Beautiful Niece Kaylee Ch.8

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I have changed the age of my Niece to be compliant with the rules. This also throws off all future timelines. I apologize for any confusion, however I hope you will understand.


Chapter 8

Friday afternoon found me in my usual parking spot, outside the high school library. Right on time, my beautiful niece came bouncing down the stairs. I had to smile as she walked towards the truck.

Kaylee is 16 years old, and cute as can be. She has long blonde hair, bright green eyes, and a smile that lights up her whole face. She is 5’2″ tall, and doesn’t seem to be getting any taller, much to her own disappointment. (I however, think she’s perfect.) She has small, perky breasts, above a thin waist, and firm athletic legs. She looked around, caught sight of me, and broke into a smile that outshines the sun.

She waved to me, and half ran the rest of the way to the truck. I love that sometimes, she is still a sweet, innocent, teen girl. Her backpack was flung unceremoniously into the back and she jumped in the door. “Hey Baby! It felt like my last class took forever! I was missing you so much!” She finally looked over at me and her eyes went wide with surprise. “Why are you in a suit? Did you have a business meeting or something?”

“Well thanks! You look nice too!” I swung the truck away from the curb and pulled away from the school.

“I’m sorry!” She stuck out her lower lip in a pout, then slowly checked me out from head to toe. “You look absolutely, positively, drop dead, sexy in that suit Uncle Benny! Did you just feel like dressing up for me?”

I chuckled. “Well I guess it’s for you. I thought that I would swing you by your house and let you get dressed up, before I took you to dinner tonight.”

She looked over at me cautiously. “A fancy dinner? For what???”

I figured she didn’t think I would remember something so silly, but I knew it was important to her so I made an effort. “I know the dates not till Sunday, but…”

The screech she let out nearly burst my eardrum. “You remembered our anniversary!?!” She threw her arms around me, almost running us off the road. “I didn’t think you’d remember! Oh Baby, I love you!”

I gave her a smile. “If you’d rather grab a pizza and just go home, that’s fine too.” I teased.

“God no! Where are we going? What should I wear? How much time do I have? Should I wear heels? What time are we leaving?” The rapid fire questions made me believe that she was just a tad bit excited.

“Calm down!” I barked at her. “We have reservations at 6:30. You have plenty of time! I thought maybe that dress you wore to Mom and Dad’s 50th anniversary party was great, but you can wear whatever you like. Heels?” I looked over at her legs. “I’m gonna say definitely!”

She looked like she could barely sit still. “I think I have an even better dress than that! OH, and I want to do my hair!”

A few minutes later we were pulling into my sisters driveway. We walked into the house, and Kaylee turned to me. “Make a drink and watch some T.V. or something. If you don’t rush me, I’ll be on time. If you bug me… It will be your own fault!” She turned and ran for her room. After 5 steps she skidded to a halt, ran back and threw her arms around me. “I really was missing you today, and you really do look great!” She stood on her toes and I leaned down and kissed her.

Even after a year, kissing her still feels like electricity! I pulled her close and her arms reached around my neck. I ran my hands over her back and down her sides. Her hand came up and caressed my cheek. She gave a small groan, then pulled away.

“Seriously? Do you want to be late?” She slapped my arm, then gave me a wink. “We have all night for that, right now, I have to get ready.” One last peck on the lips and she was off and running again.


We pulled into the restaurant with plenty of time to spare. I stepped out as the valet opened the door for Kaylee and helped her out. She was breathtaking!

She had on a black, mid thigh, cocktail dress. The skirt had a lacy ruffle at the bottom. It was backless, and sleeveless. The form fitted waist came up and hugged the shape of her breasts, and ended in a choker type neck. She had black pumps that made her legs look absolutely amazing! She had blown out and brushed her long blonde hair and it shimmered in the lights. It cascaded down her back in silky waves, almost to her waist. I had rarely seen her hair down like this, and she looked radiant! I’m sure no one there took us for a couple, but I was still the proudest man in the place, walking in with that beautiful, young woman on my arm.

