Beautiful Stranger

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It’s Monday, during the morning rush at Starbucks, and I’m trying to get some work done while watching the long line of all sorts of people—moms (some sexy, some not so much), business women, teens before school, college kids, and older, retired people—coming in and going out.

All of a sudden, she walks in! Her blonde hair is up in a messy bun, she’s approximately five feet, two inches tall, in her late twenties, has a great little body, and is wearing jeans that hug her ass! I have no idea where she’s going, but I have to talk to her!

I walk up to her before she orders.

“Hi, my name is Jon. May I buy you a coffee?”

She replies.

“I’m in a rush to get to work as I’m running a few minutes late because my mother-in-law was late to watch my kids.”

She orders her coffee, I pay, and we walk over to where you pick it up.

“Since you’re late today, can we meet another morning, only a little earlier?”


We make plans for a couple of days later before she leaves and I bid to her.

“Have a great day, and it was good talking to you.”

After she leaves, I go back to my table.

My heart has a slight flutter from what has just happened. That was completely out of the ordinary for me as I’m married and, usually, would never walk up to a beautiful woman and start talking to her. Not only that, she’s obviously married, too, as her in-laws watch her kids. I don’t know her name, but I know she’s beautiful, and we’re going to meet in a couple of days.

My mind begins to wander…so many questions! What’s her name? Where’s she from? What made her say yes to meet me again? Is she interested in more than chatting? Am I interested in more than chatting? I guess I’ll find out in a couple of days. My mind races throughout the day, but I’m able to calm it and take one hour at a time. Hopefully, I’ll have answers to, at least, some of my questions in a couple of days.


It’s Wednesday and time to meet this mysterious woman at Starbucks, again. I get there, first, and grab a table. As she walks in, my heart flutters. She looks beautiful again—her blonde hair is down today, and she’s wearing a tight shirt and leggings. Mmm, she looks tasty!

I walk up to her.

“Good morning!”

I’m a hugger, so I reach out and do just that—she’s a great hugger. We order our coffees, grab them, and sit down.

I mention.

“I didn’t get your name last time.”

She immediately replies.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I’m Cori. I remember you introduced yourself as Jon.”

“That’s right. It’s great to meet you, Cori.”

“Jon, I only have about fifteen minutes before I have to go to work.”

We immediately start to chat and Cori asks a lot of questions.

“Jon, what made you walk up to Monday?”

“Well, first of all, you’re beautiful and after that, I have no idea. I was drawn to you, but it isn’t a normal thing for me to just walk up to a woman.”

“I’m married and usually wouldn’t meet up with another guy, either, but something casino şirketleri about you intrigued me.”

We continue to chat until she has to go to work.

“Cori, may I ask for your phone number?”

“Of course.”

I give her mine as well and she’s off to work. Cori texts me as soon as she gets there.

[Cori] I want to get together to chat again. I have a commitment on Friday, but maybe we can meet afterward for some coffee?

[Jon] Absolutely. I’m be looking forward to it.

It’s going to be another two days before I can see her again, but we text back and forth throughout the day and discuss what our lives are like and what we feel we’re missing.

[Jon] Cori, would you rather grab a drink on Friday? I’m a sober, recovering alcoholic so I don’t drink, but I figured maybe you’d prefer that?

[Cori] I’m a sober, recovering alcoholic, also. Wow, small world!

We continue texting back and forth, until Friday, and plan to meet at a nice little coffee shop after her commitment, which is actually a meeting.


Friday is here and we’re meeting for coffee, more great conversation, to discuss our lives, to get to know each other, and etc. I can feel a bond forming.

“Jon, I love to visit Colorado, at least, once a year.”

The stars are aligning! I have a business trip to Colorado in a couple of months. In my mind, I’m thinking, ‘Maybe she can go with me and we can spend my non-working time together!’ I know what we’re doing is wrong, but I’m an alcoholic, so getting what I want is always my number one priority. Even while sober, I’m selfish sometimes. Lol.


We continue to meet on Fridays for a few weeks and continue to grow closer, so I finally ask her.

“Cori, would you like to join me in Colorado? I can pay for everything except your flight.”

“Yes, but I’ll have to check to be sure it’ll work.”


It’s Saturday and she sends me a text.

[Cori] I’m in!

I give her my flight information, she books a ticket next to me, and I book a double room (two beds) at a hotel (in case nothing happens). I’m assuming, if everything continues to go as it has been, we’ll be sharing a bed, but you never know.


The day Cori and I are to go to Colorado is upon us and we decide to meet at the airport so as not to raise any suspicions. As we check in, the ticketing agent tells us.

“You’re such a cute couple!”

We look at each other and smile. After we make it through security, we have an hour or so to kill so we walk around and stop at a typical airport bookstore where Cori gets some magazines and we each grab a book. Unknown to us, at this time, we won’t have any time to read either the magazines or the books.

As we board the plane, I ask.

“Cori, would you prefer the window or middle seat?”

She prefers the window seat and I take the middle. As we buckle in to get ready for take-off, she puts her arm around me and nuzzles her head on my shoulder—it feels so right!

After casino firmaları we land, we go to the front desk of the hotel to check in.

