Bad Teacher: Living Together Ch. 02

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Bad Teacher: Living Together Ch. 02Not long after Michelle and Tony’s visit, it became clear to us, that they had told Peter about our relationship. The past couple of months Peter had only been making sparse phone calls but that changed all of a sudden. It seemed to me, he was regretting divorcing Carmen. I just enjoyed it and decided to do my utmost to rub salt into the wound.When Carmen’s telephone rang on a Saturday evening, I answered it as Carmen was just putting Eva down to sleep for the night.”Carmen! Peter is on the phone,” I yelled with my hand over the mouthpiece. “He was wondering if you had a minute to talk.””I’ll be right there.” Carmen said, and then she came walking back in from Eva’s room.I removed my hand from the mouthpiece and said, “She’ll just be a minute, Peter.””Okay,” Peter said and I started small talk with him. After some time Carmen came over to me and as I gave her the phone, I said loud enough for Peter to hear, “Here you are, darling.” Please make it quick, I can’t wait to have some alone time with you, now that Eva is sleeping.””Hello Peter,” Carmen said into the phone.I could easily hear both sides of the conversation and it became clear to me, Peter was asking Carmen about our relationship. She told him it was none of his business but he kept on interrogating her. I decided to take the matters into my own hands, so as their conversation kept on going I took off all my clothes and moved around, so I was standing behind Carmen with my naked body pressed against hers. While Carmen kept talking, I removed her clothing and started fondling her full round breasts. I let my semi hard cock slide up and down the crack of her ass. A quick shiver ran through my lover and I began to kiss her neck and face. Carmen had trouble focusing on her conversation with Peter and soon she let out a moan.”What was that?” Peter asked.”Oh, nothing,” Carmen stuttered.I moved my mouth close to the phone and said with a whisper, though loud enough for Peter to hear “Come on honey get off the phone, so we can make love. I’m so hard right now and I can’t wait to have you trembling under me.”It became silent for some time on Peter’s end of the phone, and then I kissed Carmen loudly. I totally got a kick out of Carmen talking to Peter while I caressed her. Abruptly Peter cut the phone call short and hung up. When Carmen put the phone down, I grinned, picked her up and gave her a hard fuck against the door to the garden.From then on, I told Carmen, that she could only take Peter’s phone calls, when I was nearby. I would always do my best to make Peter aware of the fact that I was canoodling his ex-wife.As Carmen and I were laying naked in our bed one evening the ringing of a telephone startled us, but as I reached over and picked up Carmen’s phone, I saw it was Peter calling.”It’s Peter and I think you should answer it,” I said as I gave the phone to Carmen.Carmen brought the phone to her ear and said, “Hello.””Hi Carmen,” Peter responded.”Uh… hi Peter,” Carmen stammered as I bent down and kissed the corner of her mouth.”I hope I’m not interrupting?” he asked.”Uhmmm…a little bit,” Carmen answered and looked me in the eyes. I just smiled at her.”It will not take long,” Peter said.”Oh… all right then,” Carmen replied and hissed as I bent down and took a nipple into my mouth.”What did you say?” Peter asked with a suspicious voice.”Oh nothing.””Is Ryan around?””Uhm… yes… oh, he’s just beside me,” Carmen answered.”Let me talk to him for a second. I need to ask him something about college.”Carmen has a surprised look on her face as she handed the telephone to me.With a grin I said, “Hi Peter.””What the hell do you think you’re doing, Ryan. I don’t know what your endgame is, but you’ll stop seeing my wife and move out of her house.”I caressed Carmen face and looked into her eyes as I said, “Don’t you mean ex-wife, Peter?””Tony told me all about you and Carmen and it will stop right now.” Peter said with an angry voice.”I will not end it. I love taking care of Carmen and Eva. And Carmen also takes really good care of me, if you catch my drift.” I baited him as I leaned in and gave Carmen a loud kiss.”You little fucker, I’m going to kick your ass,” Peter sputtered.”I don’t think so,” I said and moved in between Carmen’s legs.”Have you been fucking my wife?” Peter asked directly.”Definitely,” I said, looking down at Carmen rolling my eyes as if I gave a shit about Peter’s threats.”Fuck, I can’t believe Carmen did that! She actually let you fuck her!” Peter sounded surprised.I got excited hearing Peter use those bad words and it rallied him even more, “I wouldn’t say she let me, it’s more a kind of craving she has.”I leaned in and kissed Carmen passionately and felt her body tremble. Her breathing became heavier as she made a low sound in the back of her throat. I ignored Peter’s voice for a while as my mouth found its way to her nipples again and began to lick, suck and nibble them.As I got up on my knees, I let my left hand encounter Carmen’s pussy. As I heard Peter call out in the other end of the line, I slipped a finger between her nether lips and found them dripping wet.”I’m sorry Peter. I didn’t quite hear what you said. I was preoccupied,” I taunted him even more.”What are you doing?” Peter asked warily.”I don’t think you want to know but I’ll give you a hint. Right now I have clear proof, that your former wife wants me,” I responded using my knees to spread her legs further apart and started running my finger around her clit.”What….” Peter stuttered.As my eyes met Carmen’s, I slowly lifted my wet finger and sucked it into my mouth before I pulled it out with a huge plop and let out a loud “Mmmmmm…””What the hell are you up to, you sick fuck,” Peter almost screamed.”Well I have always said Carmen made real tasty food, but now I have found out it’s not the only thing of Carmen’s, which taste good.” I replied and moved down the bed so I could let my tongue slip into Carmen’s pussy. This made Carmen tremble and she moaned my name.”Put Carmen back on the phone,” Peter bellowed.Carmen’s pussy was pulsating around my tongue and when my lips found her clit and I started to tease it, she moaned even more.”She’s busy right now,” I replied.I looked into her eyes and said, “Tell me Carmen, tell me what you want right now?”Carmen whispered huskily, “Take me, Ryan.”I made sure Peter heard this and his response came immediately, “You’re not actually fucking her now are you?””Not yet, but it’ll happen in a matter of seconds.””Oh my God!””No just me, but you’re right, she often calls out his name” I mocked Peter.”Jesus, I can’t believe it,” Peter stuttered.”Believe it,” I said and smiled down at Carmen. She began to position herself, so my huge cock lined up her slick hole. She suppressed a giggle when