Back Dive Ch. 06

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College Sluts

Ch. 06 – Teens Learn the Hard Way

The dazed teenagers barely talked on the way back to Karen’s house. They seemed to take turns making hollow comments without expecting or getting direct replies.

“I can’t believe they didn’t see us.”

“I can’t believe we watched them.”

“Did you see how sexy he was?”

“Did you see how sexy she was?”

“I’m still excited from watching them.”

“Did you hear her say she could be pregnant?”

“They should have used protection if they were going to have sex.”

On that last comment Aline flinched then looked downward, without disputing whether Sullivan and Sarah had actually had sex.

Karen’s house was empty and the three teenagers were free to socialize without interruption in the basement. Aline flopped into a soft chair but Andy pulled Karen to him.

“I couldn’t wait to get you back here after watching that!”

“You sure couldn’t wait! You were trying to hump both of us out on that balcony!” Karen laughed and Aline snickered.

“Well, at least it’s good to find out that we know how to fuck!” Andy held his hand up for a high-five with Karen.

“Yeah!” Karen chimed in and slapped his offered hand. “They sure fucked each other the same way we do!”

Andy and Karen fell hard into each other’s arms with gloating looks toward Aline. Aline remained seated and looking at the floor, but her face was a shade of red. Andy and Karen seized each other’s butts and ground together in celebration.

Aline said in almost a whisper, “They didn’t really have sex.”

Karen slowly pulled away from Andy and glared at Aline. “What did you say?”

Aline never looked up from the floor. But her voice was louder as it filtered through the hair over her ever-reddening face. “The dick has to make it into the pussy for it to be real fucking!”

Karen raised her arms into the air in frustration. “Aline! You are my best friend and I love you, but you can be so stubborn!” Karen paced back and forth rapidly as she continued with agitation in her voice. “Didn’t you see the same thing we did? Didn’t you hear that girl Sarah say that she could be pregnant from fucking without protection?”

Andy was not normally a peacemaker but even he was nervous at these two friends becoming angry with each other. He moved to calm Karen and she shrugged him away angrily.

Aline straightened her shoulders to face Karen so that her hair fell away from her bright red face. Through gritted teeth she spoke firmly. “That is not exactly what she said. And it would not change the fact that they did not have sex!”

“Well since you’re such an expert why don’t you show me how it’s done right now, with Andy?”

Andy and Aline were totally surprised at this suggestion. For the briefest instant they glanced at each other.

Andy stood frozen without saying a word. Aline frowned and lowered her eyes back to the ground saying, “Come on Karen, don’t say that.”

“Come on yourself, Aline.” Karen got right up in her friend’s face. “You want me to be the one to try some sort of perverted sex stunt, because you can’t admit it when you’re wrong.” Karen changed her voice into a whining tone to particularly ridicule her friend. “You’re the girl who’s never come close to having sex so you have to be some kind of authority. Just admit you’re jealous!”

Aline slowly stood up and straightened to her full height. Her face was beet red and her voice shook. She clinched her fists at her side and said clearly, “I’m not wrong!”

Karen threw her arms in the air again in disgust. She bent aggressively toward Aline to yell as loud as she could, “SHOW ME!”

Aline took a hard look at Andy before screaming, “OKAY!”

Aline stomped across the basement room to the bed without looking at Andy or Karen. As she went she removed articles of clothing and threw them forcefully on the floor.

Andy stood sheepishly beside Karen. “Maybe you two should think about this a little bit.”

Aline spoke assertively over her shoulder, “Andy! Just get naked!”

Karen frowned at him and said, “It won’t hurt you. Just do it!” She pointed to the bedside table. “The condoms are at the back of the drawer.” Then Karen grasped Andy by the shoulders, looked meaningfully into his eyes and said, “No orgasm, just do enough to prove her wrong.” In a softer voice she added, “And don’t hurt her.”

Aline threw off the last of her clothes and turned to face them. The redhead stood tall and strong without wearing a stitch of clothing. Her normally milk-white skin was a ruddy patchwork of pink to match her red face and extreme emotion. Her full breasts were high on her torso and they tended to swing slightly when Aline turned. Her waist was narrow, especially in contrast to her wide shoulders. She had a flaming red bush that was trimmed enough to stay inside her briefest swimming suit. Aline was a beauty but at that moment she did not seem to care.

Andy was overwhelmed with the whole situation. He ogled Aline with his eyes going from tits to waist to pussy escort bursa and back to tits. But when Andy pulled off his pants his small penis was totally flaccid. He timidly approached the bed still in his T-shirt.

