Babysitting Molly

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Babysitting Molly
Febuary 2001

Kit smiled as he watched Molly run around the room in her Danger Woman costume.

It was yet another day baby sitting the rambunctious little cub. Kit didn’t

mind, he liked playing with Molly and he like the money Rebecca gave him
watching her daughter.

Suddenly, Molly stopped right in front of Kit and gave him a very curious

“What’s up, kiddo?” Kit asked.

Molly smiled playfully and shuffled her foot, “Kit, can I ask you something.”

“Ask away.”

“What’s the difference between girls and boys?”

Kit thought for a moment on that one. “Girls wear dresses and boys don’t”

Molly frowned at that. “Come on, Kit, I’m a big girl, you can tell me.”

Again Kit had to think about it, his first dodge hadn’t worked. Finally
decided to come clean, or as best as he could. All he knew was from biology

class, and that wasn’t much. “Okay, Molly, boys have a penis and girls have
vagina and when they grow up girls get breasts and can have babies.”

“Can I see your penis, Kit?” Molly asked deviously.

“No, Molly, that’s private.” Kit replied, wondering if this little cub hadn’t

cornered him before she even asked her question. For a kid, Molly was nothing

if not conniving.

“Please, Kit.” Molly whined and gave Kit her best puppy dog eyes. “I’ll
you mine, if you show me yours.”

That set Kit back a bit. First, he could really turn down Molly whenever
asked so sweetly. Second, he was kind of curious himself, his class had
solely a brief and technical description, just enough to whet his curiosity.

Still, he knew just what he was risking to concede to her request. “You’re
would kill us, kiddo.”

“Mommy’s going to be gone all afternoon, and I won’t tell. Please Kit.”
blinked at him with her doe eyes again.

Kit’s resistance melted, her pleas and his own curiosity won out. “Okay,
but you can’t ever tell anyone about this. Alright?”

“Yes, Kit, I promise.” Molly answered confidently. Her eyes were already
and waiting for the show she’d been plotting for days.

“Here goes.” Kit said as he pulled up his shirt, letting Molly see his cock.

She looked at it in wonder for a few moments, moving her head to get different

angles on it. Kit blushed a bit at the inspection, he’d never shown himself
anyone before.

“That’s neat, Kit. Can I touch it?” Molly asked excitedly.

“Sure, but you got to show me yours first.” Kit replied, he’d gone this far,
he didn’t worry about going further. Besides, he wanted to satisfy his own


“Sorry, Kit.” Molly dropped her shorts with thoughtless speed, showing off
naked pussy.

Kit stared at Molly’s little slit as she stood there for a moment, letting
look. Then the little cub stepped forward and wrapped around Kit’s rapidly

hardening cock. As her soft fur covered paws wrapped around his cock, Kit
it go instantly rigid. He’d jerked off a few times before, but nothing prepared

him for the feeling of someone else’s paw on his cock. Kit gasped audibly
Molly giggled.

“Kit it’s all big now, what happened?” Molly asked, totally captivated by
strange organ her little paw was exploring.

Just then, Kit heard the front door opening. “Kit, I just forgot my shopping


Kit nearly jumped out of his seat, it was Rebecca, Molly’s mother! His heart

raced for a moment in fear, but before he could do anything, Rebecca came
the corner.

“How’s Molly?” She asked as she reviewed her shopping list. Then she looked
to see just how things were.

“Kit! What are you doing?” Rebecca screamed and quickly reached down and
Kit away from her daughter. She didn’t know exactly what was happening,
enough facts were abundantly clear. Without a word, Rebecca dragged him
off to
her bedroom and pushed him down into her bed and gave him a look of pure
to keep him from moving. First she had to deal with Molly, and then she’d
with Kit. She walked back out to the living room to find Molly with a worried

look on her face and her shorts pulled back up.

“Don’t şişli escort be mad at Kit, Mommy, I just wanted to see his thingy.” Molly pouted.

She hadn’t wanted to get Kit in trouble.

Rebecca stopped in her tracks. She hadn’t expected that kind of reaction
her little cub. Rebecca needed more than a moment to deal with that. “Molly,

Go to you room. I’ll deal with Kit.”

“Okay, Mommy.” Molly quickly obeyed.

Rebecca considered what to do with her babysitter. Surely he’d crossed the

line, but she could understand. Molly could be hard to refuse at times,
and Kit
was certainly at an age where his own natural curiosity was showing itself.

Finally, Rebecca had to admit to her own interest in Kit’s ample bearhood.
certainly wasn’t a cub in that respect anymore and she flushed just thinking
what Kit could do with it.

Rebecca walked into her room to find Kit sitting with an anguished guilty
on his face. Before she even had a chance to speak he was apologizing.

“Ms. Cunningham, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to let it happen.” Kit whimpered.

“It’s okay, Kit, Molly told me what happened.” Rebecca soothed her distressed

babysitter. “Still, Molly is to young for this kind of thing, Kit. I also
to be sure I can trust you with her in the future.”

