Bathhouse Bang

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Bathhouse Bangt was an uninspiring entrance. All there was to indicate the location was a metal grill in a cement brick wall between shop windows. No sign, no indication of what lay behind the secure doorway, no target for those prejudice fools who inhabit every society. I pushed the metal door and it opened, a bell sounded it’s electronic warning above my head somewhere and a small camera made a slight whirring as it focussed in on me as I entered.Behind the door was a narrow staircase leading up into the dim interior lit by blue globes set into the walls just below ceiling level. I ascended the stairs and found myself in the true entrance to The Sauna. This area was lit far brighter with palms either side of a shuttered window next to the main door, which lead into the club itself. A red button glowed next to the door and beckoned one to press it. I did. Another bell sounded beyond the window, which promptly opened to reveal a young Eurasian man.”Hello. Welcome to 565. Have you been here before?” he asked.”No I haven’t” I replied.”Are you aware of what this place is and what takes place here?” He continued. “This is a private club.””Yes I am aware that this is a men only sauna.””Good. Entrance is $15 membership, which is refundable on leaving, $5 entrance and $4 locker hire. You get a towel, locker and complimentary lube and condom.” He politely informed me.I paid the money, received the towel, key, lube and condom and entered through the door into the sauna.I found myself in a bar area with a large lounge to my right. A soft-core, gay porn movie was being projected onto the far wall of the lounge and a number of men of various ages, shapes and sizes were sitting around clothed only in towels chatting and watching the action on the wall.The host, a large man in his 60’s led me through to the locker area and explained the rules and layout. I thanked him and taking a deep breath began to unrobe. As I bent to remove my boots I noticed an older skinny man leaning against the wall of lockers behind me openly inspecting me as I stripped. His cock was erect and tenting the towel about his waist. Although it only looked to be about 12cm long I shivered inwardly and continued undressing. As I got down to my G-string I bent from the waist giving the watcher a perfect view of my arse and balls as they were exposed. My cock stood against my belly, held hard and restricted by the cock-ring and ball stretcher I was wearing. I stayed bent over and placed the key about my ankle, slightly wiggling my arse. The watcher murmured something and adjusted his bulge and moved off through the entrance of the maze. I slipped my towel about my waist and after locking my belongings into the locker made my way into the dark entrance, which lead to the maze as the host had told me.I stopped just inside the doorway, the gloom robbing me of any worthwhile vision. Then the sounds came to my ears. A moan, gasps, groans, the sounds of men, impassioned and urgently exorcising the demands from their balls. The unmistakeable sound of skin slapping on skin, the tempo increasing with the urgency of the participants’ lust until there would be a series of grunts and then release. The flooding into the rubber that coated the many hard cocks was palpable even if unseen.A hand on my shoulder brought me back to reality as someone, unseen in the gloom pushed past me. I was amazingly aware of his erection brushing past my arse and the feel of sweaty skin of his chest sliding across the skin of my back.I made my way cautiously into the maze. As my eyes became more accustomed to the light I saw sights I’d only imagined when pulling my cock. Men were sucking and fucking everywhere. Cocks poked through holes in the walls and men gratefully even hungrily swallowed them to the limit of the partition between them.I watched many couplings and gaped like the bathhouse virgin I was. But that didn’t last long. Down one long dark corridor I found a dead end and made to leave it when there was suddenly an old man before me. He didn’t say anything but pulled his towel open exposing a hard but disappointingly small cock. I sank to my knees and kissed his offering. It twitched and he groaned softly. Somewhere beyond the wall next to me someone gurgled a scream past something obviously deeply implanted in his throat. The old man before me grasped my head and pulled me into his groin. I excitedly open my mouth and felt a sweaty hard cock enter my mouth. It was glorious, manly, demanding and I revelled in my enforced debauchery. I licked and sucked and swallowed. He only lasted about 2 or 3 minutes before cumming and shooting my mouth full of semen until it dribbled down my chin and dripped onto my chest and cock that throbbed with excitement. As he released my head and I gasped air he pulled away leaving me suddenly unsupported and falling forward onto my hands, remaining there like the cheap cock hungry slut I was.Suddenly there was another body before me with another hard cock. I heard