Becoming a cuckhold part 2

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Becoming a cuckhold part 2Well my wife had a blast this afternoon. She had a couple over and came many many times. She had me clean her out and made me clean up the other couple which resulted in my sucking a cock for the first time.When she was done she left me tied up. She wouldn’t tell me why but proceeded to clean up. She attached a sheet to the open doorway to our bathroom and put a chair there with some restraints on it.I kept begging her to tell me what was going to happen and she kept telling me I had to wait. Pretty soon I was begging her,”please tell me what’s going to happen, I’ll do anything yo want.” She laughed and said, “you’ll do whatever I want anyways.”Finally about 6:30 she came back into the bedroom wearing a black teddy with some thigh high nylons and a garter belt. She had me move over to the chair and tied my arms and ankles so I couldn’t move. She went back over by the bed and picked up her cum filled panties from that afternoon and came by me and shoved them in my mouth and taped them on. Now I couldn’t move or make any noise except grunt.She looked at me and said, “I hope you enjoy tonight!”I heard the doorbell ring and she said, “don’t go anywhere and stay horny!” She pulled the sheet so no one could see me.10 minutes later she comes back into the room and I hear her talking to someone, She said, “so hard was it to set this up?”I hear a voice that sounds like one of her regular fuck buddies, Nick say, “it was actually very easy after showing pictures of you in action.” Everyone will be here at some point. He said, you are in for some firsts tonight.” He then said, you look good and fuckable, by the way where is your husband, I thought you wanted him t be part of it?” She laughed, and said, “come here” and she pulls adapazarı escort up the sheet.Nick laughed and said, “I think his cock shrunk and his boobs grew.” The doorbell rang again and Nick said, “why don’t you get on the bed and I’ll go let my friend in.” The sheet dropped and I was back behind it again. Judy yelled to me, “My pussy is so wet I hope your teenie weenie is excited.” I couldn’t respond but it was.In about 15 minutes I heard some voices come back into the room. Nick said, “Judy I would like to introduce you to Marcus.” Marcus walked over to her and said, ‘Nick did not do you justice.” Nick then says Marcus, “just so you know, Judy has a cuckhold husband and she would love if he could watch.” Marcus said, “no problem b*o.”Nick came over and Pulled the sheet to the side and on the bed I see Judy being laying back and moaning as a huge black man is gently rubbing her tits and her crotch. He looked over at me tied to the chair and said, “I can see why Judy has friends,” and then he laughed. He stood up and started to take off his clothes and Judy said, “can I help the both of you?”First she went by Nick and moved him closer to me as she started to undress him. She was doing it slowly and rubbing him while she was still being rubbed my Marcus. When she got to his shorts she used her tongue and took them off and then started licking the shaft of his glistening penis all the while looking at me and smiling. Nick didn’t have a huge cock but it was a good six inches and maybe a little on the thin side.They switched then and Nick started rubbing Judy’s body while she went to work on Marcus. When she got to Marcus’ shorts, she looked at him with a smile and said, “I have never seen a black penis, close up before.” Nick laughed escort adapazarı and said, “well I hope you are ready.”Judy used her teeth to pull down his shorts and the biggest penis I have ever seen closeup sprang out at attention. It had to be at least 10 inches and the shaft had to be as wide as the neck of a baseball bat.Judy looked at it and then me and said, “This is what a real penis looks like and I finally get one.”They went back over to the bed and Judy has Marcus lay on his back and she started with his penis, licking up and down the shaft. I was sitting there and cannot tell you how excited I was. Eventually Judy managed to cover his whole cock and get most of it in her mouth. I couldn’t believe she got that much in. Marcus is starting to moan and Judy looked like she was on heaven. I am not sure Judy even noted that Nick had mounted her doggie style.I watched in amazement for the next 20 -30 minute as they were in such a rhythym they didn’t notice anything around them. All of a sudden they stopped and Judy said, “let’s move the chair closer so the dickless wonder can see me take a real cock. Marcus and Nick got off and moved the chair over which was no easy feet since I wasn’t a light guy.They moved it closer and Judy positioned herself on the bed so I had a clear view. She asked Nick to help position Marcus’s massive cock by her pussy. I sat there thinking there was no way Judy could take much of it. All of a sudden I hear this slurp and Marcus’ cock is buried in Judy’s wet cunt and she is moaning, “I can’t believe I have a real cock in me.” They were going at it and she looked over at me and said, “this is sex.” I am not sure how long they went at it but all of a sudden Judy is screaming, “Oh my God don’t stop, adapazarı escort bayan please go faster, please, please.” All of a sudden there is a loud, “argh I’m cumming I’m cumming.” She shuddered and begged for another 5 minutes until she looks at them and says, to Nick and Marcus, Thank you now Paul knows what a real cock looks like in my pussy.”Judy got up and went to Marcus penis and took it in her mouth and started going at it again while Nick was cleaning up all of the cum in her drenched cunt.I still couldn’t believe Judy could fit this massive cock in her mouth but she was.Pretty soon I hear Marcus grunt and he grabs Judy by the back of the head and pulls her mouth further on his cock and all of a sudden he is exploding in her mouth. I see her gulping and cum is coming out the side and I was wondering how she could handle it all.She got up and walked over to me and pulled her cum soaked panties out of my mouth and said, “I save some for you sweetheart.” Before I could say anything she has her mouth over mine and is pulling on my nipples and saying, “you better swallow it.” Not wanting to face the consequence I kept swallowing. It wasn’t bad.She looked at Marcus and said, “do you think my little sissy could suck you off?’ All three of them laughed.All of a sudden Marcus is going it’s 10:30 I should really get going before my wife misses me.” Judy said, “I hope you will come over again.” He looked at my useless little cock and says, “Judy if that is what you have to live with, call me anytime.”I started to same something and Judy walked over and shoved her cum soak panties back in and says, be quiet, this night is just starting. She then proceeded to start pulling on my nipples and said, “did you enjoy that?” I could only grunt and shake my head. She said, “I was going to give you a little fun and suck on your cock but I know you don’t like that.” It was true I didn’t like having my cock sucked. I loved watching Judy cum. I heard the doorbell and Judy said, “time for more fun…….”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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