she saw the passion in my eyes.”Listen man, I’ll have to go, I have a need for both hands,” I continued.”You fuck, give me back Carmen,” Peter responded.”Okay…” I groaned as Carmen had grabbed my pole with her right hand and was moving it up and down her slit.I handed the telephone back to Carmen and smiled.”Hello,” Carmen stammered trying to hold back a moan as I slowly pushed my cock into her wet pussy.”I’ll come down and visit in the near future,” Peter said.”Okay,” Carmen gasped as I fed her more of my cock.”Tell Peter he can stay with us,” I whispered.”You’re welcome to stay with us,” Carmen told Peter struggling to keep calm as my large body was covering her and my huge cock was stretching her sopping hole. “Thanks, I’ll do that,” Peter replied.”Listen Peter, I have to go,” Carmen said with lustful eyes.”See you soon,” Peter replied.”See you…” Carmen hissed as I fed her even more of my cock. I removed the phone from her hand and placed it on the bed, but didn’t hang it up. I was curious to see if Peter would hang up.With one eye on the phone I began running my hands all over my lover’s body and kept fucking her with my dick.”Ohhhhh, Ryan. You are so long and hard tonight. I don’t know if I can take it all. Arrrrrrggggggg….””You’ll take everything I have to give you.” I said as I picked up the pace. I noticed Peter still hadn’t ended the call so I started to really make it clear to him, I had Carmen under my spell, “Tell me what you want Carmen. Do you want my big cock?””Oh my God. Yeeeees, yeeeeeeeeeeeees, I want your big thick cock inside me. Come on Ryan, come on fuck me real goooooooooooooood,” Carmen screamed.”Fuck Carmen, you make me so hard. I’ve always wanted to fuck my best friend’s mother and now your hot pussy is just begging for it,” I growled as I started to hammer my cock in and out of Carmen’s sopping pussy. The speed of my hips increased and soon the room echoed with a loud slapping noise.Carmen wrapped her arms around my neck and lifted her hips towards me and cried, “Come on Ryan, my pussy is so hot and wet for you, give me your cock. Fuck me with that long fat cock. Give it to me.”Hearing this I plunged deep into her as I shouted, “Fuck you’re so tight, Carmen. You’re so hot. Fuck baby you feel so good.””Oh God Ryan, I’m going tooooooooooooo… oh yes… oooooooooooh Goddddddddd!” Carmen screamed as she began to climax.”Yes baby, cum for me,” I growled as I hammered faster and faster into my lover. I glanced over to the phone and saw that the connection to Peter’s was still on. It was clear to me, that Carmen was enjoying the weight of my muscular body on her small frame and the fullness I was providing in her pussy.”Oh my God, you’re stretching me out real good tonight, Ryan.” Carmen moaned as she reached down and cupped my tight buttocks.I confirmed my control over her, pumping her hips forcefully into the bed. With each thrust, I was hitting her cervix and Carmen tried to reposition her legs to accept my huge member, first spreading them wide, then curling them around my waist, and finally stretching her sculpted legs high over my head. I knew I was hurting her, but it was also clear to me, she didn’t want it to stop as my lover cried out again and again as she experienced multiple orgasms.I could sense I was close, so I increased the tempo and lengthened of my strokes. Carmen kept on encouraging me. As I once again rammed the head of my cock into her cervix, the muscles around my balls started to convulse. I felt how a stream of cum flew out of my cock into Carmen’s sopping wet pussy. I moved in and out with a furious tempo as I shot wad after wad of hot fertile cum into my lover and roared, “Fuck, you’re so hooooooooot, Carmen.”I collapsed on top of her and kissed her as my cock was buried inside her pussy.”Oh, my…” She sighed against my mouth.”You like it, don’t you, Carmen?” I asked…”You’re amazing, so powerful. It feels so good, Ryan.” She moaned.I looked over at the phone and saw, that Peter still hadn’t ended the call. Carmen caressed my back and we shared some kisses. Soon after I noticed, that Peter had hung up the phone. I smiled to myself, as I started contemplating, what I would do, when he came to visit.—The day Peter would arrive I made sure I was alone in the house. I had told Carmen I would have a talk with Peter to mend the bridges, so she had taken Eva to see a friend. I had told her I would text her, when Peter and I had reconciled our differences.As I heard the cab drop Peter off I went to greet him with a smile. As I walked calmly down the stairs I said, “Hi Peter, good to see you.””Ryan…” Peter answered with a hiss.”Did you have a good trip?””Cut it out, Ryan. I’m not interested in playing catch up. I don’t want to see or talk to you. I just want to see Carmen and my daughter.” Peter said in an angry voice with his fists closed.”Well that’s not going to happen. Carmen and Eva are out and will be back after we have had a talk.”The fact, that Peter was alone with me, came as a surprise for him. The look on his face clearly told me, that he hadn’t thought about being alone with me. “But…” He said sounding unsure of himself.”I know you’re upset about Carmen and me being together, so I’m going to offer you an explanation. But I knew you wouldn’t listen to me if we wasn’t alone.” I told him calmly.”Give me a good reason why I shouldn’t just walk away from you.””Well you could walk away, but that wouldn’t solve anything. It’ll endanger your relationship with Carmen and Eva. If you stay I’ll tell you my side of the story and we’ll discuss how we’re going to handle the situation.”My remark took the wind out of Peter’s sails and he got a confused look on his face.”Come in and let’s have a beer on the patio. Then I’ll give you my side of the story.””Hmm…all right, but I’m not promising anything.””All right with me, if you will just listen for a while, then I think we’ll be fine.” I said as we walked to the patio.Seated in the sun with a beer in our hands I started to win Peter over. “You know Peter, I’ve always thought about you as my extra dad. Growing up I spent almost as much time in your home as in my own. Being best friends with Tony is one of the best things ever happen to me.””I remember those times and is one of the things making your relationship with Carmen a no-go for me. For Christ sake she could be your mother, so it’s totally unacceptable to me.””I get your point of view, Peter. Both Carmen and I have asked ourselves if this is what we want. But you have to understand it didn’t happen overnight,” I looked Peter in his eyes as I continued telling him my spin on the story. “When you told Carmen to get rid of the fetus she was devastated. The first couple of days living together at my parents’ house, I heard how she cried herself to sleep. You betrayed her trust with your suggestion.””But I didn’t mean…” Peter tried to explain