Bathroom Fuck!

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Bathroom Fuck!My husband and I had been invited to a party at a neighbor’s that lived up the road. Dan and Janice were new to the neighborhood, they lived in a home with a large pool in the back yard. We arrived about 7 pm, the crowd was a mix of neighbors and friends of Dan and Janice. We had a few drinks and mingled with many people, there was this one couple we talked to Darnell and Keesha, he worked with Dan, Darnell was a Big Black man 36 years 6.4, short hair and very well built. I’m 45 stand 5.2 F size tits long dark hair and a thick waist, I was wearing denim cut off shorts and a blue T shirt as the party was very casual. We talked for a while then continued to mingle with others. I had to go to the bathroom and ended up using the one upstairs where things were quiet. I finished up opened the door to find Darnell standing there waiting. I looked up at him and said it’s all your’s he turned to say thanks don’t mind if I do! then grabbed me to push me back eryaman escort into the bathroom and closed the door. Once we were alone he looked down at me told me I have the greatest Tits I replied thanks as he grabbed them through my shirt. I couldn’t believe what I was doing I guess I’d had enough drinks to just let loose see what happens Darnell kept on massaging my breasts, then I reached down to feel his hard cock I started unzipping his pants, let them drop to the floor, MAN Darnell had the Biggest Cock I’d ever lay eyes on, it was at least 12in. Long and as round as a can of shaving cream. I dropped to my knees, took what I could into my mouth his precum was oozing out of the tip and it was hard as rock I could barely get a 1/4 of it into my mouth but sucked on it as best I could. Darnell them grabbed me pulled me up took of my T Shirt, bra to start sucking on my tits. I was melting as his big black lips licked and sucked on my nipples FUCK emek escort he scowled you’ve got massive TITS I LOVE them! I don’t know what the hell came over me but I loosened my belt and undid my cutoffs to let them drop to the floor I was now standing there in my Pink Thong he was still playing with my tits when I said I WANT that COCK inside me, with that he turned me around bent me over the counter then pulled of my thong to find my Wet Pussy oozing white cream, he started fingering me I was so horny at this point I begged him to Fuck me with his Dick. Darnell tried to fuck me there but because of the difference in our heights we couldn’t make it work, he them threw me on the floor dropped on top of me, then started to feel me his COCK inch by inch he pushed it into my wanting cunt till he was all the way in. I couldn’t believe he had it all inside me I never felt so full of cock in my life, he now started pumping me I was shaking my pussy was elvankent escort leaking so much fluid I could feel it going down the crack of my ass. Then all of a sudden there was a knock at the door, there was NO WAY I could answer my breathing was so hard, Darnell said sorry I’m gonna be a bit not feeling well, that seemed to have done it they left. I looked up at him said we need to hurry been here way too long, OK he replied then started pumping me again, I could feel myself starting to Cum, JESUS CHRIST!!! I said I’m gonna CUMMMMMMMMMMMMM! My body went into convulsions I lost all control Darnell was holding me down telling me to be quite, he dropped on top of me kept pumping his cock into me then I could feel it getting harder inside my cunt then twitching all of a sudden I could feel his warm seed flowing deep inside me. Once he was spent he got up and pulled it out of me MAN never had a man cum so much his sperm was flowing out of my hole like a river. I lay there on the floor while he dressed then without a word he left the room. I sat up and a massive flow of juice came flowing out of my pussy onto the carpet, I cleaned it up, got dressed, made sure no one was around and left the room to rejoin the party.

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