the old man say,”He’s istanbul rus escort not bad. Swallows.”Hands grasped the sides of my head and then a larger cock was in my mouth and I was being face fucked. He didn’t wait to see if I licked or sucked he just shoved it deeply into my throat and while holding my head between his hands thrust in and out of my mouth bruising my lips and fucking me to his satisfaction. Even whilst this was happening I espied someone approaching down the corridor and suddenly a second cock was being pushed into my mouth. I nearly came, I was being ganged, or at least I was beginning to be ganged. The first man groaned and while pulling back sprayed cum all over my face and hair. He shook the last drops onto my face and hair and left the second man to fuck me. He continued to so for only a couple of minutes before he had me stand and turn around.I placed my hands against the wall and pushed out my arse offering him my most intimate hole. He didn’t seem to care for niceties, whipped my towel off and just rammed into me. I groaned and the realisation of my noises joining the other sounds I’d heard made my cock twitch and my hole must have also because he groaned and told me I was a “Good little fuck.” He then proceeded to hammer his cock in and out of my relaxing hole fully withdrawing with each stroke before plunging back in until his pubes groaned against my buttocks. He built up pace until he just flew in and out causing me to moan in passion and the sounds my slackening hole made as he slopped into me would have made me blush if I wasn’t so excited that I was dribbling precum against the wall and praying he’d fuck me for hours. I was getting noisier and this attracted men who were soon standing about watching my sodomy.The man inside me exploded in a rush of sweat, thrusting and loud announcements of his intention to ‘fill my guts with thick juice.’ He did and lifted me off the floor pushing up against the wall with the energy of his final thrust into my bowels. I could feel him throbbing inside my body and then his cum squirting up inside my body. I realised he hadn’t worn a condom and that I’d be carrying his load for the rest of the night.He pulled out and a gush of semen ran down my thighs. Then someone else was behind me.”You taking anyone?”I nodded, “Please.” I begged, and another cock entered me as I braced against the wall in that dark corridor. This cock was bigger and I felt it enter me. I groaned and he grunted but didn’t hesitate a second but kept plunging into me. I was ecstatic. I was being gang-banged!Although he lasted longer than the other two he all to soon also came and filled my bowels with semen which ram down my thighs when he pulled out leaving me standing lent against the wall panting, sweating, dribbling precum out of my steel hard cock and other men’s cum out of an open arse. No one stepped up behind me and when I turned about I found the corridor empty so I made my way further into the maze where I could hear the sounds of plenty of action.I stopped in the shadows, short of a group of men who had lined up at both ends of a young small man. One man was fucking him in the mouth and one in his arse. There was a pool of opalescent semen beneath him reflecting the dim light and the sounds were that of very sloppy and well used holes. I was jealous.I continued to watch and gently stroke my twitching cock as the small man was thrust back and forward between the two men their cocks seeming to be a skewer, which he was being slid back and forth on. My mind raced, I’d only imagined such debauchery when stoned and beating my cock, now it was real! The two men fucking began to pound his holes and then the one in the arse stiffened and shoved his 6″ erection fully in and held it there. I could see his arse cheeks twitching as he emptied his balls as deeply implanted as he could get.With a stationery target the other man went wild and just became a blur below the waist as he furiously pounded the open throat before him and soon joined his fucking partner, ejaculating hard and deeply into the young man who had just kept moaning throughout the action.They both pulled out at the same time and the youngster wobbled, about to sag to the floor but the next two in line took him by the hips and ears smoothly entered and were soon repeating the dose of male skewering he so seemed to like. A gush of semen spilled from his arse adding to the pool beneath him and almost making me cum.They also clearly enjoyed it, being more vocal than the last two and began calling him all sorts of filth. This seemed to excite all three of them and they began to fuck with even more abandon and noise than before.I let my cock bounce free before I shot my load everywhere and moved on, their collective sounds in my ears even above the background of lust that is the maze.I continued to explore the dark corridors finding glory holes, slings, bondage areas, a mirror room and even a motorcycle! I istanbul rus escort bayan imagined being bent over the seat and routinely fucked by all who passed, but restrained my urges and kept on exploring.