Becoming Daddy’s Girl Ch. 01

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


It might have been the death of my mother and my only sister in the car accident. It might have been that I tried to drink away the depression while I was hundreds of miles away from home at college. What I do know is two things. My father would be furious I had failed out, in just my freshman year, especially as he had paid for my tuition, books, and living expenses. The second was that I would be calling him to move back home, as I had no job nor anyway to support myself.

My name is Jesse. I’m 5-7 and about 130 pounds. My long brown hair is wavy and reaches my mid back. I grew it in hopes I would make it big with my old band as a drummer. My drum set sat in my parents basement, untouched for over two years. My band sucked, and the $3000 drum set my dad bought me was a reminder of the huge disappointment I had become on all fronts.

Two weeks later I moved back home. The ride home was very quiet as my dad said nearly three words for the two hour drive. I carried my bags to my bedroom, and was beginning to unpack. I heard my dad walk up behind me.

“You are not staying in that room.” I heard my dad say. I turned around and looked at him. He pointed to my sisters room.

“That is your room Jessica.” He said. I would think that he was losing his mind, but my sisters name was Dana.

“Um dad?”

“Your clothes are all in there. Better get changed. Oh and get shaved and put on some makeup. I want you pretty.” He stated flatly.

“Dad what is going on?” I wasn’t moving from the doorway of my former room.

“Well Jessica you are useless as a human being. So I am going to find a use for you. You are now my maid, and my sex slave.” His eyes bore right through my skull. I shook my head like I was dizzy. I was.

“Dad, are you okay? You are saying insane things.” My head was cocked slightly sideways, like a dog hearing a high pitched noise.

“Oh I am just fine Jessica. If you don’t want to do what I tell you, you can take your belongings, and try to make your way out in the world. Your choice. Do as I ask, or go homeless and be assaulted in the city by who knows what.” He folded his arms in front of his chest. I forgot what an imposing man he was.

He was just over six feet tall and his 47 year old head was almost covered in gray hair. He had very broad shoulders, with a large belly and thick legs. His whole body was covered in light curly dark gray hair. His biceps were as big as my thighs. I took after my mother, as did my sister.

I thought hard about what he just said. Time slowed to a crawl, and I felt as if I was about to faint. I had been spoiled by this man my whole life. There was no way he could be very mean to me. He wanted me to wear my sisters clothing and have sex with me though. How could I do that???

I didn’t have much of a choice. Silently I walked into my sisters room. I watched as he locked my old room with a new deadbolt I had not noticed. I looked at the door of the room I was in and noticed a deadbolt that was key driven on the inside and switch driven on the outside. He could lock me in.

“You might have some use yet. Maybe you aren’t the total waste of skin I thought you were Jessica. You are now my slave. You are my girl now. You look a lot like your mother did when we met in college. You are going to be my girlfriend in public. You are going to be my sex slave at home. You will wear nothing but the small wardrobe that is left in this room.

During the day while you clean and cook you will wear nothing but panties and a silk camisole. You will learn how to put on makeup. You will have waxing appointments weekly.” He left the room and came back holding a cone shaped black rubber thing.

“You will have this in your backside at all times. That is after you enema during your shower.” I realized what he was holding was a butt-plug. I shivered from the wave of shock at the sight of the thing that would not fit in my butt. He wasn’t finished talking.

“You will call me Daddy outside, and Master at home. That useless piece of flesh that dangles from your front will be pierced and connected to the sack that carries your worthless marbles. If you were able to be a real man, you’d not have failed so miserably. That piercing will make it painful to have an erection, which you will never have again without a lot of pain.

You only have two sexual organs, that thin lipped mouth, and that fat ass, or “cunt”. Now put on the dress I have laid out on the bed. We are going to have a bit of errands to run.”

He walked out. I crumpled down and sat on the floor. My head was spinning. I felt sick. I looked over and saw my sisters white, lace strapped, high skirted sundress. I wasn’t hairy in anyway compared to most, but my legs would be exposed with the thin light brown hair showing. I stared at the dress on my sisters bed for at least 3 minutes, with my head buzzing from the continued shock before I laid down on the floor.

I canlı bahis must have fainted.

“What the fuck is taking you so long!!” I heard from down stairs. I sat up and slowly pulled off my clothing. Fear was now driving me.

