Becoming My Sister’s Toilet Pt. 02

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Next morning I woke with a head full of rocks over there on the table were the little potted condiments and the empty vodka bottle, just as we’d left them.

Subconsciously, I raised my hand up to my mouth. “Oh god,” I croaked. “Oh my god.”

I didn’t know what else to say.

And then I remembered something else, something Cadie had whispered in my ear before she went to sleep: “I’ll let you have my morning pee.”

Her morning pee! Ew! What on earth made her think I’d want that, for chrissakes? And, wait, there had been a sort of catch, hadn’t there. Yes, that was it: If I wanted it… I would have to ask for it.

“Uh…” I shook my head and blinked the blurriness out of my eyes. “You woke me up…”

“Because I need to go,” Cadie confirmed, smiling evilly. “You have to be awake so you can make the choice.”

“The choice?” I asked, pretending not to remember.

Cadie rolled her eyes.

“Am I going in there?” she said, and nodded toward the bathroom door. “Or in here?” she reached out and pressed a finger to my lips.

I jerked my head back away from Cadie’s touch and blinked again, but not for the sleep-fuzz this time. I was having trouble getting my head around… well, everything really. For one thing, I was having a serious case of ‘morning after regret’ over letting Cadie… do what she did to me. But at the same time, I couldn’t ignore the excited electric jolt her words ( so close that I could once again smell the musky aroma of her genitals.

“At first I thought I’d do it like this,” Cadie said, matter-of-factly. “Cause of the view, y’know? I’d get to watch my big sis filling up on my pee and swallowing it down, just like I did last night. But then,” she added, “I had an even Better idea.”

She stood up and turned one-hundred and eighty degrees to face the opposite direction. She descended again, this time coming down to a kneeling position over me.

“Hey!” I objected reflexively, panic coming into my voice, and I twisted my body as Cadie lowered her buttocks inexorably toward my face. Surely she didn’t think my permission for her demonstration extended to that? “Nuh-uh! Wait!”

“Shhh!” Cadie hissed, cocking a leg and twisting to one side so that she could look down at me. “Are you trying to get us caught? I said I would show you. This is showing you.”

“But…” I protested, keeping my own voice to a whisper, “that’s your ass!”

“Yes, it’s my ass,” Cadie agreed, her tone dripping with scorn. “Now I’m gonna put it on your face, because that’s how I want to do this. And you’re gonna let me do it, because it’s either that or you leave right now. And I think you don’t want to leave yet. Do you?”

By now my body was pulsing with an undeniable arousal, and my Primal Hunger was Lefkoşa Escort ravenous with anticipation. No, I didn’t want to leave. And it must’ve showed in my face because Cadie snorted, contemptuous and amused.

“I didn’t think so,” she said. “Now stop being such a goddamned prude and let it happen.”

She reset herself, and brought her ass down again. This time, to my own surprise, I didn’t do anything to stop her. “Let it happen,” she’d said. And the way she’d said it… demanded it… something inside me just sort of wilted. All I could do was watch in a rapt sort of fascination as my sister reached back to part her buttocks and planted herself down on my face, the puckered aperture of her asshole coming to rest directly beneath my nose.

It was so bizarre. If anyone had asked me right then how I felt – really felt in my heart – about my sister, I would have said that I hated her. And It would have been the truth. I hated Cadie. I hated her more than any other person I knew. But that goddamned Primal Hunger was transmuting everything by some mysterious alchemy, reversing it somehow, so that even my powerful loathing for Cadie was altered, mirrored and projected back as a sort of intense yearning to submit to her. To serve her. To worship her. And that precisely BECAUSE I hated her so purely.

Well, I couldn’t hold my breath forever, so I breathed in experimentally, taking in the odour of my sister’s asshole for the first time in my life, and… and…


All the pleasure receptors in my brain were lighting up like a fireworks display on the Fourth of July! I groaned helplessly through my outward breath, lifting my hips and rubbing my thighs together reflexively. Then, before I knew what I was doing, I found myself reaching up to take hold of Cadie’s hips and nuzzling my face in deeper – deeper! – between her firm little buttocks. And when I inhaled again, this time I filled my lungs until they felt fit to burst.

Above me, Cadie laughed.

“You see!” she crowed, jiggling her ass side to side on me. “Showing is so much more interesting than telling. Just think, if I’d only told you what I wanted to do, you wouldn’t be here right now, discovering that you’re a freak for the way your superior sister’s butthole smells.”

I didn’t argue. There wasn’t any way to hide the truth of my body’s reaction. I just lay there, stunned by this new revelation of my own perverted submissiveness, filling my lungs over and over again with the oddly intoxicating secret scent of Cadie’s ass crack.

“All right,” Cadie’s mocking voice came from above me, and she lifted herself up a little off my face. “Fun as this is, my little Butt Slut, it’s time to finish our game.”

For a moment Girne Escort I didn’t quite understand, disorientated by my shameful arousal. What game? Were we playing a game?

