Beach Body Ch. 05

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Adrian was conflicted. Still laying in bed at 7am instead of ready to be out the door obviously meant something was bothering him. Maybe bothering wasn’t the right word. He couldn’t stop thinking about yesterday. Sitting on the couch in his daughter’s apartment. Just innocently watching the game. Then her head was in his lap. And his stupid body reacted. Responded. Against her soft, pretty face. He should have gotten up then and there. Or just shifted her a bit. Anything… instead of letting her roll into it. She had been asleep right? She didn’t know what she was doing. But what if she did know? When she opened her eyes… the way she looked up at him…

He groaned and it echoed through his empty house. He picked up his phone, stared at it. Maybe he needed to go out. Get out there. Go on a date or two with real people rather than just hanging out at the gym with the other trainers or clients or Barret or his daughter. It took him a bit to refind the dating app. He opened it, grimacing as he thought back to all the trouble he had trying to send clever messages to so-called matches. The couple of women he did meet up with were nice enough but he didn’t connect. But he could try again. Would he need to update his profile photos? He flicked over to them, unable to really judge if they were good, or even still an accurate representation of him. He got to his photo with Nora. It always made him smile. Her smile. Suddenly the idea of going out on dates was even less appealing and he closed the app.

He looked up at the ceiling. Stared at it. When he went back to his phone he brought up his camera roll. There was the picture he took of Nora on day one of their workouts. Standing there with her shoulders slumped and making a face at him, but a body on display in her tight fitting top and form fitting pants. That sports bra had its work cut out for it, he thought idly. The little bit of muffin top showing with her bare midriff reminded him of when he massaged that abdominal cramp out of her. Her skin was so soft and his fingers itched thinking about it. The thing stirred under his pajama pants. A notification popped up on his screen and he almost dropped the phone on his face. He panicked for a second, seeing it was a message from Nora. He felt silly for that spike of adrenaline and opened her text.

Nora: Ordered parts. Next day delivery. Check it!

And beneath that were a few links. When he pressed them a website with a list of computer part codes would appear along with the prices. He didn’t know what any of it meant but was sure whatever had been ordered was required. One of the links was for a dual monitor setup and he grinned widely. He looked into the middle distance. Stared at it. Some simple arithmetic occured in his head and he frowned, confused at first. This wasn’t going to cost him all that much at all, he realised. He smiled again and wrote a quick reply to his clever daughter.

Adrian: Thanks! Looks awesome! Pay you back! How’s the ankle?

He watched his phone for a few seconds then saw her typing back.

Nora: Ankle is good. What time are you coming over?

He blinked at the message and saw the time. He didn’t feel conflicted any more. Things were just normal again and yesterday was a bit of random whatever. He sent a final message before getting out of bed.

Adrian: Keep it iced. Heading over.

“How’s that?” Adrian asked her, her leg on his thigh as he gently turned her foot one way. Nora chewed her lip as her ankle was tested then hissed when it hurt. Her father was quick to release her foot at the first sign of pain, but he nodded. “Not a bad sprain at all,” he concluded. “Not much swelling. We’re good to go.”

“Finally,” Nora said as they spread apart. The Seaburys had a yoga mat next to each other on the floor and though she wished his hands were still on her she had to get back into her exercising mindset. They did a lot of stretching and bending, limbering up with slow and patient methods.

For about 70% of the session Nora could just observe and mimic her father’s positions. She silently cursed the bagginess of his shorts as she watched him turn over before quickly following his motions. She soon figured out that if she copied his pose almost correctly, maybe with her arm slightly too high or her leg not quite turned enough, he would move over and physically correct her. She would feel his hand on the bottom of her thigh as he lifted it into the proper angle for that stretch. His fingers would glide over her back and gently dip her lower. You should feel it deeply here. Yes? Feel it? Mmm. Yes.

His attentive attention was lovely, and the thought of her panties dampening from his touch had her smiling to herself.

“Alright let’s work on flexibility,” he said next, and as she watched him shuffle up to her on his knees she felt butterflies. “Lay back,” he commanded. She laid back. Tried not to melt. He tapped her left thigh and simply said “up.”

She lifted her leg straight up and he encouraged her to keep rotating until she couldn’t move it further. Nora tried to keep her breath steady since right now she basically had her legs half open at her father’s command. She felt the material gorukle escort bayan of her tights stretch against her crotch and prayed it would hold the floodgates. He got into position then, moving to get behind her raised leg and putting a firm hand under her knee. He applied gentle pressure and got her to slowly increase the range of motion.