“No underwear Jessica!” I heard.

I looked in the mirror after the dress was on. I was about 2 inches taller then my sister, so what was a short dress on her was really short on me. If I bent over, the bottom of my ass would be visible. I was certain that was my dad’s plan all along. I found three pairs of shoes in the closet. They were all in my size, and they were all high heeled. It took me a few minutes to figure out how to stand in them, and going down the stairs felt like learning how to ice skate.

I made it to the car. Walking was very hard and I was cold in this sundress. As my dad drove he put his hand on my leg. This was unnerving. What he said as we arrived at the salon was even more so.

“I can see right through that dress. Your ass looks wonderful!” This caused a mixed reaction as I walked into the salon. My cock twitched and seemed to respond to his affection. Also, my stomach climbed up into my throat.

The window in the front of the shop had paint all over it telling about all their services. Hair, nails, tats, and piercings. “The best beauty school in the county!” Well that was not encouraging.

“Hello! Do you have an appointment?” A chubby middle aged woman greeted us at the desk. This place was in the middle of a strip mall, close to the house. I knew my dad made an appointment. He was just that way.

“Yes. Jessica here has the 2pm for full waxing, mani/pedi, Chastity piercing and makeup lessons.” My dad told the chipper woman.

“Oh this is Jessica. You are so lucky to have a boyfriend like James! He is spoiling you big time! Okay Jessica come on back, we are going to get the painful bits done first.” I followed the woman that reminded me of the secretary from “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” back to a vinyl lined bed.

“Get all naked, and lay down. Emily will be with you shortly.” She said. I pulled the straps off my shoulders and let the dress fall. I unbuckled the shoes and lay naked on the bed.

I would give you all the details of the waxing, but I can sum it up quickly. Motherfucking ow! And how did Emily get the wax sheet between my cheeks? Oh and motherfucking OW! It took over an hour to get all the hair off my body. I was thankful I had a hairless chest and back.

When she was done a different girl came in. She had several tools on a tray. She grabbed my junk and felt the skin of my sack briefly.

“Take a couple deep breaths Jessica.” She said. I felt a dull pain go through my scrotum, and then a very intense pain go through my entire penis right behind the head. I felt and heard a “Click”. When I looked down I saw a door nob sized silver ring that ran through my penis and through my scrotum. There was no way to remove it with out tools. I would have to sit to pee for the rest of my life as my cock was always going to be pointed down.

“Okay need you to breathe for me honey.” The woman walked up to my chest with something that looked like a glue gun. It wasn’t. She grabbed my tit and used the gun to punch a large hole into my nipple. I felt it. Before I could react she had already punched a hole in my other nipple. She put two heavy rings in both and locked them closed. The weight of these rings would pull my nipples down for eternity. They were thick and as big around as golf balls.

Emily handed my dad a bottle of antibiotics, and then asked him…

“Did you settle on what you wanted for the tramp stamp?” She looked at a note pad. “You had ‘Daddy’s Bitch’ in calligraphy, or ‘Free cunt cum here’ with and arrow down”

“Daddy’s Cunt, Gothic style.” My dad said.

“Oh gawd, please no!” I whimpered quietly.

“Turn over Jessica, this will hurt a bit, but you cannot move . Do you understand?” The dark haired woman instructed. I nodded. I laid down. My new piercings were screaming. My legs and arms were not happy, and the place were the hair in and around my butt hole was on fire. So when she started to tattoo me, my whole body was in intense pain. The one spot that had no pain was receiving a million bee stings from a needle soaked with black ink.

By the time the black haired woman was halfway done with the tramp stamp, I fell into a new mindset. Pain would be my life, as would submission. I accepted this and found a new place to dwell in my mind. I calmed. The sick feeling went away. Every nerve ending was alive yet dull at the same time. The pain was fading, and was replaced with a new feeling. Pleasure.

I was nearly asleep when I heard the woman speak to me.

“Time for your make up lesson!” I lifted my head from the vinyl bed and blinked. I nodded slowly and then tried to manuver to the floor. This woke the pain in my nipples and cock. I seethed air through my teeth. I was wide awake now. Emily was back and helped me get down from the bahis siteleri bed. She had my dress and shoes in her hand. She walked me back to the front of the shop. The sign in the window said open to me, so it was closed to all others.