“I promise, I’ll never let anything like this happen again, Ms. Cunningham.”

“I know you mean that now, but I know you’re coming into your bearhood, Kit.

You’re going to be curious about girls, and we both know how Molly can be
she wants something. I think we’re going to have to satisfy your curiosity
you can keep hers in check.” Rebecca said. She pulled off her coat and set
on chair.

Kit simply stair up at Rebecca. He didn’t know just what she was talking
yet, but at least she wasn’t screaming at him. He was more than scared after

she’d dragged him into her room. Kit was just glad that Molly calmed her
some how and now all he was left with was wondering what she was about to

“Stay right here, Kit and take off your shirt.” Rebecca ordered and she walked

out of her room. She went over to the bathroom and undressed, putting on
simple robe. Then she walked back into her bedroom, whit Kit now sitting

undressed on her bed. He was a cute little guy, Rebecca thought, and she
another appreciative look at his bearhood even as it wasn’t up and ready.

Rebecca paused for a moment, considering for the last time whether she wanted
go through with this or not. Finally she decided to go ahead, Kit would

certainly appreciated and she would too. Without a word, she simply pulled
the sides of the robe and let it fall to her feet. She smiled as Kit’s eyes

nearly bugged out, and his mouth hung open in shock.

“Ms. Cunningham, you’re beautiful.” Kit spoke in awe, his sight soaking up
first view of a live naked bear right before him. Rebecca was lovely too,
a trim feminine figure and nicely plump breasts.

Rebecca walked up to him and kissed him gently on the cheek. “And you’re
cute too, Mr. Cloudkicker.”

Kit blushed at that and pulled away a bit. He still didn’t know just what
to do
about this, and he could stop staring at the two bobbing orbs on her chest.

Rebecca followed his gaze with ease and pulled herself onto the bed beside
She kneeled on the bed and looked to him. “It’s okay, Kit, you can feel
them if
you want to.”

“Really?” Kit asked, hardly believing his luck.

Without a word, Rebecca grabbed his paw and brought it to her right breast.
cooed a bit as Kit experimentally squeezed the soft breast. “You can suck
them too if you want to, Kit.”

Kit was still in shock, but he was quickly getting into the spirit of things.

He didn’t need any further prompting from Rebecca. Kit moved up in front
of her
and dipped his muzzle right over her budding nipple as it peaked out from
rest of her fur-covered breast. He parted his lips just a bit and sucked
on the
tender tip. He tentatively licked the little nub as well, astounded by its

texture and taste as well as the gasp his action brought from Rebecca.

“Are you okay, Ms. Cunningham?” Kit asked, pulling away from her breast.
as his muzzle pulled back, his paw continued to appreciate the feel of her


“Yes, Kit, it feels nice to have my breasts handled like that.” Rebecca
answered, mewing slightly as he continued his gentle fondling. There was
more to show, though, and she pulled back and laid down on her back, spreading

her legs for Kit.

Kit didn’t even wait for permission to explore this new exposed feature.
reached down and cupped Rebecca’s mound with his paw, exploring her tender

folds. Kit simply took in the wonder of Rebecca’s offered body. Never in
wildest fantasies had this ever been possible, but Kit wasn’t about to let
opportunity pass.

“I see my little bear is enjoying himself.” Rebecca said. She looked down

between Kit’s legs to see his full sized bearhood, erect and ready. Her
heat stepped up another notch, already well on its way just from Kit’s tender

exploration so far.

Kit simply blushed at that, even though he continued his explorations, even

slipping a finger just inside her outer lips and discovering Rebecca’s sopping

pussy. “Do you need to go to the bathroom, Ms. Cunningham?”

“No, Kit, when a woman gets ready to mate, her pussy gets wet, just like
mine is
now. It’s like your bearhood is all hard because you’re excited.” Rebecca

answered. She quickly surmised Kit’s probable state, he obviously hadn’t
with another bear before and since she wanted the chance to enjoy his bear
member, she’d have to take the edge off his obvious arousal. She got up
and laid Kit onto his back, letting his bearhood stick into the air. “Just
back and enjoy this, Kit.”

Kit let out a little growl of pleasure as he felt Rebecca wrap her entire
around his throbbing member and begin sucking and licking it. The sensation
beyond belief, the feelings of her tongue caressing the sensitive shaft while

her head bobbed up and down slightly were amazing. It only took a few moments

of this for Kit to begin squirting off into Rebecca’s throat. He moaned
pleasure as he felt his bearhood whither a bit under her attention. Rebecca

didn’t stop then however, and after another minute of gently caressing him,

Kit’s bearhood was up at full mast again.

“Ms. Cunningham, that was felt great.” Kit beamed as Rebecca pulled herself
to lay beside him

“Well, Kit, there’s one more fun thing we can do. I just wanted to get you

ready to mate.” Rebecca pulled the young bear to her and rolled onto her
with Kit carefully positioned between her legs. He was still a little to
with his eyes only coming up to her neck.

