Barefoot Girls Love Playing Games

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The frustrations of being socially awkward can be overwhelming sometimes. Here I am, 20 years old now, and still have not done anything more than kiss a girl. (and I don’t think I am very good at that to be honest) It’s not really my fault though! I’m not a bad looking guy, My eyes are kind of a nice brown color, My hair is red and I keep it short, not styled like most of the popular guys, and yeah I wear glasses, but I don’t have a bad build. I DO go to the gym a lot, and I have the chest and arms to prove it, even have a semi six pack going on now!

…But… Girls can’t ever seem to like a shorter guy… Yup, 5’5″ and hating every inch of it. I have tried everything, being the funny guy, the nice guy, even tried being the giant as- …well you get the idea. No matter what I do, my relationship status on Facebook always seems to read “single” and that’s without everyone knowing my big secret. You heard it here, I actually get even more strange.

When I was younger I called it “my feet thing” I always found myself looking at girl’s feet. If I am being honest it started with my very own sister (I will get to HER in a bit) you know, just when she would walk around the house barefoot or we would swim in the pool or something, well let just say, I noticed.

I would just stop and stair when she would take her socks off and the like, and well, it just developed over the years, I now know it’s called a “foot fetish” and I have turned into the guy that when any girl is barefoot and bends down or drops on her knees, Its not her butt I am looking at, but the soft soles of her feet.

I have no idea where it comes from, but I have just decided to get over it and enjoy it. Once I hit High school, I was in heaven in the warmer weather. Every other girl wearing Flip-flops and flats, dangling them or just completely taking them off under their desks! How no one has figured this out yet I have no idea, but I think it adds to my failures with girls. I mean… how do you tell a girl you like her feet? You can’t just walk up to her and be like “Hi nice weather we are having, I would really like to suck on your toes. What do ya’ think?” *Sigh* So instead, I have had a few girl-friends and not a lot of progress with the whole dating-sex-love thing. A fact that my oh-so-loving sister loves to point out from time to time

“Man bro, a dry spell is supposed to be AFTER you have sex at least once.”

“You could always try online dating on one of your lame nerd sites.”

“Mom! I am going out tonight! Unlike Macie! Because he is lame and can’t land a date!”

Again… *sigh* I’m sure she must be trying to motivate me or something, but I would say she goes about it the wrong way. (and for the record, my name is Makenzie, Mac for short) Her name is Maddison. Well if you know the math of genes and siblings, you will know that they are similar most of the time and as you can possible tell, our family’s genetics make much better girls then guys.

Her brown eyes are the same as mine, but her slightly wavy curtains of dark red hair bring them out more than mine, as well as her eyes being a bit bigger than mine, well you can say she has a great pouty face. She mostly wears contacts but does have a thick framed set of librarian glasses she dons from time to time. He does not seem to need the gym like I do but has such a small frame anyways it looks good on her I will say, and of course, being short is much more excepted for girls, so her being 5″2′ only helps with her overall cute and innocent feel. As I mentioned however, she is pretty much an 18 year old brat. She, unlike me, does in fact go on dates a lot, and drinks even though she is under age. I’m not going to ask her but I am pretty sure she has had sex with a few of the guys she has gone out with too. So you could say she has figured out the whole social interaction with the opposite sex thing pretty well.

Her being good looking as well as popular does have its perks though. She has a rather large group of friends, many of whom have come over the house to hang out as well as sleep over. Fortunately for me, many of these girls are stupidly attractive. And what normally comes with attractive girls? Attractive feet.

Our house is pretty big owing to the fact that both of my parents work and have high paying jobs, and even better, most of the house is carpet flooring. So the moment the girls show up, off come the shoes, and normally, off come the socks. So I have had both the pleasure and curse, of usually four or so at a time, teenaged hotties running around my house showing off their just painted nails and soft looking soles.

My sister is not all bad I should add, I mean she does include me in some of the stuff the girls get into around the house, she even convinced Amy to be my first kiss when she found out I turned 18 without ever kissing a girl. More of took pity on me I guess. But I have become sort of friends with some of her closer friends that come around the house more often than others. Mostly because they like to play childish games like tag and stuff around the house, you know, games that are more fun when you make your loser escort bayan brother be IT first.

