Basilica Ch. 05

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Age of Man

Year 10,012

When the tragedy happened, the tenuous peace between the three nations came to a grinding halt. Id, the smallest kingdom, Remus a once great empire, and Jakaria poised to take control.

For once a tenuous peace was kept. As long as everyone pretended to look the other way. It was imminent that if they kept fighting then utter annihilation was assured.

What a futile thought, Prince Ingfred thought to himself as he gazed out at the full moon. Members of the harem had been ravenous. Yet, how could he satisfy them? With all of this on his mind? Fear that welled up in his chest and tears in his eyes.

Clement had been avoiding him, which he accepted. Welcomed actually. How could he taint Clement, with this guilt he carried around inside?

When he learned of the news all those years ago, the room drained of color. Closed in on him. Immediately he ordered everyone away. Hyperventilating in his chambers alone.

Azina’s death not only affected him, but he knew what was coming. Someone killed the heir to the entirety of the Jakarian empire. The quickly rising subcontinent that had expanded their economy through being the predominant magic users in the region.

Remus had long lost their art, and Id never quite mastered it.

Azina’s death went beyond his own feelings. The tenuous stability was being destroyed before his very eyes.

The room was dark, with flowers gently swaying from the ceilings. The blue moonlight highlighting the side of his face as he gazed from the tower.

Without warning the heavy doors to his chamber creaked open. In anger, he turned to the shadowed figure backlit from the brass sconces behind them. Anger fading as he made out the shape of Clement. Gently he embraced him, whispering apologies for his behavior.

With understanding Clement nodded, before leaning in to whisper in the Prince’s ear. When Clement was done, Ingfred’s eye widened. With a quickness they narrowed as he turned south, in the direction of Remus.


Year 10,008

Age of man

Azina had been preparing for weeks, no months really. Nakima, her best friend since childhood, was helping her. On this day in which she had been preparing for all of her life.

Nakima took a brush made of boars’ hair causing Azina to jump at the feeling of the stiff bristles.

“Daydreaming again?” Nakima teased.

Azina did not answer. Instead opting to look at herself in the mirror. Nakima’s words sounded like they were from under the water. Soft hands rested on her shoulders, causing her to snap out of her daze.

“I’m sorry, it’s just that-“

“You can’t get that stupid boy out of your mind?”

Azina was unsure if such a conversation would hurt her friend. She had made her feelings known, that no matter what she would never belong to one. Except, here she was.

As she had grown older she learned that one had responsibilities. On her twenty seventh moon, she must be wed. Too long she had waited, and while they were free to choose. Freedom has its limits. A groom must be chosen, and chosen by her fast.

Jakaria needed an heir. Man or woman it did not matter, but it needed to be someone.

“My offer still stands,” Azina whispered.

Nakima laughed aloud and her chest distractingly moved up and down. “I’ve told you,” she smiled, “I would hate royal life. Besides I have feelings for another and I know that you do too.”

Azina hid her head in her hands, “You know that I have no other option.”

Nakina rolled her eyes as her deft fingers braided the fluffy tufts of hair. “That’s what you tell yourself. Now tilt your head this way.”

She rolled her eyes before listening to her command. Knowing full well that otherwise her hair would twist into an uncomfortable position. “I have love for them too. That’s the problem.”

Nakima but her hands on her ample hips. “Then tell him that. I’m sure he won’t mind.”

Azina sighed, before a smile found its way on her lips. “Fine.” She stood up from the gilded chair. An immaculate gown swishing around her ankles. Her feet adorned with sandals encrusted in numerous gems.

Around her torso was a corset fastened with gold bands. At the top of her breasts rested her hair. Long dark braids with a red sheen in harsh sunlight. Applied to her chest were diamonds embossed in gold. Hair covered loosely with a purple mesh. The tips were painted with gold flakes that shimmered in the gentle breeze.

