Back Together with His Ex-Wife 05

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After dinner Peter returned to his motel room but found it hard to rest. Each time he closed his eyes he thought of Anna and what she had been going through since Ned had taken her away. It was only when he dreamed of the two of them together with their sons and new baby did he finally relax enough to fall into a deep sleep and didn’t wake until a knock came at his door. Pulling himself from bed, he walked to the door and found Beth waiting outside.

“You ready to go?” she asked.

“Ready? You just woke me up.”

“It’s seven o’clock stud. One hour until show time. Lets get cracking,” she joked.

Peter quickly hopped into the shower to help wake up and then came back into the motel room. Beth was sitting on the side of the bed and reviewed what she had told him about performing in front of the audience. Reaching for his clothes, he grabbed his underwear and then stopped. “No need for these I guess,” and threw them back onto the bed. Beth laughed as he finished dressing.

Entering the “house” he noticed the same young man and older woman that he had seen earlier ending their performance and leaving the stage. Then the boss climbed the stairs to the stage and raised his hands for silence from the audience. “Ladies and Gentleman, Senors and Senoritas. I have a special show for you tonight. Our very own hostess, Anna, has accepted an offer to move up in her life, but needs your help. So tonight, she and a friend will entertain us here on center stage.” Dropping his hands he left the stage and the spotlight dimmed.

When the spotlights came back on Anna was standing in the center of the stage: dressed in a white top and print skirt. The only other thing on the stage was a chair facing towards her.

Quickly looking at Beth, she shrugged her shoulders and mouthed, “Go with the flow.”

Slowly the music began to play and Anna waggled her ass, moving her hands up and down her body. Gently squeezing her tits and causing her tit-milk to soak through the top and expose her gorgeous tits through the material.

Sitting in the audience Peter watched as his cock began throbbing inside his pants, his eyes glittering with excitement. Anna’s long, slender legs moved snake-like as she turned and danced slowly. Her ass bunched and relaxed.

Her blouse was open almost to her waist, revealing the deep creamy valley between her tits. Her tits, though firm and tight looking, from all the milk in them, jiggled slightly as she danced and it was obvious that each of the patrons in the front row were hoping that a nipple or even the whole breast might suddenly escape from her blouse as she danced. Her hips, encased in her print shirt, swayed and made grinding motions, her crotch bare underneath, allowing a slight whiff of her womanly aroma to escape and drift to the front row. When she twirled her ass in Peter’s direction, he watched the skirt lift and split revealing her ass and bare skin between her legs.

Anna wasn’t really a dancer, but it wasn’t the first time she’d danced like this. In fact she’d danced like this for Peter many, many times before but always in the privacy of their home. She loved watching his cock harden inside his pants, knowing he was ready to shove his hard cock up her pussy, had always excited her. But tonight she needed to do more than simply turn Peter on she needed to do the best she had ever done to turn on the audience as well.

She had a natural sense of rhythm that was sensuous and arousing, her movements more like fucking rather than dancing. The sway of her hips, the twist of her shoulders, the way she thrust her large, milk-filled tits towards the audience seemed to promise each of them much more. Quickly she realized she loved to turn people on with her body and that the audience appreciated what she was doing as a few of the members sitting I front were beginning to twitch and twist in their seats and a few were already tossing money onto the stage for her.

Gazing into the audience Anna spotted Peter and gave him a “come here, baby” look which he gladly obeyed. Once on stage with her Anna had him sit down on the chair and with her eyes gazing looking directly at his bulging cock, she again began to slowly revolve her hips. She licked at her full lips, running her hands up and down her hips. Her nipples stood out with rubbery hardness, pointing against the thin blouse. She curled her fingers around her tits for a moment. A slight squeeze of her fingers made her nipples become more pronounced and milk flow from them, wetting her blouse even more.

Unable to stop, Peter gasped softly as he stared at her tits and remembered what it felt like to hold them in his hands. His body responded as if with a mind of its own but Peter continued to sit in the chair making no effort to conceal the hard-on that she had caused.

Squeezing her tits was something Anna had frequently done when dancing for Peter but what she did next, however, was different. With her eyes lustfully glowing and her lips parted slightly as she panted, she opened the front of her Trabzon Escort skirt and slowly caressed her hands down along her lower stomach, moving her fingers about the bulge of her pussy while her hips revolved in slow motion. The gasps from the audience encouraged her.

