Becoming Emily – Part VIIII

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Becoming Emily – Part VIIIIAs I walked out of Roxie’s house the snow had just barely started to fall. By the time I made down the long driveway and out onto the main road it had intensified and 5 miles later it had become a full on blizzard. There wasn’t much out this way and I had just started to think to myself that this would be a horrible place to break down. Of course that is exactly what happened.When I left my house earlier I made note that I would need to get gas but I guess running into Roxie and then being invited out to her house allowed my fuel issue to take a back seat. Allowing the car to run and warm up the entire time “Daddy” had me bent over a table while he rammed his cock up my ass didn’t help matters much either. Don’t get me wrong, at the time it felt great but as I now steered my car to what passes for a shoulder I started to get an intense feeling of dread. I also started to realize that while as a woman I had all these cute/sexy/slutty outfits to wear, I also needed to think a little more about practicality. Being stranded miles from town in a mini-skirt and heels doesn’t exactly instill a great sense of comfort even in the best of weather conditions. I would call Triple A but the car was in the name of my male form and I didn’t know if that would be an issue or not. When I checked my cell phone it became a moot point as there was no reception what so ever. The temp began to drop quickly and I made the morose thought of what if I freeze to death? Would I revert back to my male form? Wouldn’t that be odd for them to find a man wearing this outfit? I stifled a laugh as I imagined the headlines in the local paper.What felt like hours passed but in reality it was only 15 minutes before I saw headlights pull in behind me. I was both relieved and scared at the same time. Was someone coming to my rescue or would I end up as a skin suit? “Are you OK?” a masculine voice muffled by the window and whipping winds. I had to open the door to answer him and when I did I was only slightly relieved when the guy didn’t look like your typical maniac.“I think it ran out of gas.” I had to yell over the increasing wind noise.“Do you need to call someone?” he fished out his cell but realized that he also had no reception. A rather short conversation followed about how he understood the trepidation of getting into a stranger’s vehicle but I was cold and I happily accepted a ride.“The GPS is going in and out but it listed a gas station a few miles up the road. You should be able to get through to a tow service if they are out in this mess.” I knew the place he was referring to was a few miles outside of town. Miller’s Stay Or Go. It was a small Mom and Pop truck stop, or Travel Center as they called themselves. It consisted of a few gas pumps as well as a tiny dinner and a few motel rooms. It wasn’t the Ritz but it would do if I couldn’t get someone out to my car. As we slowly made our way through the storm the man introduced himself as Ben Drake, this was confirmed by the I.D. badge dangling from his rearview mirror, and he was traveling through on business. About 30 minutes into the drive I was finally starting to feel warm and I took notice of Mr. Ben Drake. He wasn’t an unattractive man, seemed to be in his late 40’s with hints of graying around the temples and of an average build. In fact everything about him seemed average. The slut in me started to wonder if his cock was average as well. I pictured him and his wife having average sex, probably missionary with the lights out and little to now talking. Poor guy.By the time we had made it about halfway to town I had warmed up to him and relaxed as he drove along. We made small talk and to be honest he seemed to be as nervous as I had felt when he first picked me up. Probably even more so when he saw my pussy.It wasn’t intentional, at least not at first. My skirt had managed to slide up enough so that the briefest glimpse of my young mound was visible and he almost swerved when he first took a peek and I pretended not to notice. Why not give the guy a little look and maybe something to think about next time he is rubbing one out or banging away at his wife?It took almost 2 hours to reach Miller’s and when we did we were informed that all the roads had been closed. He rented a room for himself and invited me in to call someone and wait. I made several calls only to be told time and again that there was no way that anyone could make out in the storm. “Try back in the morning.” was the phrase I heard over and over. Ben Drake invited me to stay and I felt comfortable in doing so mainly because there were other guests occupying the other rooms so it wasn’t like I was alanya escort bayan out of the reach of help if this guy proved to be something other than what I pegged him as.