Becoming Jerry’s Master

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So, you like to get sucked. Who doesn’t? You’ve been around long enough to know you don’t always get what you want from your wife. Having an affair with another woman is too risky so you started to think about the idea of getting a blow job from a guy.

It didn’t start out that way. You were reading porn and jacking off. One thing led to another and you found yourself drawn to the gay section. You’re not gay; really, you just found those stories the fastest way to get off. Some of the stories were about guys who were forced to blow someone. Maybe they were stranded by car troubles or weather. Maybe it was a story about a guy in a park restroom. None of them were what you could do; you’re not that kind of guy. You wouldn’t just tell a guy to get on his knees or else; too dangerous.

There were stories about losing a bet. None of your friends made that kind of bet, at least not with you. And stories about wives who cuckolded their husbands and made them suck off their lovers. You didn’t know any women who wanted you and wanted to shame their husbands too.

One day you decided to check out Craigslist. What you found shocked you! So many men were looking for sex, one way or the other. Admit it. You were excited. You couldn’t stop yourself, you rubbed one out just reading those ads (and looking at all those cocks!). That became a daily ritual. It took a while for you to work up the balls to respond to one of those ads. But then you did; nothing but disappointment. You’d respond; no reply. If there was a reply you had to host. Your wife wouldn’t like that at all. Or they wanted to meet in a park. You weren’t that crazed.

And then there was Jerry. Divorced; he could host. You met on a Saturday morning. He told you to wear a red shirt and a ball cap. He came to the door in a flannel robe, nothing else. He invited you in and put on some gay porn. You sat on his couch. He spread your legs and rubbed your crotch. You responded, he unzipped you and stroked your cock. You moaned, he started to suck you. It was over in about five minutes. He leaned back, tucked you back in your pants. It was awkward, you mumbled a thank-you and left. When you tried to email him again he didn’t respond. What you did learn was that one blow job wasn’t going to be enough.

You had some time to think about what went wrong. You decided you were just like your wife. You just leaned back and let Jerry do all the work. You didn’t really participate. You read stories about what guys who enjoy sucking cock want. It finally dawned on you, they want a partner who truly likes oral sex and isn’t shy about it. A guy who will make it exciting for them too!

You devised a scenario that you found sexy. A scene you could control. You would be a Dom; but with whom? Why not Jerry? If you did it right he would be perfect. You knew he liked to suck and was pretty good at it. His condo was nice; at least the living room was nice. So you sent him an email: “Jerry, I will be at your place Saturday morning at 8 am. You will be wearing a bra and panties under your robe. You will also wear bright red lipstick. This time it will be my way and you will like it!”

Jerry did not respond. You weren’t sure what to do. The only way to know for sure was to go to Jerry’s place on Saturday. As you approached the door it opened and there stood Jerry in his robe and lipstick! The plan was in motion.

You walked in and closed the door. You walked past Jerry and pointed to a spot in the middle of the room. “Stand here, Jerry.” You ordered in the sternest voice you could muster. “Let me get a good look at you.” As you walked around him your hand brushed against his ass. You reached in front of him and cupped his dick and balls. He was getting hard. “Show me the rest of your place, Jerry; I want to see if there is a better place for you to blow me.”

Without speaking or any resistance Jerry led you through the dining area and kitchen to a family room that opened on to a deck. There were at least five other condos that had a view of his deck. “This is disappointing, Jerry, you don’t know how much I enjoy being sucked outdoors.” He turned and went back to the living room and led the way up the steps to a loft bedroom. There were three nice windows, two facing the rear and the third facing the side of the condo. It sat at a high point in relation to the other units and you could see that none of them had any direct line of sight into the room.

Jerry stepped towards the windows to close the blinds. “No Jerry, leave them open. I like the morning light. Besides, no one can see in unless you’re expecting a window washer. Now stand here at the foot of the bed and let me get a good look at you.” You placed a hand on his chest. “Wearing a bra, Jerry? Did you do as I said? Did you already have one, Jerry? You cupped his tit and pinched its nipple. It feels like your titties are getting hard, Jerry, do you have sensitive tits Jerry, it seems you like this.” Your hand dropped to his crotch. “Wearing panties too, Jerry? It feels like your little clittie is getting hard. Do you play with your clittie, Jerry? After you blow me bahis siteleri you are going to show me how you play with that little clittie, Jerry, you do want to show me, don’t you Jerry?”

