BBQ and Strip Beer Pong Ch. 02

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Big Tits

Welcome to another one of my stories! My ex-girlfriend said I should share some of these crazy stories with the world. At the time, I never bothered but now with the pandemic I have a lot more time on my hands, so…enjoy! I have changed the names to protect everyones privacy, but the rest of the story is 90% true and 10% me filling in the blanks of minor details that I don’t remember.

So, this one is the second part of my “BBQ and Strip Beer Pong” story that took place in the amazing Summer of 2013. In the first part of the story, you heard about how I took my then-girlfriend Kristen (dirty blonde, mid 20’s, good body with a fantastic rack) to a BBQ with some of her college friends, and she ended up losing a game of strip beer pong. If hearing about four hot girls play strip beer pong in front of their friends and lose all their clothes sounds appealing, you should probably read chapter one first.

In this second part of the story, Kristen and her friend Emily (medium height brunette in her mid 20’s with a nice body, also lost all her clothes in the game) decide they are ready to call it a night. Now, I had some idea that Kristen wasn’t inviting her naked sorority sister up to our room with her for us to not have sex but I was trying to keep my expectations low just in case we weren’t about to have a threesome. After all, we hadn’t really discussed it ahead of time and I was already plenty lucky that night and would have settled for a whole lot less.

Now, where were we…

So, as chapter one ended I was heading up to our room. Kristen had told me to go upstairs and that she and Emily would be up shortly. I gathered up her and Emily’s outfits and let them know I had their clothes and would be waiting upstairs. Kristen gave me a wink and I headed up. I walked up and down the hallway a few times and finally remembered which room was ours. Normally, I’d be pretty well prepared for this type of situation but I totally didn’t see this coming and was caught off guard. Since I wasn’t sure how much time I had, I leapt into action. The bed had sheets on it, so I was good there. I found a small lamp that lit the room just well enough and turned off the main lights. Side note…fellas, if you haven’t learned the impact that proper “mood lighting” will have on your lady, now is the time! I wanted to make sure the girls wouldn’t feel too self conscious under a bright light, but also didn’t want it to be too dark. The small lamp lit the room just right, and I got some condoms, lube and a pair of fuzzy handcuffs out of my backpack and placed them in the top drawer of the nightstand. Kristen loved being tied up so I always brought those fuzzy cuffs when we traveled. The bed didn’t have a good headboard for handcuffs but there was a large chair nearby with lots of spots to cuff her to. I would have to improvise! For a last touch, I took my phone out and put on some music playing softly.

Now, all I had to do was wait! I folded the girls clothes somewhat neatly, and put them out of the way, but visible. I was fairly certain the girls were coming upstairs expecting sex, but just in case they hadn’t thought that far ahead I made sure they wouldn’t just instinctively start getting dressed again. It felt like hours but I am sure it was only ten or fifteen minutes before I finally heard the sound of Kristen and Emily coming down the hallway, giggling at “drunk girl” volume level.

“Oh my god! I can NOT believe we just did that!”, Emily exclaimed.

“I know, right?!?” Kristen answered

“Oh, what EVER, Kris, don’t even pretend you didn’t love it” Emily shot back.

Both girls broke into a fit of giggles, and then Kristen opened the door.

Now, I’ve been lucky enough in my love life to have been in this moment more than once or twice before and I knew that gaziantep bayan escort the first minute after they got into the room would determine how the rest of my night was going to go. If I could somehow play it cool, the sky was the limit but if I was creepy or looked like I was ready to pounce on them, I would be headed to bed alone and sexless. I stood next to the bed, with my hand in my backpack pretending to unpack as they came in.

“Oh, hey!” I said, trying to sound as casual as possible. Kristen came in first, with Emily right behind her, I could see they were both still naked but I deserve a medal of honor for the amount of eye contact I managed in the first 30 seconds they were in the room. Both girls said hi, and Kristen closed the door behind her.

“Would you ladies like a bottle of water?” I asked, knowing they had been drinking all day. Thankfully I had packed a few extras. They both said yes, and I walked over to hand the bottles to the girls. I figured they would be thirsty, and drinking some water would give them something to do beside look for their clothes. Much to my delight, both girls stood there for a few minutes and enjoyed their water, making no effort to cover up. If their arousal level was any lower now that far fewer people were watching, there was no indication from their nipples because the air conditioning in the house made sure both girls had rock hard nipples. Even though it was an old farm house without much AC, it was still cooler inside than out.

