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BBC always Win! BlackenPam and John Robinson are a happily married couple in the mid to late 40s. Pam is a teacher and John is the local fire chief. John was away for a few days at a fire convention. It was a Friday and sitting in on Pam’s lessons was a 20 year old black intern called Roger. She remembered him from when she taught him from about the age of 13. He was always fairly well behaved in school and was always going to get good grades, so it was no surprise when after graduating he decided he wanted to teach and was given the internship in his previous school.So on that Friday Roger had to sit in on Mrs Robinson’s classes and at the end of the day write a detailed report. He enjoyed watching her teaching and took lots of notes. She had a free period towards the end of the day and they sat in the staff room and went through the day. They got on really well and enjoyed working with each other. As they hadn’t finished things before the school closed she asked him if he wanted to call round to her home later and they could go through things in more detail.Roger asked if her husband would mind and she told him he was away until Sunday. They agree a time of 7.30 and they said their goodbyes.Pam got home and as it had been a very hot day decided she needed a shower. As she undressed and went into the shower she liked the feel on the jets of water on her body. She could feel her nipples hardening as the water run down her small breasts. As she soaped herself she realized that she was wet in between her legs but it was not caused by the water running down. She loved it when she felt like that and although she had had sex with her husband the previous night she decided that she would get her toys out later and pleasure herself.Although she often used her toys in front of John as he liked watching his wife pleasure herself she also liked it when she was able to do it to herself in private. She found that she could let herself go more when she was alone and quite often her orgasm was more intense.She stepped out of the shower and dried herself and wrapped a towel round herself. She sat down in front of the dressing table mirror and started putting her make up on. Normally she only used a small amount of makeup and a very pale pink lipstick but suddenly found herself putting on quite a lot of dark eye shadow. She looked at herself in the mirror and liked what she saw.Then she took her lip pencil and outlined her lips, and instead of putting on her pale pink lipstick picked up her slutty red lipstick and put it on very thickly. She waited a minute or two for it to dry then coated her lips with lipgloss.She loved her new look, she looked as slutty as she felt. If Roger the intern hadn’t going to be arriving shortly she would have found either her dildo or her vibrator and pleasured herself. Her nipples were very hard and erect and her pussy was very damp. She slipped her hand down between her legs and eased a finger inside her. She wished John had been there to watch her. She was amazed how wet she was and decided to get rid of Roger as soon as possible so that she could give her body the pleasure it needed so badly.She went to her underwear drawer and delved to the bottom of it where she kept the underwear that she had bought uşak escort bayan from her favorite shop. She picked up the white silky French panties and matching quarter cup bra. As she put them on she felt even hornier, she adored the feel of the silk against her skin. Normally she would put on some pantyhose but decided on a pair of hold up stockings. She stood up and admired herself in the mirror. She considered calling Roger and putting him off but decided that he’d only be there for an hour at the most and knowing what underwear she had on would only make her even hornier.She went to her wardrobe and picked out a red blouse and black skirt. A pair of red 4 inch high heels completed her outfit.She went to her bedside cupboard and found her 7 inch black dildo and put it in her mouth and sucked it. She was getting almost desperate now and quickly put it away. She went back downstairs and waited for Roger.After a few minutes the doorbell rang and she opened the door. Roger was standing there and she let him in. He handed her a bottle of wine and said, ‘that’s for helping me out.”Oh you shouldn’t have,’ Pam replied as she took it.They walked into the kitchen and Pam said, ‘would you like a glass?”That would be nice,’ Roger replied.She poured two glasses of wine and handed one to him. He said, ‘thanks, you look very nice tonight.”Thanks,’ Pam replied.Roger held the glass up towards her and sang, ‘Here’s to you Mrs Robinson,’ like the theme tune to The Graduate.Pam laughed and said, ‘sorry to disappoint you but I’m not Anne Bancroft.”Pity, I could easily be Dustin Hoffman,’ he replied.They went into the lounge and sat beside each other on the sofa. Roger got out his notes he had made earlier and Pam read them. She noticed that his leg was touching hers and instead of moving her leg away she just left it there. He pushed his leg harder against her and she found herself pushing back to him. She glanced down at his leg and could clearly see the outline of his huge cock through his trousers. Pam was amazed at the size of it and found herself getting more and more aroused. It can’t be that big?In all her years of marriage she had never been unfaithful to John but she couldn’t take her eyes of his huge cock. She thought about her big black dildo and knew that even that wasn’t as big as the cock she was seeing. Roger saw her looking and said, ‘You can touch it if you like. He took her hand and put it on his cock. She loved the feel of it and as he took his hand away she ran her fingers up and down it. She could feel it getting bigger all the time. He reached over to her and felt in between her legs. She knew it was wrong but the way she felt she was unable to resist. She eased her skirt up and parted her legs. Roger felt right up to her panties and said, ‘Oh my, Mrs Robinson, you are so wet.’Pam said, ‘Take my panties off and fuck my white cunt with your big black cock.’Roger knelt down in between her legs and reached forward. He started stroking her through her panties and she said, ‘for fuck sake, take them off and lick my cunt.’She lifted her ass and Roger pulled her panties down and took them off. He leaned forward and licked her hairy pussy. He loved the smell of her juices and started licking all the escort uşak way up and down her very wet slit.Pam was moaning and groaning with pleasure. ‘Make