As she made a step, the gown sparkled. Nakima sharply Yozgat Escort inhaled at the sight. Wetness forming a slippery feeling between her thighs. Slowly she waved at Azina, before rushing off to perform the rest of her wedding duties.

Azina wandered the halls, her feet making a clicking sound that reverberated throughout the expansive villa. With ceilings that arched hundreds of feet into the air, containing murals depicting the old legends. Floating adobe pots were filled with flowering vines that had grown for centuries.

Azina walked quickly past the golden columns. Jakaria controlled most of the gold on the continent, since they produced most of it. Gold which made the God-Emperor’s eyes green with envy. Before Remus could gain the ability to invade, the so-called Iddish barbarians had weakened them too much to fare against them. Especially with Jakaria’s advantage, Dahlia’s Blessing.

Azina huffed as she hurried past the sprawling vines. With impatience, she turned towards one of the columns which had been covered with them for what must be centuries. In quick, steady motions she made formations with her fingers.

Uttering a prayer beneath her breath. “Please, guide the way.” She asked gently, pleading with the life force within the plant. The consciousness that lived within all living things. Irugbin.

Sluggishly the vines pointed to the North. Confused, she turned her head in the direction. Sunlight filtered in through the window highlighting her voluptuous frame. “There’s no hallway out there silly,” She mused, before thanking the plant anyway

Azina walked toward the small shuttle at the end of the hall. The interior of which glowed a deep blue. She stepped inside, instructing the shuttle to take her to her betrothed. It whirred, before creaking and groaning. In an instant she was whisked away, her veiled hair flying about.

When the shuttle stopped, she stood before a place most unexpected. It was no chambers fit for someone of his status. She stepped forward in the plain looking room, and glanced about. There was only but a small sleeping matt on the floor and dusty carpets. Seemingly no one had stepped foot in here for years.

Suddenly there was a sound. An unmistakable thud of a foot. There stood a man a year or so younger than Azina. With glistened skin and dark ceremonial attire. Azina spread her arms open wide, welcoming the site before her. “Welcome, Akino.”

The lithe figure stepped from the cool shaded area of the room, his skin seeming ablaze as the rays of light shun through. There was a grin on his face, white teeth contrasting with his warm skin. Azina felt her chest swell with joy at the sight of him. Unable to stop the frown forming in her face as she realized what she was about to ask. What she would have to tell him.

“What’s wrong my love?” Akino’s gentle voice called forth, seeing the sadness on her face.

Azina walked toward him, throwing her arms around him and burying her head in his chest. “You know that I love you right?”

Akino nodded, his brow furrowing. “Of course. And I you.”

She perked up, looking up towards the taller man with her dark purple eyes. “Have you ever had these thoughts? Thoughts that I’ve had and think you have too?”

“Thoughts?” Akino tilted his head to the side.

“Well, nevermind.” Azina looked away as the courage left her.

“No, no,” he said, shaking his head. Reaching for and taking her rough fingers in his. “I won’t be mad.”

“You promise?” Azina asked, her voice small and scared.

While nodding fervently he tightened his embrace around her. “I promise. Now please, tell me what’s on your mind?”

Azina sighed as she began, “Well, I often think wouldn’t it be nice if we could share our bodies with others?”

Akino bit his lip, the desire already apparent. “Are you talking about that gorgeous friend of yours?”

She rolled her eyes, before looking toward him. “Nakima? No, but I would be willing.” She said, remembering their first liaison years ago. She knew that he trusted her and hoped this would improve his confidence in this decision.

Suddenly Akino’s face darkened, before pushing her away. “Leave me.” He said, his voice quiet with held back rage.

“What?” She asked, face shrouded in confusion.

“Leave. Me.” Akino’s tongue was sharp as a blade.

Azina stood there with tears welling up in her eyes. She gathered her skirts, eyes blank in fear as she watched the anger mount within him. Her eyes glanced up at him, tinted with anger. Without another Yozgat Escort Bayan word she rigidly stepped away. Second thoughts about her future flooding her mind.

