Becca Takes A Large Deposit Ch.15

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Victoria needed no second asking and immediately grabbed the base of his cock to stop it bobbing; she slipped her lips tightly over the bulbous head, licking away at her own juices, running her tongue around the ridge of the angry helmet. Becca did not want to be out-done and closed her mouth over the middle of his shaft, running her tongue along the base of his cock, collecting the mixture of juices there. It was intoxicating. She ran her mouth up to where Victoria sucked away and nudging her off the end, kissed Victoria passionately forcing her tongue deeply into Victoria’s mouth. Their tongues wrestled for a while before Connor pushed his phallus between their lips so that they were licking and sucking on either side as he thrust forwards.

Victoria ran her hand around the back of his heavily muscled thigh and inserted her fanny juice lubricated finger easily into his anus, causing an immediate hardening of his cock between their lips; her tongue flicked out and captured more pre-come as it dribbled from the eye. She felt probing fingers once again find and enter her vagina and sighed as her tired body urged her forwards to yet another climax. She reached forwards and grasped one of Becca V’s nipples to squeeze it roughly.

Becca’s own fingers played with herself. Her lips slurped away at the wet cock as juice dripped from her own fanny, she was close to another orgasm and desperately wanted them all to come together. She slipped her mouth over the large plum in front of her and sucked it loudly into her mouth, taking the rock hard pulsing flesh deep into her throat, gagging slightly on the sizeable object. “Oh God Becca,” Connor groaned, “that is good, I can’t hold on!”

Victoria looked up at him, “give it to us Connor, give us all of that lovely come, soak our bodies, our faces our mouths with your semen.

As Becca pulled off of his long length and knelt before him, with Victoria positioned beside her, they both looked expectantly at the wet dribbling cock as it bounced before them. Becca looked up at the man before her; completely naked he looked powerful. His sweat covered body glistened in the light, his large pectoral muscles well defined, abdominals rigid, biceps huge. His most impressive “muscle”, inches from her face. “Come for me,” she whispered, “come for both of us……”

Both women opened their mouths and stuck out their tongues, Becca nearest to the bobbing cock swiping her tongue at a dribble of come as it fell. Victoria not wanting to be left out grabbed his cock just behind the head and pointed it in her direction. The contact on his erect phallus of filbert-nailed, delicate fingers was all Connor could take. Just as his cock-head was positioned in front of Victoria’s mouth a huge spray of ejaculation shot into her mouth, skipping across her tongue and hitting her squarely at the back of the throat, almost making her gag at the force of it. A stringy strand fell from her bottom lip onto her chest, such was the volume of his first spurt. She quickly swallowed and placed her lips around the helmet of his cock to accept another delivery fully down her throat this time. Swallowing hard as the cock was pulled from her mouth by Becca. “Hey, let me have some!”

Connor’s cock was like a high pressure hose that had burst and was spilling forth its contents. As his cock was directed towards Becca V, another shot left the end catching Victoria full in the face and left eye, across her cheek and into her already come soaked hair. Becca’s tongue caught some of the stray come dribbling down just as another ejaculation shot forth. Connor’s come splashing over her lips and chin as she quickly escort şişli opened her mouth to swallowed the beast in her hands, another shot hit her on the neck and fell across her breasts. Her lips enclosed around the end of Connor’s cock as another strong spurt filled her mouth.

She savoured the taste within before being forced to swallow as another shot filled her to overflowing. She dribbled come from her mouth, falling onto her wet juice covered breasts and thighs. Connor’s semen ran from her breasts like white lava from twin peaked volcanoes. But Victoria was not going to waste any of it and leaned forwards to lick and suck upon the young woman’s breasts, capturing all of the precious nectar.

Becca removed her lips from the plum shaped end of the prick gingerly as if not wanting to waste more come should it fire forth, and began to wank on the shaft furiously, pumping her hand up and down the full length. Connor moaned again, the pleasure of this last release was unfathomable. To have two very attractive women, naked and kneeling at his feet, fighting over his cock and its sticky contents was fantastical. The sheer volume of semen that he had produced over the last few days was testament to the level of arousal these women had taken him to. Becca’s hands worked with enthusiasm on the erection and her reward was another sizable spurt of hot come, not as large as those before but still enough to splash across her thighs and onto her pussy. Connor bore witness to the shot and also noted her newly shaven mound. “God,” he exclaimed, “you have shaven your pussy, was that for me?”