Kit was sufficiently well informed to know what came next, but not how to

actually do anything about it. He felt his bearhood trobbing as his head
between the tender pillows on Rebecca’s chest. Still, executing the next
was little more than guess work but Rebecca had already covered it. Before
had a chance to show his ignorance, he felt her paws wrap around his bearhood.

“Push, Kit, and I’ll guide you in.” Rebecca instructed. Kit obeyed a moment

later and Rebecca helped lead him to her ready lips, already well lubricated
take him in. They both growled in unison as Kit slid home.

“Kit, don’t let anyone tell you you’re a cub ever again.” Rebecca moaned.
was certainly all bear where it counted, and she was already jealous of the
lucky women that would get to enjoy him in the future.

Kit didn’t know what to say to that, but he was beyond caring as well. His

entire energy was focused on the luxurious tender pussy that he was now inside.

Without even thinking, Kit began to hump against Rebecca, and growling with

pleasure as her pussy clamped and spasmed around his bearhood. Kit was in

ecstasy right then, and he slipped his paws around Rebecca’s two heaving
fully appreciating her body in that moment.

“Pump a little harder, Kit.” Rebecca requested, his small trusts just toying

with the growing aches she felt inside her. His handling of her breasts
brought home the pleasure she was receiving. For someone so inexperienced
was already proving a wonderful lover.

Kit didn’t even hesitate to obey, and rapidly took up a harder pace, enjoying

both Rebecca’s growls of pleasure and the tight warmth surrounding his bearhood.

He continued his exploration of her fur-covered form as well, cupping her

breasts and suckling on her nipples as he thrust into her wonderful pussy.

Their motions simply dissolved into perfect rhythm. Rebecca hadn’t mated
conceiving Molly and Kit had never mated. Their pent up passions and needs
over, allowing them both a thoughtless coupling containing nothing but pleasure.

Kit’s youthful enthusiasm even helped to fuel Rebecca’s passion. Soon, the
were entwined in their mating dance, and the wonder that it contained. The

sensations of fur on fur, caressing and kissing, and the sounds of wonder
joy filled their minds.

Finally, Rebecca felt the pinnacle of her passions. With Kit’s relentlessly

thrusting bearhood fueling her fires, a casual suck and squeeze of her tender

breasts pushed her over the edge. Kit was shocked as Rebecca pulled him
to her and her pussy clamped down on his bearhood even harder. His own release

came a moment later, spurred on by the sudden spasming pussy clamping down

around him. The both let out growls of pleasure in unison as Kit began to

squirt into the depths of Rebecca’s pussy.

It was only in that moment that Rebecca remembered she hadn’t used any cub

control. Even as Kit seemed to melt into happy stupor resting on one of
breasts, Rebecca wondered if she’d be giving Molly a little brother or sister

cub in a few months. She hated that this joyous moment had to be tainted
way, but it had been her fault. Still, there would be time to worry about
later, now that any potential damage was done. Rebecca wrapped her arms
Kit’s shoulders and simply enjoyed the feeling of his seed dripping inside
and his bearhood slowly slipping out.

As Kit lay there enjoying the afterglow, he looked over to see the door to
room open just slightly and saw a colander headed little cub peaking inside.

Kit smiled, laughing to himself slightly and wondering whether this had been

Molly’s intent all along, or whether she’d just taken advantage of the

Finally, Rebecca decided it was time to get moving again. She still had

shopping to do, after all. “Kit that was wonderful, you’re going to make
a lot
of girls very happy.”

“Thanks, Ms. Cunningham, you were really swell too.” Kit reached up and kissed

Rebecca on the cheek. Then he rolled off her and picked up his shirt.

Rebecca rested for another moment before getting up and putting on her own
“Now, Kit, remember no more of this kind of horseplay with Molly. If you
feel tempted, just tell me and we can take care of it, okay?”

“I understand, Ms. Cunningham.” Kit replied. Again he was surprised at his
fortune, and quickly anticipated several more encounters in the coming months.

“Good, now I’ve got to go finish my shopping, and you can keep watch over
Just make sure she gets her nap on time.” As she reached the door she turned

around again. “And Kit, don’t tell Balloo about any of this would you.”

“Sure, Ms. Cunningham.” Kit hadn’t even considered telling Balloo anything
this. It was too good to risk loosing.

Kit sat there for a moment after Rebecca left, simply letting the last hours

events sink in when Molly came bounding around the corner. She looked very

excited and happy barely keeping herself from bouncing around the room.

“Did you like playing with Mommy’s boobies, Kit?” Molly asked of her babysitter.

“Hey, isn’t Danger Woman about to come one?” Kit asked, thankful that it
time for Molly’s favorite radio show, a certain distraction.

“Oh, yes! Danger Woman!” Molly yelled and ran off to the radio to listen.

Kit sat back and sighed, reflecting on all the new potential in his babysitting

job. He could scarcely believe he almost let Balloo talk him out of doing
and now Kit was certain he’d be Rebecca’s babysitter for as long as she’d

The End

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