As she disappeared down the hall, Akino sat down on the bed. Breathing a sigh of relief. He had been looking for an opening, and she provided it. Azina was not to be spared yet, he could not let that happen.

Azina wiped a tear from her eye, apparently Akino was deeper into his father’s ways than she thought. All these years and she never realized the extent of his possessiveness. Well, why should she feel beholden to a man that thought her dirty? That made it so clear that he did not want her?

She set down the hall with a look of determination. She knew what she wanted, and she’d be damned if she did not get it.

It was easy to find him. Diplomats from the other nations had arrived, wishing well of the marriage. Not only that, but she had personally invited him. In the grand hall, the centerpiece of the villa, there he stood. A shock of yellow hair showed from beyond the corner.

There were hundreds of others attending the hall, but he was impossible to miss.


Azina waltzed toward him, shame forgotten. Stepping away from his conversation, he turned to her. A pleasant expression on his face as she neared.

Golden hair fell freely down his shoulders. His clothes are adorned in cyan embroidery. “Oh, Az- Queen Azina.” He punctuated his words with a bow.

“Ugh, don’t bother with such formalities.”

“Well, it is your coronation after all.”

“It’s not only that.”

“So,” he outstretched his arms. Azina shook her head before tugging him away towards a balcony that hung from a far corner of the room.

Ingfred adjusted his collar, seeing the sway of her hips underneath the dark purple coronation gown. Her body adorned in jewels and highlighting every curve and jiggle.-When they reached the secluded balcony his curiosity was piqued. “Azina, what is the meaning of this? You realize how this looks?”

She shook her head. “Can I ask you a question?”

With a sigh he looked to the ground, then back to her. “Azina, wait.” He said, the fear evident in his voice. His country, his men, their freedom. It all could come crashing down right now. “Do you remember when we were on that mission together?”

With a sigh she shook her head in a yes motion.

“When we certainly thought we would meet our doom? That the beasts would kill us all? Tear us limb from limb?”

“Why do you remind me of such things?”

“I don’t mean to hurt you.” He held onto the railing, and looked up at the sky, before looking back at her worried expression.

Some time passed, they knew not how much. Just that they had been standing there in silence. A silence Azina broke. “Just, tell me. I want to know. Even though we were all going to die, in the dead silence you began to say something. All this time, I’ve wondered what it was.”

Creaking grasshoppers were interrupted with the sound of a sharp inhale. “How can my words express it? In all of the ways that I’ve felt it?”

“Please, I must know.” Slowly, she outstretched her pinky, touching the side of his hand. Ingfred wrapped his own pinky around the digit. Lifting her hand to his chest as he felt the warm tuft of air coming from her mouth. She took a step forward, coming to a rest with her head upon his shoulder.

“Oh Azina,” He whispered. Holding her gently against his chest.

“I can’t wait around for you forever.”

Ingfred paused, the air seeming to still between them. Sacred moonlight beamed down on them, and he leaned over, taking her rounded cheek in his hand. Patiently he leaned in, meeting her halfway.

A shock of warmth ran through his body as her soft body pressed against him. Through the thin material of her gown he could feel everything. From the soft poke of her nipples to the scratchy feeling of her pubic hair.

For so long he had waited for this moment. Never had he felt the courage to tell her the truth. That he lusted after her. The fact that she wanted him, despite his status as leader of the weakest nation. A nation that was not even its own. Its people were divided, and their resources drained.

He’d tried his hardest to hide it in the past. Keeping his face straight. Forcing himself to think of other things in order to hide his arousal from the sway of her hips, the curve of her breasts. Ingfred inhaled her scent and pressed the tent of his pants against her. Azina whined, her wetness multiplying Escort Yozgat as she felt the warmth.

A gentle sigh blew past her lips as he reverently kissed her shoulders. Ingfred grabbed at her thigh, hoisting her around his hips, before turning around and pressing her up against the wall.