“I’m just going to call home and let my wife know that I’m OK.” he looked nervous as if to say “please be quiet so that she doesn’t think I’ve shacked up with some hooker.” I almost giggled.“OK. I’m going to take a shower if that’s all right. Still feeling kind of a chill.” he nodded and I saw a look of relief in his eyes. The water was hot and felt great against my skin, so much in fact that what had meant to be a quick shower turned into over 30 minutes. As I dried myself I could hear faint muffles through the door. At first I thought it was Ben talking to his wife but soon realized that it was the sounds of a man jerking off. My brain was screaming at me to wait until he was done but my body was telling me to open the door and take a peek. As usual my body won out and I wrapped a towel around myself and pulled the door open just enough to see him laying on the bed, cock in hand.“Well now, what have we here?” I smiled.“Oh shit!” he threw a pillow over his hard-on in an attempt to hide it.“It’s OK Mr. Drake. I don’t mind. In fact I think it’s kind of hot.”“You…you do?”“MMMM yeah. I love watching guys jerk off.” I leaned up against the small dresser. “I saw you looking at my pussy when we were in your car. Is that what you were thinking about Mr. Drake?” I let my towel drop and stood there naked. He pushed the pillow away and once again wrapped his hand around his aching dick. I was correct in my assumption that he was of average length but what shocked me was his substantial thickness.“Where you thinking about my pink little pussy? Imagining how it would feel to have me sliding up and down your juicy cock?” I had hopped up on that dresser and now had my legs spread wide so that he had a perfect view.“Oh god yes Emily.” his voice low as his hand slid up and down his cock, his eyes locked into the site before him as I used one hand to spread my cunt lips and the other to grope at my tits. I lifted each one up and gave my nipples a little lick.“I hope you’re squeezing that cock hard Mr. Drake because I have such a tight little pussy.” he moaned and started to jerk faster and harder. “MMMM that’s it baby, jerk that fucking cock for me! Imagine what it would feel like to have my tight, young, wet little cunt stretched around it. Riding you deep up inside me, my tits bouncing as I fuck your fat cock.” I slapped my tits hard as I drove 2 fingers up into my dripping snatch. “You like watching little girls play with themselves?“ He responded by moaning louder and working his meat in his hand in a way that I imagined he was only able to do on rare occasions.“MMMM you going to cum Mr.? You going to shoot a big load for me?”“Oh fucking shit! Yes!” he screamed. I saw his entire body tensing up and I knew it wouldn’t be much longer.“MMMM you want to cum on me? I bet you would love to dump a big fat load all over me wouldn’t you?” I didn’t wait for an answer, I continued with my verbal encouragement. “Where do you want to cum? Maybe on my tits? How about all over my bald little cunt? MMMM I know, how about down my throat?”“Yes! Yes! Please, yes!” I got to my knees and he stood up, still jerking his cock as it was inches from my mouth, so close that pre-cum flew off and landed on my lips.“MMMM fuck yeah! Stroke it Mr. Drake! When you’re ready to explode I want you to shove it into my mouth and shoot your hot cream down my fucking throat!”“Oh fuck! Now! Now! Now!” he moved towards me so fast that I barely had time to get my mouth open. He slide in all the way to the base and I instinctively worked my mouth on his twitching pole before I felt the first spurt erupt from his swollen head. He held himself in my warm mouth as I let him empty his balls down my throat. I intended to keep him in my mouth until he went soft but that didn’t happen and the only reason he pulled away from me was that the head of his cock was too sensitive to withstand the work I was putting on it. “Emily…. That was…. Amazing.” he huffed as he sat down on the edge of the bed, watching me rub my clit then laid down onto his back with his cock sticking straight up. I took the opportunity and slide up onto him so that his throbbing erection was rubbing against my slit.“MMMM that feel good Mr. Drake? Can you feel how wet and slippery my young pussy is when I grind against your fat cock?” I was working against it hard and deep.“Oh god Emily!” his eyes snapped open and he stared at the union where our bodies contacted.