Bad Day Ch. 01

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This is my first attempt at writing so please leave comments so the next part will be better and don’t forget to vote.

Part 1

My 18 year old twin sister and I live with our father on a cattle ranch. Our mom died giving birth to us so we never got to know her. Dad says she looked a lot like my sister Wendy. She has golden blonde hair down to her shoulders and what I guess to be about 34B breasts and an ass that could turns heads whenever she walked. Her hazel green eyes seam to look right through me every time I see her. I am just an average guy I would say. Six foot tall and an average build, except my arms. They are my best asset with all the work that I do on the ranch. My sandy brown hair I must have gotten from dad.

The house we live in is a ranch style with a small kitchen that is open to our living room with dad’s bedroom and bath at one end and Wendy’s and my rooms on the other end. We share a bathroom that is connected between our two rooms with doors in each bedroom to enter it. We just have to remember to knock before we go in. There has been a few times when we have walked in on each other, but we just turn and walk out not making a big deal of it.

Wendy and I are very close due to the fact that our nearest neighbor is about 20 minutes’ drive away, so we do everything together. This includes all the chores, inside and out. The only thing I let my sister do is the cooking, because I like to be able to eat what is served. My sister must have picked up that jean from our mom, because I definitely don’t have it.

Wendy asked dad at dinner today if she could get a job as a life guard at the school pool for the summer. It would be from three until five every day. She said she had all the qualifications already, and was even able to put in stiches if need be. Dad thought about it for a few minutes and then said as long as it doesn’t affect your grades or your chores. My heart stopped because I knew I would get stuck doing her chores, and even worse, I would not have my best friend around. I was still happy for her on the outside.

After dinner she came running through the bathroom door into my room so excited. I looked up at her when she asked me what kind of new bathing suit she should get, a one piece like they have on the TV show Bay Watch or a bikini to maybe show off a little. I asked her who would want to look at you. I saw the hurt in her eyes and said I was sorry. She looked back at me for a minute then said hopefully someone other than you would be nice. That’s when I told her to get the bikini and her face lit up with a smile. Then I asked her if I could see it first and she slapped my arm and said we’ll see.

Wendy left after dinner the following night to pick up her new bathing suit. She had spent most of the time after school rushing threw her chores and doing what little homework she had to be able to get to the store before it closed. I took my time getting everything done in the barn knowing she would not be around to joke with. I knew she wanted the job but was still feeling selfish about not having her around to talk to. She came home as I was finishing up my homework. I heard her knock on her bathroom door before knocking on my bedroom door. I told her to come in. Do you still want to see my new bathing suit? Sure why not. Ok I will be right back. She came into my room and her face turned a little red. My mouth suddenly went dry and my eyes almost burst from my head when I saw her. She was gorgeous! She stood there in a white bikini that covered her breasts with only small pieces of fabric. I could see her nipples getting a little harder as I looked at her. The fabric that covers her bottom half was not much bigger. It had straps that hung high on her hips and came down low to her crotch in the front and almost disappeared in the crack of her ass. She pulled the material out a little as she spun around showing them off to me which caused the front to almost become a camel toe. Well, what do you think? It looks great on you. If they put any more material in that suit they would make you pay for it. Funny she said. Do you think it shows off too much? I think it shows a lot, but as far as showing too much, a guy would never say that. Just don’t let dad see it. When do you start the new job? Monday, after school she said with a gleam in her eyes. She smiled and walked back to her room.

Saturday morning I found my sister out watching one of the horses who was in heat. Our black stallion was just about to mount her when I walked up to Wendy. What are you doing? I’m watching the horses. We stood silent for a while before Wendy said; I can’t believe she can fit that thing in her. I said it’s not that big compared to some of us. Wendy looked down and saw my growing hard on and said you still have a long ways to go if you’re going to beat that thing. I görükle escort bayan didn’t have a comeback for that, after all he was a horse. With being so far away from everyone else, neither of us really dated, so everything we learned was from watching the animals on the farm or the computer. We asked each other questions, but never acted on it.