With a shy grin Andy looked questioningly at Aline. She commanded, “Lie on your back.”

Without fear, Aline followed Andy onto the bed to kneel beside him. She looked down at Andy’s tiny limp penis and for the first time it seemed to dawn on her that this may not be as easy as she thought. She slowly turned in confusion to Karen.

The awkward moment released some of the tension in the room. Karen smiled, “We can’t expect him to get hard like this.” She turned to Andy and jokingly spoke as if she were talking to a baby. “Oooh, my poor little Andy needs some tender loving care before he can get a boner. Andy, you don’t have to just lie there; you can touch the nice lady.” Andy actually blushed as he mechanically placed a warm palm on the curve of Aline’s nude hip. For some reason, all three of them burst into nervous laughter.

Aline continued to chuckle as she bent over to kiss Andy lightly on the lips. In the process her naked bosom brushed across his T-shirt covered chest. Aline straightened to a kneeling position as Andy took the opportunity to frantically remove his T-shirt.

“Can you kiss me like that again?”

Aline seemed flattered. She licked her lips and bent forward to give him a juicy kiss this time. With Andy’s hand still glued to her waste, he pulled gently and she arched causing her tits to rake lightly across his upraised chest. They both sighed at the skin-to-skin contact.

Karen was standing beside the bed focused specifically on Andy’s penis. She announced, “Oh yeah! This is gonna work!”

That seemed to totally break the ice. Andy’s normal confidence took over while Aline’s normal self-doubt was absent. Andy pulled her down with him on the bed and cuddled up against her warm naked body. The connection made Aline grunt with surprised satisfaction. In this horizontal position Andy did not seem like a small boy compared to her; he was a man and he felt like it.

Andy rolled into Aline placing his thigh between her legs and pressed upward against her core. Aline was surprised but did the natural thing; she pushed back against him.

They kissed passionately as Andy positioned both palms on Aline’s glorious naked tits. She did not shy away, but she was tentative in lightly touching his butt as he clinched and pushed snugly up against her hip.

Karen stood beside the bed in silence. Those two certainly did not need more coaching. It gave her a chance to reflect. She smiled for her normally insecure friend, knowing this would be good for her self-esteem. But Karen’s smile seemed to fade whenever Andy showed enthusiasm that she had not experienced herself with him.

Andy seemed to be going crazy over Aline’s large tits, not only with his hands but with his mouth. Of course this was a source of some insecurity for Karen, since she had almost no bosom at all.

And Karen noticed that Aline was not exactly passive. She could passionately roll around on the bed with Andy every bit as well as Karen. Aline was certainly more expressive than Karen was. And maybe Andy was even more expressive than usual.

“Oh God Aline! You have great tits!”

“Keep licking my nipple like that! Ooh! Your dick’s really hard now!”

“Aahhh Shiiit! If you keep stroking my dick like that I’m going to come!….Oh Man! Your pussy is so wet!”

Karen continued to watch closely as they reached the point of frantically masturbating each other. They had broken into a light sweat and wore desperate-looking expressions. Andy’s tanned skin was a stunning accent to his ripped musculature, while Aline’s beautifully flushed coloring was now because of passion instead of anger.

Aline took over and gently pushed Andy onto his back again. “Okay, I want to do this the same way I would with the dildo at home.”

Karen let out a nervous hoot at that comment, but Andy was not laughing. He was totally focused on Aline as she lifted a knee over him to straddle his mid-section.

Andy and Aline pressed against each other and did not notice Karen as she walked over to the bedside table and retrieved a condom. Aline seemed delirious as she seized Andy’s dick in her left hand and stroked her clitoris with her right.

The first time Aline pressed the head of Andy’s dick against her clitoris they both froze and grunted with open mouths.


That’s when Karen stepped forward with the unwrapped condom. Andy seemed to be looking through a fog, “Oh yeah, thanks, I almost forgot.”

Karen held Andy’s eye for a brief moment to say, “Remember, no orgasm.” She wanted that experience to be special between her and Andy.

Andy nodded without speaking, and efficiently fit himself into the condom. Aline hastily resumed her position on her knees, straddling his groin.

Aline wasted no time in beginning a stroking movement. With her head bursa merkez eskort tilted slightly upward she bounced up and down, holding Andy’s dick with her left hand and stroking her clitoris with her right. Andy quickly placed his palms on her tits allowing her to balance by leaning forward. She mostly stroked her clitoris with her fingers, but occasionally she pressed the head of Andy’s dick into position and rode it up and down the length of her pussy lips.