My sister works at the only really nice place in our town, so I had driven to the next town over, to a highly recommended restaurant . It was a rustic looking chateau, with lots of windows and soft glowing lights. The place was filled with antique furniture and paintings, and the tables were arranged to give diners a little privacy.

The maitre d’ led us to our table. “I get the feeling that they aren’t going to have chili fries here.” I whispered in my niece’s ear

Kaylee giggled. “I doubt they have corn dogs either.” She looked at me with those bright green eyes. “It’s so beautiful though!”

“I hadn’t noticed, I’ve been too busy staring at you.”

The two of us had a fantastic dinner. We talked and laughed the whole way through. When the dessert came, I reached into my jacket and brought out a small, wrapped box.

Kaylee smiled widely. “Is that for me?” She asked playfully batting her eyes.

When I nodded, she opened her purse and took out a card. “Well then, this is for you.”

I handed her the box. “You first.” She removed the wrapping and opened the lid.

She let out an involuntary squeal, then Ankara bayan escort looked around blushing. No one had even looked. “Oh my god! Oh My God! OH MY GOD!”

Inside was a pair of earrings. They were white gold, gracefully twisted into a figure eight. Inside the bottom loop of each was a round cut, 1/2 caret diamond.

OK. Maybe this day meant more to me than I wanted to admit.

“Are these the ones from the mall? I totally fell in love with these! How did you know? I never said anything to you!” Her excitement brought a huge smile to my face.

“Well… I had help. I called Brittni and asked her for ideas. She said that these, and I quote, would melt your panties off! Well, I just had to see that!”

“Oh! They are perfect! Thank you, thank you! I love them! Can I put them on?”

“Of course you can.” She instantly pulled them from the box and fit them in her ears. Like everything else about her tonight, they looked perfect.

“Sweetheart… You look gorgeous!”

I started to reach for the card and Kaylee’s face fell. “No! Don’t! After the earrings I don’t want you to open that!”

I looked at her questioningly. “Why not?”

She looked shy and embarrassed. “Your gift was perfect, and I know you spent a lot of money. Mine is stupid, and all I could afford was some dumb card. Please, just let me come up with something better.”

She was trying to grab the card away, but I would not release it. “Kaylee.” I said gently “I don’t need anything fancy from you. I have you, that’s all I want. I know you cant afford much. Can I read my card?” I asked, looking in her eyes.

She dropped her gaze, and let go. “Yes, but it seems stupid now.”

I opened the card and read. My eyes went wide, and I quickly closed the card. I looked around, knowing no one was close enough to read, but I had to check anyway.

“Not stupid.” I opened the card and re-read it. I looked up with a huge grin on my face “Not stupid at all!”

The card was your typical over dramatic, sentiments of love. However at the bottom, she had penned a short poem. It was simple, only 8 lines, and not at all good, but to this day, I often remove it from the bottom of my drawer, and smile as I read it.

Can you believe that it’s been one whole year?
Words can’t express how I love you, my dear.
I don’t have much money to buy you something.
Not a big screen T.V., or some new fancy bling.
But I knew I’d find something, if I just used my mind.
And then I remembered how you like my behind!
So if you are gentle, and don’t think I’m a whore…
I was thinking that maybe, you could try my backdoor!

It was signed with her name and a cute smiley face, with devil’s horns.

I quickly hid the card away inside my jacket. Then I looked up at my blushing niece. She looked so shy and nervous. I started to laugh loudly. She looked at me confused.

“I can’t remember wanting to try out a present this much, since your grandpa bought me my first car, and told me I had to wait till after Christmas dinner to drive it!”

She looked up timidly. “You really like the idea?”

“Oh yeah!”

“You aren’t going to argue? Or try and talk me out of it?” She was starting to smile.


She finally gave me a big smile. Her hand went up and toyed with one earring. “Well it’s not as amazing as your gift.”

“That, My Love, is a matter I might debate!”

I settled the bill and we went out to the truck. Kaylee spent 5 minutes looking into the mirror. She turned her head back and forth, looking at her ears from every angle.

“I love them! Thank you so much!” She leaned across the seat and gave me a kiss.