Sunday at dinner dad announced that he would be gone for a week to drive some of the cattle to market. He knew he could count on us to watch the place and get everything done. That was the kind of trust we all had in each other. He also managed to pull each of us aside and tell us to make sure we took care of one another. I think that was his way of being a dad.

Monday after school I finished the little home work that I had before going out to the barn to do my chores. I was working in the barn just about dusk when Wendy came running up to me to tell me all about her first day of work. She was trying to scare me, so she ran up quietly. As she grabbed me around the waist and yelled in my ear, I jumped and turned away from her. I stepped on a rake that was lying on the ground. The handle came up and hit me in the forehead and nose knocking me to the ground. I landed right in the pile I had raking up. Wendy laughed and then saw that I was really hurt. She grabbed my arm and helped me up and asked if I was alright. I stood for a second on wobbly feet as she held onto me. She helped me back into the house and to our bathroom to get out of the dirty clothes I was now wearing. She turned the water to the shower on for me and told me she would have dinner ready by the time I was done. I finished undressing as she went into her room. As I stepped into the shower, my foot stepped onto a bar of soap that was left in the bottom of the tub. I went flying as my feet came out from under me and I fell back against the spout of the bathtub banging my head for the second time in less than ten minutes knocking me out cold. As I fell into the tub I landed on one of my sisters razors that she used on her legs. The razor cut my ball sack leaving me bleeding in the bottom of the tub.

Wendy heard the noise, and ran back into the bathroom and saw me lying in the bottom of the tub. She shut off the water and then noticed the red blood in the bottom of the tub. She rubbed her hand on my head and found a small cut on it, but not enough to account for the amount of blood in the bottom of the tub. That is when she saw the broken razor sticking out of from under me. Without really thinking about it she grabbed hold of my cock and lifted it as she removed the razor, seeing the gash it had made. She knew I needed stiches when she saw the cut, and needed to stop the bleeding. She ran to her room and grabbed a needle and thread to make some stiches with before heading back to me. Luckily I was still out cold. She pinched my sack together and put five stiches in me closing the cut and stopping the blood. As she finished, I woke up with a massive headache. She helped me out of the shower and dried me off leaving the towel around me. As I stood at the sink she said I can’t leave you alone for a minute can I, knowing that she was the cause of all of this. We walked back to my room and I lay on the bed still wondering what had happened. Wendy adjusted the pillow under my head as I felt the bump that was forming. She went to get me some ice to put on it as I tried to figure out why everything hurt. She came back as I noticed that it was not just my head that was in pain, but my balls as well. She looked at me, then down at my crotch that was still covered by a towel and started to tell me what had happened. That is when I asked her if she really touched me. She smiled and started to turn red again and said yes. She told me that she put stiches in my umm balls as she looked away. I didn’t know if I should thank her for taking care of me or yell at her for leaving her stuff in the bottom of the tub. After looking in her eyes again, I couldn’t yell at her. I could see the guilt on her face so I decided to joke about it. I asked her if I was as big as she thought. She just looked at me and said I was not as big as the stallion, but for a guy it was very nice. I looked back at her and noticed her nipples were getting hard again. So you really liked it? Ya, but I wasn’t paying too much attention to it, just the cut under it. That is when I think it sank into me what she had done. I reached down and slowly stroked my balls feeling the stiches that my sister had put in me. She said that in a few days she would have to take them out because they would not dissolve. I looked at her and she looked back at me and said it could be fun. Wendy got up off my bed and went to start making dinner as the thoughts of her playing with my cock flooded my aching head.

Wendy came back into altıparmak eskort my room with dinner. It was just hotdogs and chips. Are you alright? Ya, I’m just a little sore. You had better not have ruined anything that I hopefully will be using soon. My sister just looked down at my flaccid cock and said we can make sure if you want. I will just look and make sure, the light is better in here now that you’re on your bed.

