Becca Takes A Large Deposit Ch.06

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Becca V had no idea how she got home, or how she got into bed for that matter? But as she was wearing a man’s shirt, Connor’s shirt, as a nightie, she knew he had something to do with it. He had been to her place a couple of times before so knew where she lived. As she stood, she half expected and hoped that he was still there. “Connor?” She called out “Connor”? But there was no response.

Her legs still felt a bit wobbly as if she had run two marathons back to back the day before, so she was not sure whether her usual early morning jog was a good idea. After a moment’s hesitation, she decided that getting back to her usual routine would help to straighten her out, so she got out some panties and a sports bra from her underwear drawer. Unbuttoning the shirt slowly she took in Connor’s male muskiness which she found stirred her loins almost immediately. With the shirt undone, she dropped it to the floor and stood resplendently naked before the mirror in her room. Her nipples showing their pride at the breasts they were on, her body breaking out in goose-bumps.

She picked a loose top and her Lycra jogging bottoms from her dressing drawers. As she ran her tongue over her lips, a smile pricked at the corners, she could still taste Connor’s sperm and her juices. She wanted that taste to remain for the run at least, so elected to do her teeth later. Slipping her socks and shoes on she grabbed her IPod, popped the earphones in and went out for her daily run.

Becca V had been running for some years, so her body was fit and lean. She was pleased that her breasts were not too small and had not been affected by her fitness regime. She wondered as she pounded the road beneath her, at how on earth she got so breathless and out of control last night? As her thoughts turned back to run over the events of the night before, she licked her lips again as the still fresh taste helped her to slip into the erotic scene of her delightful violation. His licking, his finger fucking, OMG his cock! And the fucking! She thought further, his hot sperm ejaculating into her pussy, his cock in her mouth; being forced down her throat. She had never ‘deep-throated’ someone before, let alone a man of Connor’s size. And his coming on her face and down her throat was just what she had wanted and fantasised about.

As her breasts bounced to the jogging motion, she looked down at them, already guessing that her nipples were probably displaying her rising arousal. She was not disappointed, they were clearly visible beneath the thin top and sports bra; which was there to support the breast not hide erect nipples!

With the thoughts of Connor pumping his cock into her swollen vagina running though her head, she realised that the pounding on the road seemed to coincide with each of his memorised thrusts in her mind. In fact with each metre she ran, her state of arousal was getting worse. She had already been getting more than admiring glances from a few male passersby as they took in her perky breasts with their erect almanbahis toppings. Without really thinking, she pulled up her Lycra bottoms, the ultra tight material already left nothing to the imagination and she knew they made her bum look really good.

Now pulled up tightly they also gave her the most amazing looking ‘camel toe’ which she was not aware of, the Lycra moulding to the mounds of her labia and creating extra pressure on her clitoris; this she was well aware of however as it was causing her no end of trouble. As she continued to run, the abrasion of the Lycra on her little love bud through her panties was going to have her coming in the street in no time; a thought that she found surprisingly appealing and making her more aroused than ever. God, she thought, everything is turning me on! Becca V turned around and headed for home before a wet patch developed at her crotch, drawing even more unwanted attention; her arousal she realised, was getting out of control.

Connor finished his daily workout at the gym and headed for the shower. He was keen to get to work early just to make sure that no incriminating evidence from yesterday’s incredible turn of events remained. Saturday at the Bank was only a half day, so he didn’t anticipate anyone else being there early too. His journey to work was a short one and as planned he arrived a full two hours before opening. He noticed the assistant managers Jaguar in her parking space but assumed as she left early yesterday, she had probably not used it last night and would take it home today. So he thought no more of it. As he opened the door and went to the alarm panel, he was surprised that it was not active.

Suddenly he became wary, either the assistant manager was here, or they had had some unwanted criminal activity going on. He crept around trying hard to listen for any voices or noise, but finding more and more lights switched on, thought it was less likely that they had been raided and more likely that the assistant manager was already here. Either way his plans to check that everything was as it should be, had been disrupted. As he passed the staff rest area, he switched on the coffee maker and moved on towards Victoria Wainstrom’s office. The light was on, and as he neared, he heard a slight moan.

He thought as he entered the doorway, he was going to find her bound and gagged after all, maybe even come into contact with the criminals himself, but with a deep breath, he went in anyway. When he saw Victoria at her desk, he realised his imagination had indeed been running away with him; she sat at her desk, which faced the doorway, staring intently at the screen, her complexion looked a little flushed as if maybe she was angry? She didn’t notice Connor standing in the doorway until he said, “Good morning Victoria, I’m surprised to see you here this early? Can I get you a coffee?” Victoria jumped a little in surprise and quickly brought her right hand up from beneath the desk.

As she placed it on the mouse almanbahis giriş feigning the continuation of her work, it appeared to Connor that her fingers were glistening slightly as if wet? “God Connor,” she said. “You startled me. She appeared unable to keep her usual eye contact with him and her face and neck appeared to flush even more, as if she had been caught in the act of doing something she shouldn’t be doing. “Er, yes, good morning. I would love one.”