My dad was watching TV. I was naked as I sat in the chair. Anyone who walked by would be able to see me through the window. I barely had time to think about that before I had a redheaded woman in my face.

She told me, and showed me how to apply the two types of makeup my dad wanted. Eyeliner and lipstick. She showed me on her own face, then showed me on my face. Then she used some cleanser to get the makeup off of my face and made me do it as two other women worked on my fingernails and toe nails.

After the third try I managed to get the eyeliner just right. Lipstick was easy.

One of the women who seemed to be pissed off about staying late grabbed my right hand and began to paint my nails. I looked down and saw my toenails were already painted. The pain in my crotch, nipples and back had distracted me from the pedicure I had received.

“All done! That will be $1,195.00 James.” The chubby woman said. My dad handed her a credit card. She ran it, printed a receipt, and dad signed it. She looked at it at saw the tip.

“Thank you very much James, bring Jessica back whenever you need maintenance!”

I was allowed to put my dress back on. I looked at a clock it was close to 9pm. I followed my dad out and sat into the passenger seat gingerly. My whole body hurt.

“Hungry?” My dad asked.

“Yes daddy.” I moaned.

“Lets get some fast food before I take your virginity. You want to show off the tattoo that everyone can see through your dress don’t you?” He smiled at me as we pulled out onto Washington avenue. I frowned. They would see the rings in my nipples bulging out as well as the giant ring through my cock and scrotum as well.

“No daddy.” I winced every time we went over a bump.

“Oh you want to show off more?” He asked. I didn’t understand till he pulled into an adult book store. He shut off the car and ordered me out. I followed him in and he walked up the front desk and asked the clerk to help him.

” I need a Gorean style collar with a D and O ring. Do you have that?” He asked boldly.

“Of course, do you know his…uh her neck size?” The clerk asked. Because my daddy was being so loud, he now had the attention of everyone in the place where discretion is normal.

“No I don’t do you have a tape measure?” My Master said with again a loud and bold voice. The clerk caught on to what daddy was doing. He was humiliating me.

“Well I guess we will have to try different sizes. I think it would be better if she was naked. You don’t want the straps on her dress to alter the sizing.” The clerk said with a wink. Now a half dozen men were watching, and some were coming out of the theater in the back to watch.

“Oh yes, good point!” My daddy said. I wanted to cry. I dropped the straps and let the dress fall. My brand new tattoo was there for all to see. Of course every collar the clerk came out with for the first 15 minutes was too small. I swear he brought out the same three collars over and over.

Finally he found one that was the right size. By this time there were 20 men and a couple women watching. My Master attached the ring and with a click it was locked shut for eternity. I would jingle a bit for the rest of my life…Which I hoped would end soon. My face was bright red, and because it was cold in the shop, my junk was tiny. I could feel the smooth steel chastity piercing moving as my cock retreated.

“Put your dress back on, NOW you are ready to go out to dinner.” The group of men applauded my daddy for the show.

I was glad it was after 10pm when we got to the fast food place. There were no kids in the place. Master sat us in the middle of the dining room so everyone could see me. My bare ass sat on the plastic booth seat. My dress barely covered my nudity.

Master placed our order and then made me follow him to the bathroom. Out of a bag he pulled out a buttplug and told me to bend over. He lubed it with something I could not see and them jammed it into me causing me to yelp. For my lack of silence he pulled on one of my freshly pierced nipple rings.

He put me on my knees in the toilet stall and put his cock in my mouth. I didn’t know what I was doing, yet thankfully, he was so turned on he came before I could even really get him deep into my mouth. He pulled out to cum and his jism filled a little paper cup that the restaurant had for ketchup. He handed the little cup to me and pulled up his pants.

“Dip your fries in that, and let everyone see you do it. Oh and make sure your little clit is covered when you sit, but let people see the side of your ass.” He zipped up, and helped me to my feet. The heels were even harder to walk in now that I was tired.

I sat back at the booth as the food was delivered to the table. After the employee left bahis şirketleri I rearranged my dress so only my cock was covered, but anyone looking at me could see the whole side of my legs to my waist. Only two old men seemed to be looking. When I dipped my fries into the mini cup of cum and ate it they became even more interested.

“Hey! Hey! Is that girly for rent?” The fat 70ish man asked. His pal, who was about 65 and thin, was chuckling and elbowing his loud friend.