“Oh wow…” she breathed, feeling the stretch. She tried focusing on a faint smudge on her ceiling as her calf landed on her dad’s shoulder while he continued to steadily push against her thigh. Her memory flashed back to her Miguel gym stretching fantasy. Her father was more or less in that exact same position now, his body right there against her. The only real difference, the important difference, was that they were both fully clothed. She could feel the heat of him hover over her crotch. He didn’t just flop it out. He sweat.

“Is this okay?” he asked, looking down at her and she stared at him with wide eyes.

“Ya… ” she responded, breathless, then he nodded and eased back. He let her leg down and the entire limb tingled. She was tingling in other places too and had to release a low moan. After a few seconds of letting her rest, Adrian picked up her other leg, careful with the ankle. He got her to do the same thing. Lift it up. Stretch it back as far as she could manage it herself. Then he pressed into her. Stretched it more. She sensed he was being gentler with this leg, due to her injury, but she felt fine. “You can go harder…” she told him quietly.

Adrian felt a flutter but just swallowed and did as suggested. He pressed down with more force, and in doing so eased another moan from her chest. Her father knew that it was just an involuntary utterance of relief, from feeling the stretch, but all of those sounds she kept making had not been easy to ignore. He felt a thrill roll down his back with every slithering gasp he pressed from his daughter. His mind kept going to yesterday. Try as he might, as intensely as he concentrated on his duties as an instructor, he was failing to prevent his swell. Fortunately he could mostly hide it by staying in a wider stance where the bagginess of his loose shorts could mask the erection. He could only manage it for so long. He was sweating.

He was sweating. Nora saw it bead on his forehead and had a sudden urge to lick it off his skin. She exhaled as her father finally eased back and her leg settled onto the mat. She stared at the ceiling and sensed him move away a bit. Absently she put a hand on her crotch, then quickly moved it off, pretending like she was maybe adjusting the material or something. God she wanted to touch herself. Her body had practically moved on its own. Her father didn’t seem to notice.

“You’re pretty flexible,” he complimented her.

Then just bend me over daddy.

Nora gulped, the thought hot in her head and now her face was boiling. That sort of thing had never crossed her mind before and she sat up, almost afraid her father might have somehow heard her brain. “Couple more stretches and we’ll be done,” he told her, eyes flicking up to the clock then back to his daughter.

Fucking stretch me. Please.

“Okay!” Nora said, energetic and trying to drown out the intrusive voice. She tried singing in her head for the next few stretches, trying to match him perfectly so that her father would just stay over there. But apparently her plank position wasn’t quite right and his warm palm brushed against her butt, wanting her to lower it (Spank me daddy!). She was trembling as she held the position, but that was just her working her core…

When it was all over she tried to drown herself with her water bottle. She wiped her mouth as she watched him pick up his bag.

“You can take a shower if you want,” she offered graciously, not wanting her dad to walk around outside all sweaty and uncomfortable. If he wanted to be all sweaty around her apartment instead that was a different matter.

“I’m going to the gym anyway,” Adrian said, bag gripped in front of him. Nora shrugged, since now that she thought about it she really wanted the shower to herself. Immediately.

“Okay, I’ll be at your place tomorrow,” she reminded him.

“Oh you don’t want to meet up for lunch first?” he asked, a bit put off by the change in plans to their weekly weekend lunch. “We usually-“

“We’ve seen each other almost every day this week,” Nora said quickly. This was a huge improvement from their minimum once per week get-togethers. She also didn’t want to go to their usual greasy diner, and knew that her dad would offer to substitute it with some other health food place if she wanted instead but why should they both suffer. “We’ll build your PC first and figure the rest out later.”

At that idea he perked up considerably.

“Alright. Daughter’s orders,” he conceded happily. He departed, leaving just his wonderful sweaty scent behind.