“You really love to watch me, don’t you, honey?” she asked in a low, whispery voice.

Peter nodded, swallowing as his eyes followed her hands.

Anna slowly slipped one hand between her thighs and lightly rubbed along her pussy slit. Her hips moved rhythmically as she rubbed at her pussy two or three more times. She knew she couldn’t rub the lust-swollen flesh much more because needed to hold off coming as long as possible to get the money that she and Peter needed. Dancing for Peter this way was not only making his cock harden and strain against the front of his pants, but lighting a torch of desire deep inside her pussy. Tracing a fingertip along the outlined slit of her pussy one last time, Anna could tell how hot and wet she was as she felt her juices leaking from her slit to coat her inner thighs.

Instinctively, looking down at Peter’s lap to see if she was having the desired effect on his she was rewarded with the sight of his hard cock pressing against the front of his pants, straining for release.

“Oh, God!” she purred, widening her stance and thrusting her hips forward. “Oh, my God.”

The audience’s eyes watched her finger move along the edge of her crotch. Many wanted to grab her, grab her by her pussy. Peter’s right hand trembled as it slipped onto his lap and started for the zipper on his pants. Despite the many times Anna had danced for him, she had never touched herself this way, and a sense of lust and desire seemed to flow from her to fill the room.

Anna slid her hand between her legs again, a low guttural moan escaping her lips as she found how very, very sensitive her pussy was becoming. The sensations rumbling through her slender body were greater than ever before. She was sure she would come if she placed just the slightest bit of pressure upon her knotted clitoris so she looked at Peter and watched as his hand slowly moved closer to the bulging cock within his pants before stopping. She knew what he was feeling. She knew because she was feeling the same thing: desire, desperate desire, desire that was demanding satisfaction.

“Grab it, baby'” she hissed, the words coming out before she could choke them back. “Grab it now!”

Unsure of what she wanted him to grab he sat there watching her. Anna was still running her fingertips along the edge of her crotch. Her eyes focused on the bulge of his cock as it strained for release against the front of his pants. Peter licked his lips in nervousness, his hand shaking in his lap and the tips of his fingers almost touching the growing.

Sensuously, Anna swung her hips in a slow, tight circle, trying to work a finger into the “V” between her thighs as she watched Peter slip his hand over his throbbing cock.

“That’s it, baby!” Anna moaned softly. “Grab it tight!”

Peter’s encircled the bulge with his fingers and squeezed.

Anna’s body trembled, and with a soft cry, she jerked her hands from her crotch and reached up to cup her tits and squeeze her nipples through the material of her top. Her eyes smoldered, watching Peter’s hand pressing and squeezing his hard cock. Then with a sudden motion, she yanked her blouse open, her tits spilling out nakedly.

The gasps and grunts from the audience filled the room as a choking sound escaped from Anna.

Anna’s tits were spaced wide, rounded and firm, with dark-pink nipples straining out in teasing stiffness. The blouse hung half off her shoulders, and Anna shrugged, setting up a delicious motion in her tits and causing milk to leak from the nipples and run down to drop on her stomach..

Seeing this Peter squeezed his cock hard, fighting not to cum in his pants.

“Oh, baby, baby!” Anna whimpered. She swayed closer to him, her knees touching his. She stared down at his hand holding his cock and whispered, “Squeeze it, baby. Squeeze it!” before leaning over, her hands braced on the back of the chair, her head dipped to watch Peter’s hand as she deliberately shoved her tits into his face. “Ohhhh, baby!” she moaned.

Peter felt the heat of her tits closing around his face, felt the creamy texture of the flesh. His cock seemed to swell more than ever before, the head of his cock ready to tear through his pants.

Anna shifted her shoulders and watched as one nipple brushed across his chin. She held her breath as she pushed the nipple to his waiting lips. “Suck it!” she hissed throatily.

Peter reacted immediately. Pulling his hands from his lap he wrapped them around Anna’s waist and pulled her towards him as he took a nipple between his lips and sucked wildly, eagerly, while his tongue lapping in wet swirls.

“Ohhhh, God, baby.” Anna sobbed softly, her tit swelling inside his mouth. “Suck it hard, baby! Oooooh … suck it Trabzon Escort Bayan really hard! Fill your mouth with my tit. Suck my tits. Let me feel my tit-milk spraying into your mouth and filling it. Suck them and drink all of my tit-milk until they’re dry.”

