Bathhouse Chastity Bitch

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I’m a married man in my early 40’s, I’m 5′ 7″ in good shape and have a great wife and two kids. I also have a secret, I’m an absolute cum whore! I love everything about being used by men! I love being manhandled, degraded, covered in cum, piss and spit.

My favorite kink is being sexually humiliated in public, in front of strangers. My wife would never believe the stuff I let men do to me, or the things that turn me on.

I live in a small town so my options are very limited. I travel often for work, and make that my time to play. This is how this story starts, with me driving several hours to a large city. My plan was to get there late in the morning and spend the afternoon and into the night taking as much cock and cum as possible.

I started with a hot shower in my hotel, where I made sure my body was completely hairless. Fortunately for me, my wife likes my body smooth and encourages me to keep it that way. I was already packed, but the night before I had put my “play” gear in the car where it wouldn’t be seen. This included my leather chest harness, my matching slave collar with a metal tag on it. I had the metal tag made at a pet store, in one of those tag engraving machines. It read:


Cum, piss and spit slave

Humiliate me!!

These along with a few other items were there to ensure I made the most of my time as a cock whore for strange men!

I got out of the shower and immediately secured myself in my steel chastity cage. The shiny stainless steel was cold, but soon warmed, and the weight made my cock feel good. It immediately began straining and tried to get hard.

I left the chastity cage keys in a drawer, planning to leave them behind! I then inserted my jeweled butt plug and finished getting dressed. No underwear, and a light weight pair of tan Chinos that made my cage easy to spot, and a tight fitting white tee shirt.

I drove down the highway, my cock locked in it’s steel cage, and the keys becoming further away with every mile! A few hours later I arrived in the city and checked into my hotel. The girl in the lobby gave me a strange look as she watched me walk in. My cage was obvious, if someone knew what they were looking at.

I was soon in my room, and quickly cleaned out my ass, enjoying the full feeling of the warm water inside me. That done, I re-dressed in a very short pair of gym shorts, put on my chest harness and my collar. These canlı bahis I covered with a snug white tee shirt. Everything I had on was visible thru my clothing.

I felt like such a slut as I headed out to the car! A few miles later, I arrived at the club. It was basically just a Bathhouse. I looked around and seeing nobody passing by, I peeled of my shirt and walked the 50 feet to the door, being clearly visible and an obvious bottom slut!

My heart raced and my swelling cock fought it’s cage. The parking lot was full, so I knew it would be a good afternoon!

I checked in at the desk, the young shirtless guy in mesh shorts behind the counter looked me over and said I was going to be good for business! He looked at the tag on my collar, and as he buzzed me in, he said, “Have fun Faggot!”

I responded, “I plan to!”

I went to my locker and got out of my shorts and shoes. As I turned to leave the lockers, an older guy walked by, smiled, and ran his hand over my chastity cage. I always get lots of attention from men when I wear it, and today would be no different!

He rubbed the cage and started to ask me a question. He then noticed the tag on my collar and simply pushed me to my knees and told me to “Choke on it bitch!”

I eagerly took his average size, half hard cock all the way down and began sucking him to what turned out to be a surprisingly large size!

As I worked the man’s cock, another man walked by and said something to the guy I was sucking. I Reached out and stroked that guys cock through his towel, as I heard the first guy say to the other to look at my tag. I felt a hand at my throat, fumbling with the tag.

“What a slutty little faggot.” one of them said as I increased the speed of my sucking. I felt a warm glob of spit hit the side of my face.

I pulled off the cock and blurted out a quick, “Thank you Sir.” Before getting right back on the cock.

Almost immediately the Cock I was sucking exploded in my mouth. I swallowed every drop until he pulled back, and blasted cum on my nose, mouth and chin. I sucked him clean and the two men walked away. What a great start to a slutty adventure!

I wandered around checking out the men there. A tall black man, in his late 20’s with a well defined chest was sitting in the hot tub and watched me walking by. He looked at me and simply pointed at the hot tub, so I walked over and started to get in.