“OK… So about your present. Brittni and I did a bunch of research on-line.”

I laughed. Is there anything that can’t be learned on the Internet? “Of course you did!”

Kaylee shot me a mean look, then continued on. “The fist thing that everyone says is LUBE!” Made sense to me.

“Some people say to just go slow and give it a try. Others say to work your way up to it.” Kaylee stopped and looked over at me. With a little hesitation she said. “If you want to just try, I might be able do it.”

“Kaylee, I don’t want to hurt you. I think we should try working up.” I wasn’t really sure what that entailed. “What do we need to do?”

She looked relived. “That’s good! I wasn’t really sure I could, I just didn’t want to sound chicken!” She let out a sigh. “Well, Brittni and I thought the best way seemed to be to buy a training kit.”

I was stunned for a moment. “Training Kit? They have those? I am assuming they aren’t sold in the grocery store.”

Kaylee laughed and playfully swatted my arm. “NO! But the adult bookstore off the highway has them in stock. We checked!”


Twenty minutes later I was at the counter with my items, trying really hard not to look as awkward as I felt. Kaylee had begged to come into the store, but I insisted that she wait in the truck. She finally agreed, saying she wanted to call Brittni anyway, to give her all the details.

The clerk, who looked very stoned, rang me up and commented on my choice. “That’s a great kit man! Me and my old lady had some great times with that!”

“It’s sort of an anniversary present.” I replied. More embarrassed than anything.

“Oh Sweet!” He grabbed another bottle of lube and threw it in the bag. “On me. Happy anniversary bro! I hope you enjoy!”

Kaylee was pouting in the truck when I got in. “I wanted to see what it was like in there.”

“We’ll come back when you have ID.” I pulled out of the lot and back onto the highway.

She opened the bag and Escort bayan Ankara looked inside. The “Kit” contained three blue butt plugs, starting with one about the size around of my thumb, a medium, and a large, that was nearly the girth of my dick. There was a small vibrator, in the same blue color, and a bottle of lube. It was all packaged, labeled, and sealed in shrink wrap. ( I had no idea the sex toy industry was this professional. I must be getting OLD! )

“Two bottles of lube?? That’s probably more than we need.” Kaylee giggled to me.

“The clerk liked me!” I laughed.

As I drove, Kaylee was inspecting my purchases. I reached over and put my hand against her leg. I caressed her thigh and let my hand travel up underneath her skirt. She scooted over in the seat to be closer to me. My hand kept moving upward till I encountered her bare crotch.

“No panties?” I asked, a bit surprised.

Kaylee giggled, then took my hand and centered it over her mound. “Well, all my nice things are at your house.” She leaned back in the seat, and spread her legs wider. “So, I decided to just go commando!” This made me chuckle.

I drove with my left hand, while my right hand went to work on my niece’s warm, moist, muffin. I ran my finger around her pearl, and pressed into her. Her breathing quickened, and her hips rose slightly off the seat. “MMMMM, I’ve been waiting for this all day.” She softly moaned.

I moved my middle finger in and out of her, while my palm rubbed up and down her clit. She was so soft, so wet. Her soft moans were driving me wild. Her scent filled the truck. Her hips started to move forward against my hand, and she moaned more loudly.

Then suddenly she stopped. “Wait!” She grabbed my arm with her hand. “Not yet!”

I was afraid I had done something wrong. “Are you OK?”

“Oh, I’m just fine!” She giggled “I just want to try this out.” She ripped opened the box and removed the small size plug. Then she grabbed one of the bottles of lube, and threw the rest of the items to the floor board. Her hips lifted off the seat and she rudely pulled her dress above her waist. She leaned back, kicked off her heels, and placed her feet onto the dashboard. She drizzled a little lube onto the butt plug, and reached around with her right hand.

I resumed the movements with my hand as she played with the toy around back. I heard her breath catch, and I assumed she had put it in. At the same time I pressed my finger into her again. “Oh! That feels so good!”

Her legs spread even farther apart, and her right hand was moving around, toying her butt hole with the plug. Her left arm was around my right, pulling my hand harder against her. “Oh Baby! This feels so awesome!”