Peter pulled as much of Anna’s tit into his mouth as I could, hungry for it. The wet pull on her tit sent a wild ripple of delight down her body, causing her pussy to flow and send more and more juice down her legs and release her womanly aroma for all the room to smell.

Peter tried to think of anything possible to keep his mind off his hardening cock but the smell of Anna’s arousal was making it almost unbearable but Anna had her own plan as she slipped her tit from his mouth and rubbed them across his face. Quickly responding Peter stuck his tongue out and tasted first one nipple and then the other.

Anna squealed in soft sounds, her eyes smoldering and slightly unfocused with fiery passion. She had no idea when she had started to dance that it would turn her and the audience on so much. Her hands had moved and touched herself of their own accord, without thought or plan. Now, she had her tits pressed against Peter’s face and she didn’t want to pull away. His grunts told her he was getting very turned on by her actions and that she’d better do something else quickly or run the rick of having him cum in his pants. Fighting her throbbing desire, Anna pulled her tits from him and stood up, her knees against his.

Peter looked up at Anna with longing, and desire as his cockhead pressed against the front of his pants even harder and the briefest of seconds wondered if it was possible for his cock to rip the front of his pants open.

“Oh, baby!” she hissed, dropping to her knees before him. With her eyes staring at his cock, she placed her palms on his thighs, and slowly caressed upward. She gasped, held her breath, then gasped again. “You’re really hard, aren’t you?”

Peter could only grunt a reply.

Anna couldn’t resist now, couldn’t control the gnawing greed between her long legs.

Panting hotly, she shoved his hand off his lap where it had fallen when she pulled away. For a long moment she stared at the way it bulged upwards. Then, with a soft cry, she began fumbling at his pants, her fingers feverish and shaking.

Peter shivered as he saw what Anna was doing, but there was no way he could pull back, or try to stop her. Like her, he was overcome with desire which was only heightened by the fact that the audience was now cheering them on.

Opening his pants, Anna pulled the zipper as wide as she could, releasing his cock to spring from his pants.

“Ohhhhh, honey!” she gurgled softly.

Peter’s cock stood up hard and tall in his lap. He and Anna had measured it once and he knew that normally it stood eight inches but now it looked even larger; hard as steel yet pliable to Anna’s touch, the cockhead swollen until it looked like the end of a huge mushroom. The opening at the tip seemed to be flowing with a stream of pre-cum, gleaming invitingly.

Anna closed her fist around his cock, testing the hardness by squeezing. “My God, it’s hard!” she gasped.

Instinctively, Peter slid his ass toward the edge of the chair, spreading his knees wide as Anna forward brushing her exposed tits over the tops of his legs.

Licking her lips in anticipation she pulled up on his cock, watching the pre-cum drip from the tip. Tightening her grip she watched his cockhead pulse and grow, her tongue flicking at her hot lips. Her eyes were glazed with erotic hunger, staring at his cock, no more than seven or eight inches in front of her face.

“Oh, lover, it’s so very hard!” she whimpered. “So hard!”

Her fist moved, pumping up and down, but slowly.

“Shit, I don’t think . . . please, baby, be careful!” Peter gasped.

“Why be careful?” she asked, her voice hoarse.

“I don’t wanna cum yet, baby!”

Anna shoved her fist down hard at the base of his cock, her fingers very tight. Again she pulled up, watching the fuck juices bubble from the small slit at the top of his cock. Then, with her fist still very tight, she pushed down once more.

“Fucccckkkkkkkk!” he grunted as hot, thick cum juice spewed from his cock.

“Ohhhhh!” Anna gasped, the first spurt splashing on her chin. She began pumping up and down his cock swiftly then. She raced her fist up and down until it appeared a blur, making him cum. The squirts of hot cum juice spattered against her cheek, her nose, even on her forehead. She made soft cries of pleasure as she played with his cock, watching the white creamy juice gush from his cock, feeling the throbbing pulsation’s of it in her fist. Cum juice splashed onto her tits, dripped over her hand, and drenching her face with the creamy wetness. Anna’s eyes misted over dreamily, her pussy swelling as if trying to burst from under her skirt as her orgasm burst from her. “Oh, my God! Me, too!” she cried as her pussy contracted with tight Escort Trabzon heat, the lips sucking and squeezing as her orgasm rumbled through her crotch like liquid fire. She was still coming when Peter finished yet she clung to his cock tightly, delighting the fact that it was still hard.