“Aaahhh!” they said in turn each time she did that.

As Aline bounced up and down she gasped, “I want to try…to have an orgasm…before I…put it…in.”

Karen became worried and said, “Please don’t hurt yourself Aline.” But no one seemed to hear her.

Again Karen had to admire Aline’s behavior. Aline was bouncing vigorously on top of Andy with what looked like complete abandon. Karen knew this was the first time Aline had done anything like this except with a dildo, yet she had great confidence. Andy was kneading and holding tightly onto her tits as she leaned into him. She still had enough exposed boob to jiggle with each down movement, along with her butt.

Karen watched as Aline masturbated on top of her boyfriend for what seemed like a long time. Not that it was boring, and it obviously was not boring for wide-eyed Andy. Aline looked somewhat upward, with her back arched and her mouth open, obviously concentrating hard on having that orgasm.

“Ah!…ah!…ah!…ah!” she called out with every move.

Andy was not as consistent with only an occasional, “UUnngh!” when the feeling seized him.

Suddenly it was more urgent with, “AH!…AH!!…AH?…AH??” She closed her eyes and doubled the speed of her hand movements. She repeatedly slammed her butt down hard on top of Andy’s upper thighs. He certainly did not object.

“AAHHHHHGGNN!!!” she called out. Aline seemed to lose her rhythm and coordination as her head wobbled forward, but her fingers continued to move furiously against her clitoris.

All Andy could do was hang on, and look forward to what might be next.

Aline slowed to an exhausted-looking seated position and gently removed her hand from her clitoris, but she held tight onto Andy’s dick. She opened her eyes and smiled at Andy through her sweat-streaked red hair. She obviously was not finished.

No one spoke. Smiling and biting her lower lip, Aline raised herself higher on her knees and gripped Andy’s dick with both hands. Her tits were out of his reach so he lowered his hands to Aline’s hot shapely hips.

Aline situated herself to rub the head of Andy’s cock along her slit and just touch the soft entrance of her vagina. They both reacted immediately to the sensation.


Aline stayed in complete control but Andy’s hips moved with her. She toyed with the head of his dick, rubbing it up and down across the entryway, and pressing hard against him when the head of his dick was on her pubic bone.

The time had come. Instead of putting the pressure on her pubic bone, she pressed down when his dick was lined up perfectly on her pussy. The head of his dick popped easily into Aline’s vagina.

Andy actually yelled out. “AAAYYY!!” which drowned out Aline’s own sighs of pleasure.

With the head of Andy’s cock seated precariously in the entrance of Aline’s pussy, Aline leaned over Andy placing her hands on his chest. Andy continued to call out groans of lust even though she had maintained their position without movement. She did not intend for it to stay that way.

Karen was extremely excited and at the same time fearful for her best friend. Surely she could not take any more penetration without getting hurt. However, Aline certainly did not look afraid. If anything, she appeared to enjoy being in total control.

Again Aline bit her lower lip as she smiled down at Andy with her flaming red hair hanging down and framing both of their faces. She moved her hips in a circular motion so that his dick did not slip out and it did not go deeper.

“AYyyAYyy!” Andy called out almost out of control.

“Mmmmm!” was how Aline answered.

Andy began to follow Aline’s lead and twitch the same circular movements with his hips, as he held tight to hers. But with Aline on top it was difficult to do much. Besides, Aline seemed to know what she was doing and Andy knew that he was barely able to stay with her.

Aline’s smile looked almost evil now. She stopped moving altogether, and looked meaningfully into Andy’s wide-open eyes. Her tits made a large downward swing as she suddenly pressed down. His dick sank an inch into her hot slick channel.

“AAHHHHH!!” they both exclaimed with chins straining upward. Before Andy could stop groaning Aline leaned down and kissed him passionately. While in a deep tongue-exploring kiss she pressed down again.

“AAAAHHHHH!!!” they screamed into each other’s mouths. Andy felt an orgasm approach, but luckily Aline stopped moving again and the approaching explosion was delayed.

In bursa sınırsız escort order to get a good view, Karen had situated herself behind Aline, low enough to see that Andy was almost completely buried in her. Karen could see dripping genitals meshed together, as well as Aline’s little asshole and Andy’s squashed scrotum. Karen was aghast, but neither of her friends seemed to be harmed so far.