Well, every day Is a new day right? I like to think so, I am turning 21 today, and I have decided to go a little nuts. It took over 3 months of convincing, but my very strict parents have decided then they will not disown me or kick me out of the house when I go and get my first tattoo! My dad is even going to take me out for a drink after, something I have never done before, should be fun right?

~~~Transition noises, and door opens and shuts~~~

It is about 8:30 at night when I get home, dad has a late night shift tonight so he dropped me off at the door. My back is smarting like crazy, my wallet is empty and after only three beers I am ashamed to say I can feel the “buzz” pretty strong. 500 bucks for a Tattoo! Who knew? My dad had laughed at me a bit when he has to cover some of the cost, like 200 dollars was no big deal. I sigh, ‘must be nice’ and I walk over to the shoe mat. A quick count tells me that we have guests, three of them in fact. First in the line are my sister’s black flats, with white and black stripped insides, well warn, he feet always smell a bit after she has those on all day. Next to her flats are a girl named Kelly’s green flip-flops. They are much bigger then my sisters little flats, Kelly is kind of a hyper girl, 18 like my sister and bit of a spas sometimes, and she has had those flip-flops forever, like two years or something. It shows in the deep outline of her feet worn into the sole of each sandal. She is the; very short jean skirt and a too big shirt kind of girl. Her dirty blond hair always is a crazy bun or ponytail. She was about 5’9″ with great legs with a fake but nice tan. She also has green eyes that can make a guy walk off a cliff if he locks eyes with them.

Yet another pair of flip-flops sit next to those, white this time, and even bigger then Kelly’s. I smile. Erica’s here. Style incarnate, 19 years old, Erica is the kind of girl who always has the next brand or phone or whatever it may be, about 3 week before it even comes out. Wearing crazy designer boots in the winter, she makes up for it by wearing brand new sandals or flip-flops about every month in the summer. She does this to show off the very fancy pedicures she must get weekly. She’s a huge flirt, even to me sometimes, but she in particular is WAY out of my league, 5’10” and the Italian model in every way, the dark eyes and hair, the soft lips and legs, her feet are big, but they fit her well, and they look as though she uses lotion every day or something to get them looking that kind of soft.

The last set of shoes are the same size as my sisters, a pair of well-worn converse. My heart gives a nervosa kind of jump. Amy. She has not been to the house in about half a year, something about a big family get together was the last I had heard. She and my sister were about the same size and dressed similar, a kind of punk rocker skateboarder kind of thing. She has light blue eyes and dark black hair that comes down strait, often covering one side of her face a little. It fits became she is often pretty shy, odd seeing as she is the oldest of the group at 21. I have only ever seen her feet when we go swimming, her feet are very pale and she had chipped paint (black usually) on her toes. Mostly all I get to see are her mismatched colored socks that always seem to coincidently match her color scheme of her outfit that day.

Man… the girls in the house tonight were amongst my favorite group, they were all at least halfway decent to me, and were all very nice to look at. Tonight might not be the best night though, after drinking a little and how bad my back hurts right now… probably best to just get to bed and figure out how to sleep with minimal pain. I walk up the stairs and can figure out right away that they are in the den on the second floor. Kind of annoying, as I will both have to walk right past the den door to get to my room, and have to listen to their music and giggling all night through the wall of my room. Whatever, bed time. I walk toward my room, and grit my teeth as I pass by the den. I really should have known better the to hope.

“Heeeeey! There he is!” Comes my sister’s triumphant voice… great, she had been waiting for me.

I turn and look into the room, my heart does two flips this time. The girls are sitting around on the floor instead of the sofa, and they are painting each other’s toenails! What’s more, Amy is the one who currently has one of her feet, pale and bare for once, propped up on Kelly’s knee with half a coat of fresh dark purple polish on it. She gives me a sort of shy awkward smile as a way of greeting. Kelly as the polar opposite grins and waves vigorously. The only part of Erica I can see are those beautiful tan legs leading down to her smooth perfect feet. Her toes are being held apart by foam to dry the dark red polish. From this angle, so much of her legs are visible she could easily pass of naked with a little imagination. Even though I cannot see Kelly’s toes, she is sitting crisscross and I have a perfect view of the sole of one of altıparmak escort bayan her feet.

All this at once must have stunned me a bit because I do not even look at Maddison until she flicks me on the cheek.