I noticed that the light ahead had turned red, so I slowed the truck to a stop. I looked over at my niece. Her eyes were closed, her head leaned back. Her breaths were coming in ragged gasps. It was then I saw the lights approaching from behind.

I started to remove my hand, and Kayle’s arm tightened. “Don’t stop! Please, don’t stop!”

The lights of a large truck were almost to us, pulling up in the right hand lane. “Sweetheart there is a truck coming.”

Her hips were pressing into my hand, and her legs were starting to shake. She growled at me. “I Don’t Care!” Her orgasm hit just as the semi truck stopped alongside of us.

The night was beautiful, so we had the windows down in the truck. The intersection was brightly lit. There was no way the driver was going to miss this.

“Ah Hell” I said “If you don’t care… I don’t care.”

I ran my finger firmly around her clit and she started to pant! “Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh Yes!” She was still toying her ass and she started to scream loudly. “Ahhhhh! Ahhhhh! Oh God! Yes! Ahhhhhhhh!” Her legs came together with a snap. Her back arched, and her hips lifted. All at once she fell limply back into the seat, feet still up on the dash, completely spent. Her body giving little trembles, and her legs twitching.

I looked up, the light was green. How long it had been that way, I’ll never know, but neither vehicle had moved. I quickly pressed the accelerator and pulled away. The truck driver gave 2 long blasts of his air horn. When I looked back, his arm was out the window, giving me a visible thumb’s up!

Kaylee sat up and put her hands over her face. “Oh my god! I’m so embarrassed! How much do you think he saw?”

“Sweetheart!” I said, laughing so hard I almost couldn’t drive. “He not only saw, but he heard everything as well! I’m pretty sure you just made his night!”


When we arrived home, neither of us spent much time getting ready for bed. I was laying in bed as Kaylee came out of the bathroom. She hadn’t even bothered to dress for bed, and was standing there completely naked.

She had left her hair free, falling down her shoulders. Her firm breasts, and small, erect nipples, standing straight out. The gentle curve between her thin waist, and modest hips. Her beautiful toned legs with the perfect blonde triangle of hair where they came together. She was like a sculpture of a Greek goddess.

“Thank you so much for a wonderful dinner date. I don’t know HOW I’ll ever thank you.” She walked slowly and seductively towards the bed. My heart was already beating faster.

Kaylee came into my arms and I kissed her. I laid back with her on top of me. Her hands circled my neck and mine roamed freely over her smooth back. She moved her hips back and forth, grinding onto my crotch. My underwear, the only thing between us.

My niece slowly started to kiss my neck, which is something that always drives me crazy. Her full lips kissing, and biting along my jaw. She kissed her way down my chest. Stopping and teasing one nipple with her mouth, then the other. My whole body broke out in goose Bayan escort Ankara bumps. Her kisses continued down my belly. Slowly she removed my boxers. She took me in her hand, and started to stroke, as she kissed my thighs.

Her green eyes met mine as she took me into her mouth. Her tongue circled the tip a few times, then she lowered her head and swallowed my whole length. I laid back as my body tensed, then I closed my eyes. Every muscle in my body relaxed as I enjoyed this amazing feeling. My right hand played softly with her hair as her head moved up and down my shaft.

Kaylee started to hum. Once again my body broke out in shivers. The small hairs on the back of my neck standing up. Her mouth sucking me in, her tongue stimulating every bit of me. She withdrew, giving the head extra attention. Then she took me all the way in, deepthroating me. I felt my climax building.

“Oh Sweetheart! You’re going to make me cum!” I warned her.

With me still deep inside her mouth, I both heard and felt her assent . “MMMM HHHHMMMM.”

My breathing sped up, and my body contracted. I felt like every nerve was centered in my groin. Then an electric shock spread throughout me. “OH! Kaylee! AAHHH!”

My hips trust against her. My balls contracted, then ropes of cum shot into my niece’s waiting mouth. Her tongue circled my head, then I felt her swallow as she took me to the hilt again. Load after load, but Kaylee didn’t slow or hesitate. I fell back against the bed as she continued to take me in, swallowing every last drop. Her movements slowed and she released me with a small kiss on the tip.