Aline smiled down to Andy with her red locks swaying between their faces. His eyes were locked onto hers in a signal of complete conformity to her direction. Aline slowly moved upward so that Andy’s dick was almost out, then she moved slowly back down wiggling her hips back and forth in the process. When she reach the previous penetration point she kept on wiggling her butt downward until Andy was in her “up to the hilt”. And she kept on wiggling even then.

“AAAHHHHH!!” Andy held on.

“MMmmmm!!” said Aline.

Throughout this wiggling descent Andy held tightly onto Aline’s hips feeling them gyrate under his hands. And his eyes moved to Aline’s tits as they gently swayed with her movements. Aline could see the effect she had on Andy and even though her brain was foggy with lust, she was proud.

She decided this was easy, and it was time for some serious fucking. She slowly pulled up, and gently pressed all the way back down again without the wiggle.

“Unghhh!” they both said.

She continued. “Unghhh!….Unghhh!…Unghhh!”

She decided to speed up. “UNgh!UNgh!UNgh!”

Aline could see a look of panic in Andy’s eyes and correctly guessed he was about to come. She figured it was good while it lasted, and she showed him no mercy. With renewed enthusiasm she fucked him hard and fast.

It didn’t take Andy very long. “OH!…MY!…GODDDDD!!!”

Andy began to almost convulse under Aline, and she ground herself down on him in reply.

Aline groaned, “Ahhhhh!” and enjoyed the erotic feel of his cock throbbing inside her pussy.

But Andy was chanting on and on, “Oh my God!…Oh Shit!…Jesus!…” and he’d start all over again.

Aline fell forward on top of Andy feeling very content yet still energized. Even though he was spent, Andy seized a double handful of Aline’s ass and pressed as hard into her as he could with his deflating cock.

“Ahh!…Ahh!…Ahh!” and Aline responded with her characteristic, “Mmmm!”

After a period of still silence Aline said, “That was a LOT better than a dildo!”

Andy said, “That was a LOT better than whatever Karen and I have been doing.”

Karen came around from her observation point. That comment hurt her feelings. In an accusing voice she screeched, “Andy! Did you have an orgasm?”

Aline had not moved her face from the nape of Andy’s neck. Andy struggled to focus his eyes on his girlfriend and give her an honest answer.

“Hell YES! I had an orgasm!” He shook his head as if to clear his brain. “I may still be having an orgasm as we speak! That was the most incredible thing I have felt in my life!”

Without looking up Aline began to move away, which caused Andy’s dick to pop free. She and Andy both flinched and said, “Ooo!” Karen witnessed that little interaction and it was just one more thing that Karen had not shared with Andy. Her feelings were hurt.

Aline rolled free and began to get dressed as Karen sat down and faced Andy. He stayed laid out on the bed completely nude, without a move to hide himself or the cum-filled condom hanging from his dick. But he was quickly getting his energy and wits back.

“Karen, we have to do that! It was wonderful! I want to do that with you right now!” He finally really looked at her and he could see it would not be that easy to make her feel better. In a more sober tone he said, “Karen, you have no idea how impossible it would have been to hold back that orgasm. You might as well ask me to stop a locomotive.”

Andy held her hand and Aline came over to hold her other hand. Karen accepted Aline’s hand with tears in her eyes.

“Aline, are you hurt?”

“No, I’m not hurt at all, except that I never want you to be sad.”

Karen looked in her lap where their hands were intertwined. “Aline, you must be right about sex, because that was the hottest and most natural looking thing I’ve ever seen. You two were beautiful!”

Looks of relief passed over Aline and Andy. That’s when Karen dropped a surprise.

“Andy, why don’t you take a shower? Because if you’re going to fuck my best friend I want you to fuck me too!”

The three excited friends passed hugs and kisses all the way around before Andy took off for the shower. The two girlfriends remained seated on the bed.

“Karen, would you like for me to go on home so that you and Andy can be alone for this?”

“Oh no! I’m still kind of scared of this and I want you here to help me.” The girls continued to hold hands in silence before Karen spoke again. “This was some night! I watched Sarah and Sullivan almost fuck, which was unbelievably hot. Then I watched my best friend and my boyfriend really fuck and that was even hotter!”

Another period of silence occurred when Karen quietly said. “You know what I keep thinking about?”


“That guy Sullivan. If I’m nervous about Andy’s penis, I could never imagine being together with someone like Sullivan.”

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