Back home after December hols

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Back home after December holsBack home after December hols. After a wonder December holiday at the coast, enjoying plenty of sexual experiences I found myself back home and a bit bore after all the fun. My girlfriend Amanda was due back in a few days time, just after new years and I couldnt wait to see her. Thankfully the days went by rather quickly and before I knew it it was new years eve. My mate Mike was gonna sleep over as well as my sister’s friend Carry, and our we were more just gonna chill with my parents and celebrate into the new year, until my parents decided to visit friends leaving us 4 k**s alone for the early afternoon and into the evening. Mike and I having lots to catch up on, as to events that occurred over the holidays and as we shared all our sexual experiences it got us rather horny as two young boys would be. My sisters Friend Carry, wasnt the prettiest but after all the sexual talk that got Mike and myself horny we decide to go have a little fun and flirt with her as well as Mike flirt with my younger sister. As the four of us sat in the lounge we chatted and teased, which got myself even more horny and eventually my sister noticed that I had a hardon under my pants and sarcastically asked, why is my cock hard? Carry laughed as she blushed and then the two girls also noticed that’s Mike’s cock was showing through his pants as I answered telling them it’s been a week since my last sexual activity with a girl. My sister immediately asked who and what all and the conversation drifted to me telling her that I got blowjobs from Jessica as well as sleeping with to telling her that I as well slept with and broke Samantha’s virginity which she was amazed about. The question then moved onto Mike and he explained his 2 weeks of blowjobs and foreplay with a girl he met. My sister then turn back to me asking what about Amanda or if we broke up? I answered telling her that we still dating and that I can’t wait to see her to sleep with her. bahis firmaları Mine and Mike’s cock throbbed more as we spoke and then I asked my sister, “considering we being honest now, what all sexual experiences have you had and done?” ” you not gonna tell mom or dad” she asked, and no u won’t I replied. And then to my surprise she replied saying,” with a guy I’ve been fingered and given a hand job but however with a girl, I’ve muffed her and have her muff me.” No way Mike and I said, and then asked do we know the girl. Carry immediately blushed as my sister answer yes and as we asked who, she said its Carry, and then they both blushed and giggled. Mike and I asked them both a number of questions which they answered, making us two guys all the more horny. My sister then asked us if we have experience any gay experiences and I answered saying yes that Mike and jerked off together but that’s about it. Shocked, horny, throbbing hard cock, I then asked Carry eventually what all she had done with guys. A bit more than my sister, given a blowjob and been muffed and at that moment in time I wished she could just suck my cock then and there, I was so horny. Mike then asked the ultimate question, ” do you to girls plan on pleasuring each other tonight.” Both of them giggled and then answered yes we do plan to, and my sister then said unlike you guys, I haven’t had any sexual interaction this entire holiday so I’m pretty horny. Mike immediately replied saying that you two can go right ahead we will just sit here and watch, my sister immediately replied dont you just wish you could be that lucky and yes we replied. Unfortunately it wasnt to be and while we continued chatting time flew by and my parents arrived home just before midnight. Midnight arrived and happy new year it was and rather soon after wishing everyone, we all dissapeared to our bedrooms. After closing our door, Mike asked me, can you imagine what your sister and Carry are about to do. kaçak iddaa Although it was my sister, I could definitely in my mind picture her and Carry taking turns to eat each others pussies getting myself extremely horny. Mike saying I wish we could just watch them and wank would be amazing. I agreed as i stripped down naked and watched as Mike too released his throbbing hard cock and started stroking it. I soon stop him from wanking his cock as he sat on the bed, he asked and what now and I replied saying lay back and enjoy. Ok he said as I gripped his hard cock and stroked up and down as he laid back. It wasnt long till he groaned as his balls relieved the sexual tension, shoot his hot cum onto his chest as I walked him. “I know it’s no blowjob from a girl, but better than doing it yourself,” I said and he agreed then pushed me down onto my back and took my cocj into his warm hands. I laid back with the visions of my sister getting eating by her friend. The thoughts of watching lesbians pleasure each other was well in my mind and in no time as Mike jerked my throbbing cock, I exploded shooting my hot cum all over onto my belly and chest. Feeling rather relieved Mike and I cleaned up all our cum and then chatted saying for the two girls it’s so lucky that they can pleasure each other and be lesbians but if you and I do anymore gay experiences we will be classified as moffies, cruel world and then I said if we keep it all to ourselves we can have a bisexual gay relationship as well as our straight girlfriend relationship which Mike and I agreed upon. Eventually we fell asleep and once awake the next day, we didn’t do much. Mike eventually went home around midday and Carry a bit later leaving just me my parents and sister to enjoy the rest of new years day. My sister and I chatted but not all that much as It was rather noticeable that we had plenty questions to ask each other in private, which was definitely the case. Two days past and then my kaçak bahis parents leave finished, back to work they went leaving my sister and myself alone in the house for a serious much needed conversation. Into my room she came straight after our mom left and she sat down on the bed and immediately started with,” please dont tell mom or dad that I’m bisexual or that I’m sexually active already?” I promise I won’t i replied and then asked her not to spill any of my holiday secrets with mom, dad or my girlfriend Amanda and she then asked after saying she won’t, how does sex feel like. I told her totally amazing for me, great sensation and that I can’t wait to fuck more often harder and different positions. My sister replied saying that sounds cool, can’t wait till I experience it one day and I said just make sure you ready which she agreed upon. Her last question she asked was, dont I feel guilty for cheating on Amanda and i replied as much as I do, I dont regret sleep with and breaking both Jessica’s and Samantha’s virginities and that likely might find more willing girls to sleep with in the future. “So I got a horn dog naughty brother,” she replied and then asked, ” tell me what Samantha looked naked as I founded her very pretty?” I looked at my sister and knew this was gonna be the started of a new relationship that her and I would have and I replied telling her, about her tight wet shaven pussy and hard nipples on sexy tits, and then asked if she’d like too see the pictures that Samantha sent me. Yes please she said and my sister and I looked through all the naughty sexy pictures Samantha sent me, which got me rock hard and horny. I excused myself from the bedroom to the bathroom and as I walked I heard my sister close her bedroom door. As I stood stroking my cock over the basin, I wonder what all my sister was doing and thinking behind her closed bedroom door. The thought of the past, being in Samantha’s tight vagina got my cock hot and as I continued stroking I exploded shooting my hot cum into the basin. It was a start of a whole new friendship between my sister and I, honest and trusting we shared plenty secret,stories and pictures as we grew older together.

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