Banging Rena

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Blue Eyes

I’d known Rena for a long time. In fact, she was in high school when I’d first met her on the bus. My college and her school had an arrangement where year 11 and 12 students could take classes in the college curriculum. She was cool and smart, and the conversations were always easy, so we became friends. She eventually married one of my classmates, and eventually that dissolved. So many years had passed before she hinted one day via DM that she was keen to catch up for casual sex.

Was I interested? Of course.

So around she came to my place, and despite our initial confidences, neither of us quite knew how to initiate. After all, we’d been friends for over a decade now, though I hadn’t actually seen her for much of that time.

So, we watched a movie, sitting side-by-side on the couch with a glass of wine and each wondering if and when we’d get to the deed. Honestly, it was all I could think about the whole film, but I didn’t want to come across as uncool, so I stayed my hand. This is probably the problem with a friendship as long as ours: there was already an unspoken barrier that needed crossing, and we weren’t familiar enough to knock that wall down.

In our DM we’d made some jokes about measuring my penis, and the ways in which it could be done to determine my size. One of the ideas thrown so flippantly out there had been that we use a pen and paper, and so after the movie I steered us toward this little game, starting us off with our hands (for reasons I cannot now recall). We were sitting on the floor, legs crossed, all for the world like innocents play-drawing. But I was getting hard with anticipation, feeling my breath shallow as my pace quickened. Reminding Rena of the exchange on DM, I stretched myself into a kneeling position and just went for it, pulling my shorts down far enough until my erection sprung into view.

“Hello!” said Rena, a mixture of uncertainty Gaziantep Elden Ödeme Alan Escort and delight.

Playing it cool, as though this were an everyday thing, I pressed my hard dick down onto the paper and tried to draw around it.

“I think you’re going to have to help me,” I suggested.

Mawkishly, Rena took the pen from me and traced an outline around my dick. It was all she needed to adjust to the shift in dynamics, and she considered my erection calmly, deciding it was rather attractive. I get this a lot, and can only wonder at how many ugly dicks are out there and what these girls must feel upon seeing them.

With me now exposed, it was quid-pro-quo time.

“Now to see how big your boobs are,” I reminded her, referencing the DM exchange we’d had.

She nodded, remembering, and with a sly smile she slipped her shirt down and released a breast from her bra. Rena has a very slight olive complexion, and her nipple was dark and nubby. She leaned over the paper and taking up the pen, I drew a line around her boob as best I could. We didn’t get the full measure of it, being difficult as it was for her to press it down on the paper, but the hard part was over. We’d found a way to hurdle the divide between friendship and sex.

We relinquished the drawing game and began making out, her hand straying to my exposed cock, running her fingers along my shaft.

I tugged her shirt up over her head, dragging her bra with it. Some laughter as it tangled in her hair. Then my shirt was off and my shorts down.

Rena lifted herself up onto my couch and laid back. She’d told me on DM that she liked it hard and fast straight up, but lying back with her knees pulled up to her shoulders made her pussy pop out, and I couldn’t resist going down first.

Damn, it was good pussy, too. I really wasn’t expecting it. Too many overheard jokes about age and childbirth on the worksites I suppose, and this is where the reverse was true: where my dick was always seen as beautiful by girls, Rena’s pussy was delectable in comparison to what most men are used to in older women.

Her lips were smooth and puffy, no goosebumps or razor-burn despite being shaved bald. I approached it like eating a juicy peach: got as big a mouthful as possible and let my lips slide down over that soft flesh as I brought them together. When I parted her pussy and ran my tongue inside, I was pleasantly surprised by how good she tasted. Fuck me, I thought, may as well be eating her out on that school bus way back when for all the difference there’d be.

She was impatient, however, and wanted the dick.

“To the bed,” she suggested, and despite my proclivity ton just bang her right there on the couch without another moment’s hesitation, we went to the bedroom. Just as well, too: once on the bed, we fucked hard and fast.

It was strange being balls deep inside a friend I’d known for so long. There’d never been any sexual tension between us, nor any inclination to fuck that I was aware of (though Rena has since told me she’d sometimes thought about it over the years). But I was lost to the moment now, given over to the exquisite sensation of having my cock enveloped by a warm pussy, and I pounded that pussy as Rena and I stared into each other’s eyes gasping.

“Cum in me,” she said, and it was enough to send me over the top.

She wrapped her arms around me as I emptied my balls, and when I was spent we lay panting with legs entwined and chuckling at the whole situation.

We got cleaned up and watched some television with glasses of wine refilled, but before long we were at it again, back on the bed, kneeling beside Rena’s head as she sucked me and I fingered her. We were more frantic this time, feverish almost, and the sex became rougher. I took a fistful of her hair and tightened, watching her eyes roll back from delirium and her mouth form a perfect O. I rubbed my cock-head across her lips and drove my fingers to the last knuckle deep inside her pussy. Somehow we ended up on the lounge-room floor. I’d pinned her down, and she was snarling at me to give it to her. Her pussy was so wet my dick just slid from her inner thigh and straight in. I fucked her as hard as I could, our bodies shimmying across the carpet with the effort.

A wine glass broke as Rena flung her hands above her head. Shards of glass flew away from us, the wine soaking the carpet. She began to laugh and made moves to twist around and clean up the glass.

“Fuck it,” I growled, holding her down.

I had a good rhythm going, and her pussy was hot now, like a combustion stove. I was ploughing into her almost feverishly. It seemed to fascinate Rena, and she stared up at me in wonder, my fever catching until she was encouraging me to fuck her harder and faster. I don’t know if it was possible at that point, but I kept the pace up, nonetheless.

I don’t know if Rena came, and I don’t know if she cared. But I jizzed so forcefully it was like my cock was being strangled. I clenched my teeth and shut my eyes, and Rena giggled. When my hips stopped bucking against her thighs, I slowly withdrew my exhausted cock. Her pussy was sticky with juices. We were drenched in sweat, and the heavy smell of the wine soaking the carpet was almost sickening.

I nonchalantly suckled on her nipple as we lay on the floor catching our breaths, and we ruminated aloud on how strange it felt to be naked against one another when we’d never thought it would ever happen. So many years and memories, and this was such a strange tangent to have amongst it all. We did fuck again another day after this, but that first time where the line between friends and lovers blurs is so momentous it marks time and memory in a way that all sex afterwards between us cannot compete.

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