As bahis siteleri I stepped in, he reached up and lifted my caged cock, looking at how the skin bulged out from the steel bars, trying to get hard. (I love the way the cage keeps me at a constant hornyness and lets every man there know that I am there to serve them.) As the man let my cage drop, he gestured for me to sit across from him.

No words were said as I sat down. He looked at me for a second, and I saw his focus go to my “name tag.” Without saying a word, he reached out with his right hand, grabbed the center portion of the harness in the middle of my chest and forcefully pulled me to him, kissing me hard on the mouth.

His tongue pushed into my mouth and I began to return the kiss. As his tongue explored my mouth, he held the harness tight, but with his other hand, he grabbed my ass hard and squeezed. I had one hand against his chest and with the other I found his cock. It was not hard, but filled my hand. His mouth tasted like cum and I enjoyed the flavor!

He broke the kiss and as I stood up, he raised himself out of the water, sitting on the edge of the hot tub. His big, black beautiful cock hung half hard and about 6″ long. As I took his cock in my mouth, I realized that when he pulled me to him to kiss me, I had a large glob of cum on my mouth and chin. He had kissed that away.

As I worked his cock, essentially fucking my own throat with his cock, I felt other guys getting in the hot tub and could hear them talking about me.

The black man currently using me was telling them what a faggot whore I was, and that anyone could do what ever they wanted to me.

I heard one guy say, “This little fag thanked me for spitting in his face.”

As soon as he said that, my head was pulled off the black cock by its owner who just looked at me for a second. He then reached up and pinched my nose closed. As I opened my mouth to breathe, he forcefully spit into my mouth.

I swallowed his spit and said “Thank you Sir!”

The men laughed as I bent over to continue sucking the guy off. I felt someone playing with my ass, then felt them slide a finger into my hole.

The black man again grabbed my harness (that’s what it’s there for!) and pulled me to my feet.

He simply told me to, “ride it bitch!” and turned me around so I was facing away from him.

I got into position above him and guided my hole bahis şirketleri onto his thick cock. It burned as it entered my hole and I screeched, the pain coming in waves.

“Be quite you worthless fuck pig!” He half shouted. I forced myself to take his large cock, and he held still while my body adjusted to the welcome invader in my ass.

At his pause, I watched the guys right in front of me. A young twink probably 18-20 was sitting on the lap of a man in his 50’s. The twink was thin, cute and had long hair that had a faded blue dye in it. The man was a little overweight, but enjoying a boy, likely the age of his own kids.

My ass was now getting fucked in long slow strokes, the feeling of pleasure crashing over me in waves. I was being fucked raw by a man who had pulled me off his dick to spit in my mouth! I was in Heaven!

As I continued to moan, the blue haired boy leaned over and kissed me. We began making out as I was steadily fucked for the next several minutes. I felt my orgasm building and grunted our that I was going to cum. The boy broke away from our kiss and wrapped his lips around my caged cock. I came in spurts as my ass continued to get plowed. The blue haired boy came up with a mouth full of cum, some spilled around his lips because of the cage. He again kissed me, feeding me back my cum.

As I was enjoying the treat, I got slammed hard, shoving me forward and felt the black cock inside me unload.

He drained a huge load into my guts and slowly pulled out, turning me around and forcing my mouth back onto his cock.

I sucked him clean, and got out of the hot tub, cum oozing down my inner thigh. I thought about what a slut I was, and felt very proud of myself!

As I walked towards the shower, I was stopped by a young Hispanic guy who grabbed my harness and pulled me into his room. There was another slightly older guy there as well. I was pushed to my knees and a nice uncut dick was shoved in my mouth. I was eagerly sucking him, when My hips were pulled up into a doggy style position and cold lube hit my hole, followed by a hard cock that slid in easily.

I believed it was the second guy in the room fucking me, until he stood next to the guy I was blowing. I sucked both men back and forth as some anonymous stranger fucked me.

The cock in my ass soon swelled and shot three strong jets of cum into my hungry hole. I sucked off both men, swallowing both loads. I never saw the man that bred and seeded my ass!

As I staggered out into the hall, the black man who had fucked me in the hot tub said, “Hey faggot come with me, I gotta piss!” My night was getting interesting!

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