Backseat Lust

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You pick me up at the airport, looking amazing as always, and we kiss quickly, but with a little tongue. I squeeze your ass and you snuggle in against me briefly, just to let me know how much you appreciate it. We grab my luggage, and with my camera bag over my shoulder we head out into the midsummer weather.

As we drive through the streets, my camera in hand taking snap shots of different things that catch my attention, I see you stroking your inner thigh out of the corner of my eye. I turn to face the front, and you stop stroking, knowing how much I would prefer to get you going myself. I smile and then reach out to caress your shoulder making you lean slightly into my hand as best you can while driving and wearing a seat belt.

I recline the seat a bit so that I can stretch my legs, and in the process my jeans are pulled tighter, so that when you glance over, you can see my semi hard cock outlined. You reach over to rub it, but I sit back up, and put my hand on top of yours and lead it to my thigh, allowing you to stroke there.

You run your hand warmly up and down my leg, moving a little higher on each stroke. As your hand on the up stroke gets closer to my cock, you use your nails to try and claw your way up my legs even further. I reach over, my arm under yours, and over to stroke your leg, but your legs are not covered like mine, and therefore my stroking gets you excited a lot quicker.

As my hand moves slowly up your inner thigh, your hand covers my cock and you begin to squeeze and rub it hungrily. In response, I slide my hand up until I am stroking up and down your pussy, making you gasp a little as I pinch your clit. In desperation you look around and see a fairly deserted parking lot and quickly pull in. Before the car even comes to a full stop, you have your seatbelt off and are leaning towards me, kissing me deeply.

As we kiss, I feel you pulling at my zipper, and I take your hand in mine, helping you. As you pull it down, you try to reach in to take my cock out, and I stop you. I ask you if we can move into the back, and you growl softly but open the door and climb into the back. I open my door, stand up, not caring that my zipper is all the way down, stretch back, take off my coat, and then climb in the back seat with you.

The first thing I see is that your top is on the seat next to you, making me happy for tinted windows. I want, for this moment, to have you canlı bahis all to myself. The second thing I notice is that your skirt is pulled all the way up and you are rubbing your clit hungrily with three fingers buried inside your pussy. I move closer to you, your pleasure and your hunger moves your hips until you are pressed into the back corner of the seat. I close the door behind me and take my shirt off.

I lean down, and lick at your fingers, trying to hint that you should stop, and let me take over. I lick a couple more times and you do not stop. I then nibble the back of one of your fingers until you look down at me, and I pull your fingers away from your clit. I then proceed to suck your extremely sensitive clit into my mouth, rewarding me with a loud moan and the feel of your fingers moving even faster in and out of you.

I continue to nibble and suck at your clit, feeling you get closer and closer to orgasm. I feel my way around and feel you tense slightly as I slide one of my own fingers in underneath your own, but you relax again as my own hand begins to match your own rhythm, and then moan as you feel my finger slide deeper than yours can go. I wrap my hand around yours, letting the back of your hand rest easily in my palm, and match your thrusts.

Slowly, every few thrusts, I intertwine one of your fingers with my own. Within a short time, the strain forces you to take one of your fingers away, until only my fingers slide in an out of you. You move your hand up and let your fingers become tangled in my hair. I speed up and use my angle to my advantage, sliding deep into you and stroking my fingers over the most sensitive spots inside of you.

A few minutes of my mouth on your clit and my fingers sliding in and out of you, makes you pull my mouth hard against you, which makes me suck and lick even more furiously. You let out a loud moan as the first waves of your orgasm begin to wash over you. Instead of slowing down, I speed up my thrusts, and begin to nibble and gently bite your clit so that instead of your orgasm ebbing away, it is quickly replaced by a second, even more powerful orgasm.

Your body tenses and releases over and over as each wave of pleasure washes over you. I feel your pussy tighten around my fingers and I fight to slide my fingers in and out of you against the pressure, making you moan louder at the added pleasure. I lessen the fingers, now only two pressing inside bahis siteleri you, and they begin to slide easier into you, possible due to your orgasm slowing down, the crashing waves of pleasure receding to small waves lapping at the edge of your consciousness.

