Back Row Babe

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When I was young (and far more naïve than I readily care to admit) there was a cinema in the city centre with a certain reputation, where I liked to hang out at weekends.

I’d go there wearing a parka and jeans with gym pumps, and take a seat in the very back row of the stalls; the seats where, once the lights were dimmed, it turned as dark as sin.

And if the usherettes ever gave me a bad eye, doubtless because unemployed school leavers caused more than our fair share of trouble, I beamed it right back at them, sulking so bad they soon figured it was better just to leave me alone…

Not that I was hostile to anyone else!

Hidden underneath my parka and jeans, I’d be wearing a bra, camisole, panties and tights, and the moment the lights were dimmed, I’d slip my jeans under the seat and eagerly await my first companion.

It was never a long wait, thanks to information I believe was posted on the wall of a particular public toilet, which acted as a bulletin board for such matters!

Truth is, I rarely had time to count to ten before my first admirer was occupying the seat next to mine…

Being so dark, I’d first feel his warmth as he sat down, typically bringing with him a strong smell of tobacco before his coarse hand wasted no time exploring my nylon-clad legs.

He’d stroke my thighs, fingering under my panties, which I always wore on top of my tights, so they could easily slide out of the way when he wanted to handle my boy bits, which you could bet he’d want to do sooner rather than later!

So while the ads gave way to trailers ahead of the main feature, I’d find my legs prised wide apart with my ankles maybe dangling over the seats in front, as he forcefully massaged my puny member, stroking me to a rapid climax that soon covered his calloused fingers in warm, creamy cum.

Straight afterwards, I’d take my panties off and try to wipe up the mess; but chances were he’d be far too impatient and, before I was even halfway through, I’d feel his sticky hand grappling with my hair, as my face got pushed eagerly towards his rapidly burgeoning groin.

It was time for me to start sucking cock!

Most often, the poise he pressed me into would be quite awkward, sort of halfway between kneeling down and leaning over my seat, and in consequence my neck got stretched further than nature ever intended, which is hardly right, just so some stranger’s whim can be satisfied!

But that’s what I was beginning to discover about the sort of men who like to play with my kind; they can be callous and cruel, and tend to focus wholly on their own pleasures, but guess what?

I wouldn’t have it any other way!

With my face forcefully buried in his lap, there was no option other than to open wide and permit his bulging manhood entry through my lips, and I was happy to comply, allowing his salty pre-cum to briefly tease my tongue before his solid presence sealed my throat, making me gag for breath as, manipulating my head just enough to stop me suffocating, he worked me up and down like a rag doll till, at the moment of his choosing, he let rip into tekirdağ escort my silently throbbing throat, sending a warm dose of heavy cream deep inside me.

And then, like most encounters with strangers in the dark, he’d simply vanish…

He’d zip up and go, just as swiftly and discreetly as he’d arrived, leaving the seats around me strangely empty while the echo of a confusing loss meddled with my mind.

Though rarely for long! Most nights, my first admirer would be on his way long before the main feature was even halfway through, and another caller would be waiting anxiously in the wings! A coded cough was all it took to tell me of this shadowy stranger’s intentions and, more often than not, I found myself struggling for time to powder my nose, such was the keenness of my ad hoc admirers!

Happy days…

These activities took place the year after I left school and failed to find a job, before I decided to head down to London. And one small reason I ended up hitting the road concerns events that happened on the last evening I ever went to this particular cinema.

On the night in question, the main feature was a Spanish zombie film with subtitles, and it attracted an unusual crowd. In consequence, my usual seat was occupied by a crowd of Goths, but I made myself comfortable in a far flung corner, still right at the back, and banked on a keen-eyed admirer or two hopefully figuring out where I’d gone and why…

In which regard, I wasn’t wrong!

In no time at all, a strong manly hand was massaging my tiny pièce de résistance to the kind of climax that was wasted on me, while I prepared to show my gratitude by embracing his hot, throbbing member within my drooling lips.

On this occasion, I made no effort at cleaning up with my pretty pink panties, such was my lust as, stroking his cum-covered fingers through my hair, he guided my face into his groaning groin, where I found his manhood standing stiffly to attention, in dire need of my gasping mouth.

Eagerly, I began to lick, scooping up his tasty pre-cum before engulfing his solid pole between my lips and swallowing with the force of a limpet! And I could tell from the way his cherry scraped against the back of my throat that he was truly appreciative; that here was a real man who knew how to take the satisfaction he deserved from a sissy!

But just as I was finding my rhythm and sucking him off like the pro I was possibly practising to become, I suddenly found myself choking with fright as an unexpected sensation grasped my every fibre when, out of nowhere, a second stranger’s hands suddenly shot round my waist!

Finding myself trapped in that awkward position halfway between kneeling and stretching over the armrest, I was of course powerless to protect my rear from this unwarranted exploration. I felt utterly helpless as these cold, analytic fingers moved off my midriff and onto my butt-cheeks where, to my increasing consternation, they began steadily rolling my panties and tights down towards my upper thighs until suddenly, I felt a presence like nothing I’d ever known before…

I trabzon escort was being violated!

