Bathtime Fun

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The refreshing liquid covers my body as I lower myself in the tub. I can feel my feet and legs throbbing from being on them for twelve hours. The warmth from the water penetrates my body relaxing my muscles. My eyes close and I just lay my head back against the back of the tub. My mind wanders and replays the day. All the stress, the yelling, and running around. I sigh, water splashing around. Then my mind wanders to you. I purr at the thought of you, imagining your black cock fully erect and waiting for me. My fingers drift to my nipples. I pull and tug on them, rolling them till they are hard little peaks ready to be sucked. I can feel my pussy moisten, covering the inside of my walls with juice, wanting to cover your cock with it.

Your dick is so hard in anticipation for my mouth. My hand grasps a hold of your hard shaft, stroking and twisting it. Mmmm. I flick my tongue over its head, licking off your pre-cum, tasting your seed.

My fingers still rolling my nipples, I take my other hand and start to rub my clit. My hips push casino şirketleri against my fingers, wanting so badly for it to be your thick cock. I slide a finger into my cunt, slowly pushing in and out. The water is moving and sloshing around me. My clit is engorged and sending little waves of ecstasy through my body as I imagine you black cock probing at my pussy entrance. My hand moves faster over my clit furiously rubbing and fucking my wet pussy. I can feel my body tense and ascend toward a climax.

I lose my position, slipping and sliding down into the tub, gasping and swallowing water. Most of the water ending up on the floor as I sit there stunned. I laugh out loud at myself. I was so fucking close.

I wrap myself in a towel, goose bumps on my skin, and clean everything up. Flopping on my bed I lay there the fan blowing cool air over my wet nipples. They respond and get painfully hard again. The image of you sliding your foreskin down, exposing your swollen head, pre-cum oozing out in anticipation makes my pussy long casino firmaları for your cock. I check my pussy and its sopping wet. I bring my sweet sticky juice to my mouth and lick it off. I grab my vibrator out of the drawer, it’s not your uncut cock but it will have to do. It slides easily into my cunt, juice dripping down around it, stretching my tight hole.

I picture your veins swelling on your cock, and your hands sliding over your black cock keeping it hard and rigid. I can see your balls hanging there for me to lick and suckle. Mmmm, they are so heavy and tight against your body. They are full of baby seed that you want to shoot inside my tight pussy. You moan as I suck on each one, gently tugging them in my mouth, your hips pushing against my face. My mouth finds your cock again and I surround it with my warm mouth.

My vibrator is moving in and out of my pussy faster, I feel my body start to climb toward orgasm. I want your cock thrusting in and out, balls smacking against my ass. We are grunting and clinging to each güvenilir casino other like nothing matters in the world except finding our release together. My legs intertwine with yours, making sure you can’t pull your cock out. I want you to explode in me. My nails dig into your back, you are fucking harder and faster, you are so close. I’m screaming and moaning for you. Sweat making our bodies’ slick, sex filling the room and intoxicating us. My head is thrown back, I want you so bad and I need you so bad. Your head buried in my neck nuzzling and whispering you’re going to cum in my pussy, filling me with your load. My body responds, I use all my energy into thrusting my hips against you, as you continue to plunge your cock in me. I can feel my climax, I moan, my body shudders, and sheer ecstasy rips through my body. I can feel you tense. You grunt and bite my neck as you shoot your white cream into my pulsating pussy.

I lay there in bed, my vibrator still in my pussy, not wanting to take it out, just wanting to picture your cock lying inside me, keeping me stretched and filled. I wonder what would happen if we actually lived in the same state. Would we ever get anything done, or would we just fuck all day? My pussy contracts and I smile. I think we would just fuck all day.

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