was awaiting the bus to go home. A slight wind was blowing enough to ruffle hair and such. The bus was late and I decided to walk home, not that I would get there this day and how things would change.I walked up the hill look at some of the ladies walking by always love the power dressed types or more formal dresses though I do have a liking for Goth types as well. Up the hill and through the park sitting for a while watching life go by. Passing me by was a woman around mid forties and slightly curvy she dropped her hand bag and the contents spilled, i volunteered some help and her things had s**ttered quite a way. She looked at me and said “thank you” I replied “a pleasure to help Miss” always a pleasure I thought and it seemed she read those. We got into some light conversation usual stuff weather and such.The lady was dressed in what was to find out later tights. Three quarter length skirt a blouse of light pink cotton a jacket black and business like black heeled shoes which I found so lovely. I would end up kissing these shoes. For helping this woman I was invited to a café for a rewarding cuppa. We talked finding we had similar bakırköy escort interests in the arts and reading. One thing led to another as the saying goes. And the lady invited me back to her place to see what reading material she had.So a short walk back to her place and through the door into the kitchen, she asked nay commanded that I was to remove my foot wear which I did. And I was offered a drink. Following her to the lounge I looked at her book collection I noticed some unusual books to do with dominance when I questioned this she gave a slight nod to that being her liking. And would I like to look through one. Well I must admit I have looked at Dominant women before in some magazines and web sites. I noticed that the woman I the pics was a younger versions of the one who’s house I was in.I heard a click and the room door had been locked I panicked a little and was told in no uncertain terms to kneel. Not sure what to do i dropped to my knees and was given a bag well more a small suitcase and told to divest myself of my garment and put on what was inside. I opened the case and saw some panties and a gag the gag was put on by the lady so I could not say aught. Slowly beşiktaş escort I took my clothes off and put on the panties they were white and of cotton not the lacy one, not the one sees others wear. . after changing I heard her whisper in my ear “kneel face the bookcase” this I did not sure what to do. What to do all I could think of was to comply it was something I had desired for some years and at the age of 56 it seemed to be happening.Blindfolded I was told to turn around but not to stand to keep kneeling. I could smell this woman in front of me a hand pressed my head to the floor and her shoes, “this will be the way you greet me in future” she said in a low whisper. Her breath tickling my ear. I thought ‘future’ what is this, what is happening. Slowly and without warning I felt a sting just a hand slap on the back and told would you like more dry throated I sort of said ‘maybe’.I’ve been watching you I knew you were subservient a potential being for me to bend and shape to my will. I was slowly being sucked into her world just there blind folded almost naked.Asked to kiss her shoes again she said “now my little on you are to call me Miss Amelia understand” I replied “yes beylikdüzü escort Miss……… sorry Miss Amelia” Do you masturbate she asked. I replied “I do Miss Amelia” .”mmmmmmmmm” she said in thoughtful answer “this will have to stop” . “yes” I said. “yes what” she said sternly.“yes Miss Amelia” I heard a box being opened and then closed, told to stand legs apart I did this without question.I had been here for some hours and was warming to Miss Amelia’s way a swift tap on the scrotum and felt a pain through me and all shrunk. “you will be locked into this and only ever allowed to cum at my bidding, which will not be often”And so it was I was bound into almost permanent chastity. This all seemed so easy I was so very willing. “now to rename you, your peter now but in my presence your name henceforth will be known as nikki slowly you will be dressed as a sissy”Later I will measure for an outfit. For now that will do, come nikki I want pleasure from your tongue your cock will no longer be used for sex. There are other delights I have in store for you.You were so easy to enslave and now before you go I will register you as mine. And in time will be marked with a small tattoo a letter A.Now dress and go home tomorrow you will ring me for instruction on things to doo while I am not around and a time to come and visit me here in my home, you may be required to entertain me and a friend or two be good my little slut. But now your locked up you cannot be anything but good hahaha.And so it was I fell not to unwillingly into Miss Amelia’s thrall.

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