“So…did you ladies have fun today?” I asked, which prompted a fit of giggles.

“Well, we know YOU had fun!” Kristen teased.

“I know how much fun I had! I was asking how much fun YOU had!” I teased her back, purposefully glancing from her eyes to her chest, and back, and giving her a wink.

“Oh, we had fun! Didn’t we Em?” Kristen said. We both looked at Emily, and she blushed a little. The attention and anticipation was starting to add up and it was turning her on.

“Yup…I definitely had fun.” she said, with a playful smile.

“So…where do we take this from here?” I asked out loud. Mostly I was asking Kristen, but I guess I was asking both of them.

Kristen turned to Emily and said “Well…you’re welcome to stay for as much, or as little, as you like. But I’m not sure how much longer I can wait…”

Emily smiled, and watched as Kristen walked over to me and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I let her, and then put my hands on her shoulders and spun her around to face Emily. I took her hands and put them behind her head, and whispered “Don’t you dare move your hands…” into her ear, and slowly ran my hands down her sides while Emily watched intently. Kristen moaned softly as my hands found their way up to her tits, and I looked over at Emily who was biting her lip slightly. I needed to think of a way to get her into the action, and fast.

“Emily, want to come help me tease Kristen?” I asked, as I got the handcuffs out of the nightstand.

Emily walked right over, obediently, and quietly went “mmhmm” without opening her mouth. I could tell she would probably do whatever I asked but I probably couldn’t count on her for any improvisation. Thats ok…I can work with that. I took Kristen’s hands, and cuffed them behind her back and hooked to the arm of the big chair. Kristen stood there, with a huge grin and a look of excited anticipation on her face. I stood between them, and took Emily’s hands and put them right on Kristen’s tits. Emily may have seemed a little shy, but if I was a gambling man I would have bet that wasn’t the first time she felt Kristen’s bare tits. She knew exactly what to do, giving Kristen’s perky tits a nice little squeeze and then teasing her nipples.

At this point, I was ready to go. My dick was hard enough to hunt with but I knew that patience was the key. Since Emily lived somewhat close to Kristen I figured that a repeat performance wasn’t out of the question if I managed to pace myself and take care of both girls. So I stood there and just watched for a minute as Emily played with Kristen’s nipples, making her moan and squirm. Finally, I reached my hand over between Kristens legs and found my way right up to her dripping pussy. My guess was that it had been dripping for some time but as soon as I slid a finger in she started dripping even more. It wasn’t difficult to find her swollen clit, and I did a quick little circle around it. Kristen wasn’t moaning quietly anymore…she moaned loudly. Emily smiled at her, then at me.

“What do you say we give her a real tease?” I said to Emily, who was probably up for anything by that point.

She smiled at me and asked “What do you have in mind?”.

I slid my finger out of Kristen’s pussy and stood behind Emily. Kristen stood there with her hands cuffed behind her back while I put my hands on Emily’s hips. I leaned in and whispered in Emily’s ear “Oh, I’m sure I will think of something” and moved my hands up to her tits. She kept her cool for a little bit, maybe 10-15 seconds. I guess she wasn’t sure what Kristen was thinking so I whispered in her ear a second time “Don’t worry…Kristen LOVES to watch.”

Her comfort level jumped up a few notches, and she started moaning. I gently rolled her nipples with my fingers and gently kissed the back of her neck. She pressed her butt into my crotch, and I could tell that feeling my rock hard dick through my shorts was a turn on for her. She was moaning nice and loud so I kept working her nipples, and I whispered in her ear “Oh, do you feel that? You like it? Kristen loves to share!” and she took the moaning up a notch. I took this as my cue to move one hand down to her pussy. She was perfectly shaved, and my finger slid right inside her. Her clit was every bit as swollen as Kristens, and I gave it a few circles while she moaned. I let her enjoy that for a minute, and then stopped to pull my shirt over my head. It felt a little silly to still be fully clothed while both girls had been naked for a few hours by that point. I walked over toward the bed, and stuck my hand out near Kristen’s face and instantly took my finger that had been in Emily’s pussy in her mouth. She licked off every drop.