With the cool confidence anonymity endows upon even the lowest forms of pond life, my assailant slid his moist, well-lubed manhood into my tight anus, pushing my cheeks cleanly apart and causing me to almost choke as I experienced not only his force within that virgin space, but also the expanding strength of a cock which, by prior mutual agreement, was now most of the way down my tense and ticklish throat.

Sensing my reaction to the unexpected rear entry seemed to have made my original admirer a whole lot hornier, which I can only conclude proves he was in on it; that my spit-roasters were almost surely friends and collaborators…

In which case, it’s a crying shame they never thought to tell me!

Chances are I’d have agreed, and it’s only because I was taken completely by surprise I let out a girlie squeal when that cock stole my virtue. But though it couldn’t have been all that loud (after all, I had my mouth full at the time!) it caused enough of a commotion to catch the attention of an usherette…

Now to be frank, I was so otherwise occupied I hardly noticed the beam from her torch passing over me, but when she screamed? Why, that was something else…

And then the lights came on!

Fortunately, I was the centrepiece of this muddled menagerie! So as staff and patrons began hastily combining their efforts to capture us, they naturally focused their earnest attentions on my admirers, who took off furiously in opposing directions, leaving me with an unexpected opportunity to pull up my tights and panties and stroll out of the building!

And to my surprise, not even those staff members who passed me on the stairs while running towards the fracas I was so artfully escaping paid me the slightest bit of attention, and I was permitted to freely stroll onto the high street, leaving the whole imbroglio safely behind me! It was only when I’d walked a few yards in clean air, and was beginning to catch my breath back, that I realized my critical mistake…

My jeans were still under the cinema seat!

And there was no chance of going back for them.

So there I was, stranded in the city centre on a Saturday night wearing a parka, tights and gym pumps. Of course, with no wig or make-up on, I immediately pulled my hood out as far as it went to hide my face, but guess what? That merely raises some folks’ curiosity!

The folks I’m thinking of are young and bored and unemployed, and think nothing of having fun with anyone they come across who’s a little too different for their liking.

I needed to make my way back to my estate as soon as possible; I knew I’d be safe there, if only because familiarity breeds contempt. But it was a long bus ride away, and whichever way I walked I’d need to pass some lively spots before I could catch that ride!

As luck would have it, I got out of the city centre without incident; not even a wolf whistle came my way! But waiting at the first bus stop, I soon gained the unwelcome attention sivas escort of a large man in a big Ford car.

“Where are you going?” he asked, and when I told him, he said: “Get in, I’ll give you a lift!”

And being dumb, I did!

At the very next junction, he turned the wrong way, but when I tried to complain he just told me to shut up. “When you accept a ride,” he explained, “You’ve got to pay for it!”

Five minutes later, we pulled into a park that’s famous as a well-known cruising spot and he wasted no time in getting down to business.

The hem of my parka offered no kind of protection, as it barely covered my skinny hips, and he just forced his hand into my crotch and started kneading my boy bits like they were putty for him to play with.

When I winced, he told me to shut up and squeezed a whole lot harder, which I took as a message. So to placate him I relaxed my limbs, silently letting him know I wasn’t going to give him any more trouble.

After that he hummed with pleasure as he pushed the passenger seat back and got me to spread my legs, so my feet were wide apart and resting on the dashboard.

Then he went down on me!

Honestly, that was quite a surprise. He tugged my panties and tights out of his way, then sucked my semi-flaccid chipolata till it began croaking, and all the cum that was left in there spewed inside his mouth, in a series of small, irregular jerks that felt kind of humiliating…

Though to tell the truth, I wasn’t quite sure who ought to feel humiliated?!

Before a beam of moonlight briefly lit his face I heard him swallow, and if he felt bad about himself he was hiding it real well, because he looked just like the cat who got the cream! But then his eyes went narrow, and he explained ever so sombrely that after pleasure must come pain…

With no exceptions!

With an unpleasant glint glowing off his shaded face, he pulled me further down the seat, spreading my legs even wider while he clumsily dropped his trousers, giving me a tentative glance at his magnanimous member; a piece which I reckon would even have dropped a few jaws at a porn convention!

This guy was hugely well endowed, with a full nine inches of throbbing flesh at his disposal, all of which he now forced between my tender butt-cheeks, bringing instant tears flooding from my eyes. And as he mercilessly pumped away, oblivious to my obvious pain, I saw a wide smile growing upon his grizzled lips, and realized how my stark discomfort was feeding his desire to punish me simply for existing as an object of his desire.

His eyes seemed to say: “Take this, you mincing sissy – it’s everything you deserve!”

He didn’t cum quickly, and when at last he satisfied himself, he felt it fair to leave me in the park with five pounds for a taxi home. But I’m not ashamed to admit I cried and begged, grovelling on my knees and pleading until, when I remarked I’d be hard pressed to walk five yards after what he’d just done to me, he finally relented and agreed to give me a lift back to my estate.

The drive took us through a rough area where hookers hang out, and my reluctant Lancelot suggested that, with a bit of make-up and a nice wig, I could make a reasonable living that way.

And though I hoped to find a far better job, I thanked him most politely for the idea.

That’s all folks!

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