“Yes,” she panted at him, “just for you and no-one else to enjoy.” Becca V licked her lips, “well, perhaps for my enjoyment too?” She smiled as she stood and facing Victoria pushed her pubic mound onto her face. Victoria instinctively pulled back away from the swollen lips, but Connor walked round behind her and gently grasping her head, up turned it so that Becca could slide her fanny towards her lips. “Lick,” he commanded her.

Vicky closed her eyes and stuck out her tongue and Becca V did the rest of the work, parting her fanny lips with both hands, she leaned further forwards, legs either side of Victoria’s head and allowed the tongue to find her clit. At the contact she released her labia and grasped hold of Connor’s massive biceps hungrily pulling him towards her for a kiss. She reached over Victoria’s shoulder for Connor’s now limp knob, and gently fondled it. Drips of come fell onto Victoria’s shoulder and down over her collar bone as she was trapped between the two in their passionate embrace.

Victoria licked and kissed gently on the pussy before her, but in truth all of them were spent and well aware of the time. They needed to get out of the vaults before the other employees started to arrive, and it would be suspicious if they all left at the same time just in case someone was already there.

Connor helped Victoria to her feet, she was visibly shaky. He quickly got dressed. Within minutes he looked as fresh as he did when he arrived that morning, only the beads of sweat on his brow bore evidence to the threesome’s antics.

Becca found her bra and loaded her ample breasts into it, they were still wet and sticky from Connor’s come and Victoria’s attentions, her nipples were still standing very proud, but none of this bothered her. She slipped her arms into the blouse and wrapped it about her, securing it at the waist. Then she pulled down her skirt from where it had been pushed up to over her hips. Apart from the come in her hair, the translucent trails across her thighs and the evidence besiktas escort of semen on her face; the smudged make-up and absent lipstick, she looked good to go too. “You go to the rest room,” he said “and finish cleaning up. I’ll clean up here.”

“Ok lover,” Becca V replied, grabbing another quick kiss, “but make sure you get some rest today, because I want some more of this tonight, I’m addicted!” She placed a hand over the sleeping bulge in his pants, looking longingly into his eyes before quickly moving her hand away again. “Ohhh noooo! I can feel myself tingling again!” She turned and blowing a kiss at Vicky ran for the stairs and disappeared from sight with a clatter of stiletto heels.

Connor looked at Victoria, who hadn’t moved since he had picked her up from the floor. She looked well and truly fucked! The smile on her face however spoke volumes. There was pleasure, tiredness, satisfaction, sorrow/loss and fulfilment plain for all to see. Connor picked up her blouse from where he had thrown the torn garment. He looked at the proud woman as she stood before him, perhaps smaller in statue know than he remembered before, or maybe just less intimidating? One of her stockings was higher than the other on her thigh; one shoe was off, no knickers. Her come splattered pubic hair was stuck to her body. Her large firm breasts stood proud. The bustier holding the beautiful orbs in place was a war zone of come and juices. Her breasts glistened from the licking she had received, lots of little love bites were visible too as well as Becca V’s lipstick kisses. Her hair had many globules of his come in it, and this he realised would give the game away if anything.

He knelt before her and using the blouse, rubbed away as much of the sex juices upon her stockings and pubes as he could. He then straightened her wayward stocking and tightened one of the garter straps to make sure the stockings were at the same height. He then stood, mopping at her breasts making sure they were as come free as possible. He looked down at her face bearing witness to a tear as it cascaded across her cheek. She was biting at the corner of her lip as he gently lifted her chin with the knuckle of his hand. “What… what is the matter?”