fethiye escort bayan his actions but I interrupted him and continued spinning a tale about Carmen and me.”I know you didn’t intend to push Carmen away, but that was definitely what you did. After some weeks, Carmen pulled herself together and prepared herself to live alone with a baby. Over time, we talked a lot and I became her main support, for instance, I became her Lamaze helper. I was even present at the birth of Eva. Therefore, you could say we connected on a new level during Carmen’s pregnancy. It made me see her as a woman and no longer as some kind of mother figure.””I know I was a jerk, but I still love my wife. We were married for almost twenty years.””I’m sorry Peter. I had a notion this was how you felt, but you’ll have to understand you hurt Carmen a lot. When we moved to this house I started to look at Carmen with new eyes. The combination of her looks, sunny disposition and vibrant personality made me aware of her as a woman. Moreover, it seemed to me, that my transformation from high-school student to a young man made Carmen aware of me. As we, both were awake at night during Eva’s feeding hours we talked a lot. Slowly but inevitable we fell in love. It was not something we planned it just happen.” I lied with conviction in my voice.”Damn Ryan. I just don’t know what to do. I want my wife back more than anything.” Peter said with a low voice.”I understand and if you had made your move before I fell in love with Carmen, I would have been rooting for you. Now its a whole new ballgame. I’ll never back down from Carmen. She’s my life now and over the last couple of months I’ve learned how passionate a woman she can be. So I’m sorry, but it’s never going to happen.” I replied and stared hard at Peter.”But she’s my wife….””She was your wife, but now she’s my girlfriend. You threw away your chance of a life together with Carmen. The question is will you also throw away the chance of getting to know your daughter.””I don’t know what to do,” Peter exclaimed.”My advice would be to get over the notion of getting back together with Carmen. Accept she is in love with me and we have a passionate relationship. If you do that, then you’ll always be welcomed into our house as a dear friend and father of Eva.””I appreciate your candor Ryan. But I have to think.””Why don’t I get us another round of beer and then you can tell me your decision.” I said and stood up and walked into the house.I gave Peter some time to think before I went back out.When I came back and sat down it was clear to me, Peter had reached a decision.”Alright, Ryan. I’m hearing what you are saying and I have decided to salvaged what I can and that is being a father to Eva. Therefore, I’ll not insist on getting back together with Carmen. But if you ever leave her, then she’s fair game.””Fine with me. I’ll send Carmen a text. But you’ll have to understand we’re a couple very much in love and we display it all the time.””Hmm…” Peter just hissed and to a huge gulp of his beer.—When Carmen came home, she talked with us, while she showed off her precious daughter to her ex-husband. She looked unbelievable gorgeous in a hot little halter sundress. It had a plunging V-neck and the straps tied at the neck. It was bright yellow and Carmen’s trim body looked incredibly hot in the tight dress as it fitted her body like a glove, displaying her slender frame with her c***dbearing hips and full round breasts. After some time Eva had to nap, so Carmen walked into the house to put her down. When she came back out on the patio, I pulled her down on my lap and gave her a big kiss. She just laughed it off at turned to talk with Peter while still sitting on my lap.During his time at our house, Peter had steadily been drinking beers, so he was slightly drunk. I thought to myself that he was definitely trying to drown his sorrows. I decided I would make it clear to him, that his once faithful wife had changed and allowed me to caress her in front of others. So, for some time I caressed Carmen’s arms and planted butterfly kissed on her neck and chin, while she babbled with Peter. I only made some sparse comments but was delighted with the fact, that Carmen barely acknowledge my caressing as she had gotten used to my hands on her body all the time. Peter, on the other hand, often would lose track of the conversation as his eyes focused on my hands on Carmen’s body.Peter’s beer consumptions had an effect on his body, so after some time he had to use the bathroom. As he walked into the house, Carmen turned around on my lap, looked me into my eyes, and said, “Oh Ryan, I think it’s going well. Peter isn’t angry with us being a couple.””Only because I set him straight before you came back. He is not a happy man and he would do anything to break us up. So we have to show him we’re serious about each other.””Oh, my….” Carmen stuttered.”Relax honey, I have a plan. For the rest of Peter’s visit I will show him, that you are my woman. So I’ll start to caress and fondle you in front of him, so he knows I’m your man.””Oh, no we can’t do that. I don’t think I’ll be comfortable with it,” Carmen replied.”Just play along babe. I know you can’t resist me at any given time, so you’ll probably be into it after a couple of minutes,” I said and let my hand slide up under Carmen’s dress to her pussy. I slid one finger over her lips as I stared into her beautiful brown eyes and continued, “Oh my, you’re not opposed to this honey, you’re already getting wet. I think deep down you want me to show Peter how I’m controlling your body.Carmen just moaned as my finger found her clit and began a circular motion around it. I leaned in and gave her a wet kiss and soon our tongues were swirling around each other. I broke the kiss when I heard Peter walking out of the house and noticed how he looked suspiciously at me as I smiled at him and withdrew my hand from under Carmen’s dress. He squinted his eyes as he zoomed in on my hand on his ex-wife’s thigh and his jaw dropped. It was clear to me he had great difficulties comprehending what had just transpired in front of him.As he looked up into my eyes, I smiled and asked in a mocking tone, “Oh sorry Peter, I didn’t see you there. Do you want another beer?”Peter cleared his voice, accepted my offer, and once again sat down. Carmen continued the conversation while I concentrated on showing her ex-husband that she was my woman now. While Carmen and Peter talked about old friends and so on, I let my hands do the talking.Carmen’s dress plunged in the front down between her breasts, showing the inner slopes of each one of her full round tits down to where they curved outward. As always, Carmen was wearing the diamond heart-shaped pendant in platinum with a heart-shaped gold charm I had given her. It was nestled nicely between her breasts and as Carmen and Peter talked, I began to toy with it. Before long, I allowed my fingers