Throughout this interrogation Jerry held his tongue. He nodded in agreement but said nothing. You could tell he was responding though by his breathing and his eyelids which were half closed and his tongue which was constantly licking his lips. “Now let’s take off the robe, I want to see that nice bra and those sexy panties.” You undid the belt and opened the robe. He was wearing a matching red demi-cup bra and bikini cut panties. You slipped the robe off his shoulders and let it fall to the floor. You put your hands on his chest and rubbed his tits. “Where ever did you find such a nice fitting bra? It looks like it was made for you!” You pull one bra strap off his shoulder. “Look at that nipple, it’s so hard! Should I kiss it, lick it, bite it?” Not waiting for a answer you suck his tit into your mouth and give it a playful bite. Your hand cups his balls and gives them a firm squeeze. “Take off my shirt.” You rasp into his ear.

Jerry’s fingers fumble with the buttons. He slips it off and lays it on the bed. You draw him close and grind your crotch into his ass. “My slacks,” you whisper. He turns and his fingers deal nervously with your belt. The zipper gives him trouble but soon your slacks are lying on the bed. The two of you look ridiculous; he’s in a bra and panties you’re in boxers, shoes and socks. You’re both middleaged, scrawny legs, little pot belly’s and thinning hair. Certainly nothing to envy but you share one quality; a love of cock sucking. He does it and you like it. The morning sun pours in the windows. You move to his side and press your hard cock against his thigh. You stroke his chest and belly as you tell him how much you enjoy the way he sucks cock. “On your knees, Jerry.” You whisper in his ear. You bite his earlobe like you would a woman’s.

As Jerry drops to his knees you tell him to take off your shoes and socks. When he is done you press your boxer covered cock against his face. He makes kissing sounds as you hold him against you with one hand and slowly hump against him. “Are you a cum slut, Jerry?” You taunt him playfully. “Is that why you are a cocksucker? Or do you like being a cunt; a place for a man to sheath his weapon? Which is it, Jerry, look at me and tell me what you like.”

Jerry has the look of a man who has found peace. A man who has found acceptance; he can be what he is without fear of rejection. “It’s both! I love the feel of your cock on my lips and tongue; the way it slides along the roof of my mouth and challenges my throat. When you cum I love the warm silky feel and the salty/sweet taste as you empty your balls into my mouth.”

You didn’t expect it but the way he answered suggested you took his virginity during your last visit. “Was I your first, Jerry?”

He hesitated not knowing how to answer. “It’s alright, Jerry, you are my first and only cocksucker.” He looked up and replied, “Yes.”

“Have there been others, Jerry?” You press.

He looked down as if ashamed. “No.”

“I’m glad, Jerry. I like having you all to myself.” The whole while you have been rubbing your boxer covered cock on his face. “Take off my boxers, Jerry.” Your cock points lewdly at his face when the boxers drop to the floor. “Kiss my balls, Jerry.” You assume the classic stance of a man about to be serviced. Your feet spread, knees slightly bent, pelvis tilted giving him room to do his job. He kisses your balls. “Lick them, Jerry.” He licks all over, front, back, sides. He goes surprisingly deep between your legs. It dawns on you that he might want to rim you! Another time you think as you enjoy his attentions. “Now suck them, Jerry. Loosen up all that tasty jizm. When it’s time you’ll want to completely drain them, won’t you?” He can only moan his compliance.

“Lick my shaft, Jerry.” Reluctantly he gives up your balls in favor of licking your shaft. His hands are on the back of your thighs kneading rhythmically as he licks. You have one hand on the top of his head. “You are a cock loving slut, aren’t you Jerry?” He nods as he licks. “Say it, Jerry. Tell me what you are.”

“I’m a cock loving slut.”

“What else, Jerry?”

“I’m a cock loving cum slut.”


“I’m your cock loving cum slut.”

“That’s right, Jerry. Now start sucking. Not too fast and not too hard. This morning you will take your time; you must take your time!” As your cock slides into his mouth you notice the mirror on the closet door. Two horny men are having sex right before your eyes! It’s like you are in a porn video. You wonder if Jerry would like to make a video. Would he like to be able to see himself sucking cock? “Massage my balls, slut.” His right hand goes between your legs and fondles your balls. “My balls are a little hairy, aren’t they, slut? Should I shave them for you?”

Your cock drops out of Jerry’s mouth. “No, please, natural is best!”

Your cock is promptly back in Jerry’s warm, willing mouth. “That’s good, cock canlı bahis siteleri sucker. I don’t like the way naked balls feel anyway.” Jerry moans his approval. You resume the slow fucking of his mouth as he sucks.