“MMMM look how close you are to being inside me, sooooo close escort alanya to having your thick cock inside my tiny cunt.” I knew that my dirty talk was doing as much for him as the feeling of my cunt slipping against his cock. “You want to fuck me don’t you? Take control of me, lift me up and impale me on this fat fucking cock then fuck me like a worthless little whore? Use my young body to drain your cock.” I had his head nudging against my opening. His hands grabbed my hips and pulled me hard against him, driving his meat up inside me.“Fuck me! Fuck my cock Emily!” I got my feet underneath me so I could go up and down on his pulsating dick. Every time I would slide up he would pull me down hard while thrusting up into me at the same time. It was like I opened the flood gates on decades of repressed sexuality.“Yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me you dirty old man! Harder! Harder! Oh my god yes! Tell me I’m a fucking whore and make it hurt!” he grunted with effort as he gave me what I wanted. “Oh fuck you’re so fucking tight! Dirty little whore aren’t you?”“YES! YES! YES! I’m a nasty little whore cunt! Pound my filthy little fuckhole! Oh my god! Yessssss!” I pushed back down on him and held him inside me as I came. My body convulsed and I felt my juices flooding from my tightly filled hole. “MMMM now I want you to bend me over, ram your cock inside me and punish me for being such a nasty little cum slut.” I said it in my best little girl looking to get nailed voice and he responded. I was roughly bent over, head against the bed and I felt him sliding his cock against me looking for a hole. When he found my pussy he shoved himself inside me and slapped hard against my round ass.“Ohhhh harder! Harder you piece of shit! Harder!” I wasn’t holding back. I wanted him to remember this night for the rest of his life. His fingers dug into my flesh and he pulled me back onto his cock with the same amount of force that he exerted in slamming into me. The sound of skin slapping against skin filled my ears and I felt my juices dripping down my thighs. “Oh fuck I can feel your balls slapping against my fucking clit! Oh yes! Yes! Yes! Right there! Right fucking there! Fuck me! Fuck the shit out of meeeee!”He was close. I could feel his rhythm falter as he tried in vain to hold off his orgasm but I wanted it. I needed it. I felt an overwhelming desire to make this stranger cum harder than he had ever cum in his life. I rammed my ass back towards him even harder and his moaning and groaning had turned to almost incoherent babbling. “MMMMyeah you going to cum for me? MMMM I want it Mr. I want your hot yummy cream all over my pretty face!” he pushed me away and almost instantly I started to second think myself. His cock was nice and thick and the sudden feeling of emptiness in my pussy made me want him to get off inside me. Instead I rolled onto my back and he straddles me. His cock was nudging against my tits as he stroked it furiously.“MMMM yeah that’s it you dirty old man, jerk that fucking cock for me. Show me what a nasty little fucking whore I am and blast your big load all over my pretty face. Come on Mr. do it! Shoot that yummy cream all over this slutty little girl!” I was rubbing my clit faster and faster and my orgasm hit me hard at almost the exact same time as he started to cum. Both of us were moaning, gasping and screaming as I felt my little cunt start to squirt and his spunk repeatedly splashed against my face. I was mesmerized at the site of seeing those thick ropes of jizz streaming from the head of his swollen head and had to force myself to close my eyes. When the flow of semen finally subsided I reached for and found his softening cock. I pulled it towards my young, eager mouth and tasted myself as well as him. Again his cock was hypersensitive and he pulled away, collapsing next to me on the bed. “Oh fuck, I haven’t cum like that in years.” he moaned as he observed his handywork. I could feel the weight of his cum on my face and I slowly opened my eyes and smiled at him.“Did I do a good job Mr?” I licked my lips and tasted him again. His eyes traveled down to my puffy little cunt and realized that I had squirted all over my hand. I brought it up to his face and slide a wet finger along his lips. “MMMM taste me. Taste my sweet little girl cum Mr. Drake.” his tongue snaked through my digits, cleaning them of my juices.“You’re going to think about this night for the rest of your life aren’t you? Next time you’re in some cheap motel room stroking your cock or even at home giving it your wife you’re going to be thinking about this. Wishing you were back inside my tight, young body.” he moaned and simply nodded alanya escort his head. “In fact, give me your phone. I want you to take a picture of me….with your huge load all over my face.” he pulled his phone from his pocket and snapped a pic of my from the tits up. The next was a full body shot with my legs opened wide to show my wet gash. I began to push his cum toward my lips as he stood right next to me snapping shot after shot. His cock began to stir.