***The Main lounge still had some ‘soft’ pron running and about a dozen or so men sitting about yarning, the two who’d just pulled out of the young man in the maze were having a drink at the bar and the one who’d fucked his mouth nodded towards me as I strolled past. I smiled, rather nervously and continued my exploration, my erection tenting my towel and leading the way.Of the two far doorways one lead to a video room where the screen showed two black guys spraying cum over each other, the contrast between their dark skins and juice making it all the more erotic. The other was the entrance to the ‘private room’ area and the movie room.I quietly moved on and watched some of the movie through the doorway. A group of men around a pool were joined in a sexual chain, each sucking and/or fucking as he was in turn fucked or sucked. A small group of men were spread along the tiered seating benches in various stages of sexual involvement, from watching the movie or other action to one who was lying back, legs over the shoulders of a man on the lower level sawing in and out of an offered arse with a huge thick cock.The cock involved was maybe 10″ long and 2 ½” in diameter! I watched enviously as he sawed almost monotonously on in and out, in and out. The bottom obviously had experience because apart from an occasional stroke of his cock he watched the screen almost oblivious to the monster impaling him.I felt a hand on my towel covered arse and pushed back against it, offering myself. The hand slid under the towel and squeezed my cheek before a finger slid between my cheeks and into my sloppy hole. I tilted my hips to allow him better access and he pushed his finger fully in, then another was added. I kept watching the screen and the monster cock as my new partner slipped my towel off my hips, dropping it to the floor leaving me naked under the glow of the screen. A couple of the men turned to watch as the man behind me gently pushed me into the room in front of everyone. He sat on one of the few chairs in the room and pulled me back to sit on his lap. As I let him guide me down I felt a good size erection part my sphincter and slide deep into my bowels. I moaned quietly my gaze still fixed on the massive cock ploughing in and out just a couple of meters from me.On the screen the men in the daisy chain had began to cum and numerous orgasms were announced by groans and moans and splashes of thick white cum.The man I was sat on grasped my hips and forced me down fully impaling my on his cock and I realised how long it was. Maybe not ten inches but more than eight! He guided me up and down on his cock in a steady rhythm using me like a wank tool. I loved it. He began chewing on my shoulders and neck and murmuring filth in my ears as his passion rose along with his cock. He began to trust upwards into me as I fell and we were soon pumping with a rhythm that could only lead to another load of semen flooding my bowels, and that quite soon.My thighs began to burn and he began to take control, lifting me off and dropping me back onto his thrusting cock. The thrill of being a wank tool for a complete stranger, one I’d never even seen the face of was too much and I began to cum, shooting semen all over my thighs and balls. He never paused but kept using me for another five minutes before groaning and pumping another load into my rectum.I was left to sit upon his softening cock, my own still hard because of the cock-ring and stimulation. He eventually pushed me off but made me kneel before him and clean up the mess on his lap. The was more cum there than I’d ever eaten, but eat I did. I licked and sucked up every drop of the load of cum that had leaked out of my open hole and left his wonderful cock sparkling clean, pink and lengthening but he pushed me away before I could swallow even more so I got up and left the room, only remembering to collect my towel because another man slapped my bare arse.The corridors of the private room area were prowled by a small number of men but they didn’t seem interested in a casual encounter in the hallway so I toured around until the cum running down my thighs made it necessary for me to go to the showers.***The shower room was just an open space with four showerheads against the wall. I got under the water and dropped the soap. The reaction was wonderful.The man under the next stream of water pushed two soapy fingers up my offered arse. I pushed back and he quickly pushed in another. I stood up pushed my hole back along his fingers to the base.”You want more?” he asked. To which I only nodded.He placed his left hand on my shoulder and steadied himself and me. His fingers pulled out and then I felt his five fingers begin their trip inside. Groaned and heard others do likewise rus escort istanbul as I felt his knuckles enter my used, stretched anus. The thrill of a public fisting was too much and I began beating my cock harder than I had for ages. The earlier cum, cock-ring and fist stopped me from cumming but for ten minutes I was a fucking hand puppet to another complete stranger.He’d had enough and pulled out to fuck me full of his semen but I hardly felt his cock enter my gaping arse, so the thrill of being filled with another load was somewhat lost on me.When he’d cum I slumped to the shower floor and lay there for about a quarter of an hour before I’d recovered enough to stand up and shakily make my way to the lockers.My hole throbbed and I almost went home there and then but my stiff cock convinced me to re-enter the maze.