The sun has risen just high enough that there is a shadow above Jerry’s head. His face and your cock are brilliantly illuminated. It is like watching a video but better, much better!

“I wish you could see yourself, cock sucker! You look like a whore in your bra and panties. If you had a wig it would be perfect. Will you get a wig and be a cock sucking whore?”

Jerry drops your cock again. “I’m your cock sucking slut, I’m not a whore! Whores charge for their services my reward is your sweet cum!”

“Fair enough; keep sucking, slut.”

Jerry can feel the pace quicken and he applies more pressure. You both know what will happen and it will be soon! You place both hands on his head; not to drive into him as you would when fucking a woman but to hold him away so that you can fill his mouth. “Don’t swallow, slut! I want to see my load in your mouth.”

It’s too late. As your balls tighten and send your cum racing through your almost painfully throbbing cock he swallows the first shot but then relaxes and lets you deposit shot after shot of silky sweet sticky semen. Your legs tremble and your butt clenches as you struggle to keep from ramming your cock down his throat. You throw your head back and moan as cum flows into Jerry’s mouth. When it’s over, when you’re satisfied you relax your grip and push his head off your deflating cock. “Show me that mouth full of cum, Slut!” You bark. He looks up at you and opens his mouth. You look at the pool of cum on his tongue. “That’s a good cock sucker; now swallow and clean my cock, I don’t want anything left to stain my boxers.”

Jerry swallows and goes back to clean up your crotch. You pull away when he sucks the tip of your cock…it’s too sensitive. “Do you have any coffee made, Jerry?” You walk naked down the stairs and into the kitchen. Jerry grabs his robe and follows. “Wait!” He pleads as he ties the robe around his waist. You walk into the kitchen naked. He’s modestly dressed in his robe. The bright morning sun floods under the patio overhang. The room is all shadows. “What the hell is wrong with you, Jerry? Your neighbors can’t see in. What’s the big deal? Make some coffee…we should talk about what just happened.”

Jerry starts a fresh pot of coffee as you lean against the counter on the far side of the room. As he gets out the cups you give your cock a little encouragement; just enough to keep it nice and plump but not hard. As the coffee brews you call Jerry over and tell him to kneel. His face is just inches from your cock. “Did you enjoy yourself, Jerry?”

He looks up at you and nods yes. “Say it, Jerry. Use your words to confess your secret, Jerry. What are you?”

He looks scared and a little confused but he wants to confess. You know it. He knows it. He just needs a little encouragement. “Jerry, look at me. You know that I already know what you are and what you want but you need to say it out loud again. You need to confess with your mouth the truth you are hiding…say it!”

The silence is almost deafening but you know that Jerry must break the silence. When he does he will be yours for as long as you want him. He confessed once in the bedroom. That was in the heat of service to your cock. Now he will bare his soul in the calm afterglow of his shame. But pride and shame are really closely related emotions. He must learn to take pride in the joyful surrender of his mouth to your pleasure for there is no shame in willingly bringing pleasure to another. For now it is enough that he confess to you alone. Soon he will be proud to share his joy with whomever you want!

Quietly he almost whispers, “I am a cock sucker.”

“I can’t hear you, Jerry.”

“I am a cock sucker.”

“Say again, Jerry, louder.”

“I am a cock sucker!”

“Do you like my balls, Jerry?”

“Oh…yes…I do. I love your balls!”

“I thought you might, Jerry. Hold them in your left hand. Gently squeeze them…that’s it…nice. Rub them, Jerry. I like it when you play with my balls…that feels so good. Maybe there’s another load in there for you.” He looks up and licks his lips. “You’d like that wouldn’t you…fresh, sweet cum just for you.”

“I’m a cum slut. I love the feel of your cock as it grows to its hardest and shoots hot, sweet, slippery cum on my teeth and tongue.” As Jerry spoke his voice grew firmer, calmer. As he gave voice to his secret desires he felt relief. You stroke his head as he speaks and assure him, “You are my cock sucker now, Jerry! Say it!

“I am your cock sucker.”

“You may kiss my cock, Jerry.”

He plants kisses from your balls to the tip of your cock, up one side and down the other and you respond growing harder as he makes sweet love to your cock. “Suck me, Jerry. This time it will take a while, this time we’ll see just how good you really are!”