“Oh, you like how that pussy tastes?” I asked her. She made a noise halfway between a moan and an affirmation as she sucked every drop off my finger. I decided she had enough teasing by that point, and I decided to unlock her cuffs. She looked up at me, and immediately dropped to her knees and started working my belt buckle. This was the moment that I realized that the sky was the limit here and motioned for Emily to join us. She smiled and immediately dropped to her knees, and helped Kristen pull my boxers off. The girls took turns blowing me for a few minutes, and making out with each other a little but I really didn’t need much warming up at that point.

“Ok ladies, how about we move to the bed…” I said, halfway between a question and a command. Both girls got onto the bed, and looked to me for directions. I had Emily lay on her back and spread her legs wide. She was so wet! She spread her pussy all the way open for us, and I got Kristen on her hands and knees between Emily’s legs. I got behind Kristen, and slid my dick right into her. She moaned out so loud, and I pushed her forward. Emily just looked up and watched for a minute. I wasn’t sure what was turning her on more…the show, or having her legs spread open so wide for us. But I could tell she was loving every second!

“C’mon now, you know what to do.” I told Kristen, as I worked my dick into a nice rhythm, in and out of her tight little pussy. She leaned forward and buried her face right into Emily’s pussy. As much as I was sure before that it wasn’t the first time these two had seen each other naked or felt each others tits, I wouldn’t have been surprised if it was the first time they had gone down on each other. Either way though, Kristen was a machine when it came to oral. She loved every second of giving pleasure like that and even more so if she could do it while taking me doggy style.

Kristen’s pussy felt amazing on my dick! I let out a moan and kept going. I knew if I could manage to resist the urge to cum in the first minute that I would last as long as I wanted. Difficult as it was, I managed to hold back and regain some control. I could tell both girls were getting close, though. I slowed up some on Kristen, and told her to go harder on Emily’s clit. Her mouth was busy, so she give me any answer but I could see from the look on Emily’s face that Kristen heard me loud and clear. I started to hold her back and give her a tease, but I decided to just let her go with it. She came after another minute or so, hard. She moaned, screamed, moaned some more and then motioned she needed a break. She wasn’t kidding either! It took her a minute or two just to catch her breath.

“Holy shit, that was amazing!” she said.

“Good! But I hope you don’t think you’re finished…Kristen and I are just warming up!” I said. She smiled, and Kristen motioned for her to switch places with her. I put on a fresh condom, and watched the scene unfold. Kristen laid down, and spread her legs while Emily got on her hands and knees and buried her face in Kristen’s pussy. I let her get her groove for a minute, since I wasn’t sure how much experience she had, and then I slid my dick right into her. I started working her pussy with my hips and Kristen came in no time! I guess maybe Emily was more experienced than I guessed. Well, either that or watching me take her friend from behind put her over the edge. Either way, she came all over Emily’s face and it sounded like Emily came again.

Normally we would just be getting warmed up, but the combo of day-drinking, the hot weather, and the long day left us all pretty fatigued. I figured the girls were starting to fade, so I asked Kristen if they were good. She said yes, so I pulled off my condom and grabbed the lube for a quickie. The girls sat there and watched while I lubed up, and then started kissing to give me a little bit of a show. I gave myself a stroke or two and I knew I wouldn’t last long between the sex I just had and the show I was watching. About 30 seconds later I told them when I was getting close, and they both stood anxiously awaiting. I knew they wanted to see me cum, and I didn’t disappoint. I unleashed a porn star sized load of cum on them! Most of it got on Kristen’s tits, but I managed to turn halfway through and quite a bit got on Emily’s tits. I think Emily was getting ready to look for a towel when Kristen leaned in and licked every drop off of her tits. I actually started to get hard again, watching that show, but I was pretty beat by that point too. Emily returned the favor and licked quite a bit of cum off of Kristen’s tits, and then they shared a kiss for a minute or so.

I laid down on the bed, and they both went off to the bathroom for a little cleanup. I cleaned up the condoms and got the bed made for us. I laid down, and they came back. Maybe I missed them getting dressed before they left for the bathroom but they both came back with a nightshirt on. We chatted a little, but I was out pretty fast. The next morning, we dressed and left pretty quickly but we did make plans to hang out again a few weeks later.

So, that’s all for that story. Sometime I will write the story of the next time we hung out, and there are probably three or four other “Kristen” stories from that summer I will write.


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