***I made my way to the glory holes and took a centre one with three holes. I was greedy, horny, needed it.I closed the door and dropped my towel and knelt to peer through each of the holes in turn. All three cubicles had occupants, but they were all occupied with other sluts so I watched until they’d got off and someone new came in.He was an older man with a small cock but it came through the hole and I began to suck. I ended up with my face pressed against the wall and my mouth wide open as he pumped into my throat until shooting so deep I didn’t even get to taste it.Then I noticed two more cocks through the other holes and began to really enjoy the feeling of being skewered as I pushed my arse against one hole and my face against the opposite one. The two men came too fast for me but at least the Asians’ cock in my mouth pulled out as he came and I was able to wipe his cream off my face and taste it! The one in my arse just pumped it in and shot as he did so, I didn’t realise he’d cum until he pulled out and more semen ran down my thighs.Through the third hole I had been watched and another cock, quite impressive poked through so I wanked it and licked it until he shot all over my face and hair. Someone tried the door so I let them in and saw about five or six older men waiting outside. ‘God I’m going to get gang fucked’ passed through my mind and I shivered.The man who’d opened the door came in and had me stand up, I pushed my cock through the hole in the wall and he pushed his cock in my arse and fucked away. Someone the other side sucked my raging erection and pulled my balls. The man inside me pounded away until he was about to cum then pulled out and made me kneel and wank him onto my face. The next one came in and just pushed his cock into my mouth and forced me back into the corner of the cubicle. Pinned there he pumped into my open throat, talking constantly about what a filthy queer I was until he emptied his balls in my mouth. He made me hold it there and show him it on my tongue before I swallowed it all. I had been wanking two other cocks and suddenly one shot copious amounts across the floor just as the next man stepped into the cubicle and it splashed down his thigh.I licked him clean before he pushed my face against the center hole and pushed himself up my arse. Two other cocks came through the side hole and I eagerly grasped them and began to wank. I was in slut heaven. Four cocks at once! They fucked my pinned holes until they’d cum and others took their places. I don’t know how long I’d been there or how many strangers I fucked, sucked or wanked but I was exhausted by the time I was left to slide to the floor and no-one else came in. A couple of men looked in at me but I was such a mess they just shook their heads and left.Semen coated my body from head to foot and I lay in a puddle the size of the one I’d seen earlier under the young man getting it from both ends. That was it.I scrambled around to get on my knees and sat on my own fist. God it went in so easy! Then I jerked myself to orgasm, while licking the floor and wall clean.It was very late and the place was getting empty when I came to and pulled my hand out of my own arse. I staggered to the showers and got some of the layers of cum off before getting dressed and going back to my hotel.My arse throbbed, my balls ached, my sphincter and lips were chapped and swollen. I climbed into bed and after slipping a ten-inch vibrating dildo inside my hole I slipped into an exhausted sleep until woken by the room service the next day. What they thought of a naked man with a huge rubber cock up his arse I never found out but the whispers and sniggers as I left or entered the lobby over the next week said they all knew how I’d been found. The dope I’d had added to my disgusting behaviour but I realised that I really enjoyed being a mans plaything and have been back many times. I always let anyone do what they want and usually end up in a sling these days. I’ve had so many men up me I gape at the thought of anal and a fist makes me almost cum before it gets in. I use a tight cock-ring to make my erection last the night but it doesn’t matter much as I like the feel of hard cock going into me more than anything. I’ve been anally used by two at a time while two were in my face and I wanked another two. I’ve been gang-banged, fisted, pissed on and in and even tied down and had a couple of dogs fuck me at both ends. My wife rents me out as a party entertainment slut.Want some?Just push it in I’m always open.

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