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Story one: Confessions of a Roadie

They say the average shelf life of a model is 5 years, 7 if you are lucky and the shelf life of a rock singer is not that much better. The average is usually 10 years, 12 on the outside. Roadies on the other hand, have a very limited shelf life. The lucky ones are around 3-5 years later and then usually either move on to a different band or find some more productive line of work.

Occasionally, some of us get lucky and have a great career which spans the life of the band we travel with or are lucky enough to move up in the entertainment field into the production aspect of it and carve out a pretty good stable life for ourselves and if fate shines down on us become well off.

Why am I starting this story off by telling you this, well believe it or not that is what happened to me. I was a roadie who had a great career and at the end when the gravy train dried up, was lucky enough to move up and carve up quite a life for myself and enjoy the fruits of my labor.

It all started in the late 80’s during the rise of what is known as “glam rock.” During this time, there were a number of all girl bands making it big, some bigger than others. Some were young while others were older and still had good runs. I just happened to have the fortune to be in the right place at the right time and hook on to one of the best who was older but whose career would span almost 10 years.

I was 23 at the time and had just finished college and she was a 35 year old glam rock singer. I had graduated in computers and engineering with a minor in Business Administration(Finance) .While in school I took odd jobs to earn money. After finishing school, I kept the last one which was working for an entertainment company as a set up person and equipment engineer while I looked for a regular full time job.

It paid fairly good money and I was one of many who would set up the stage for the big acts that would be playing, monitor the equipment then tear it down at the end of the night. I was doing okay for myself but I wasn’t getting rich off this job.

However, the pay wasn’t why I kept it, it was the “fringe benefits” or perks that came with the job… the chance to meet all the cool rock stars and other famous entertainers. The chance to meet the stars was far more important to me than money, at least at that time.

This particular evening was like any other on the surface except it would become a big one for me for various reasons. First of all, my favorite glam rock band was playing and as a back stage equipment person, I would be able to watch the show from the side of the stage and if I was lucky enough, be able to get close enough to sneak a peek at my idol, Mystic Eden.

However my luck would be much better than I ever imagined. Not only would I get to see the show and actually sneak a peek at her, but I would actually be able to meet her, talk to her and do what every fan would give their soul to do… be granted a personal and private back stage audience with her.

Anyhow, here is how it all unfolds. It was a few hours before the show was to began and I was just finishing setting up and was making some last minute adjustments when the sound engineer for the band asked me if I could stay and help load up Mystic Eden’s personal equipment and I said sure so I spent the next 30 minutes doing that and helping out with the instruments and actually got to hold the very guitar she uses and the very mic she sings into.

It was about 45 minutes before the building was about to open to the public( which would have been about 2 hours before the show) when “she” came out on stage dressed quite differently than what she normally did on stage. Usually Mystic Eden came dressed in black spandex leotards with leg warmers and a brown leopard skin top with black spots. This time, however, she was dressed in a red and white halter top that tied in front, light blue tight cut off denim shorts and sandals.

The outfit showed off every succulent inch of her sumptuous, voluptuous, 5’6″ 38DD-28-38 body. Her brownish red hair wasn’t “big” and teased like it normally was but it was normal length and straight. Her hair came down to between her shoulder blades and even though it was straight you could tell it had natural curls in it.

Mystic Eden came out to make sure the equipment was in order, picked up the guitar and checked out the mic to make sure it was the right height. As she did, she came by me and seeing that there was equipment and wires all over stage didn’t have much room to move and accidentally bumped into me.

She was facing one way and I was facing the other while we were walking towards each other not paying attention to what we were doing. As we collided her left shoulder bumped into my right and we both turned and said oops at the same time.

We were just about to apologize for bumping into each other however, just as we turned towards each other, our eyes met and we were both speechless and breath taken. kırgız escort I was speechless for obvious reasons… there was my idol, the woman of my dreams. She was speechless for different reasons and I would come to find out that she was just as smitten by me as I was her.