You glance out the sliding glass doors. There is traffic on the street canlı bahis but no one could see what was happening unless they came right up to the door. Outside the normal people, inside two men exploring their sexual natures. You rub Jerry’s head with both hands. As he licks and sucks you feel the need to take a little more control. You stand straighter, away from the counter and your hips begin the gentle humping motion that has preceded the male climax since man began having sex. “You like being my cunt, don’t you Jerry?”

He moans but keeps sucking firmly on your cock. “How much can you take, Jerry?”

More than half of your cock is disappearing with each stroke but Jerry resists and starts to gag. “Is that all, Jerry? It’s ok, we’ll work on that.”

Jerry moans again as your pace quickens. This time your balls ache and your penis feels like you might have sprained it but you keep up the steady rhythmic pressure until finally your balls give up Jerry’s prize. “I love fucking your face Jerry.” You sigh as your cock withers Jerry dutifully coaxes every last drop from your wilting manhood and as it drops from his mouth it is completely clean.

“Now; how about that coffee, Jerry!” You walk through the dining area and take a seat next to the fireplace in his living room noting as you do that this will make a nice spot for a future scene. You can’t help but think how ridiculous this might look. Two middleaged men, one naked the other in a robe, bra and panties, neither one particularly athletic. Perverted? Yes. But only because society thinks that sex can only be done certain ways. Without the lens of “normal and/or proper” there would be no “perversion.”

Jerry joins you in the living room and hands you a mug of coffee. “Cream or sugar?”

He asks. “Black.” You answer.

“Put your coffee on the hearth and take off your panties, Jerry.” He obeys. “Now kneel facing me with your legs spread so that I can see that nice little clittie you have.” He kneels and spreads his legs, the robe, tied at his waist falls open and frames his crotch. Truth be told his penis is very much like yours but for the sake of your game he must feel somehow subservient. If he is playing the female role it makes sense to assign female terms to his body and make him wear female clothing.

“Do you like showing me your clit?”


“You have nice titties, Jerry. Do you play with them when you jack-off?”


“I want to watch you jack-off, Jerry, do that for me.”

“If you’re serious and you really want to see me cum I’d love to jack-off for you.” Jerry smiles.

This was the first time that Jerry volunteered to express his desires. A good sign, he was starting to open up. “With one hand, Jerry, I want you to play with your balls and with the other slip one of those bra straps off your shoulder and play with your tits.”

“Does that feel good, Jerry?”

“It feels wonderful to play with myself while you watch.”

Jerry is not just a cock sucker you note, he is an exhibitionist too. “In a few minutes, Jerry, you are going to cum for me.” He smiles. “From now on you are only allowed to cum when I can be with you to watch, do you understand?”

He nods yes but with a questioning look. “The longer you go between our sessions the hornier you will be. If I’m going to save my cum for you, you must save yours for me. Isn’t that fair, Jerry?”

“Yes, it’s fair, I’ll save my cum for you.”

“Good, Jerry, and if you have a wet dream I want to hear all about it. Is that clear?”

“Yes.” As he plays with his balls and tits his “clit” begins to harden.

“Switch hands, Jerry. He lets the robe fall from his shoulders along with both bra straps.” Some time this week you will order a knee length slip and a pair of slippers with heels and have them sent to his condo. I’m going to send you a pretty present this week, Jerry.” You explain. “When we meet next week you will greet me at the door wearing your new underwear, slippers and lipstick. Agreed?”

“Yes.” There is a hint of excitement as he answers.

“Are you ready to start stroking for me, Jerry?”

“Please.” He whispers.

“Do you like to eat your own cum, Jerry?”

“No!” He frowns as he starts stroking.

“Well then, Jerry, we are going to have to do something about that.” You get up and go to the hearth. You pick up his coffee mug and place it between his legs. “You’re going to cream your coffee, Jerry, and then drink it for me. Don’t you dare spill any either or you’ll lick it off the rug while I spank your ass!” Your tone lets him know you are serious.

“It’s almost time, isn’t it Jerry? When you are ready straddle the mug and milk yourself into it. Don’t touch the mug! Get as close as you can and milk yourself.

Jerry feels the impending cum eruption and leans forward on one hand spreading his knees and lowering his “clit” to the mug. Coffee splashes as the first shot lands forcefully on its surface. The second shot, less forceful, slides into the liquid gently. He carefully milks himself and wipes the tip of his “clit” on the edge of the mug. You applaud as he straightens up. “That was great, Jerry, simply awesome watching you cum. Next week I think we’ll see how far you can shoot! Now, pick up the mug and drink down all of that creamy goodness.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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