“I can safely say,” Vicky replied between sobs, “that I have never been treated with such gentleness or such roughness by man and woman before. It has been absolute heaven, even being left alone in the dark. That gave me much time to ponder. I don’t want this to end here! I want you Connor. I have wanted you from the very day that you started at this branch; the only difference now is I’m not afraid to say it. I will walk out of here with no panties, no skirt and no blouse on. Everyone will see, but I will have a big smile on my face too. I’ll be content to suffer with the ridicule knowing that it has been more than worth it.

No, no don’t say anything; I don’t want this moment to be spoilt by you telling me that I forced you into this and that you didn’t enjoy any of it and that what I get is what I deserve. I want to go away from here thinking that we all had a good time. A good time that for me will not happen again. I have never had as many orgasms in one day, or one month for that matter, as you have induced in me today, Connor.

Your magnificent cock will be in all of my fantasies in the future as I masturbate, that is something that you cannot take from me and something that I would not have had but for today.”

Connor looked directly into her flooded eyes as he spoke. “Victoria, I was annoyed at being forced into having sex with you, particularly as I thought escort taksim it would ruin my relationship with Becca V. But you must remember one thing, men are simple creatures, if things don’t turn them on, then they can’t perform. What I’m saying is, of course I enjoyed it. I enjoyed all of it, from your body, to your lingerie, to your mouth and your pussy. I loved your tight arse and watching you kissing and caressing Becca. Above all I enjoyed making you scream in orgasm, this has been an absolute fantasy for me as well you know.

I was delighted by making you come as many times as you did. Now, let’s get you fixed up as best as we can and you can then get out of here before too many people start arriving. At least if you are back at your desk, you can cover your modesty behind that. I can then nip back to your place and get you some more clothes.”

“The fact that you would do that for me makes me feel all the worse for what I did Connor. But if I hadn’t I would never have seen you naked, never have tasted you, or felt that huge penis of yours entering me….oh!” She bit her lip again.

Connor picked up her jacket and held it up for her to slip her arms into. He leant forwards and gently kissed each nipple before closing up the jacket and doing the buttons. The jacket was just long enough to cover her bum and make it look like she was wearing a very, very short skirt. She might get away with it he thought. The top button on the jacket was between her breasts. Once done up it did nothing other than enhance and draw attention to, her fabulous cleavage. But he knew she would probably like that anyway. Victoria felt a sudden thrill at having to meet her co-workers sans knickers and skirt and wondered what they would think if they knew? She would add that to her masturbational fantasy bank!

Connor cleaned the table with Victoria’s ruined blouse and stuffed all evidence into his pockets, including Vicky’s knickers and skirt. He then tried to remove as much come from her hair as possible before running his fingers through it combing some life and style back. It was a poor job, but the best he could do given the circumstances. “OK,” he said, “I think we are ready!”

“Thank you, you lovely man!” Victoria cupped his face and stole a long lingering kiss, forcing her tongue into his mouth and biting upon his lower lip. She was pleased that he didn’t pull directly away, and surprised when he pulled her tightly to him with his strong arms. She felt every hard curve of his body through his clothing and gasped into his mouth, “MY GOD! He’s getting hard again!” She ground her hips into his swelling erection as he grasped her rounded arse. “Ohhh Connor, you are trouble, big trouble.” She slipped her hand over the semi hard cock curled tightly in his trousers. “Oh Connor,” she looked up into his smiling eyes, “I want you again!”

He grasped her by the shoulders and spun her around, patting her hard on the bottom, “out!” he commanded following her towards the stairs. Her pussy had started to burn again, but she knew they must go. Connor followed her closely she could feel his eyes burning into her body.

Connor’s eyes roamed over the swinging hips as Victoria climbed the stairs, her stocking clad legs looked remarkable her bare thighs above the stocking tops from this angle clearly visible as was her exposed pussy. Looking ripe for another fucking, he thought. God how was he going to deal with this? He wanted the both of them, and at the same time too. Victoria looked back at him, catching his hungry stare. “Are you looking up my jacket Connor? Can you see my dribbling fanny?” She laughed and continued up. He was trouble alright she thought but maybe also in trouble. Because having sampled that huge cock of his, she knew she must have it again. The only question was how was she going to manoeuvre him into fucking her next time? She’d have to sleep on that!

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