me cum, make my white cunt cum,’ she pleaded with him.She expected him to use his tongue on her but instead dropped his trousers and underpants. Pam couldn’t believe her eyes as this monster black cock appeared inches away from her. He lowered himself down and eased forward until the head of his cock was against her pussy lips. He eased forward and it slipped easily inside her. ‘Fuck my white cunt with your black cock,’ she said.The width of it filled her and he pushed slowly further in. Pam couldn’t believe she could take it all and he slowly started to withdraw until only the tip was inside and then he thrust all the way in. Pam called out with pleasure as he started fucking her. He slowly built up an ever fastening rhythm as he fucked her like she had never been fucked before. Her orgasm suddenly hit her as her body shook and trembled and experienced pleasure that she had never experienced before. But moments later she felt those same feelings again as she climaxed again. Still Roger hadn’t cum but suddenly he speeded up and she felt spurt after spurt of hot cum spatter deep inside her.He withdrew when he had emptied his balls and amazingly his cock was still rock hard and as big as ever. He sat down next to Pam. Now it was her turn to kneel in between his legs. She took hold of his cock and licked the tip. She could taste the wonderful combination of her pussy juices and his cum. She looked at it and decided there was no way she was going to get it all in her mouth, but she sure was going to give it a go. One hand started squeezing his huge black balls while her lips clamped tightly round his black shaft. As she sucked his huge knob head she could feel his cum trickling out of her pussy and forming a puddle on the carpet.Pam said, ‘I want a mouthful of your lovely black cum.”Then let me fuck your mouth,’ he replied.Although Pam had sucked John’s cock many times and had lots of cum in her mouth she had never had her mouth fucked. Roger got Pam to lie on the sofa and he stood over her. His cock was as big as ever. She opened her mouth and took it in. She clamped her slutty red lips tight around his cock and he proceeded to fuck her mouth. He started slowly at first and only just going into her mouth but gradually was fucking her faster and going in deeper. She could feel the head of the cock hitting the back of her throat.Precum started leaking out and flooding her mouth. As he started to withdraw he pulled some of the precum out and it seeped over her lips and onto her face. He looked down at her and asked, ‘Does slutty Mrs Robinson like having her mouth fucked?’Pam couldn’t reply but if she could, her reply would have been, ‘I love it.’Her mouth was getting wetter and wetter as he got more and more excited. He said, ‘get ready I’m cumming.’He plunged in as far as he could and Pam felt spurt after spurt after spurt of hot cum splatter the back of her throat and the roof of her mouth. He took his cock out and started rubbing it only inches from her face. He still hadn’t finished cumming and was soon shooting more cum all over her face and hair. Eventually uşak escort he had stopped cumming and let the last drops dribble out onto her face. Pam opened her mouth and the last drips dropped in. Pam adored the taste and texture of cum. She swirled it round her mouth and eventually finished swallowing it all.’Can you cum again?’ Roger asked.’Not only can I cum, I need to cum,’ Pam replied.’I want to fuck you in your bed, I want to fuck your white cunt in your bed,’ he said.Pam was reluctant to fuck in the marital bed but so needed to cum again that she would do anything. Roger pushed his black cock all the way inside Pam’s white cunt and lifted her up. She wrapped her legs round his waist and he carried her upstairs. Every step he took pushed his cock further in and Pam almost climaxed again even before they got to the bedroom. Roger lay down, his cock hard again and he said, ’69 me.’Pam turned round and spread her legs either side of his head and felt his tongue licking her cunt straight away. She leaned forward and started sucking his huge black cock again. She loved it as licked all up and down her slit then she felt his fingers slide inside her and then another finger start teasing her ass hole. This was something that Pam had never experienced or wished to experience but the pleasure that he was giving to her cunt soon outweighed the discomfort she felt. In fact, amazingly the discomfort soon started turning to pleasure as his very well lubricated finger started easing in and out of her back hole.The pleasure Pam was getting from having her ass finger fucked and her cunt her lips licked and her clit sucked soon had Pam reaching yet another climax. Her lips were clamped tightly round Roger’s cock and frantically sucking, she so wanted to get another mouthful of his cum.Before she could make him cum he slipped his cock out and told her to kneel up. He got behind her and eased his erection into her very moist cunt. Pam, yet again was in heaven as he fucked her so deeply. But then he slipped it out and she felt it pushing against her ass hole. She knew she could never take that but soon her ass opened up and he managed to slide his very wet cock inside. Slowly and gently he started fucking her ass. Initially it hurt but soon the pain became pleasure as it started going further in. He reached underneath her and played with her clit. The pleasure was so intense she knew somehow or other she was going to have yet another orgasm.This orgasm was so intense that she actually ejaculated and squirted her cunt juices out. Seconds later Roger was firing yet another copious amount of black man’s cum deep into her white ass.Now they were both exhausted and collapsed on the bed and fell asleep. After a while they woke and Roger asked, ‘When did you say your husband was coming home?.’Sunday morning,’ Pam replied.He said, ‘Well in that case I’ll be around tomorrow evening, how do you feel about me bringing my two brothers with me?”Oh I’m not sure about that,’ Pam replied.’Well let me tell you that they’re both have bigger cocks than me. Let me ask, did you enjoy being fucked in your cunt?”Yes, of course I did,’ Pam replied.’And did you like having your mouth fucked?’ he asked.’Yes, you know I did,’ she replied.’And did you like having your ass fucked?’ he asked.’Yes, definitely,’ Pam replied.’Well if my two brothers come round you can have your cunt, mouth and ass fucked all at the same time,’ he said.Pam smiled and said, ‘How I could possibly say no to that.’

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