I was also scared because I had heard about some of the temperaments these musicians had. I was expecting her to bite my head off but instead of being angry, she was quite pleasant. “I am so sorry sweetie,” she said with a soft voice putting her hand on my arm. “I must not have been watching where I was going.”

Her crystal ice blue eyes were sparking and her smile was oh so sweet. I could tell she was taken by me and that there was definitely a mutual attraction there. She would break the ice and introduce herself. “My name is Christina but my friends call me Crystal,” she said with a soft voice. “What’s your name honey?” I introduced myself as Jason and she said “Nice to meet ya Jason.”

“You’re new here aren’t ya sugar,” Crystal said pulling back her hair and having a seat on one of the amps that was sitting on the stage. “Come on baby, have a seat next to me,” Crystal said patting the top of the amp as she scooted over. “I promise I won’t bite,” and then she smiled and with a naughty wink and a grin added “not unless you want me too that is.”

I took her up on her offer and sat down next to her on the amp. It was a tight fit but we both managed to squeeze on there. Her halter top was made of a red and white checked material and was tied in front and showed off an ample amount of cleavage. From where I was sitting I could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra and got a good peek at her sumptuous breasts.

What Crystal did next would take me by surprise… she pulled out a cigarette, lit it and then offered me one. “How strange is that,” you may be asking yourselves. “Lots of Rock stars smoke and they occasionally are nice enough to offer cigarettes to strangers they may not know.” Well that is true, however how many do you know will casually have them stuck in their shirt and then sit there with a perfect stranger with their shirt now open and shoot the breeze like it was no big deal.

We sat and talked and I told her that I had just graduated college and confessed that this was the biggest day of my life, to actually meet the star of Mystic Eden. “Well honey,” Crystal said with a big smile, “it’s just about to get bigger. How would you like hang out with me and the band before the show and then have an exclusive back stage pass after the show just you and me?” I didn’t know what to say and told her. “A simple nod will suffice sweetie” she said understandingly and I managed to get out a nod. “Well baby you just hang out here and I will have Dave give you a special security badge.”

With that, Crystal gave me a kiss on the cheek and went over to Dave the head of Coliseum security and 10 minutes later he handed me an official badge that read “Mystic Eden Staff” the same ones the band members were wearing.

I hung out with the band members until the concert and as Crystal performed she had a special front row seat center stage just for me where I could see everything. She was good as always and as she sang, I was surrounded by 100’s of groping fans. She would lean down and sing to the people but as she leaned down towards me it was different and I could tell it was more personal and intimate.

What would make the concert even better was during a particular song she held her hand out to me and pulled me up to the stage and I became part of the act. After about 15 minutes of the stage show she told the crowd to give me a hand and walked me off stage.

Instead of having me go back to the floor she whispered in my ear “Wait for me here, I won’t be long.” With that, she embraced me and gave me a full kiss on the lips and pressed her body into mine. Not knowing whether I should or not, I took the chance and embraced her back slightly and then she took my hands.

“Smooth move Einstein,” I thought to myself. “You had to go and screw a good thing up by putting your hands on her didn’t you,” I added, being hard on myself since I thought I had pissed her off. However, instead of pushing my hands away from her and pushing me away, she took my hands and placed them all the way around her waist and had me pull her tight.

Our bodies were now pressed up against each other and Crystal was deeply kissing me probing her tongue inside my mouth and was grinding her spandex pants against my jeans so her crotch was rubbing up against mine. She then put her dressing room key inside the front of my pants and said “Wait for me in my dressing room. Dave will take you there.”

With that we broke the embrace and she told Dave to lead me to where her dressing room was and as we got there he took out his key and opened the door. “Here ya go buddy,” he said with a smile “Have fun and if ya can’t be good, at least be good at it.”

I waited eskort istanbul for what was not more than 15 minutes. I could tell she was on her way back because there were thousands of teen girls wanting autographs and then I heard Dave say “Ok girls last one lets give Mystic Eden a rest. She’s gotta a show in tomorrow.”

The door opened and in walked Crystal while I was sitting on the couch in the other room. “Damn that was a long ass show,” she said with a sigh of relief and lighting up a cigarette. I had half expected her to have forgotten about me but she said “Jason, you in here honey,” “I’m in here on the couch Crystal,” I said “Ok sweetie be there in a minute,” she said.