to caress the inner slopes of Carmen’s breasts. Peter’s eyes got huge noticing this and once more, he had trouble keeping track of the conversation.At one time Carmen sighed and wriggle on my lap and I felt a throbbing in my groin. It was electrifying to hold and caress my lover in close proximity of her ex-husband. I nuzzled my cheek into her hair, kissing her neck and hugging her tighter. I brought my hand up and pushed her hair away so I could get to her soft neck. I kissed her there, and then moved up letting my tongue flick her ear. I wrapped my hands around her tight stomach and pulled her close to me as I began to nibble on her ear.Carmen moaned and turned around looking into my eyes, “Be good, Ryan.”I just grinned and blinked at Peter as I responded, “Stop worrying honey. Peter fully understands that we’re in love and is not afraid to show it to the world.”Carmen just signed and turned around and continued talking with Peter, as if it was a typical event, her being fondled in front of other people. Peter didn’t voice any objection but was clearly not at ease. I grinned as I noticed how he was gulping down one beer after another trying to soothe his broken heart as he bore witness to a completely new side of his ex-wife.I let my hands move upward and brush against the bottom of Carmen’s full breasts. I waited patiently for some time while Peter was answering a question from Carmen. I slid my right hand upwards and cupped her right tit, holding it softly. Peter stopped but then continued, I also moved my left hand up, and now I squeezed Carmen’s firm tits through the fabric of the dress right in front of her ex-husband. With both hands, I cupped her breasts massaging them as I pulled her closer to me. Carmen squirmed on my lap and I was developing a hard-on. After some time I moved my right hand inside the dress and began fondling the hard nipple on her left breast. Carmen definitely was becoming aroused and as she turned her head looking at me I kissed her lips lightly. Surprisingly Carmen’s lips parted for me and her tongue brushed against mine. My hand kept pulling on her nipple and my lover moaned into my mouth.For the next hour or two, we sat on the patio drinking and talking. Peter drank a lot and Carmen did most of the talking. Repeatedly Carmen would turn her head around and we would share some hot kisses. At one point, I moved my hands down to her thigh and slipped it up under her dress. I found Carmen’s pussy and she was soaking wet. I rubbed her clit with my thumb and sawed to fingers in and out of her tight pussy. Carmen had clearly lost all of her inhibitions, because her love juice gushed out of her in a torrent. She stopped talking to Peter and just closed her eyes. Peter didn’t do anything and soon I could feel Carmen’s reaction to my actions. It didn’t take long before Carmen reached a climax. In front of her ex-husband, she turned her head around and clamped her mouth over mine as she moaned. I felt how her tight cunt began to spasm against my fingers and was very pleased with myself because I had made her cum in close proximity of her only other lover.As Carmen came down from her orgasm, she got up and said, “I think I heard Eva, I’ll go check on her.”Neither Peter nor I responded to this and we both looked at her shapely ass as she walked away. The dress clung to her firm, shapely buttocks, as they moved in a fluid motion while she walked towards the house. When she was out of sight, I turned to Peter and said mockingly, “In my wildest fantasy I can’t imagine why a man would give up a special woman like Carmen. She’s so hot, passionate and wild. I’ll tell you at first she was quite timid but over the span of our relationship she has become an adventurous woman, who would try anything.” I moved my fingers to my mouth and licked them before I continued teasing him, “She’ll let me do anything I want and has become a sexual dynamo. Often I can’t wait to come home from college and be greeted by my hot girlfriend. I could tell you stories but I won’t. All I can say is, I’ll never give her up. She’s my woman and no-one is going to break us up.”Peter just looked at me with a defeated look on his face.—The rest of the day, I toned down my behavior with Carmen. Early in the evening, Peter went to bed and a couple of hours later Carmen and I did the same. While Carmen got ready to go to bed, I set up a camera from the hallway into the bedroom. When I was finished and I walked into the bedroom Carmen came out of the bathroom.”Wow Carmen…” I said and whistled, “You look so damn hot.”I walked over to my lover and wrapped my hands around the waist of her blue satin nightdress. My fingers played with the tie at the side as I leaned in and kissed her.After some time Carmen broke the kiss and looked towards the open door. “Shouldn’t we close the door? We’re not alone in the house tonight?” She asked in a whisper, “Peter could wake up.”I let my thumbs rub the underside of her large breasts and said, “That’s the idea. Peter has to see how good we are together so he’ll stop driving us apart with this notion about us not being compatible.””Ohhhh,” Carmen whispered.”You’re looking so sexy tonight Carmen,” I said and pulled her in for a hug. “I won’t let anyone come between us, so tonight you’ll play along and we’ll make a convincing show of our affections towards each other.””Oh, Ryan I don’t know. It just doesn’t feel right doing this to my former husband.” Carmen moaned as I let my lips trace her smooth skin on her neck.”Come on Carmen. Don’t tell me you would get back together with Peter. Remember last night, when you were so wet for me and you begged me to fuck your pussy.” I growled as I nipped her ear.”Okay Ryan, I’ll do as you say, but I don’t think Peter would take more than a glance into our bedroom,” Carmen stuttered.”Let’s see,” I kissed her full on the mouth and she kissed me back, our tongues entwined, our bodies rubbing against each other.I moved my hand up between her legs, lifting the hem of her satin nightdress as I caressed the inside of her athletic thigh. Her dress allowed me nice access to her pussy. “Fuck you’re so hot, babe,” I said as I got down on one knee. I moved Carmen’s dress up and groaned when I saw her naked pussy. I moved my mouth closer then blew warm breath onto her sensitive clit.Carmen moaned as she grabbed my head, pulling me closer, I wrapped my lips around her clit and started to lick and suck it, relishing the taste and scent of her. I heard how my lover took a sudden breath when I sucked hard on her clit. Carmen’s cunt was very wet now and she spread her legs even wider and reached down to run her hand through my hair, pulling my head into her sex.”Oh fuck baby, what are you doing escort fethiye to me,” Carmen purred.My tongue slipped across her clitoris clearly sending waves of desire through her. At the same time, I pushed