“Depends, she’s a virgin, so how much do you want to spend?” Daddy was calling attention to me yet again. There had to be 18 people in the place, and he was making them all look our direction. The bare skin of my ass was now suddenly colder.

“What can I get for $20 bucks?”

“A blow job for both of you!” Daddy answered. Both men’s eyes lit up.

“How much for her virginity?” The skinny one asked.

“A grand.” Daddy said firmly. “That is mine to take. She used to be my son.”

“So $10 bucks per blow job?” The fat older one said

“Yes.” Daddy answered. The employees were getting annoyed.

“There is a homeless camp behind this place, if they can all come up with the money would you be willing to pimp her out to all eight of us?” The fat one said. My eyes went wide. I began to eat faster.

Master Daddy seemed to be thinking about it as I scarfed my double cheeseburger. I think he was giving me time to finish my meal. He finally turned to the men and nodded.

“Oh my god. My dad just pimped me to homeless men!” I thought.

He let me finish my meal and then walked me out to the cold windy alleyway next to the dumpster where a couple of tents and box homes served as a camp. A 55 gallon barrel was burning the paper and cardboard waste from the restaurant.

My Master spoke over the wind, and fire.

“One at a time, 10 bucks each, oral or hand job only. If you want to piss in her it is an extra 5 bucks. Fat guy is first.” Master said. I dropped my dress again and was now naked in front of 7 homeless men. The cold wind made my dick shrink. The concrete cause a bit of pain on my knees. The man unzipped his pants and I opened my mouth. The smell hit me before the taste. I was gagging before I had an inch of him in my mouth. I was going to be the closest thing these men had to cleaning themselves.

“My name is Jerry sir.” He said as he grabbed the back of my head. His pals were cheering him on as they pulled out their equipment. They were stroking and many were getting hard even in the cool air.

I was trying to focus on the cock in my mouth. It was now clean and hard. It was hitting my throat, I used my hand to squeeze the base of it. Soon the combined effort of my mouth and hand fed me a series of volleys of thick, salty cum. I swallowed all of it before Jerry retreated.

“I thought there were 8 of you?” My Master asked.

“Yeah, Moose went to go get something to ease your bitches pain.” The skinny one from the restaurant said as he walked up, hard cock in hand. It was 5 inches and thin. Yet he managed to grab my head hard enough to push it into my throat. I gagged and choked, coughed and sputtered. I was in near panic when I felt his thin watery load fill my mouth. I had to swallow fast.

“Next!” Master said.

A very dirty man with an uncut cock placed his meat in my mouth. The man smelled like piss and his cock was filthy.

“Eat that smegma boy, enjoy the cheese!” My stomach grumbled in protest. However in minutes, I had swallowed all of the filth, and could only taste skin. He plowed my face for 10 minutes. I was in a panic as he plunged deep into my throat to release his load. I couldn’t breathe, but burped up a flavor of his cum after he was finished with me.

On and on it went. Some of the men chose to cum on my face and in my hair, I went to wipe it awy the first time, and was told to “leave it” by my Master. The jostling of the men bang my face made my grotesquely large nipple rings to move adding pain to the humilation.

Then “Moose” returned.

Moose was 6-5 and about 400 pounds. He had a jar of Smuckers strawberry jam. He was masturbating with the sticky substance. He walked up to my face and planted his very thick 7 inch cock into my face. Seconds later I felt him use my throat. Both of his hands were behind my head. He fucked my face hard and deep for 30 minutes.

Every vein of the man’s member could be felt by my tongue. My gag reflex was destroyed as he buried his cock into my neck Oxygen was fast becoming a luxury. His heavy belly lay on my forehead as he has his way.

His load was huge. I choked on the mass of it. It sputtered up and splashed back onto his cock. He wiped the excess cum from his cock, and my face, then cleaned his hands with my long hair. My face and hair were soaked in cum and jelly.

“Stay here.” Daddy ordered me. “I’m going to get the car and bring it into the alley.” As my dad walked away, Moose waved the entire camp back over to where I was kneeling.

“Any one need to piss? Live toilet right here.” Moose said.

“Nah it’s five bucks per man and I’m short on smokes.” Jerry replied.

“Yeah but you said that was to piss into the whore, not ON the whore!” Moose corrected.

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