Basilica Ch. 07

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By the time she came too it seemed that the endless night had not subsided. In fact when she looked up she not only did not see stars, but saw no color at all. It was pitch black. She stretched against her restraints, but that only served to make her pussy wet. Nothing to do with getting her free.

In fact, these ropes around her wrists felt really good. Under Father’s watchful eye she seldom had time to really have fun. Now it seemed she had gotten herself in a bind. She looked around, and could make out the faint silhouette of her newfound companion. In darkness she could still make out the outline of his insanely hard cock.

It seemed she was not the only one drawing arousal from their current situation. In fact, the cold chill around her skin made her realize that she was lacking in clothing altogether. By Faelor’s current predicament he was too.

Azina snapped her legs shut, only to betray her consciousness by moaning aloud at the delicate sensation. Her clit just barely rubbed against the frayed edges of the rope. A rope which was slowly but surely becoming soaked in her juices.

Faelor held his tongue, ashamed to admit that her moan had hardened his cock. As the room became dimly lit with torches, he realized exactly what kind of predicament they were in. He grimaced as he witnessed the short green creatures surrounding them. A sneer on their devilish faces. “Goblins” He muttered.

Azina bit her lips, looking around at the hard Goblin cocks around her. All of their dicks were disproportionately large compared to their body. Definitely thick, the feeling would be intense inside of her. She shook herself away from those thoughts. She should not be turned on right now of all times.

Except, well she was. As the little green men came closer, she smiled in glee.

The first one parted her legs and started rubbing its obnoxiously hot and hard cock against her aching clit. The creature paused, “Fuck?” He asked, showing his human level of intelligence.

Azina smiled and couldn’t approve his request fast enough. The goblin smiled before shoving his cock inside of her waiting pussy. Azina groaned in ecstasy, smiling in bliss as the goblins began to fuck every part of her body they could manage.

Another joined in, taking on the other goblins previous position. This one was not so methodical and just started wildly putting his tip in and out. Kayseri Escort Just barely penetrating her throbbing wet pussy. Azina gave up, crying out for him to please fuck her. With a chortle the goblin slammed it’s cock inside of the human woman’s pussy. Filling her up totally as the other began to cum in her mouth.

Thick white cum poured down her cheeks. Coating her breasts and making them glisten in the flickering red light. Azina cried out as a goblin used his long slimy tongue to lap greedily at her clitoris. Within seconds, she was writhing with orgasm. Crying out as the goblin released another jet of semen, this time inside of her. The goblin sighed, pulling out of her throbbing wet pussy and another goblin taking its place.

Azina pouts in pleasure at the debauchery of some evil thing inside of her. Pounding her pussy and making her cum around its wicked cock. The goblins buried its cock deep inside of her before coming loads and loads, its cum filling up her fertile pussy.

Faelor looks down, flushing with shame as he realized that he had ejaculated all over himself from witnessing Azina getting so thoroughly fucked. Hardening again as more and more goblin semen dripped from her sopping wet pussy. Her clit hard as a pebble as the next one lined it’s throbbing cock up to her hole and driving it in, shooting its warm load inside of her before he could even bottom out.

As this one slid outside of her, its cock now limp, heavy footsteps began to reverberate around then cave. Azina looked up at the tall male. Except it was not goblin, but an orc. She swallowed as the man grabbed her up in his arms. Tearing off the rope that had been pushed off to the side. Without ceremony it whipped out it’s large and twitching cock. Precum oozed from the tip as he rubbed it against her soft stomach

The orc’s cock was absolutely massive. There was no way that she could possibly take it. Well she did not have to wait long to find out. The orcs male shoved his inhumanly large cock inside of her tight human pussy. Faelor could see a slight bulge on her tummy, outlining how deep he was inside of her.

Azina moaned like a madwoman, begging the orc male for more. As she did, her eyes began to glow, and her lust increased ten-fold. “Oh please, I need it. Use the goblin’s seed as your lubrication.”

