Banter: Session Three “Silly Sip”

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Banter: Session Three “Silly Sip”Banter: Session Three “Silly Sip”[Warning: u******e drinking. Author does not promote making this choice in real life. Be responsible.]Carly and Sam were leaning back against the cab of a truck Sam claimed to be borrowing from her mom’s newest boyfriend. Carly suspected, even from the first sight of it, that Sam had stolen the keys, but she chose not to make a big deal of it for now. They drove to a dirt road on the outskirts of the city and ended up by an abandoned field where they had stationed themselves. Sam pulled out two 4-packs of Ike’s hard lemonade, one in original and the other in strawberry. She handed a strawberry to Carly and grabbed an original for herself.Carly peered down at the drink, reading its label curiously, then tries to hand it back to Sam while shaking her head.”You promised me you wouldn’t steal anymore of this stuff.”Sam half wrapped her hand around bahis firmaları the bottle and half around Carly’s hand that’s still holding it from the other side, and gently pushed it back towards her.”I didn’t steal it. Somebody owed me a favour,” Sam declared, reaching back for her own bottle and roughly uncapping it like a pro.Carly began to toy with the cap of her drink as Sam takes the first few gulps of hers, contemplating whether to participate in the delinquency she had only ever sat back and observed before.”Wasn’t this supposed to be a date?”Sam set her bottle down and shrugged.”Yeah, it is. Just you, me, and Ike. Not to mention the fortune of a clear sky.””I’m not sure I want Ike to be here,” Carly admitted with a slightly disappointed tone.”You know the rules. Don’t knock something until you try it.”Carly rolled her eyes, struggled for a moment with the cap of her bottle, and then finally took kaçak iddaa the tiniest of sips from it when she managed to get it off.”Satisfied?””Not really. That was a silly sip. You probably didn’t even let yourself taste any of it.”Carly tilted the bottle towards her mouth, this time allowing a little more of a chug to travel through her system. Sam looks on expectantly and smirked when she saw Carly’s lips curve into a satisfied smile.”Okay. Fine. You win. It’s good!”Carly decided to finish the full bottle, but still took it slow compared to Sam who was opening a third bottle by the time she sets down the first. By the end of her third bottle, Sam could definitely feel some effect from the alcohol beginning to work up in her system. Carly accepted a second bottle, but didn’t choose to open it right away. Instead she chose to gaze up at the stars for a while and let her mind wander.”I wonder what it would kaçak bahis be like if we could touch the stars, or even collect one and take it home for a day,” Carly pondered aloud while moving her head to look over at her girlfriend.Sam smiled in appreciation for the comment, but didn’t attempt to offer an answer right away. Instead she reached out her hand to Carly’s face, and allowed her thumb to carefully brush across her cheek affectionately.”I’d collect a star for you. Even if it was difficult and they decided to be all tricky about it, you know I’d make sure one of them met my wrath.”After her barely-sober friend uttered these heart-warming words, Carly decided she deserved a a reward, so she leant over the extra couple of inches it took to be right in front of Sam and plants a strong kiss on her lips. When they pulled back, both are left feeling incomplete, so Sam tried to solve it by offering a quick peck before Carly spoke up again.”You know I love you, right? And I bet you could’ve said something just as sweet without the liquid courage,” Carly scolded slightly.Sam nodded in agreement and admits, “I love you too.”

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