becoming her bitch

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becoming her bitchWhat was that? My mind was racing but I was not sure what was going on. Why couldn’t I see anything? Why couldn’t I move my arms? As I wondered what was going on, it all began to rush back to my memory very quickly. My lover had done this to me, and I hate her for it, I hate being in this position, on my hands and knees tied down to a bed, eyes blindfolded awaiting her return. But now, just as her plan went, I had no choice. How long had I been u*********s for?The last thing I could remember was her telling me what she was going to do to me. I remember drinking this juice she made for me, which must have been how she got me u*********s, but as it was taking it’s affect she described in detail what was going to happen to me, and I was scared and intrigued.As I thought about it more and more, my cock began to get hard. I did not want it to happen or did I? Did I like the idea of what she said she was going to force me to do? I did not have time to think about it as I heard someone opening the door…”How are you feeling my little slut?” “You look so hot in our bed dressed up like that, oh but you don’t even know how you look! Do you remember what I said you would be wearing?”As she said this, I did remember, but I was not sure if I wanted to. She said I was going to be wearing a small black skirt, with no underwear…that’s all. I now felt the skirt around my waste and could feel my dick hitting the front of it. Was she really going to go through with her plan? “Your ass looks so good up like that. I can’t wait to play with it. Would you like that my little slut? Would you like to have your dirty asshole played with? While you were u*********s I gave you an enema so it is somewhat cleaned out on the inside, but not too much. Being dirty is part of the fun isn’t it?” With that comment I felt her moving closer to me, her hand on my foot, moving slowly up my calf, up to my thigh…closer to my crotch…she touched the underside of my balls…slid her finger up higher…but wait…not there….to my ass…ahhhhAHHHShe shoved one of her unlubed fingers into my ass. “Does my little slut like having his ass invaded by my unlubed finger? Does it hurt? I bet it does. But I also bet that’s why you like it!” Damn her. She knew me too well…it adiosbet yeni giriş did hurt but I liked it.I wish I did not know what was coming next. She walked around me, keeping her fingers up my ass, twisting them as she went around. When she got to the front of me, I hot slapped in my face by something I had never thought she would use. The strap-on felt like it was big, it’s weight hit my cheek with a decent amount of force. My eyes were still covered, but she had been talking about getting one of these to fuck me with, but I had never thought she would be true to her words. She brushed her fake cock against my lips, and slapped my face twice with it, once each way.”Open up and suck my cock bitch!” I froze, did she actually want me to such that fake cock?”Open the fuck up or I will shove it into your ass dry like it is right now! Come on lube it up.” Slowly I began to open my mouth, but she didn’t wait for me to get prepared for her cock, and she shoved it in my mouth as far back as it could go until I began to gag. “Oh that’s it baby, lube up my cock so I can fuck your tight ass with it. I can’t wait to see it pressing against your asshole and then watch as I fuck you with it.”She pulled the dick out of my mouth. Wait. I was not ready. I did not speak out of fear for what she might do if I did. I felt her move back towards my ass. She grabbed my hard cock and started rubbing it. It felt odd, something was different. Suddenly she stopped and walked back around to the front of me. “Suck my dick again, slut,” she told me demandingly.I opened my mouth and as soon as the dildo touched my tongue I knew something was different. “That’s right bitch, can you taste your own cock on my dick? I rubbed your pre-cum all over it. Does it taste good? Do you like sucking a real cock? Look at you go, you must like it! Is that what you want? Do you want to suck a real cock? Would you like me to find a nice guy and bring his dick in front of your face and have you suck it? Oh he could face fuck you until he came. Is that what you would like? Do you want to taste a real cock and have it cum right into your mouth, and down your throat? I bet you would love that my little slut. Well not today, maybe sometime soon. I can’t give you everything adiosbet giriş you want.”Damn her. I did not want that. But something deep down in me