a finger past the lips of her labia and started working its way in and out. A second and then a third finger followed the initial one while my tongue continued its clitoral assault. I knew Carmen was getting closer to an orgasm and I intensified my ministrations.”Oh god, Ryan. It feels so goooooood. You eat me so well. Yeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssss, that’s it! I’mmmmmmmmmmm cuuuuuuuuuuuuumminggggggg…” Carmen screamed as she put both of her hands behind my head and pulled my face into her groin vigorously. At the same time, she bucked her hips against my mouth as she threw back her head and came with an ear-splitting shriek.When Carmen slowly came back to her senses, I got up and kissed her forcefully, rubbing my hard cock against her wet pussy. I lifted one of her legs up against the outside of my powerful thigh and ran my hand up the soft skin of her upper thigh. My other hand caressed her nipple through her dress and it became even harder. We were both panting and devouring each other’s mouths.”I love you so fucking much. You drive me wild with desire, Carmen. You have become a sex goddess” I groaned the words against her mouth.”Oh, I love you too, I love how your powerful hard body feels against me,” Carmen moaned as she shoved her pussy against my long thick shaft.I was only wearing boxer shorts and I started to push my hard large member up against Carmen’s wet naked pussy. I could feel how the blood was throbbing in my huge shaft as I slowly rubbed myself up and down her slit. All the while looking deeply into her eyes until I could sense she was building and building towards another climax. When Carmen’s eyes dilated, I grabbed her sides as I grounded harder into her. “Come on my sweet slut, let go… That’s it, feel how good it is, how hot you are. Feel how hard you make me, my cock is about to explode and I’m not even inside of you. Take your release babe,” I groaned and bent down and sucked on the side of her neck where it joined her shoulder. Leaving a hickey on her smooth skin, I lifted my head and watched her intently. Seconds later my lover lost control, throwing her head back as she came hard. Once more, she screamed out as her release was completed. Her leg slid down my hip and both her feet were once again on the ground.While Carmen was trying to catch her breath, I heard a sound from the hallway. In the corner of my eye, I saw a glimpse of Peter looking into the bedroom. I smiled to myself as I saw how he was backing away, so we wouldn’t become aware of his presence.I pulled Carmen against me and whispered in her ear, “Carmen, don’t look now, but we have a spectator.” I kissed my lover and when I broke the kiss said, “Babe, there’s something you need to take care of. It probably won’t take long but I have this rather large problem.” I blinked at her as I took her hand and placed it on my rigid length. I placed my hands on Carmen’s shoulders, pressing her down. Obedient Carmen slid down to her knees as I caressed her hair.”Now, take out my cock, Carmen and suck me real good.” I commanded.Carmen was still breathing heavily as she looked up at me with a wanton look on her face. Then she pulled down my boxers and my long, thick cock popped out and slapped hard against my rock hard abs. I heard a hiss from the hallway and I knew Peter was still watching, probably surprised by the size of my huge cock.”Take me in your mouth, honey,” I said huskily.Carmen didn’t need any further encouragement as she leaned forward, all the while looking up at me and gently licked the glistening mushroom head of my cock. I was so excited that when she drew her tongue away, she was taking a string of precum with her, connecting her to my throbbing dick. I almost came right then and there. Seeing my lover kneeling before me, looking up at me with lust in her eyes and her ex-husband being a voyeur in the hallway.I placed my hands on either side of her head and guided her back to my aching shaft, “Use your mouth my sweet slut, and suck my cock.”Carmen took my cock deep into her mouth and sucked the hard shaft for all she was worth. Our bedroom filled with the sounds of her sucking and licking my hard pole. Carmen was now moaning while she kept her lips around my cock. Her head was going up and down very fast as her soft full lips stretched around my thick shaft.”Fuck Carmen, your mouth is so warm and feels so good on me. I know you can’t take it all babe, but do your best,” I exclaimed as I felt her tongue swirling around the underside of my member, as she sucked back up the length of it until her tongue played at the opening in the head.”This almost made me cum and I picked up speed thrusting in and out of my lover’s hot mouth. I loved the fact, that Peter bore witness to how wanton his once timid wife had become, but I wanted him to see more than this, so I forced myself to stop fucking Carmen’s mouth. Still with my cock half in her mouth, Carmen looked up questioningly.”Get on the bed, my sweet slut. I want to fuck you real hard.” I kicked off my boxers, pulled off Carmen’s nightdress, lifted her up, and quickly put her down on the bed. Getting down beside her, I pulled her to me and started to kiss her passionately. We couldn’t get enough of each other’s tongues or bodies. My hands roamed all over Carmen’s body and her hands were all over mine.”Oh, Ryan. I love your hard body,” She moaned as she kissed down my washboard stomach and then lower taking my cock into her mouth again. After some time she kissed her way back up and soon our tongues were swirling around each other.Then it was my turn and I kissed and licked my way down to her full breasts. Carmen groaned as I suckled each breast. After some time I got up onto my knees, spread her legs wide and placed my cock at the entrance to her cunt. Wanting to enjoy this moment, I began to rub my rock hard pole on her labia and clitoris getting the glans even wetter than my pre-cum and Carmen’s spit had gotten it.That’s when Carmen totally lost it. In a voice filled with passion she screamed, “Fuck me, Ryan. Please give me your long hard cock. Stop teasing me…………”I looked down on my lover, who was breathing heavily. “You want me to bury my big dick in your tight little pussy and fuck you so hard, you’ll have trouble walking in the morning.””Oh, god yeeeessssssss,” Carmen hissed squirming with lust.Hearing this I plunged my huge pole into Carmen’s sopping canal and we groaned in unison. Carmen’s legs wrapped around my back as she tried to pull me even deeper into her pussy. The bed rocked as we found a satisfying rhythm. The slapping of flesh against flesh mixed filled the room as we both gave into out lust.”Fuck me Ryan. That’s it… Give it to me! Oh god! It’s so fucking good…” Carmen shrieked.”Fuck yeah. I love fucking your tight pussy. I can’t believe it’s so tight, I’m going to fuck you like a wanton slut.””Yes, Ryan. Fuck me hard, stud. Give it to me harder and cum for me.””I want to fill your unprotected pussy with my fertile sperm.” I groaned as I hammered into my lover with abandon.My ferocious strokes deep into her pussy combined with my words caused Carmen to explode in orgasm.”Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrggggg,” she screamed as she convulsed and her pussy muscles squeezed my cock in a pulsing rhythm. I stopped moving in and out of her wet pussy and kept still, doing my best to hold back my own climax. I succeeded and after a while, I turned us around, so I now was laying on my back, Carmen straddling me.”Come on babe, ride me real good,” I panted still buried deep inside my lover.Carmen didn’t need to be told twice. First she lifted up so my hard pole slid out of her cunt. The she took my hard-on and aimed it at her dripping canal. She let out a scream of pleasure as she lowered herself down onto me and once again, my thick cock was filling her clutching womanhood.”Oh my god…you feels even bigger this way,” Carmen gasped, rocking her hips and slowly moving up and down my shaft. I immediately reached up and cupped her full round breasts, squeezing them as she ground her hips and rode my cock. Carmen let out a huge shriek, when my fingers found her nipples and pinched them hard before I pulled on them. My MILF began to move higher up and down on my cock, bouncing with lust and riding me hard. I was fascinated with her swaying tits and began kneading them roughly while jerking my own hips upwards to meet her bucking loins.”Do you like it, babe,” I grinned up at her.”Oh my god, it feels so good.””You like it, Carmen? You like having my huge cock fucking your unprotected pussy?” I growled at her as I held onto her waist, pulling her down to me with every thrust for deeper penetration.”I don’t just like it, I love it. If I’d known you were such a good lover, I would have made love to you much sooner,” Carmen gasped, bouncing on my cock.”Fuck Carmen, are you telling me, that I could have had you when you were married to Peter,” I said as I repeatedly slammed into her harder and harder, hitting her cervix each time.Lost in passion Carmen cried out, “god yeeeeeeees… I’ve never experienced anything like your huge cock. It feels as if it’s splitting me apart, but you make me cum like never before.””Fuck you’re so hot, babe. I want to give you another c***d, I want to release my sperm inside your unprotected pussy and give Eva a sister or brother. Do you want me to knock you up?””Fuck Ryan, I love you so much and yes I would love to make a c***d with you,” Carmen panted.”Is that what you really want? Then I’ll do my best to make it happen,” I groaned as I kept thrusting my cock hard up into her cunt.”Yeeeeeeeesssssssssss Ryan, make me cum and knock me up,” Carmen yelled while bouncing up and down my long thick shaft.”I’m gonna cum deep inside that hot cunt of yours, babe,” I roared.”Oh yes…. Cum in me. I want your cum deep in my fertile womb. Fill me up, knock me up and make me your slut,” My lover screamed at the top of her lungs as she went through another orgasm.With a few final hard thrusts I buried my shaft all the way into her pussy and felt how my balls were contracting as my cock pumped all of my hot fertile sperm deep into Carmen’s clenching pussy and into her womb. She was on the pill, but we often had some fun with the idea of me impregnating her once again.Carmen collapsed onto me, and I held her for some time, kissing the top of her head. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed our spectator still was lingering at the door to the bedroom. This made my deflating cock hard again.”Ready to go again, so soon?” Asked Carmen a bit incredulous.”Yeah,” I just said and turned us around and placed Carmen on all fours facing the bedroom door. Positioning myself besides her, I moved my hard cock up and down her slit before I thrust deep into my lover while pulling her hips back against my pole.”Oh fuck!” Carmen cried out.This time I decided to take her hard, so I rammed my cock into her pussy with full force. Carmen braced herself on all fours as I plunged into her. I reached around, grasping at Carmen’s swaying breasts as I continued to fuck her hard. My lover pushed back against me, timing it so we met in the middle, causing me to enter her with even more force. It felt incredible and I moved my hands back to her waist and my pace increased even more. I was hammering into her from behind, causing her hanging breasts to shake uncontrollably beneath her. Carmen’s upper body collapsed to the mattress and I kept fucking her with great force. Carmen’s breasts flattened beneath her, the round swells bulging from either side of her slender back, her hands gripping the sheets tightly as I ripped into her with the full force of my powerful body.I looked towards the bedroom door and my eyes met with Peter’s eyes. Peter was stroking his small penis and looked shocked at our coupling. I grinned and winked at him as I continued to hammer into his ex-wife. I was pleased with the scene I had set for Carmen’s ex-husband and I grabbed her long hair, pulled it back, and slammed into her. I started fucking her harder and faster making her ass bounce in waves with every thrust. I was definitely driving my girlfriend wild in front of her former husband.As I held onto Carmen’s hair as reins, I fucked her furiously. I leaned forward, began to suck and bite her neck, and whispered to her, “Peter also loves this. Look at the door.”Carmen looked up and let out a huge moan as I fucked her with powerful thrusts. I don’t know if they looked into each other’s eyes, but Peter had a shocked look on his face as I really put on a show for him with his beloved ex-wife in the main role.Still grabbing Carmen’s hair as reins I began slamming roughly in and out of her. I was now pounding my ten inches cock in and out of her moist canal. Her full round breasts jiggled in an enticing display for her ex-husband. I was hitting her cervix repeatedly and my cock seemed to harden and swell within her even more.I was really ravaging her pussy and Carmen couldn’t conceal her deep pleasure as her internal muscles began clenching and unclenching my cock as she experienced another orgasm. She started screaming at the top of her voice. I could see the sight of his gorgeous former wife being power-fucked by her stud boyfriend crushed Peter. Yet he was still jerking off his little penis.I began to feel a tingle in my balls and totally lost it. I was now hammering into my lover and she was just a passenger along for the ride. I no longer took care of her comfort as I fethiye escort fucked my massive cock into her like a wild a****l. It felt like I was ripping her in half with my huge member and I couldn’t get enough. I plowed into her for a couple of minutes before I noticed Carmen was in