Once your latest orgasm subsides I slow the pace of my fingers down and slowly ease all of them out of you, licking your sweet cum off each as you watch. You pull me up and we kiss deeply, the taste of your cum still strong on my tongue and you reach down to pull my cock out of my pants. You moan loudly into my mouth as you feel I am harder than before, and stand straight out, begging for attention. You wrap your hand around my cock, gently stroking up and down the length.

You are quickly rewarded with a noticeable amount of precum dribbling onto your hand and leg. You use your other hand to reach down and scoop up the cum from your leg, then lick it slowly off your fingers, making me shiver in excitement. You put one hand on my hip with the other on my shoulder and push me to the same lying position you were in except my legs straight in front.

You move up to straddle my legs, just far enough away that simply leaning down brings you within a breath of my cock, which is twitching as I imagine the plans you have. You lean down, resting your breasts on my legs, and begin to kiss around my groin. While your mouth kisses and licks around my cock, a soft finger strokes lightly up and down on my cock, not enough to stimulate to orgasm, but enough to keep me hard for you.

As you finish kissing the last parts of my groin, you begin to lick around my shaft, moving your hand up to stroke the head, making me moan and turn my eyes away to try to avoid adding to the stimulation. Seeing that I have turned my eyes away, you decide with a grin to regain my attention, and take my entire cock in your warm, wet mouth. I arch my back and stifle a moan through gritted teeth, and force my eyes to meet yours.

“Fine, you win” I growl and I pull you up, so that my cock is inches from your pussy. My hands on your hips stop you from going down any further, and I slowly lower you, stopping as I feel the head of my cock part your lips. I leave you there, with your eyes closed in thought of the pleasure you expect for a few seconds, until you frown, and look at me.

“I win” I whisper hoarsely and I almost drop you onto my cock, my entire cock sliding hard bahis firmaları and fast into you making you let out a loud gasp as you fall. Our bodies meet at the pelvic bones, and I hear a loud moan leave you as I enter you fully and our bodies slap together. You shift around until you are in just the position I showed you on my first visit. You then begin sliding up and down, sliding up my cock slow, and thrusting down hard.

While you ride up and down on my cock, I kiss and lick and nibble at your breasts and nipples. Every minute or two, I take hold of your waist, and proceed to slide my cock hard and fast into you for a few seconds. The second time I do this, I trigger your next orgasm, making you slam your pussy into me, trying to make me fill you up more. After your orgasm subsides you get into a rhythm, sliding up and down gently but steadily getting faster until I stop you and slam my cock in and out of you more.

It only takes a few more times of this for you to be digging your nails into my arms, nearing your next orgasm. This time I grab your ass, stopping you from moving more, and slide my cock hard into your pussy, then slowly out. After the first two times of doing this, you begin pressing yourself down onto me, and giving a pleasured gasp every time. You reach between us and pinch your clit on the last one, bringing you to orgasm. You break free of my hands on your ass and begin hammering on my cock, almost trying to drive me though you. As your orgasm subsides, you try to slow down, but I grab your waist and begin to rhythmically and quickly slide my cock hard in and out of you, bringing you to another orgasm quickly after the last.

After riding me like this for about twenty minutes and three orgasms, you lift yourself off, and turn around, taking up a position you know will bring me to cum in a short time. You grab the cushion of the seat ahead of you and lower yourself back onto me, and begin to lift yourself up and down. True to form, within a few minutes I am about ready to cum. I tell you, so you can lift yourself off me, but you simply start riding me harder. With a muffled ‘oh fuck!’ I let go, and as you drop yourself onto me one last time, forcing me deeper into you, I shoot cum in stream after stream into your pussy.

You turn around; keeping my cock buried deep in you and lean down and kiss me. You pull my coat from the front seat. You pull it over yourself and curl yourself against me, just listening to each other breath until we are both rested and calmed enough to get dressed and continue on to the rest of the activity planned for my five day stay.

To be continued…

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