was getting more turned on by this. She was making me taste my own dick off of the dildo she was going to fuck me with, and claiming she was going to force me to suck a real dick. Was something wrong with me? At that thought, she pulled away from my mouth, and started going towards my back and ass…”Now I am going to fuck you, right up your tight little ass,” she said enthusiastically.She began to rub her fingers over my asshole, I anticipated one or more of them to enter my ass, but they never came.”Oh I think this is going to hurt you, but oh well, you want it that way,” she simply stated.I could feel one of her hands on my right ass cheek, spreading it, and I felt the dildo press up against my ass. Immediately I arched my back away from the dick. No. I was not ready for this. I could feel my dick deflating quickly. “Push your fucking ass back against my big dick. Do it now or I will shove my entire fist dry right up your ass.” Realizing she was serious, I reluctantly began to move my ass back against her dick. I felt it pressing right against my hole. Her right hand now went on my lower back, making sure I was pressing back to her, and she held me firmly. “Ready my bitch? I am going to shove it in in…….3………” No I was not ready for this, I was not opened enough.”……..2………….”Please no, oh god this is going to hurt.”….1.” OWWW. She did not wait until she was finished saying her final number, as she shoved the head of that dick up my ass as she said the number. It fucking hurt like hell.”Owww, please mistress, pull it out, it hurts too much!” I pleaded with her.”Ohh, my little bitch, do you want it out? Here let me help you.” With that she began to pull the head out of my ass, it got maybe a quarter of an inch, before she suddenly stopped, and I felt my asshole being ripped opened as she hammered the cock all the way into my ass. As soon as she was buried into the hilt, she grabbed my hips with each of her hands, and started forcefully fucking my ass. It fucking killed.”Oh yes, that’s right my slut, take my fucking cock all the way up your ass. You love it. adiosbet güvenilirmi Can you feel my big dick all the way up your ass?”It felt so fucking good. I didn’t want to admit it to her, to give her all of the power, but the way it gave me a burning sensation and I could feel my ass giving in to the fucking it was receiving was intense. My dick got hard again very fast. I felt her dick slamming against my prostate. I was getting so close so fast. I couldn’t take much more.”Mistress, I am going to cum,” I warned her.”Good boy, you like getting fucked hard up your ass? Don’t you? Say it! Say you like my big dick fucking your ass!””I love your big dick up my ass.” “Louder my pet. LOUDER!””I FUCKING LOVE YOUR BIG FUCKING MY ASS! …oh god I am going to cum.”I burst. It was one of the most intense cums of my life. I half expected the cum to hit my all over my chest, but I didn’t feel any of that. I felt her pull that dick out of my ass. She ripped off the covering that was over my eyes. I looked down and saw the dick that was strapped to her torso. It was black, about 6 inches long, and maybe one and a half inches thick. Then I looked at her hand, and saw my cum in a glass that she caught out of my dick. She began walking around the room to my face. “Open up little bitch.” She gabbed neck, forcing it upwards and forced my lower jaw open. I saw her bring the cup close to my lips.”Eat your own cum., slut.” She began to pour it into my mouth. It tasted a little odd, and I swallowed as fast as I could out of fear of gagging on it. I was right, it was one of the largest loads of my life. Gulp after gulp my throat took down my own cum. She was such a freak, and I loved her for it. After I swallowed it I felt so dirty, but I did not expect her next move either as she put down the glass, grabbed my hair hard, and brought the dick she had just fucked my ass with close to my mouth. I could smell my ass on that cock. She shoved the cock into my mouth by a few inches. “That’s right, wash down your cum with some of your ass off of my dick. Aren’t you a filthy little whore? I bet you like it.” I sucked that cock, I could taste my own ass and I liked it. She was right. She did know me too well. I tried to deep throat the dick, and on my third try was successful. My dick began to get hard again, and my mistress took notice.”Oh does someone want to get fucked again? Maybe I will find a guy’s dick for you to suck, I wouldn’t want to let that lack of a gag reflex go to waste…but for now, I think I will get my bigger dildo…”

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