She forgot where Mister Tulip was for a hot minute, but once the panic subsided she headed straight to her bedroom. He lay there innocently in that second drawer, all pink and thick. When she took him out gave him a shake as if he had been naughty. nilüfer escort bayan There was consideration to take him back to the shower, that she should take a shower, but she didn’t feel like hobbling over there again. The bed looked comfy. She climbed on, dildo in hand. She didn’t need to clean up yet. She could be dirty for a bit. She was dirty. A dirty little girl. She could detect a faint hint herself on Mister Tulip. Fuck she was dirty. She started to lick, laying back in her pillows and tasting the stale plastic. It didn’t taste that good, but she didn’t want to stop. She could cover the head with her spit and it soon just tasted like spit. Her cold spit. She wished it was warmer in her mouth, this fake cock.

She wanted to feel that heat on her tongue. The tang of someone else’s salty skin. Someone else. Nora let her thoughts wander as she ‘practiced’ her fellatio. She looked up, imagining the dick was connected to someone. He was muscular. Thick tree trunks for legs. Hairy. His abs were hard if not completely defined into segments but there was no doubting his muscles. Core strength. A barrel chest, hairy again. Clean cut face. Blue eyes. Greying hair. There was nobody else really. Not the guy at the gym. Not the cute server room kid. Not even Lengthy Lars. Her new Daddy Tulip was who she was sucking off.

She was wetting the bed, dripping profusely as her fingers traced up and down her slit. She pushed him further down her mouth. She wasn’t laying at quite the right angle to properly open up her throat but she jammed him down anyway. She could make him moan. Use her tongue to please him. Maybe he’d return the favour. Fuck. She rubbed her hood with a thumb, other fingers only slipping in her with shallow strokes. Her good leg was already trembling.

Her want for a hot hard dick to fill her throat had her eyes watering.

Use me daddy.

Use my mouth.

She started to cum and had to spit Daddy Tulip out. She twisted on the sheets, thumb on the button, shaking. If he could see her now what would he say? The spasms continued as she thought about him frowning at her. Smiling at her. Spanking her.

“Fuck! Ahh!”

Nora wasn’t even touching herself now, she writhed on her bed, sweating and shuddering. It was a good thirty seconds before she came down and the electricity stopped buzzing across her skin. “Fuck… oh my god…” she breathed. She expected to feel sore all over as the pleasantness seeped away, but she was fine. Even her ankle didn’t bother her much. Her dad had stretched her nicely. He was a good yoga instructor.


Nora rang the doorbell. She had keys of course. She used to live here. But that was over a decade ago (if she didn’t count that summer six years back where she broke her leg and her dad insisted she move back in until she could walk again unaided). It didn’t feel right to just barge into another person’s home, even if it was her father’s.

“You’re here,” the man said after opening the door. Of course she was, but he always sounded surprised, though glad, when she came home. She knew it wasn’t meant to hurt her feelings but it still stung a little. She noted the way his biceps bulged in the sleeves of his dark polo shirt.

“This was on the stoop,” Nora said, lifting up a small box that must have just been delivered. It was from one of the sites she had placed an order. A part of her was surprised nobody had stolen it, but the other part knew that this was a ridiculously safe neighbourhood. She was glad this was where he still lived.

“Looks important,” Adrian guessed as he ushered her inside. It was the CPU, so yeah it sort was. Nora just smiled. The scents of the house put her back into a familiar state of comfort. Even after all these years away. The wood of the banister. The old glue of the wallpaper. She followed her dad into the den, and this was where she was assailed by the smell of her dad. His cologne. A spice in the air. Warm metal. He spent most of his time here then probably, when he wasn’t at work or wherever.

The old dining table was already cleared. She remembered how it would always be stacked with old newspapers or the contents of a tool box when she visited on occasions. But obviously today he was ready for it to be a workbench. She also figured he must have switched to getting his news digitally, finally. She saw the boxes of delivered computer parts stacked onto the dining room chairs and took a quick inventory. “I think everything’s there,” her dad said, hands on his hips. “Was like Christmas this morning.”

“All accounted for,” she confirmed off memory alone. She put her handbag down and took out her own toolbox. Just a small set of anti-static screwdrivers and other little fiddly tools.

“That’s all you need?” her father asked, hovering. She smiled but didn’t look at him, taking a small box cutter out and using it for its purpose.

“Excuse me?”

“Those little tools,” he pointed out. “Is that all you’re gonna use?”

“No. I’m not going to use any of them,” she said, opening a third package then pointing to a very large box that was on the floor. “Open that one,” she told him.