“Ah!” I snap back to “What the heck Maddie?” I say annoyed and look slightly down on her. Her hair is in a stylish sort of side ponytail. Her frowns are still annoyingly cute and she has a very hard time being intimidating. Not to mention as my sister she knows my gym schedule, and therefore knows I could bench press her if I ever found a wayward reason to do so.

“Oh yeah,” she scoffs “you are trashed, let me guess, one beer? Two at the most?” the evil little glint in her eye in full throttle today. The girls in the room give a giggle to that and I struggle to defend myself.

“No! I was not driving so I had like 5 I think.” I say, having always been terrible at lying, especially to Maddison. More giggling from the room.

“oh? Nice bro, your halfway to what your 110 pound little sister can drink!” she says in extreme sarcastic glory. I can tell I am blushing, but I try my best to play it off.

“Yeah yeah whatever Madz, look I’m tired and I just want to hop a shower and lie down ok, so save it for another day huh?” I say, doing my best to sound cool, knowing that Amy is staring right at me, I also am fighting on whether or not to steal another look at her elusive feet. Maddison seems to have had other plans however.

“oh no you don’t I have been dying to play some Hide and seek tag or something! The parents are out and we have a bottle here!” she says and puts her hand on my back to push me into the room. This would be all normal days’ work, but today there was a stabbing pain when she pushes me. I can’t help it, I yelp!

“Frickin’ hell Madz!” I say in reaction and dart a few steps into the room to avoid her hand. The girls all give surprised looks at me. I can see Erica now; she has on a pair of baggy yet quite short shorts. He Long beautiful legs looking bronzed in the light of the tv in the room. She pulls her feet back for fear of my stepping on her newly painted nails.

“whoa Mac, what was that?!” asks Kelly, pausing from Amy’s feet for a moment. I might have been transfixed again if my back was not smarting so bad. I spin back around to my sister, who for once looks concerned.

“wha- what did I do? What’s wrong with your back?” hey big eyes calm me down right away, she did not do it on purpose after all… well at least not on purpose yet. I squirm a bit, letting my back relaxed. I was not planning on telling anyone until it was healed. Nore was I planning on telling a room of beautiful girls.

“I… well It was my birthday so, I figured I would spend a little cash.” I laugh to myself, ‘little cash? Yeah right’ The girls all look interested at least. “So I went out and got a tattoo that I have always wanted.” I say, shrugging as if it’s not a huge deal to me. Kelly and Erica smile in understanding and Amy looks surprised, not sure if that is a bad thing or not. But it is my sister’s reaction that gets my attention. I grin as her face turns indignant, she frowns again, surly thinking about how she had gotten more than one speech about what would happen if –she- got a tattoo. No doubt she is also regretting feeling bad for swatting my back. Always quick to fire back though, her face breaks into a most evil grin. I swallow against my will, she is about to be really bitchy I can just see it, I pissed her off in front of her friends this was going to be-

“Let me see it.” She says confidently…Bitch.

“What?!” I say, having heard her quite clearly. If she thinks I’m taking my shirt off in front of her friends she’s nuts. I wear shirts in the freaking pool, well… I used to… I mean, I have been going to the gym but… I am determinedly not looking at the other girls, especially not Amy.

“I said let me see! Common you know I want one! Let me see it.” She says in earnest. She is using her cute pleading voice to which I am immune to, but she knows I don’t want to look like a baby in front of her friends. She is well aware of what I think of the girls in this room. And she knows I have a pretty big crush on Amy after she kissed me way back when. Even so, No way, no how.

“I can’t, its wrapped up right now to heal, sorry Maddie but I can’t take the wrap off for a few days.” I smile at her. Her eye flashes me a deadly (yet cute) glare. ‘Game set and match’ I think with an inner smile. She does not seem to have any way around that one.

“Actually if you went to a good place they should have given you some cream to put on it and help with the healing.” The voice is Kelly’s, I turn to look at her, she lightly puts the last stroke of paint on Amy’s toes. She then looks up at me again with a very plain ‘Duh’ on her face. She then leans down toward Amy’s foot again, when she leans down she puckers her lips. She is about to kiss Amy’s foot! She then blows on her toes to dry the paint faster… I turn back to my sister to hide the slight shock and disappointment I am feeling. nilüfer eskort She is just finishing her beaming at Kelly. She locks her eyes on me.