a kind of trance, where she just was screaming incoherent as she shuttered spastic beneath me in several orgasms.”Oooohhhh! Give me all you have. Fuck me hard and make me pregnant,” Carmen cried out as every thrust produces a splash from her soaking wet pussy and her entire body quivered with hot passion.I was close to shooting my wad and soon I couldn’t hold back anymore, with a tingling sensation from my toes to the top of my head I filled her up with about a gallon of my hot cum. Her cunt was pulsating as her body fought to consume all of my baby-seed, as I kept pressing my cockhead hard against her cervix while roaring, “Fuck Carmen, I’mmmmmmmmmmm going to knock you up!”As the last bit of cum was released from my shaft I let go of Carmen and she collapsed on the bed. My cock slid out of her pussy but was still semi-erected and glistened with our mutual juices. I looked over at Peter and saw a defeated man with a shrinking penis. It was clear to me he had cum seeing me fucking his ex-wife. As I looked at him, I saw him turn around and walk away with drooping shoulders.I congratulated myself. I had shown him that I was the new man in Carmen’s life, and he didn’t stand a chance. Carmen had fallen into an exhausted sleep, so I gathered her in my arms and went to sleep myself.—During the night, Carmen and I made love two more times. The first one was another wild fuck, where we screwed each other into oblivion. However, the last one was a sweet intimate lovemaking where both Carmen and I expressed our feelings towards each other with endearing words. Both times, I noticed a Peeping Tom in the hallway but I didn’t acknowledge his presence.The next morning we were both up at the same time. I took care of Eva, while Carmen took a bath and got dressed. The red sundress clung to her body like a second skin. It was cut low to reveal her ample cleavage while short above the knees to reveal her fabulous legs and the contour of her perfect heart shaped ass. While Carmen was feeding Eva, I took a bath and dressed in a t-shirt and shorts. Eva had been up for a while so after she had eaten, she was down for a nap. When I walked into the kitchen, only Peter was there. I greeted him but he only stared hatefully at me while sitting at the table with a newspaper. I grinned to myself and knew I had definitely gotten to him. Carmen came into the kitchen and I gave her a kiss, before she went to the kitchen island and starting cutting up some fruit. A Deja-vu came to me, and I thought I had been here before. After a second or two, it came to me. This kitchen was almost identical with the scene where I had fucked Carmen in Peter’s house in close proximity to him while I stayed at their house last year. Peter had been oblivious to what had happen. Thinking back at this made me hard and I decided to do it all over, but this time make Peter aware of the fact I was fucking his ex-wife in front of him.I made my way towards Carmen as she was talking to Peter. Carmen heard me, turned, and smiled at me. The thin fabric clung to her body, outlining her breasts. This time however she was wearing a bra, but it didn’t prevent her nipples from poking against the material. Carmen turned back to the task at hand while I move up and was standing right behind her. I glanced down at her ass, and saw that the dress also clung tightly to her shapely buttocks. Hidden from Peter’s eyes by the kitchen isle, I moved my right hand down the small of Carmen’s back and beyond, slightly up to the rise of her buttocks. Carmen’s only response was a slight humming sound.I leaned forward and said loud enough for Peter to hear, “You look gorgeous this morning. I can’t believe how hot you were last night.” I put my hands on my lover’s hips and nuzzled the nape of her neck with my mouth and tongue.”Oh, Ryan…,” Carmen giggled and turned around giving me a quick kiss. I slipped my tongue into her mouth and I could feel the excitement in her body. After some time I let her turn around facing Peter again.Peter was still holding the newspaper but all his attention was on Carmen and me. I decided to take it up a notch. Still standing close behind my lover, she once again began cutting up some fruit. I slipped my hands to my shorts and pulled out my large cock, which bobbed before the perfect mounds of her ass. Once again, I reached forward, gripped Carmen by the hips, and kissed her neck. She turned around facing me and as I moved my hips, the tip of my cock pressed against her and she looked down.”Oh, Ryan. We shouldn’t… not while Peter is here,” Carmen said as she looked up into my eyes. Her big brown eyes betrayed her as they filled with passion.”You’re mine and remember… whenever… wherever,” I said again loud enough for Peter to hear, as I firmly was grabbing the bottom of her sundress lifting it up above her hips. Carmen was wearing a tiny thong and I got even harder.”Ohhhhhh,” Carmen moaned.”Love you so much,” I said and turned my lover around so she was facing her ex-husband. I pushed her a forward a little bit so that she bent over slightly presenting her perfect ass and pussy to my hard-on. The kitchen isle hid our lower bodies. I quickly spit on my hand coating it with saliva before reaching down to transfer it to the head of my penis. I firmly gripped my shaft with my right hand as I bent down slightly and guided it swiftly to the opening of Carmen’s pussy. With a small grunt from me and a hissing sound from Carmen, I pushed my hips forward in one powerful motion, penetrating deep inside my lover. Buried deep into her, I became totally still for a minute. It was a huge turn-on, fucking my former teacher in the presence of her ex-husband. I softly caressed her shoulders with my hands.”Kiss me, babe.” I said.Carmen didn’t hesitate, and she turned and clasped a handful of my hair and pulled my lips down to hers. Her warm, delicate tongue immediately slipped between my lips and probed deep into my mouth. I was thrilled that this woman didn’t give a damn about the presence of her former husband.”Oh my…,” She whispered when we peeled our lips apart.With my hands on her shoulders, I turned her once again around facing Peter and then leaned in and traced my lips along the gentle slope of her flawless neck, pausing at her earlobe where I took it between my teeth and gently nibbled on it. I knew it was one of Carmen’s triggers, and immediately her pussy muscles started to squeeze my huge cock in response.”Fuck, you feel so good babe,” I groaned loud enough for Peter to hear. I looked into Peter’s eyes and then I started sliding my left hand up Carmen’s front and lightly cradled her right breast through the dress and bra. As I caress her tit, I began to thrust into my lover from behind. Soon I had both hands cupping her full round breasts and I started to squeeze them, tweaking her nipples between my fingers. Carmen was now incredibly