“No worries,” said Connor, “and sorry for scaring you, I didn’t expect anyone to be here this early, in truth it scared me a bit too, I was sure that something had happened to you. I was almost expecting to find you bound and gagged!”

“Why would you want to see me tied and gagged?” she gasped flushing slightly. The looks on her face suggesting to Connor that this was not completely unappealing to her. “No, no I didn’t mean that, I wanted to see you tied up,” he said hurriedly this time it was him that was embarrassed. “What I meant was I thought we had been broken into and as I saw your car here I thought the criminals had you as a hostage or something like that.”

“Oh.” Victoria seemed a little disappointed, “I see what you mean now.” She turned back to the screen, changing the page she was on. Connor turned and went to get the coffee. On his way back he quickly checked downstairs, the lights were still off so he thought he was still in the clear. Apart from the cut cable ties, he had done a good job of clearing up their mess from the night before. He popped the ties in his pocket and went back upstairs throwing them in a bin as he passed. He put his coffee on his desk on the way to Vitoria’s office, before nipping back into her room. As he approached, she swivelled around in her chair and put both her elbows on the desk-top.

Leaning forwards towards him. This had the effect of presenting him with her full cleavage. He was unaware of whether she realised the top button on her blouse had popped open and that she was revealing to Connor a bit more flesh than she should be. Connor was pretty sure that that button had not been like that a minute ago? He dragged his eyes from Victoria’s large breasts and leant forwards to pass her the coffee. Rather than reaching for it, she made Connor close the gap between them, bringing him into closer contact to her. “Thank you,” she breathed, her eyes now back to the direct contact that he was used to; she was back in control of the situation, whatever it had been? “Now I wonder if I could ask you for something else?”

“Of course, if I can help I will,” he replied in all seriousness; wondering now if in fact her blouse had slipped two buttons rather than one. He found her eye contact today quite disturbing for some reason. “Well,” said Victoria, “I need to get some docs from the safe deposits, as you are here and have a second set of keys, we could get them now.”

“Sure, whatever you want.”

Victoria stood immediately, straightening her skirt and ignoring almanbahis yeni giriş the coffee that Connor made, strode passed him on her way to the vaults. He followed discretely behind, noting the very pleasant smell of her perfume, a very sophisticated blend of aromas that reminded him of the scent of a woman’s sex. When they were in the vaults, instead of approaching the door, Victoria stood in front of the very table on which Connor had given Becca V a taste of his cock.

He immediately flushed in embarrassment as she stood in virtually the exact spot. Her next move embarrassed him all the more, as she leant across the table and put her hands through the bars saying, “That is what I want.” Connor looked away from her shapely arse clothed in the tight fitting skirt, to see what she was pointing at. But she wasn’t pointing at all; her hands were grasped together on the other side of the bars. “I…I don’t understand?” Connor replied still trying to hide his flushed face.

“Connor,” Victoria said now fully in control and beginning to relish it. “I have seen in great detail, what you were doing to Rebecca last night, there is no denying it! And quite simply I want the same! If I don’t get it, exactly the same mind you, then I will have no alternative but to take the recordings to the manager.” Connor suddenly clicked and looked across at the corner of the room, there almost smugly sat the security camera, facing directly at him. In their lust yesterday, both had forgotten about it, and that must have been what Victoria was looking at when he startled her; the footage from the camera.

He cursed himself for a fool. He knew the camera was there, why didn’t he think of it at the time? Having said that, Becca would still have been caught in the compromising position she had put herself into. What the hell was he to do now? The last thing he wanted was to give Victoria the same treatment that he had given Becca V. She was married and much older than him. Plus he had a really big thing for Becca V right now! “Shit,” he thought.

“Well Connor, the way I see it, unless you and Rebecca want to lose your jobs, you have no alternative. I’m not that bad a proposition am I?” Connor went for the guilt card first as he said to her, “but what about your husband?”

“Dear boy, we split up over a year ago, I haven’t had a man since!”

“Oh,” he said, thinking “my God she must be really climbing the wall!”

“What about the camera? If will capture video of us too?” He was rather hoping this would get him off the hook. “Sorry” she said, “turned off.”

Pulling some of the coin bag ties from her jacket pocket, she passed them to him. “Well you did talk about wanting to see me tied up didn’t you, so do it. If you give me a good seeing too, I will wipe the recordings of you two, but I want you to make me come as many times as you did Rebecca, or no deal, ok?” Connor knew that he was well and truly trapped; backed into a corner that he could not get out of. To keep his job and Becca V’s he had no alternative but to perform for his assistant manager; but he was not pleased at being put in this predicament and vowed to get even with her somehow. She would not be seeing any of the tenderness he had displayed with Becca V; that was a certainty.

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