Azina gasped as she backed up, breathing hard against his lips. Feeling the brutishness in his movements. For so long she had wanted this, wanted him, watched from afar. Fear in her heart when he pranced around with his concubines that he refused to share.

Plink! Went the glass beads as they bounced off of the stone floor. Delicate purple fabrics fell from her body. The color contrasted nicely with her rich dark skin.

Ample breasts spilled from her gown. Ingfred became mesmerized by the sight.

Feverishly he ripped the rest of her clothes off. Undoing his coats revealed short wisps of blond hair along his torso, which led to the waistband of his breeches. Azina kept her gaze there. With a grin on his face, he removed his belt, letting his pants fall to the floor.

With his underclothes falling down in a heap as well, his cock sprang forth. The thickness of which made Azina blush. A length that she had never seen before, she was not sure what to do. For so long she had waited for this moment, suddenly she was freezing up?

Her thoughts were interrupted with the feeling of his lips against hers. After setting her down, he kissed along the expanse of her body. Humming when he made his way all the way down to her warm sex.

Azina mewled, taking pleasure in his actions. A gasp tore its way from her as he began to lap at her folds. The pleasure was immense. Wave after wave rocking through her as Ingfred did not let up. Refusing to go further until she was sufficiently aroused.

Once her thigh grew slick he spun her to face the wall. Roughly he grabbed her hips, rubbing his bare cock between her wet folds. Groaning in ecstasy as he did so. “Are you ready?” He asked.

She nodded furiously, before begging him to “Please put it inside of me!”

A sharp gasp escaped her mouth as the hard and hot feeling of his cock cut off her sentence. She whimpered, spurred on by the snap of his hips. At first his movements were small, just to work her open. As her noises grew in volume, he began to take long strokes. Bringing his cock out to nearly the tip before slamming it right back in.

She whimpered, not used to a man of such length. The fat pink tip of his cock plopping in and out of her tight hole. As if in heat he grabbed at her ass. Bringing her ever closer to him, moaning in sweet relief as he did so. For so long had he dreamed of this day. When he could let Azina know how he felt. What was dying to be said.

Azina dug her nails against his thighs. Such a pleasant sensation caused Ingfred to lose his wits. Pounding uproariously against her jiggling ass. There was no slowing down, no stopping as he furiously gave her what she kept begging for.

Backing against his cock with every futile move of her ass, she gave up trying to match him and resigned herself to his pace. Smiling dazedly as everything intensified. The prince held tightly onto her plush hips, before withdrawing his cock most of the way outside of her.

“Must, take it out.” He groaned, barely able to get the sentence out.

“Please spill your seed inside of me!”

That’s what did it. Ingfred slammed all the way back in, feeling the tightening of her walls around him. Squeezing his cock like a vice. A low moan pierced the air as the first spurt of semen released. Weakly she moved her hips again, making him jerk as he kept ejaculating inside of her. Coating her warm walls with his seed.

“Oh.” It was but a whisper from him. Spent, he withdrew himself. Noting the wasted semen that spilled betwixt her thighs.

Azina turned to him, her smile full and radiant. Happy to be with someone who might accept her as she was. More prevalently, the feeling of his cock inside. Ingfrid was definitely bigger than most men. The slight ache between her legs reminded her of such.

Ingfred turned to her. Softness permeating in his face. “I don’t know if we’ll ever have the chance to be together like this again.”

“Oh Ingfred I-“

Her words were cut off as the loudest sound she had ever heard rang in her ear. She looked around but didn’t see Ingfred. In fact she saw nothing and no one. Just a sea of blue.


Year 10,009

Age of Man

Azina shook at the sight of falling into the ocean. She knew there must be a lapse in her memory. There’s no way those two events could connect. Akino must be so worried, she thought guilt filling her.

Guilt that washed away as Faelor finally came home. Finally, she would get relief.

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