wet and I could feel how her juices were leaking from her pussy as I kept on pushing my cock in and pulling it out.Carmen moaned aloud and I winked at Peter as I groaned, “Oh shit, baby, even when you’re wet, your pussy is so tight.”Carmen looked over her left shoulder at smiled at me and then shivered as I kept up my long, unhurried strokes into her wet canal. This time however the kitchen filled with the sound of flesh colliding with flesh.”Ohhhh goooooooooooood,… yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeess…” Carmen moaned as I moved my left hand down below the kitchen isle and started to stimulate her swollen clit. Carmen’s sopping cunt felt like warm silk on my cock and the setting was a huge turn-on. Fucking my once married lover in front of her ex-husband had an enormous impact on me, so I knew I would cum soon.I started to fuck Carmen harder and faster, and didn’t give a damn about the noise we made. After a few minutes of relentless fucking, I could feel an orgasm mounting. I did not intend to pull out, as I was obsessed with soiling my lover with my spunk in front of her ex-husband.As I felt Carmen’s pussy starting to quiver she moaned aloud, “Almost there, lover… just a little longer.”Somehow, I found the strength to continue a little while longer. I looked into Peter’s eyes as Carmen started to climax with a huge shriek, “Ohhhhhhhhhh, Ryaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan, I’mmmmmmmmm cuuuuuuummmming.”Carmen now let lose, and I felt how her pussy convulsed around my long hard pole urging it to release its contents. The sensation of Carmen’s pussy squeezing my cock was all I needed. The pleasure quickly became overwhelming and I suddenly felt like I was going to explode. I gripped Carmen’s hips tightly and pulled her along the length of my throbbing shaft a few last times before wave after wave of ecstasy started to wash over me and my swollen balls began to empty themselves inside of her.”So fucking good. I’m going to knock you up, babe,” I groaned as my cock erupted deep inside Carmen’s waiting pussy. I could feel how my hot cum was coating her insides. My hard-on cock pulsed repeatedly and I was surprised at how long my balls kept contracting as I emptied a seemingly never-ending amount of cum inside my lover. I knew I was emptying a massive load into her pussy, and while still cumming and shoving my cock into her sopping wet pussy, I felt how our mixed juices started to leak out of her chute and run down her legs.Carmen tilted her head back and kissed me, and we moaned into each other’s mouths. I almost collapsed on the floor, but got a hold on myself. Carmen was also unsteady, so I kept my hands on her hips. We broke the kiss and both looked towards Peter. He still sat at the table, but he had dropped his jaw as he bore witness to our mating.The soft walls of Carmen’s wet pussy was still hugging the entire length of my throbbing erection. I smiled at him and said, “Oh fuck I’m sorry Peter. I totally forgot we were not alone in the kitchen today.”I flexed my cock and Carmen just giggled.”I can’t believe you two just did that in front of me,” Peter said in an angry voice.I kept on moving my still hard cock slowly in and out of his ex-wife and felt how her pussy responded to my actions and I could sense, she would soon experience another climax, so I said, “I know, I know Peter. There is no excuse, but you have to know, that Carmen and I are trying to make a sister or brother for Eva.”Hearing this pushed Carmen over the edge and she moaned out as she came again.”Well, try all you want, but I’m going to take Eva away from Carmen. I’ll not have my c***d raised in this perverted house,” Peter said as he stormed out of the kitchen.Carmen looked up at me and cried, “Oh no Ryan, what are we going to do?””Relax babe, I’ll handle the situation.””How?” Carmen asked frightened.”Remember the open door last night. I have great footage of Peter playing with his tiny cock as he was peeping into our bedroom. I don’t think he’ll want this out in the public” I grinned at Carmen.”Oh Ryan, back to your blackmail schemes,” Carmen laughed.”Yeah it went so well last time,” I smiled and kissed her.”Yes it did,” Carmen said and we kissed for some time before I pulled my softening cock out of her. Our juices were running out of her and down her legs. Carmen pushed down her dress and kissed me again before she said, “I’ll leave it up to you to take care of Peter…” With that, Carmen sashayed out of the kitchen, and I just watched her with a big grin.—Five minutes later Peter came down the stairs and walked towards the door.”You don’t have to see me out, I’ve already called a cab.””Hold on Peter, we need to talk before you leave,” I said walking calmly after him.”We have nothing to say to each other,” Peter said in a loud tone and red face.”Well, I do think you’ll want to hear want I’ve got to say,” I replied, half mocking him.”I’m going to take Eva away from here and you can’t do anything about it. When I tell the authorities about your despicable behavior around the house, they’re going to grant me custody,” Peter stated hatefully.”I don’t think so,” I said as I took my cell phone from the pocket. “Which authorities would grant you custody, when I present them with this footage?”I had placed some clips on my phone, clearly showing Peter jacking off to Carmen and me making love. Peter’s face paled seeing this, but then he grabbed the phone from my hand and broke it in half, tossing the pieces away.”Guess you don’t have them anymore!” He declared sounding pleased with himself.”Oh, Peter why did you do that, it was almost a new phone,” I said calmly as I decided to mock him even more, “Don’t you think I have all that footage stored somewhere safe. Now if you don’t want your tiny penis and your voyeur tendencies all over the net, I suggest you back away from this right now. If you try anything, I’ll make sure everybody you know will see the footage. I suggest you accept the situation as it is now, and then you can still come, visit the house, and be Eva’s father. If you insist on making a fuss, then you now know my response.”All the spirit went out of Peter, crushed he said, “Okay, but you’ll make sure those films never get out.””We have a deal,” I replied just as the cab pulled up.Peter quickly turned his back on me, put his baggage in the trunk, and got into the cab. Just before he closed the door I ridiculed him even more as I said to him, “By the way, Carmen really seem to enjoy my big cock up her pussy. She definitely has a tight one, so maybe I have to thank you for not giving it to her for all those years or for having such a tiny penis. Still I wonder if she will manage to keep it that way, because it seems to me, she’s addicted to my huge dick.”Peter didn’t say a thing as the cab pulled away.

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