Crystal came in wearing her outfit but soon was out of her boots and spandex pants but couldn’t get out of her top. “Damn this fucking zipper,” she exclaimed. “Hey Jason, come over here and gimme a hand with this damned thing will ya sweetie,” she said in a nice but half frustrated voice.

I walked up behind her and after a few minutes of wrestling with it finally got it to unzip and instead of stopping there, I helped her out of it where I would find out she wasn’t wearing anything underneath it.

“Thanks bunches baby,” Crystal said smiling as she tossed her top over on the chair and then turned her naked body towards me and put her arms around my waist.

I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. There she was, in all of her naked beauty her voluptuous sweaty 5’6″ 150 pound 38DD-27-38 body pressing up to mine.

“So did you enjoy the show baby,” Crystal said with a smile pulling me close to her.

“Yeah sure did,” I replied, “but I must confess I enjoy the back stage pass much, much better,” I added

“Mmmmm me too sugar,” Crystal replied and with that she gave me a full kiss on the lips and then moved her way down until she was kneeling in front of me.

Crystal’s head was now in front of my black jeans and she was now running her hand over my crotch.

“Mmmmm baby, I bet you’re big,” Crystal said with a husky sultry voice. “I sure would love to see just how big you are.”

I couldn’t believe the boldness or what would come out of my mouth.

Before I knew what happened I blurted out “Well check it out baby.”

“Don’t mind if I do,” Crystal said with a smile and with that she began undressing me.

Crystal unbuckled my belt, unfastened my black jeans then unzipped them. By now my tool was growing and she could see the bulge in my panties. She let my jeans drop to the floor and had me step out of them. She then ran her hand over my underwear and stroked it.

“Oh baby you’re so big,” Crystal purred as she ran her hand over my cock.

Crystal wasted no time in literally ripping my underwear off from the front and freeing my cock. She took my monster tool in her hand and placed her lips around the head and softly began to kiss it and slurp it like a popsicle. She then ran her tongue around the head and up and down the shaft as she stroked it with her hand pumping it.

Going down on my cock, she took it all the way into her mouth and began sucking on it as she bobbed her head back and forth while my cock moved in and out of her wet mouth.

“Mmmmm baby you’re so big,” Crystal purred. “I bet your cum is rich thick and creamy. I want you to give it all to me.”

By now my knees were going weak and I was having a hard time standing up, so sensing this, Crystal had me sit down on the sofa and she would do all the work. Crystal began to go up and down on my cock like a wild woman. She took me all the way in down to my balls and while she was sucking me like a vacuum cleaner, she would play with my balls.

This would make my cock that much more sensitive and soon it was all I could do to keep spunking my load inside her mouth. I grabbed her hair and held her there as she bobbed up and down on my cock and soon I couldn’t hold back any more and I told her I was ready to launch my load

“Give yourself to me baby,” Crystal said with a panting voice and with that I shot my hot jism into her mouth.

Crystal took all of my hot spunk as she drank it down. She swallowed every bit of my cum, not missing a drop.

“Oh baby you’re so hot, but I gotta feel you deep inside of me,” Crystal purred “I want you to fill me with your hot sticky cream,” and with that Crystal sat on my lap facing me mounted my cock with her pussy and slowly began to ride me as she bounced up and down on her cock.

Her nicely trimmed pussy was oh so wet and smooth. It gripped the sides of my cock like a vise as she rode me ever so slowly. Crystal embraced me as we fucked and we passionately kissed as our tongues probed each other’s mouths. Crystal’s warm sweaty body was next to mine and she pulled off my shirt so that now we were both naked. I began sucking on Crystal’s luscious 38 double d’s as she held them to my face. I sucked on her nipples like a nursing infant and she held my head there.

Crystal genç escort would continue to ride me for a good 15 minutes. During this time she would cum at least twice if not more. I felt her pussy quake and contract and flood my cock with her sweet creamy honeydew nectar. Each time Crystal would cum, she would gasp for breath.