“MMMM Mr. Drake, already?” I giggled as I reached for and wrapped my hand around his tool. He continued snapping picture after picture as I leaned in and took him into my mouth. “That thing do video? Turn it on.” I started to perform as much for him as for the camera. I slobbered on his pulsating cock and made low mewing sounds as I slapped it against my cheeks. “MMMM when is the last time you had this thick cock up a tight asshole?” I asked as I licked the head.“N….never.”“What? Mrs. Drake has never let you fuck her up the ass?” my hand stroking him as I asked. “Do you want to fuck me in the ass Mr. Drake? MMMM you do. Don’t you?” I slide my mouth down along the length of his shaft and then back up and took him ball deep into my mouth and then pulled him out, gasping slightly for the “camera” and slurping up the saliva that trailed from my lips to the head of his fully hard cock. I had to admit that I was surprised by his recovery time. “MMMM I want you to shove this hard cock up my little pussy and fuck me hard. When you’re ready I want you to pull it out and pound it up my tight asshole.” again I was performing for both him and his camera.Ben Drake was quick to comply and was on his knees between my spread thighs and slapping his swollen meat against my pussy. I loved the sensations of his girth spanking me there and each time his cock made contact I squirmed and when he finally drove himself into me I screamed.“Oh you like that you little slut?” he was starting to really come out of his shell now and being more assertive as he forced himself into me with all his weight. “Ohhhhh I am going to fucking screw your slutty little whore asshole so damn hard Emily!”“Oh yes! Give it to me baby! Fuck me! Fuck my slutty little whore cunt you dirty old man!” my tits jiggled as he trust into me over and over. I threw my hand down to my clit and began to grind two fingers against it with fervor. I began to feel my body tensing and soon my stuffed little pussy was gripping down hard on his cock as I came.“Now! Now!” he grunted as he pulled free of the vise like grip of my young hole.“MMMM yeah you ready? You ready to stick that big, fat cock up my ass?” we both watched as he positioned his swollen head at the entrance to my butt. I btaced myself to take his thickness and as he nudged into me I felt the head slip up into my ass. The look on his face was intense pleasure when he felt the tightness of my asshole as he slowly worked in and out, moving deeper and deeper up my tightest hole.“Oh god yes give it to me! Every inch! I want every fucking inch you filthy fuck!” he was slowly sawing back and forth, in and out of my ass. “Harder! Harder! You can fuck me harder than that! Come on! Fuck me like a man you little fucking bitch!” he winced and slammed hard up my butt. I screamed.“Ohhh that what you want you little anal fucking whore! This how little fucking sluts like to get fucked in the ass?” he was now pumping into my ass with the same intensity as he did my little pussy.“Yes! Yes! Oh god yes!” I grabbed my tits and pinched my nipples repeatedly. “Ohhh fuckkkkkk! I’m going to cum!” he spoke the words through gritted teeth trying to prolong the pleasure that his thick cock was getting from my young asshole.“Give it to me Mr. Give me that big fucking old man load all over my bald little cunt! Drown my pussy in your cum!” I watched as he swiftly withdrew from my ass and pumped his twitching cock a few times. He had already shot 2 really big loads so I wasn’t expecting much and I was right. What little bit he had left dribbled from the tip of his cock and smeared against my slippery gash. I watched as small pearls of jizz made my lips glisten.“Oh fuck that was amazing.” he proclaimed as he dropped down next to me. “You are one hell of a fuck.”“MMMM you’re not soo bad yourself.” I purred as I scooped up some of the wetness on my pussy and licked it from my fingers.Within half an hour we were both sound asleep. I awoke around 5 AM and was able to get a ride back to my car along with some gas. I thought about leaving a note for him but I figured that the video on his phone would be enough to remember me by.When I finally made it home I noticed that Sasha’s car was parked next door at Megan’s house. The image flashed into my head of those two going at it and I felt myself getting wet. I used that thought as I took a long hot bath and got myself off.************************************************************************

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