“MMMM. I love doing that to you!” She crawled up and gave me a long, wet, kiss. She held me, while I got my breath back.

After a moment I took her in my arms and flipped her over. I smiled down at her as I started kissing her neck in return. She looked so sexy with her long blonde hair fanned out across the pillow. I kissed down till I reached her muffin. I licked her slit as I raised her thighs, spreading her legs wide. I was a bit surprised to see the blue rubber base of the butt plug still in her backside.

“I didn’t realize this was still in.” I said giving it a small wiggle.

“MMMM, that feels good.” Kaylee sighed in reply. “I’m supposed to keep it in as long as it doesn’t bother me.” She let out a cute giggle. “It definitely doesn’t bother me!” I gave it another small wiggle, then licked her from back to front, taking her clit into my mouth and sucking. “Oh God, that’s awesome!”

Kaylee took my head and lifted. Her eyes met mine and she smiled shyly. “Will you try the next one?” She was blushing. After all that we had done, she was still embarrassed to tell me what she wanted.

“I would love to!” I smiled back at her.

I leaned over the side of the bed to where the bag had been left, and pulled out the medium size plug. I opened the lube and gave it a healthy drizzle. Leaning back over, I started to lick and suck on Kaylee’s muffin. With my free hand I grabbed the base of the smaller plug and slowly removed it.

“Ahhh Ohhh!” Kaylee let out a moan of pleasure. While still kissing, and licking, I positioned the second toy against her butt hole.

I leaned back to get a view of what I was doing. She had her hands behind her legs, spreading them apart. Her beautiful pussy was sopping wet. Her little virgin backdoor was glistening with the lube. I placed the larger plug against her, and started to press lightly. Her body tensed. I rotated it back and forth, and could almost hear the pop as it passed the tight outer ring of her anus.

“OH! Wow! That’s a lot bigger than the first one!” She moaned. Her body relaxed, and I moved the toy around and around, side to side. I started to lick and suck on her clit again. “Oh! That’s better. Oh yes!”

Kaylee started pressing against me, moving her hips around to adjust to the new intrusion. Soon her breathing deepened. “I like that! MMMMMM.” I kept pressure on her button. Her hips sped up. “Yeah! Oh, Uncle Benny! I want to feel you inside me too.”

By this time I was very hard again, and only too happy to oblige. I sat up between her legs and rubbed myself across her opening. Gently, I pressed into her vagina.

“Oh my god! That feels amazing!” Kaylee yelled out.

I had to agree! Her tight, wet pussy had a slightly different feel. Through her inner wall, I could feel the bulbous head of the butt plug pressing against the sensitive underside of my shaft. I pulled almost out and slowly entered her again. I let out a long moan and almost yelled myself. “Kaylee! You feel so good!”

I started to stroke in and out. Careful not to thrust too hard, and cause her pain with these new sensations. I was in heaven! Not that making love to my beautiful niece needed anything to make it better, but the thought of what we were doing was an absolute turn on. I rocked against her, letting the passion and the moment quicken the pace. In and out, I felt her joining with me. Each of us matching the others movements.

“Baby! I love you!” Kaylee panted.

“I love you too!” I sighed as I felt the oncoming finish.

I leaned down and kissed her passionately. My cock unloaded inside of her. My hips started to thrust, as I uncontrollably released everything that I had to give. At the same time, I felt her contract onto me. Her fingers digging into my shoulders, as she too, spiraled into oblivion. Her back stiffened, her breathing stopped. We both collapsed down, me crushing her beneath my body.

I finally found the strength to roll off from on top of her. “Damn! That was amazing!” I said, pulling her into an embrace.

Kaylee looked up into my eyes. “I have never felt anything like that!” She said. Her smile made me think that, that was a good thing.

“Trust me Sweetheart! Neither have I.” I replied.

She held me tight and cuddled up close. “Hmmm. And that wasn’t even your present yet.”

“Well… If my anniversary is going to kill me… At least I’ll die with a smile on my face!”

To be continued:

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