With that my sister came over to the bed and sat down. I looked at her and she looked at me then down at my cock which was starting to harden under the towel. Wendy reached her hand down and moved the towel slowly exposing my sack and then my hardening cock. She lifted me and inspected the stiches that she had put in me. Then she started to inspect the rest of my dick as it kept growing in her hand. What are you doing? Just checking to make sure that there are no other cuts that need my attention. Besides I think you are enjoying this anyway. Well, was all I could say as I turned red. She looked back up at me and just smiled. It’s getting really hard. I know. So, you like me touching you? It’s better than me doing it. Wendy took that as a hint to keep inspecting me. She slowly started to stroke my cock watching the way the skin balled up at the top and then pulled tight on her way back down. She did that a few more times before a drop of pre cum formed at the tip of my cock. She stopped when she got to the tip of my cock, and then ran her fingers through it smearing it all over the crown of my rock hard cock. It’s slippery. I know. She started to stroke me again. She was applying more pressure this time to my hard cock as her hand slipped up and down the shaft of my dick. If you keep that up you’re going to make me cum. I know. I want to see it in real life and like you said make sure everything is still working. It felt strange having Wendy stroking my cock, but it was turning me on more than I ever thought possible. Pre cum was now flowing steady from the tip of my dick as my sister stroked me. She watch as my balls moved up and down in my sack as her hand continued to glide along my hard-on. Soon I felt the unmistakable feeling of my orgasm beginning to rise and knew I would not last long. Wendy’s face was only a few inches from me as she watched and stroked me. She knew guys would shoot when they cum, but I don’t think that she knew how much or far it would fly. As my orgasm began to take over, the first shot out of my cock flew towards Wendy’s face. It hit her between her eyes, over her nose, and to the top of her lip. I just looked on as she leaned back and keep stroking my cock. The next shot flew in between us but landed on the bottom of her shirt. The third and fourth shots landed on my leg before stopping. My sister let go of my dick and looked at me as I started to laugh at the sight. Cum was now dripping onto her lips and she had no way of stopping it. She tried to wipe it off but managed to just smear it against her lips making them look like she applied lip gloss to them. As her finger slid along her lips, my cum began to pool starting to flow into her slightly opened mouth. I could see the look of horror on her face as she began to realize that she tasted cum for the first time. Not only was it the first time, but it was her brother’s cum. She sat there for a minute not saying anything as she processed what had just happened. I could see the cum hardening on my sisters face.

I was not expecting that. I told you I was going to cum. I know, but I didn’t think it would fly out so far. Sorry about that. It’s ok. So, did you like it? It was amazing really, and didn’t taste anything like I thought it would. Does that mean that you want more? I was just making sure everything was working alright, remember. Wendy got up and went into the bathroom to wash her face as I took the towel and wiped off the dried cum on my leg.

I ate my dinner and went to find my sister in the living room. She was sitting on the couch at one end watching T.V. as she flipped from channel to channel. I sat down next to her and asked how her first day at work was. She looked over at me with a sad look on her face. It was not what I expected. They gave me the 12 to 14 year old kids to watch at the far end of pool. That’s sucks I said. Ya, tell me about it. I went and spent my money on that hot bikini and no one will see me in it. Well, you can always wear it for me. I think you look really good in it. You really like it. I loved seeing you in it and wouldn’t mind seeing it again.