“You’re in luck. We still have one single room left.”

I’m shocked because I booked a double room, earlier—two beds! I look at Cori and she shrugs as though it’s ok, so we go to our room, set our luggage down, and etc.

It’s early afternoon, so we decide to change into our swimwear and go to the hot tub. As she’s changing in the bathroom, I change in the main room. She walks out in a stunning bikini! Holy shit! She has a great body! I have to think of rainbows and unicorns to keep my cock from sticking straight out of my swim suit.

We make it down to the hot tub, only to find we’re the only ones here. I turn on the jets, step in, and Cori sits next to me. As I’m sitting here, relaxing, a hand starts to rub upward on my leg and she smiles at me when I look at her. I allow her to wander and explore with her hand until, finally, she finds my rock hard cock. As she starts to rub it, I slowly work my hand up to her sweet pussy and rub her through her bikini while the bubbles are flowing around us.

“Cori, as much as I don’t want to say this, let’s relax a few minutes and finish this in our room.”

So we lay our heads back and relax for a while before we climb out of the hot tub, towel off, and run back to our room. After we get into our room, we strip off our swim suits and stand here in our natural beauty. I pick her up, throw her onto the bed, and tell her to spread her legs, which she happily does.

Her sweet pussy is spread wide open for me and waiting to be taken care of, so I start to kiss the insides of her legs while working my way up to her sweet pussy. The higher I go, the more she moans. I can tell it’s been a while since she’s had this treatment, so I continue until I finally reach her sweet, wet pussy.

I give it a good kiss, spread the lips wide open, and start tonguing it while focusing on licking and sucking her clit. I can tell she’s about to cum then she starts to shake and shudder as the flood gates of her pussy open as she starts to cum!

By this time, making her cum has made me so rock hard, it hurts! She slides down, starts to suck me off, and (after a couple of minutes) looks up at me.

“Jon, I want you inside of me.”

She climbs on top of me and slowly guides my cock into her. Oh, she’s so tight! But because she’s so wet, my cock easily slides into her. I look up and grab her sweet little titties as she slides her pussy up and down my cock.

“Cori! I’m getting ready to cum!”

“I’m on the pill! Cum inside of me!”

So, I let it go!

“Wow! That was a great orgasm!”

She collapses on top of me and just lies here for a while, with my softening cock still inside of her, before she rolls off.

“Jon, let’s get cleaned up and explore Denver.”

First, we check in at our homes then we go into the bathroom.

“Cori, let’s conserve water by taking a shower together.”

Cori is happy güvenilir casino to do that so we get into the shower and start washing each other as we pay close attention to soaping each other as well as possible. As I’m rubbing her perfect, little tits and her nipples are growing hard, she’s soaping my cock, which is growing equally hard.

I can’t take it any longer…I need her again! I turn her around and she braces against the wall as I take her doggy style. After we each cum, we finish washing up, climb out of the shower, and towel each other off.

It’s a warm day so I throw on some shorts and a polo, and she puts on a short skirt and tight top. Her ass looks so fantastic in her short skirt, I can’t help but give it a good slap. We’re ready to hit the town.

I ask the front desk person.

“Would you give us recommendations of sites to see in Denver?”

After we receive them, off we go to a restaurant a few blocks away. As we walk, we’re holding hands and chatting about how much fun we’re having. After we arrive at the restaurant, we sit next to each other at a nice, quiet table with subdued lighting, which is away from everyone, so we can continue our conversation and enjoy our time together.

After we order our food, and while we’re talking, Cori shudders at the movement of my hand as I slide it onto her knee then slowly move it further up until I start to feel the heat from her pussy. She isn’t wearing any panties! Mmm, what a pleasant surprise! As I play around for a few minutes, she’s getting wetter and wetter.

The waiter makes a quick stop at our table as Cori lets out a few moans brought on by my playing around under her skirt. After a while longer, our food is delivered so, much to Cori’s disappointment (and mine), I have to remove my hand from under her skirt so we can eat dinner and chat for a while.

We know it isn’t right for us to be together, but it feels so good! We discuss why we don’t think our significant others will leave us, even if we do get caught, then we decide to continue our fun and not think about how it’s wrong.

We leave the restaurant and begin to walk on a beautiful night until we find a nice park where we can sit and chat. I slide my hand under her skirt and start playing, again, until she’s nice and wet. By this time, she’s unzipping my pants and releasing my hard cock.

“Sit on my lap.”

Because she’s so wet, my cock has no problem sliding into her as she sits on my lap and starts bouncing up and down. I can feel her pussy pulsing around my cock as orgasm after orgasm flows through her body—I can’t hold back any longer!

I whisper into her ear.

“I’m about to cum.”

“Fill me!”

I’m filling her so full, she’s overflowing onto me, especially after my softening cock slips out of her pussy. Cori gets off of me, sits next to me, looks at me, grabs my face, and plants her lips on mine. We chat for a few minutes and, since the temperature is dropping, decide to go back to the hotel.

After we get back to our room, we decide to shower together, but this time, we only rub each other down, dry ourselves off, and go to bed.


A huge Thank You to Oldnakeddad for editing my story!

To be continued if you’d like. 😉

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