“Huh?” I asked

Cadie just sighed, exasperated.

“Ask me for it,” she said, her tone articulating precisely how dumb I was being. “Ask me for my morning pee, Idiot, so I can use your mouth as my toilet again.”

Oh… that game.

I knew I was breaking, and had been since the moment I called for Cadie to wait. I wanted to submit to her, that was clear. I wanted her to use me. I wanted to know how it would feel to let that spiteful, beautiful bitch have her way with me. I wanted to know how her urine would taste after it had been stewing inside her body all night long. But at the same time I knew what it meant to ask her:

There could be no more excuses, no place to hide from the truth. I wouldn’t be able to claim drunkenness this time, or a physical overpowering. Cadie would use me as her toilet because (and only because) I wanted and chose to let her. It would all be on me.

I swallowed.

“Okay…” I said, hoarsely. “Yes.”

“‘Okay… Yes,’ isn’t asking.” Cadie sneered. “Do it properly.”

I blew out a deep breath and cleared my throat. I couldn’t believe I was doing this, but at the same time I couldn’t any longer even begin to think about not doing it.

“All right,” I said, my voice trembling. “I… I want you to do it in my mouth. I want to be your toilet again. Can I… Can I have your pee? Please, Cadie?”

Cadie’s answer was another snort of contempt as she lowered her ass back down onto my face. “Okay,” she said curtly, having settled herself “open.”

God, I remember my heart was beating so hard then that I thought I might pass out. I opened my mouth wide, tilting my head back a little, and waited for Cadie to perform a few final adjustments as she maneuvered herself into position.

And then…

And then my sister’s pussy was in my mouth! For some reason I hadn’t quite expected that, but now I could feel Cadie’s soft, warm pussy lips nestling into the opening I’d created for her.

“Like spaceships docking,” I thought through the haze of my intense arousal, and might have laughed if the air in the bathroom hadn’t been so dreadfully brittle with perverted anticipation.

“Ready?” Cadie asked.


Then it was happening again.

I felt several warm, liquid impacts on my tongue in quick succession, and half a heartbeat later the taste of Cadie’s urine exploded across my tastebuds. God it was strong. So, so much more potent than the previous time. Whereas in the night Cadie’s urine had had a definite tang, it was much more subtle and couched in a Magosa Escort general wateriness. But now the sourness of her outflow was immediate, acidic and overpowering. It was so strong that it sort of burned everything it touched.

I squirmed beneath Cadie, and let out a depraved groan that was equal parts astonished revulsion and perverted ecstasy. I had no idea whether I’d be able to stomach something so viciously potent, but I wanted to. I wanted to be Cadie’s toilet, and right then that meant swallowing her thick, powerful morning pee. So I kept my lips sealed around her pussy, and allowed the acrid cascade to slowly fill me.

After a little while longer I grunted and tapped Cadie’s buttock to let her know that I was in danger of overflowing, or choking. Maybe both. She stopped and lifted herself up quickly, cocking her leg and twisting as she’d done before so she could watch. For a moment I just lay there, my cheeks bulging out around the mouthful of my sister’s savagely potent urine.

“Do it!” Cadie urged, her eyes bright with perverted fascination. “Drink my stinky morning pee.”

I winced, leaned my head forward a few degrees… and swallowed.

A wicked thrill like an electric shock ripped through me as my sister’s urine sloshed quickly down my throat and passed deep into my own body. I knew somewhere in the back of my mind that this was the moment of my absolute defeat at her hands, but somehow, down in the pit of my stomach, it felt almost like a sort of victory.

I looked up at Cadie and opened my mouth wide to show her I’d done it – made myself her toilet again, sober this time, and with her pee at its most undiluted.

“God, I fucking hate you,” she said, smirking down at me, her expression haughty and full of spite. “I always have, you know that?”

“Yeah, I know,” I replied simply, before reaching up to pull her hips back down toward my face.

Cadie didn’t hurry. The truth is, neither of us wanted her to. Now that I had submitted again, my sister was free to enjoy my mouth as her prize. In some profound sense I belonged to her now, and we both knew it. The second mouthful was easier than the first. The third easier still. And by the fourth I knew that I was growing to love the taste of Cadie’s morning urine.

I lost count of how many times she filled me. I’d lapsed into a sort of delirious euphoria, where my entire world consisted only of the taste of Cadie’s pee, and the ever-present and strangely intoxicating odor of her asshole. My existence had only one purpose then, to make myself a receptacle for Cadie’s liquid waste. And every time I swallowed another mouthful of her powerful morning pee, my body rewarded me with wave after wave of a peculiar satisfaction.

Eventually, though, my sister’s stream sputtered and died away.

I kept my mouth open as she worked her pelvic muscles, trying to find and squeeze out the last lingering dregs of sluggish urine – and succeeding a little. But then it was done, and for the second time in less than ten hours I’d drunk my sister dry.

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