Peter could tell that she wanted to kiss the head of his cock and lick the remnants of his cum from it but she restrained herself. Instead she licked at the corner of her lips, teasing the audience and Peter as she caught the loose strands and sucked them into her mouth.

Money seemed to float from the sky onto the stage, but they were too involved with each other to take more than a fleeting notice.

“You came so much!” she said, surprised at how much cum had come out of his balls.

Unsure of what Anna’s plan was, Peter sat in the chair and watched the cum drip from her face and tits.

Anna relaxed her grip on his cock and stood up, swaying her hips, still staring at his cock. “You’re still so hard, lover. I hope you know exactly what to do with it,” she whispered in a thick, primal tone.

Gracefully, Anna moved her hands to the back of her skirt and grabbed the tie strings holding it together.

The audience seemed to hold its breath in anticipation as she hesitated. Anna stood there staring at the audience and at Peter was she took a deep breath before pulling the string holding her skirt in place and letting it fall to the floor.

A few of the members of the audience were rewarded with a peek of Anna’s hairless pussy, and rocking and jerking sounds began to echo through the room.

Anna spread her legs and thrust her pelvis towards Peter as she moved over his lap and straddled his cock. Then without even touching his cock she shifted her hips and brushed the cockhead across her boiling pussy lips. The contact sent a tremor through her creamy flesh for all the audience to see.

“What are you gonna do, now, baby?” Peter choked, staring between her thighs.

“Hush!” she said, as she lowered herself on his lap until she felt the head of his cock at the slit of her pussy. Once again she hesitated but now she knew exactly what she needed to do as she looked at the audience. “Who wants to see me fuck this guy? Who wants to see me take his cock all the way inside my hot, sexy pussy?”

When no one answered she began to stand up but immediately stopped when she heard the sudden uproar of the audience as they yelled, “Fuck him! Don’t stop. Let us see you fuck the gringo. Si, fuck him. Take his cock inside your pregnant pussy.”

Anna grinned as she looked back at them, “Ok, then ante up. No money … no fucky.”

Money sailed from every corner of the bar until the stage seemed to be covered with bills of every denomination.

Anna quickly made eye contact with Beth and pointed at her as she said, “You … Pick up the cash and any more than lands on this stage from now on,” before looking at Peter and finishing, “And as for you, get ready for the fuck of your life.”

Peter never even had a chance to reply before Anna slowly began to settle onto his lap. “Ohhhh, yes!” she moaned as she felt the pressure against her pussy, then the parting of her pussy lips. She lowered her crotch a little more, and the head of his cock slipped into her wet, lust-crazed pussy.

“Ohhhh, my God!” Peter sighed as he felt himself entering Anna.

Anna held herself with the head of his cock just barely inside her pussy. The sensations were wild and sweet.

Peter waited and wondered if she was going to take his cock all the way inside her pussy or lift upward and tease the audience once again. Inwardly, the wet heat of her pussy wrapped around his cockhead made him want to thrust upwards and fill her pussy with one continuous stroke but Anna was in charge of the show for now.

Slowly, Anna twisted her ass, making a screwing motion. She whimpered softly and slipped down a bit more. The feel of Peter’s cock throbbing inside her sensitive pussy canal made her tingle from head to toe.

Peter couldn’t stop himself from moving his hands to her thighs. He felt the smooth, silkiness of her skin and began to slide his hands up and down hers legs, caressing her hips and thighs before gliding them up her back again.

Anna felt his touch on her naked skin, almost half of his cock stuffed into her bubbling pussy, whispered hotly to him. “Feel me, run your hands up and down my legs. Mmmmmmm, Yesssssss, that’s right! Feel my legs, feel my hips! Ohhhh, baby, it feels so good in me!” she hissed, and lowered herself down until every hard inch of Peter’s cock was inside her waiting pussy. His cock slid deep into her and her sensitive pussy lips seemed stretched deliciously. Her clitoris throbbed as it rubbed against the base of his cock as she sat there, shivering with pleasure while Peter ran his hands from her knees to her hips.

With a shiver, Anna began to grind her crotch, smashing the lips of her pussy against the base of Peter’s cock. She purred softly and then began to lift and lower her lust enflamed pussy, fucking him slowly. Pulling her hands from the back of the chair, Anna clutched Peter’s shoulders as she used the muscles of her legs to fuck up and down his cock. She lifted her head, face toward the ceiling, eyes closed.

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