Wendy looked at me then said alright and got up and went to her room. A few minutes later she came back out wearing the bikini. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her as she came closer to the couch. My flaccid cock started to grow again. Wendy looked over at me and just smiled nilüfer escort as she saw what effect she was having on me, then spun around. She started to sway her hips as my eyes tried to follow every move her ass was making. As she moved I could make out the outline of her swelling pussy lips. She spun around again and her nipples we now rock hard. I watch her tits as she danced only a foot or so from my face. My cock was now pushing tight against the shorts I was wearing and my sister kept a close eye on it. I could start to see a wet spot forming on the small piece of material that was between my sister’s legs. As it grew it also started to become transparent showing more and more of her pussy to me. I could tell she was really getting into showing off. She slid her hands up and down the side of her body and then over to her tits. She pushed them together as far as they would go making the nipples almost touch each other. Pre cum was now leaking from my cock making a wet spot on my shorts which didn’t go unnoticed by Wendy. She spun around again and pulled the straps of her bikini bottoms tight into her ass giving her a massive camel toe in the front. With the material almost gone, I could see her pussy lips almost completely. She looked back over her shoulder and asked if I liked what I saw. I could barely speak and shook my head in approval.

Good. I wanted to thank you for letting me see you. Ya, but you still have clothes on. I was naked. Wendy spun back around to face me and then reached back behind her to untie the bikini top. She let it fall to the floor in between us. For the first time I was able to get a good close up look at my sisters uncovered tits. Her nipples were like little erasers and her areolas were small and perfect shaped for her breasts. She watched my eyes closely as I studied every inch of her beautiful breasts. My eyes traveled south to her camel toe as her hands followed along. She slid her fingers into the side of the material and slowly pulled it tight causing the material to slip into her pussy lips. My mouth dried instantly as I watch the material disappear. The front of my shorts were now covered in a pool of pre cum. My sister slowly pulled the material from her swollen pussy lips pulling it back into place. It did little now to cover her being see threw from all the wetness it had soaked up. She reached into the straps on the sides and slowly started to pull her bikini off, teasing me as it slid down her legs. Inch by inch her pussy came into sight as the material slowly uncovered her swollen and shaven lips before falling to the floor. I gasped as I saw how wet she was. The light in the room was glistening off her pussy lips. She now stood before me completely naked for the first time since we were little kids. My heart pounded in my chest as I looked at her heaving breasts before me. Her eyes looked right through me as she saw the desire growing between us. Wendy slowly leaned forward bringing her breast right to my lips. I stuck out my tongue and just touched her left tit causing her to jump with excitement. As she moved closer again, my tongue circled her areola before finding its way to her hard nipple. I flicked it with my tongue and then pulled my teeth across it as she grabbed my hair and pulled me tight to her.

My hands were now grabbing the sides of her legs, holding her steady as my tongue continued its assault on her nipple. My sister stood before me moaning her approval as my tongue danced from nipple to nipple. My fingers slowly started to find their way to the front of my sister’s legs. My thumbs were now rubbing slowly around the inside of her hips just barely coming into contact with her pussy. I rubbed up and down the outside of her lips as her knees shook from anticipation. My thumbs slowly made their way to the slit of her vagina pulling gently on them to open her up. She leaned back and watched giving us both a better view as my thumbs worked their magic on her, sliding up and down causing her to become wetter and wetter from the excitement. My right thumb founds its way into my sister’s hot tight hole. Slowly I pushed as it slid into her up to the first knuckle. My left thumb was now rubbing her clit in little circles. Wendy was moaning loudly as my thumbs continued to bring her closer to an orgasm. I slid my right thumb all the way in to her as far as it could go. Slowly I started pulling it out of her and then pushing it back in. I looked at my sister and saw her glassy eyes rolling back in her head as her orgasm started to approach. I curled my thumb upwards as I stroked in and out of her pussy faster and faster causing my thumb to hit her G-spot. Her pussy squished as my thumbs rubbed her clit and pounded in and out of her faster and harder. She screamed as she climaxed from her orgasm shooting a river of lust out of her pussy almost like she was peeing hitting me in the chest. This had me so worked up that I came with her right in my pants. Wendy looked at me as I held her up on wobbly legs as her orgasm slowly faded away. She saw the large wet spot that covered my shorts and just smiled as she pulled me tight to her and kissed me for the first time.

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