“Ok? So no problem? Cool, well let’s see it Macie.” She says with her hands on her hips and a winning grin. Kelly does not even seem to notice what she did. She places Amy’s foot back on the ground and looks over at me, she also seems to want to see the Tattoo. Amy is visibly not used to having her toes painted, she holds her toes in the air, and smiles, apparently likening the purple on her beautiful pale skin. Erica sits up straighter and smiles, her beautiful lips naked today.

“I was thinking of getting one myself, let’s see Mac, does it hurt that bad?” Erica asks with an interested raised eyebrow. And I am stuck. Why can no one see how anxious this is making me? Oh yeah, because I am playing it cool… dam it. Maddison is getting her way it seems. She gets impatient though. She walks over and tugs on my shirt a bit, cocky as always.

“What? It hurt that bad? Need baby sis to help you gimpy?” she says in her sweetest voice, pure poison. Whatever, prolonging it will not change the situation, if I wait any longer I’m going to start sweating.

“I’m fine Maddie, sheesh” I say and grab my shirt, whatever, no big deal, only three super hotties in my house, only taking my shirt off in front a girl for the first time, only its three, plus my sister, whatever.

I pull my shirt off and toss it on the floor, I am facing the girls but I decide if I don’t want to turn more red, best to look at the TV. My back smarts like crazy once I relax after pulling the shirt off, now comes the bad part, Maddie is going to rip the tape around the gauze off all at once to make me yelp again, but that’s not going to happen. I flex as best I can to brace for the rip. It does not come right away.

“Geeze bro did you get the whole top half of your back done? That must have sucked.” She says with a laugh. ‘Ha-ha’ I think, ‘just do it’ I think, still ready.

“Dam, you actually have a smokin’ body Mac, why don’t you ever take your shirt off?”

Its Erica’s voice. I look down at her, she is not even looking at my eyes, she is trailing her gaze all over my body! Her eyes are even wide slightly and her mouth is in a slight smirk of approval! I can feel my face going red faster than a stoplight. I look away before she decides to lock eyes with me or something. Unfortunately I look right at Kelly, she is even worse! Her mouth is slightly open in shock, and those beautiful green eyes…she was strait eye screwing me! I swallowed hard, I could feel the slight sweat. I have to. I look at Amy, and nearly fell over. She had a finger to her mouth, also slightly open, she too was looking at my chest or abs or something, but she pulled her blue eyes to lock with mine… no idea what that one means, but she is strait up staring…and yup.. I’m staring back. It was at this time that my sister rips off the tape. I yelp.

“SON-OF-A!” and I twitch horribly. The three girls all grit their teeth and look like they feel bad for me, but I whip around to my sister. It takes a second to gain composure. My sister has the biggest grin on and she knows as well as I do that I am not going to do anything about it. The Ooohs and Ahhs from behind me distract me from even scolding her. I glare right back at my sister. She knows what she is doing to me, and she is loving it.

“That looks great!” says Kelly “Its defiantly new though. The wings look like they are bleeding because you still are.” I hear her move closer to check it out. The Tattoo is of a Raven, the bird is bursting from water and was so pricy because I wanted lots of details. “You got this all done today!? That must have hurt real good.” She says sounding impressed.

“Yeah, I guess I have a high pain tolerance.” I say, head still ringing from the pain I just went through. It was true though, the tattoo itself did not hurt as much as friends had said. My sister moves around to check out my tattoo. They all seem to like it and praise me for taking the pain rather well. After a few minutes of looking at it, Kelly pulls out the cream.

“Sit” she says and climes on the sofa so she can be behind where I sit. Cool, now the green eyed angel is going to massage cream on me… This day was proving to be right out a fanfiction. As I sit down I reach for my shirt, aaaand, it’s not there. I look around and find it after a moment, my eyes lock with Erica and she smiles. She has my shirt sitting on her lap.

“I got it, don’t panic.” She jokes, I try to grin naturally back. Ha! Wouldn’t dream of it.

I lean back up and sit up straight so that am not making things hard for Kelly, even though I can feel my Heartbeat in my back and temples right now. I really need to take a breath and calm down. I breath in and hear Kelly open the cream bottle. My back is killing me, just focus on the soothing of the pain I think. I feel Kelly sit down, then I feel something touching both of my thighs, wrapping around them actually… I look down to see Kelly’s spray tanned legs, around my legs, her feet dangling off the sofa, inches from my hands. As I look she flexes her long toes, painted a dark blue color some days back it looks like. She was sitting with her legs around me! She scoots a bit closer, getting in the right position. When she does, her right foot pulls toward me a bit and her sole comes to a rest on top of my right hand.

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