“What bursa otele gelen escort bayan are they for?” Adrian wondered, ever the curious one as he started unpacking the largest box which had been strangely light. She watched him pull out the sleek gunmetal computer tower, currently empty, which would house all of the components. She could tell he was excited by how cool it looked. Then she pulled out a chair but didn’t sit in it.

“The tools are for you. I’m not building this thing,” Nora declared. “You are.”

Her father was confused, thinking his hearing was going for a moment.

“Me? I can’t… what?” He scratched his head and looked at all the different sized boxes that he didn’t even know the contents of. Even if he saw their contents he wouldn’t know what was what.

“I’m going to teach you,” she told him.

“But I can’t build a PC,” he said, confident in his inability. “I didn’t go to college like you, Nora.” He wasn’t ashamed of that, just stating a fact. His daughter didn’t find it an acceptable excuse.

“So? You’re smart, dad,” she insisted, and pointed at the chair. “You’re gonna sit here and you’re going to build a top of the line gaming system.” Adrian’s comprehension was still not there, even seeing the serious expression on her face had him uncertain that this wasn’t a joke.


“Sit. Down. Daughter’s orders.”

He counted his teeth with his tongue and decided to suck it up. He sat in the chair and watched Nora move things around, sliding the tiny toolset in front of him. “Trust me, you’ll be great at this,” she assured him, hand on his shoulder. Adrian smiled, not entirely convinced but enjoying her belief in him and the warmth of her closeness. “We’ll start with the motherboard,” she began, the daunting statement making the man feel like he was back in class. A big flat box was put in front of him and, with no excuses, he opened it and started trying to build a computer.


“That’s it?” he asked, tightening the second to last screw that secured the video card to the tower. Once he put in the last screw this whole process would have taken just under two and a half hours, and only because he kept asking Nora questions about different parts which she happily, thoroughly explained in such simple and straight forward terms even Adrian could understand it.

“The main part of the build, yeah pretty much,” his daughter nodded. “We just gotta take it upstairs, hook up the monitors and install a few things and you’ll be ready to go.”

“Awesome,” Adrian said, smiling. He felt accomplished because he really did put every piece into place and even understood (at a high level) how and why everything went where it went. Putting this sleek black box together wasn’t some complex mystery like he thought it would be. A lot it was a simple matter of finding matching colors. Like putting together a puzzle that in some cases was intuitive enough that he could put a cable somewhere without even needing a direct instruction from Nora. He could just follow the color coding. He liked being able to figure it out.

He attached the flat cover and shut the case and he was done. “I did it!” he realised.

“I told you you could,” Nora said, rubbing her dad in the chest like how you might scratch a good dog.

“Thanks to you, my genius princess,” he added, pulling her down and giving her a kiss on the top of her head. He really did appreciate her patient explanations as he worked through the build. In fact he was pretty confident he could build another computer by himself next time if that needed to happen. Teach a man to fish. He thought about how good of a teacher she would be, then imagined her dressed up as stern but sexy teacher in a classroom.

“Alright Elon let’s go power this baby up,” Nora said, escaping her father’s hug and taking a few secret deep breaths to calm herself.


She managed to convince her dad to let her take one of the monitors up the stairs for him. Her ankle was fine, really. Meanwhile he manhandled the tower and the extra monitor and a random handful of cables himself. A lot of the power cables had been unplugged from his old computer. Adrian simply moved the old grey PC tower to the floor so his computer desk would have room for the new machine. He fed some of the cables down the back and let the more nimble Nora crawl beneath the table to plug things in.

The man found himself with nothing to do for a few seconds. He looked down and tried to look away but he found he was constantly looking down again… admiring his daughter. The way she had dressed today was a little different than usual. Sure, he had seen her in her revealing gym outfits, but he saw women prancing around in that stuff every day at work (Not that he didn’t like seeing it). But today Nora was dressed so much more casually. And with a lot less layers than he was used to (when not in her workout gear). Her top was a simple black blouse with spaghetti straps. It hid her stomach but was rather generous with her bust, and showed off her unadorned neck and shoulders too. And she was wearing shorts, which was very rare. No boy in class would be able to pay attention to the lesson if their teacher was dressed like that. The powder blue material went just past halfway down her creamy thighs, and with her on all fours like this it rode up and her shapely behind was mesmerising. The way it jiggled and swayed made his palm itch, and his heavy balls shifted, and he had to completely turn away to catch his breath.

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