The big dumb orc roared at her words. His instinct Kayseri Escort Bayan to breed overtaking him. They had not been requested to cum inside of her. Azina begged for it, tightening her already at its limit pussy around his aching dick. The orc slammed her against the ground and began to pound wildly.. Pinning her human wrists down like she weighed nothing. Azina moaned as she felt his hot orc seed pumping into her. Never had she felt cum so warm. It felt so fucking good. The orc’s cock had stretched her enough to grab the attention of her clit. With the goblin’s lapping away at her sex greedily she came.

As her eyes lost their glow she gave a cursory glance across the room. As Faelor watched her wanton display he came again. His cock near painfully twitched as his hot semen spilled forth. Unashamed he watched as Azina was fucked silly by all manner of small green men with gigantic cocks. What a well and true slut she was. He could not believe that he thought she needed protecting.

As something moist and wet wrapped itself around his cock, he almost came again. He looked up to find a lady orc, she must be the matriarch.

He glanced downwards, seeing the female orc’s cock twitch. The matriarch always had the biggest cock of the entire clan. Usually a warrior drafted from the Amazonian forces. Faelor bit his lip, ashamed at his intense arousal. His neediness not waning, despite the fact that this was not his own species.

Well, not quite. The orcs, elves and goblins had all come from the same deity in the undercarriage of the world. Chandra, their patron goddess, had formed them from the fauna that lived around the earth. Goblins had split off in another direction that the elves millenia ago. Orcs split off from the Goblins.

Because of their ancestry not being that distant in the schemes of things, they were close enough in relation to share a similar intelligence level. The goblins were the most mysterious of the three. Having made a pact with a mischievous force years ago, and they seldom ignored their desires.

This was common in the elven kingdom. Sex was common, like a handshake. Their reproduction relied on magic, meaning children were born only through the genuine desire of both parties. Pregnancy was handled through the use of magic as well. Labor was more of a ceremony to bring forth the materialization of one’s Escort Kayseri soul to the mortal world.

Faelor groaned as a lady orc sat down on his cock, riding him relentlessly with no hope of slowing down. He grabbed at her thigh, his nails digging deeply into her tawny green skin. Oh, he definitely wanted it.

With a holler he came inside of the orcess. Hot semen spraying inside of her taut pussy. Faelor groaned, shifting his hips higher and higher into the woman. The orcess screamed, her long red braids swaying as she came around his gigantic cock. At the moment, he knew his potent semen could have impregnated her and he felt happy to help out.

Not yet had he felt it time to spread his seed inside of another woman, to give her child. He was no king. But this orcess, well she was chieftain of the orc tribe. It was a high honor to give her child.

She moaned as she lifted off of him and his hot semen spilled out of her. Yet his cock was still absolutely rock hard. Semen slowly oozed from the tip of it.

The orcess blindfolds him and gently holds him down as he feels another sopping wet pussy seat itself around his dick. He immediately began to thrust inside. A sigh escaping past his lips as the orcess’s finally lifted the fabric from his eyes and he can see the beauty seated on his dick.

“Oh Fuck!” He moaned seeing that it was Azina. Her thick hips moving up and down his pulsing cock. Faelor grabbed onto her thick ass and he pounded her pussy with no restraint.

Azina cried out and Faelor pounded her aching pussy. He kept hitting that nice spot inside of her. Scraping against the front wall of her vagina. Until, oh gods. She clenched down on him, arching her back as she came hard around his pulsating cock.

WIthin a second of Azina coming on his cock, Faelor unleashed his load inside of her waiting pussy. Filling her up with more cum than she ever thought possible. So much so that even when his hips were still pumping it had already begun to leak outside of her.

The cum only served as a lubricant. As if under a spell Faelor not only stayed hard, but was even harder. Crying out as the orcess’s grabbed Azina’s hair and pulled her mouth toward their huge cock.


By the time they rested, the sun had gone down. The orcess having been thoroughly fucked and impregnated by Faeloir’s potent seed.

Azina herself overflowed with the seed of goblins. Incompatible with her own. For only a human could impregnate her. Unsure if it was the Blhys or not, but she longed to be impregnated, yet there was not a soul in this place that could do so.

How unfortunate.

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