After a good 15 -20 minutes, I knew it was time for me to cum and I couldn’t hold back any longer. I let Crystal know I was on the verge of cumming and she wanted me to give her all of my hot creamy nectar. I came, spewing my manhood deep inside of her pussy and Crystal crooned with delight as she gasped for breath and then slowed her motions almost to a stop.

Oh baby that was so-o-o-o-o-o-o good,” Crystal purred. “It has been so-o-o-o-o long since I have had a good hot hard cock inside me. Believe me, vibrators and huge double sided dildoes can only go so far. Sometimes when I get really hard up I call my girl friend and we fuck each other with her huge 10 inch strap on and when that don’t do it, I find some guy and rock his world, but that has been at least a month.”

“However, believe it or not, the one night stands are getting old and when you are in your 30’s like I have you want something more. I need a man that is going to be with me and someone young so that is why I chose you. I knew when I saw you it was meant to be.”

“Also I need a manager, some one to help me with my career and with your business and computer background you will be good. SO… whats ya think? How would you like a good steady job and a steady fuck mate?”

I must admit, it sounded good. Many a night I had sat in my dorm room and wanked myself silly over her pictures and posters and would have given my I-teeth to fuck her.

Now mind you I wasn’t that hard up for sex, I could have any college girl I wanted and usually got it on the weekends with some sweet drunk sorority kitten. However, I knew that could only go so far. These girls were too high maintenance and were too demanding and honestly I wanted a girlfriend one I could call my own and Crystal looked like the perfect match, well at least so we both thought at the time.

I agreed to it and we celebrated by popping open the champagne. By now, however it was almost hour after the show and Crystal said we had to be leaving so we both boarded the her private limo to the hotel she was staying at. She led me to her penthouse suite where we would spend all night in heated unbridled sex.

We would shower then after the shower we took turns drying each other off. After we dried each other off Crystal laid down on the bed and I laid on top of her. We passionately French kissed as our bodies moved together. I then moved down Crystals body until I reached her nicely trimmed pussy. Crystal instinctively opened her legs and allowed me to suck on her while she would fuck my face.

I dove into her pussy while she held my head there. I used my tongue as a little cock as I ate her out. I would dart my tongue in and out of Crystal’s pussy and ran it up and down her slit. I also sucked on her “hot button” and licked her clitty making her cum in my mouth.

Crystal cried out in passion as she came flooding my mouth with her hot sticking cream but she begged me to make her cum again so I continued to suck. Crystal then wanted to do a hot 69 session so I turned over on my back and she laid on top and went down on my cock while I ate her out. We spent the next 15-20 minutes going at it this way until we both came.

Crystal then mounted me cowgirl style and we fucked that way for a while, followed by me hammering her from behind as I pounded her doggie style then finally I did her missionary style and we came for the last time around 3 a.m., after which we collapsed in each other’s arms and fell fast asleep until we were woken at 6:45 by Dave pounding on the door.

Crystal got up and told Dave we would be there in about 45 minutes and we both got dressed and left on the bus. Before departing town however, Crystal took me by my apartment where I said good bye to my roommate who was still in shock seeing the lead singer for Mystic Eden in our tiny one bedroom apartment, got my stuff and bid this meager life ado for the “bright lights and fame” of the entertainment world

.When I told my folks, they nearly flipped but said I was old enough to make my own mind and they soon realized they had to choose their battles on this issue so when ever I did see them or talk to them, nothing was said about how foolish they both thought it was. They figured it was some last “wild oat I had to sew” but they silently hoped I would eventually “purge it from my system and come to my senses.”

The first eight years was great. Crystal made money like you would not believe and so did I. I was smart enough to put most of it away and anyhow Crystal bought me anything I ever wanted anyway. We did good until the mid 90s when glam rock was being replaced by hip-hop and teen rock idols

Also during this time Crystal had set me up in my own entertainment company called Eden Enterprises. We diversified so we wouldn’t have all our eggs in one basket and did quiet well for ourselves and becoming one of the biggest multinational firms on in the Midwest.

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